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All women united by the desire to look stylish and beautiful. However, not all gifted with natural data corresponding to the ideal. Therefore, one has to deal with a long surplus own figures, and others just keep all previous settings. A simple and quick tool in giving the perfect kind of playing clothes that will hide from prying eyes, and too much emphasize dignity.

All ideals have long been invented stylists and designers. You just simplify your task when choosing clothes for the figure, read these tips.

Let's start with style. Clothing should be chosen according to your size. Otherwise, buying a size smaller, you run the risk of losing the appeal, and give baggy size larger image.

Choosing clothes by color, keep in mind that if all the elements of your ensemble designed in one color, it is, first of all, boring, and secondly, adds volume. Most advantageous to look perfectly matched palette.

Slim wear dark shades, vertical bar, a combination of two colors made vertically. If you do not think your slim figure perfectly, avoid horizontal stripes and cells. It should be handled carefully with ornaments and patterns. They are also slightly increased in size, however, at the same time allow to hide some figure flaws.

That is to say, the general reflection on the topic. Accepted provide several types of shapes, and each of them has its own rules and classifications. It is clear that women with a small waist and rounded hips need a completely different clothes than the broad-shouldered and uzkobedroy lady. Clothing selection by type figure - the subject of our today's article.

 choice of clothing-type figure

How to choose the right clothes for the type of figure

If you are "apple" ...

How should, for example, pick up the clothes, if you have a fairly large breasts, not pronounced enough waist and slim hips and legs? Stylists such figures called "apple." This is a fairly common type.

What you should pay attention in the first place? Of course, the most important thing is to balance the top and bottom, and in any time it is not necessary to emphasize the waist. In general, you should always use common sense. If you have large breasts, it is unwise to stress the frills, ruffles and other similar goodies. She already noticeable. In order to balance the parameters of the figures above and below, can and must be sufficiently voluminous skirts, slacks.

Women with such a figure, you should not opt ​​for jeans and pants with low waist, but the belt will underline the high figure and at the same time get rid of unwanted wrinkles and constrictions.

By and large, women with this type of shapes fit many styles, most importantly, hide flaws and highlight the merits. Remember, too tight clothing - not your choice (it is not the prerogative of the owners of perfectly slim figure without a hint of extra weight). Do not approach too baggy. Semifitted silhouette and the right choice of length (just behind the knee) will make a woman with this type of figure slender and elegant.

 wear the type of figure

You are "pear"?

This feminine figure with narrow shoulders, well-marked waist and lush hips. Because here is the most conspicuous part of the thigh, the main goal to divert attention from the bottom of the figure.

Looks great on these women dresses, flowing fabrics, kleshenye direct and low-slung trousers and skirts style "trapeze". They are also suitable feminine jackets with shoulder pads, colored tops, straps and belts, everything that helps to emphasize the waist.

Strongly fit narrower trousers, wear a coarse, bristling fabric skirt in a transverse strip.

 shapes and types of clothing


On these figures look good almost any clothing. If the woman in the beautiful rounded hips, waist and bust still good and damn slim, it can certainly afford feminine styles, emphasizing all the advantages of a figure.

Slinky dresses, all belts and belt - from very narrow to wide, short, tight skirts style "pencil" that will never go out of fashion, pants all styles - is clothing for women, a figure that fits the definition of "hourglass".

What you should not wear? Perhaps too skirts because so your dignity (hips and curvy ass) will look too heavy. Not a very good look at these figures, pants and jeans with a low-slung, as they are visually expand the line of the hips, and you is completely useless. But in general, the choice for the "hourglass" virtually limitless.

 body type and clothing

Look perfect? Easily…

Of course, to reduce all types of female figures in three, which we have mentioned, it is impossible. They, of course, much more. Even within each type many varieties. How to be to always look luxurious, elegant and sexy?

Actually, the main idea has sounded: use common sense and choose a garment that you will decorate, emphasizing the absolutely all the advantages and disadvantages of hiding.

Learn to look at ourselves and assess objectively the figure. This will help avoid many mistakes when choosing clothes. You probably do not just have to see ladies with serious volumes packed in so-called "slack" jersey. All folds, rolls on the mind and put on display to others. Meanwhile, a woman get dressed in clothes with rigid lines, which allows you to "assemble" a figure she would have looked completely different.

If you do not want to you could be accused of disregard for their appearance, approach to the selection of clothing from all responsibility. Do not forget at the same time that there are no trifles. Even the most beautiful dress would not look good if you do not take care of an appropriate underwear (including corrective, if you are overweight), beautiful stockings, the right accessories.

What is necessary to keep in mind. Buy quality stuff, even if you think the price is too high. Believe me, they will last long and will bring you pleasure. Especially it concerns the basic, classic things that are the basis of your wardrobe. What is bought in addition, as they say, for one season, it may be easier. But a business suit, a classic coat, the little black dress - these things have to be just a class "lux". Well, of course, they need you to go.

 Clothing selection by type figure - the key to success

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 Evening Dresses 2012

Evening dress for centuries an important part of women's wardrobe. During all this time the image has undergone a lot of changes due to fashion trends. We know from history that at one time were extremely chic dresses, and more - delighted elegant classic simplicity. But at all times to know that very little needs to be happy all of the fair sex - just a wonderful evening dress that highlight the figure, all the feminine curves. Successfully matched model becomes the companion always at the publication, respectively the owner of this dress is unique and unmatched. It would seem that we know absolutely everything about them: the length of the floor, with deep cuts and neck. Yet modern fantasy fashion really surprised with each new season, so evening dresses 2012 to easily surpass all your expectations.

Fashion trends of evening dresses 2012

  • Carolina Herrera and Ellie Saab presented many closed dresses with long sleeves. Complementing became cutout "boat" or stand-up collar.
  • Fashionable neck this year - V-shaped cut-out or vertical, which reaches to the waist. Such a proposal was made Palph Lauren and Mango.
  • Cuts, cuts and asymmetries are back in fashion, and it is happy to confirm Ellie Saab, Ralph Lauren and Emilio Pucci. They offer a pattern with open shoulder with one hand and with the other sleeve.

 Evening Dresses 2012

Evening dresses 2012 will differ quite unexpected forms of notches, located in different areas of the figure. The cuts are also in vogue, such as sexy and open. Skirts can be cut from the side, front and rear, allowing to emphasize slender legs and make every woman even more enticing.

Fangled hit of the season will be the dress of fine leather. The main tissues also remain chiffon, silk, lace, delicate knits and velvet. Again, to be used a variety of effects - shiny, shimmery, pearlescent and iridescent, they will give the surface a certain dress fabulousness and magic.

 evening dresses 2012

An unusual and mysterious palette of shades will .  The most fashionable are plum tones, shades of the wave, wine and pearl gray .  Dresses invoice will not go unheeded, as well as a dress with a pattern .  Drapery will hit some fashion evening dresses .  Floral prints, trendy spot "Polka" and abstract paintings and often meet at the newfangled materials evening dresses .  Soft pastel color transitions cause a feeling of lightness, tenderness and lightness .  Similar feelings arise when you view the collection of Rodarte, made of materials with similar print .  Extremely attractive and romantic look draping at the neck, such as a scarf .  For the ladies who want to feel like a prom queen, a collection of Marchesa, Douglas and Giambattista Valli provided the opportunity .  This elegant evening dress 2012 with a tight fitting corset and fluffy skirt that will give any girl airiness and lightness, making it at least a princess absolutely any occasion .

As a rule, any evening dress is able to shock everyone around her beauty and innocence, or, conversely, surprise sexuality and luxury. The most important thing - the game should be worth the candle, and your outfit is obliged to comply with the owner, giving it a certain flavor. The undoubted condition for creating a beautiful image of a matching dress to an event for which it is intended. For example, you would not have to wear a gorgeous dress, which is designed for social events, the usual cocktail party with your friends, and vice versa. That is why it is very important to realize that an evening dress for a hike to the movies or theater, dress for prom or dinner party would vary significantly styles and styles.

 Evening dresses 2012: grace, elegance and style

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