Clutch Handbags: fashionable, stylish, original

Without clutch Handbags today is difficult to imagine modern woman - this elegant accessory, once entered into use thanks to Coco Chanel, it has become extremely popular in recent years. Miniature female bag - this is nothing like a modified purse that first ladies had to carry in their hands. It was replaced by a clutch, which was originally an accessory for special occasions. Handbag without handles small size, which are hugging the base, looks very stylish, it is ideal for a soiree or theater.

Clutch classical type lets you carry a powder compact, a credit card, a mobile phone. But the demands of the present day have resulted in the fact that these bags have increased their volume and now clutch free to wear makeup, diary, glossy magazine, and others. It is not surprising that these bags, which have become much more functional, can be seen not only on receptions, but also in offices, in the streets. Although there are mini-clutches, which can be accommodated in the palm. Most often they are used by movie stars and show business for the passage of the red carpet at film festivals and other similar events.

As to the form of the original bags, clutches the designers offer a variety of models. Many of these products have a handle, in some cases it is detachable, which makes the clutches classic look. Modern bags can be supplied with handle-loop, such models are hanging on the wrist. Materials for the manufacture of miniature bags can serve as silk, artificial leather, crocodile skin and others. As a jewelry elite models use gold and precious stones, in a democratic alternative, apply rhinestones, feathers and beads.

It is understood that the price of modern clutches can vary quite considerably. Solid bags Shop can offer to potential buyers like designer handbags made from crocodile skin, and fuel-efficient models from the usual dense fabric. So, as a fashion accessory can have not only a business lady, but any student. Selected clutch bag to match the clothes or on the principle of contrast with the color scheme attire. Curiously, the popularity of the bags influenced the manner of wearing the usual bags. Have you noticed that many women are now their hands, ignoring the handle of his bag?

 Clutch Handbags: fashionable, stylish, original

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 How to choose sunglasses for face shape


  • Rectangular type
  • Oval type
  • Triangular Type
  • Inverted Triangle and diamond type
  • Square Type

Today buy fashion sunglasses - not the most difficult task. Much more difficult to choose a style and shape of the accessory so that it blends perfectly with your face. Listen to the advice of experts, you will be able to make the right purchase.

In order to correctly pick up points on the shape of the face, for a start you need to measure the distance from one temple to the other. The resulting value will be the ideal width of points for you, which, incidentally, in practice it may be a little wider, or, on the contrary, a little narrower. At this affects the mobility handles (ten millimeters on both sides, and thirty in a titanium frame or springs, shock absorbers).

To accessory looked elegant and beautiful, should take into account one important rule - it must be configured to contrast with the oval of your face, that is not to repeat his form. Also on the appearance and general form affects the jumper located between the lenses. Narrow and "weightless", made in soft colors (for example, silver), it enlarges the distance between close-set eyes, and a bright and wide, on the contrary, visually unites them.

The frame with thin temples and rim as well as metal, made in a classic style, suitable for both men and women. Rimless models also look very elegant and favorably emphasize any person - they're not bulky, they are virtually invisible, and you will not look like abstruse "zubrilka." Points butterfly suit women with absolutely any type of person. Points of this form will add a certain lightness and charm of his mistresses.

In order to look fashionable and stylish, but at the same time to create a harmonious image, it is necessary to choose the right glasses. To do this, take into account the shape of your face.

 how to choose sunglasses for face shape

Rectangular type

This type is characterized by long "extended" proportions, often elongated nose and cheeks, a straight line. For him the suit stretched vertically frame - it will help to visually "shorten" your face. So, select the right glasses:

  • Buy sunscreen accessory rounded shape, with clear lines horizontally.
  • Vertical frame must be more elongated.
  • Make the person to help visually wider contrast, miniature or low-set temples and headband, located across the bottom, make the nose a little shorter.

Large panoramic glasses are perfectly combined with the face of an elongated shape. With these models, you can make a person more accurate.

Oval type

If you have an oval face, you can say that you're in luck! It is believed that this type has a perfectly correct proportions: cheekbones almost always high, and the chin slightly narrower than the frontal part. People with mild oval fit many models and styles of glasses for vision correction, but also protects from the sun.

In this case, it is recommended to choose a frame that would have emphasized the correct proportions: for that it should be slightly larger than the widest part of the face. In addition, the glasses with temples, planted very low, so people are not very good. Since they usually have middle-sized features, the frame must be proportionate so as not to "overshadow" the whole complexion.

For owners of the face in the form of an oval or heart fit all frames and shapes points without exception. Especially effective and profitable, they will look at models of rimless sunglasses. And owners of a round face shape perfect square sunglasses in bright-rimmed because they are able to visually lengthen it.

Triangular Type

Such people are usually rather narrow forehead, wide chin and cheekbones. Therefore, in this case, the frame should soften prominent lower region and cheek, and at the same time to expand the upper part of the face.

It is better to choose a large-framed glasses, the upper part of which is more massive and the bottom corners are directed inwards - they will balance all proportion.

If you are the owner of a triangular type of person, you should give up the models where temples set low. The most ideal option - "Aviator" with flattened top, "cat's eyes", with rimless glasses rim (but only the square), as well as any model with decorative details and color accents on top.

 shaped face find glasses

Inverted Triangle and diamond type

Type called "inverted triangle" inherent in a massive forehead and high cheekbones, the person in this case tapers towards the bottom. Therefore, glasses should visually reduce the upper region and expand that part which is lower than the line of the eye. Thus offset by a narrow chin.

In this case, you should buy glasses with downwardly extending rim. It will also look great accessory oval with a light rim or even without it, such as "Butterfly" and "The Aviator", suitable model in the form of lower triangle.

The narrow line of the eye and the lower jaw, a small chin and forehead, sharply defined cheekbones - such features are rare. People with a face "diamond-shaped" type should pay attention to the rim with a massive top, with a straight or curved sides. Also perfect "sit down" with rim glasses square shape, with a flat top and rounded bottom with a smooth or without him. To emphasize their strengths and hide weaknesses, so people should avoid wearing accessory with low temples.

Square Type

This type is usually characterized by well-defined lower jaw line, a massive forehead, chin and cheekbones. The length and width of the face is often proportional to each other.

It is recommended to choose a frame with an oval shape located in the middle of a massive temples or at the top. It must be greater than the widest part of your face, while being careful to choose a model in which the proportions of horizontal rather than vertical.

Owners of this type needs a configuration of glasses from the sun, which visually lengthens and narrows the face. To do this, fit accessory rounded, for options with a flat in the bottom of the frame, on the contrary, only emphasize your angularity. Therefore, from such models should be avoided, unless of course you want to look chic. Large round spectacles and "pilots" are perfect girls with protruding chin or a person in the form of a square.

We must not only find the right accessories for face shape: It is also important to "feel" as he sits on you. It should not fall down when turning the head to interfere with your daily activities. To make the image brighter, prefer a light frame and dark lenses. For business style clothing more suitable glasses in which the color of the frame blends with the color of the lenses together.

 How to pick up points on the shape of the face?