Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

Today, pregnant women can choose clothes for your pleasure! Maternity clothes are presented in a large assortment - for every taste and budget. It does not matter, you went to a large store or decide to buy clothes online. By the way, clothes for your future baby, you can also order through the online children's clothing store. In addition, women in the "position" want to look sexy and feminine. How to choose clothes that would combine elegance and practicality?

In anticipation of the baby does not necessarily change his favorite style of dress, the main thing - to follow the basic rules, which will allow you and your unborn child to feel safe and comfortable.

Rules for the choice of clothing for pregnant women:

  1. Do not run after temporarily ceases to be in harmony silhouette - health is most important.
  2. Choose natural fabrics absorbs moisture, such as linen, cotton, wool.
  3. You should feel comfortable in any situation, whether it is walking or sitting. Therefore, clothes should not hamper your movements, and most importantly - it should not put pressure on the stomach and chest, rub and pull, creating discomfort for your skin.
  4. Clothing should match the season. In summer, things should not overheat, and in the winter to protect from the wind and cold. Therefore it is better instead of two or three new jackets to the "exit" to buy a high-quality jacket or coat.

Clothing for the 1st trimester

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

The entire first trimester, chances are you will walk in his usual attire. But do not forget that doctors are advised not to wear tight things, because they violate the circulation, squeezing the body. Therefore, if available in your wardrobe dominated by skinny jeans, it's time their estimates for something more free, for example - dress.

You began to feel that the belt on the trousers or skirt became closer? It's time to learn new things. During this period of pregnancy is suitable for your clothes may still be found in regular stores. You will need a good stretching materials, skirts and pants Drawstring dresses without an accent on the waist, as well as sportswear cut.

Pay attention to the shoes. Heel height must not exceed 3 cm, shoes should be comfortable. Very well, if your shoes will be made of natural materials. During pregnancy, the legs swell and increase in size. Be aware of this, buying shoes you plan to wear during pregnancy.

Clothing for the 2nd trimester

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

The second trimester of pregnancy - a special period. It seems that the midsection is already there, but he has not so big and it threatens you be tempted to do the things that you already have. Certainly from a financial point of view it is a practical solution, but it is fraught with some danger for you - regular clothes do not meet the requirements of the future mother.

Put your usual jeans until better times. Their hard tissue can put pressure on the perineum and impede blood flow. If you're still wearing the usual things that give preference sweaters, knitted or high-waisted dresses, shirts that do not put pressure on the stomach and chest. A skirt and pants have a good stretch, plus have an adjustable waist.

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

But even in extreme fall do not need - to buy "pregnant" clothes in advance. In the last months of pregnancy is difficult to predict the size of the abdomen, and also its size. Therefore, pre-bought things can not be in time.

If you decide to diversify your wardrobe, we advise you to buy a few basic things - the dress or sundress for pregnant women, trousers or pants suit with elastic insert that supports the stomach, jumpsuit. In consequence of these things can complement existing or less expensive turtleneck blouses and tunics. Very economical and successful purchase will "grow" with the belly model - with clasps, reversible with increasing tummy, with the smell, with the additional volume which removed the eyeballs, and so on. The problem of wearing the same things for a long time is solved very simply, you just change the accessories - scarves, shawls, jewelry to help create a new image.

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

In the second trimester, it is desirable to purchase bras for pregnant women. This underwear is made with special needs. Variable length of the shoulder straps and a few rows of hooks allow to adjust the chest. Ideally straps on special underwear for pregnant women should be closer to the middle of the chest. The absence of hard seed underwear does not interfere with blood flow, and seamless pattern does not injure the sensitive skin. Keep in mind that the bra should be made of natural fabrics and have socks.

Also you need to buy a bra and panties band for pregnant women. About panties mothers are already held constant disputes - someone insists that there must be special panties for pregnant ladies, someone treated by conventional cotton. Not that important. What kind of panties do you currently buy most importantly - panties should not put pressure on the stomach. For the period of pregnancy thong you better forget it. Bandage - a very important article of clothing for the expectant mother. It supports the baby, the uterus and the abdominal muscles.

Clothing for the 3rd trimester

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

The main rule of the 3rd trimester - clothes should be either a large or a good stretch, as it should be comfortable.

Model T-shirts or sundress should be broad, supporting the breast, as well as masking bra straps to "pregnant." Tights and leggings - very comfortable clothing for pregnant women, if they do not press on the stomach. An important piece wardrobe, especially in winter, and in the offseason - tights. Shopping for pregnant women offer a wide range of special tights.

If the third trimester of pregnancy occurred in the cold season, then to the choice of outerwear should be approached rationally. Clothes should be protected from the wind and cold at the same time, it should not be difficult. Short jackets and flared coat can not cope with the tasks, if your route is not limited to - drive - cars. It is better to consider a more practical version of outerwear.

Tips stylist

Shapeless and baggy clothes, which he put on, usually that would distract attention from their interesting position, but gives you a slovenly appearance and makes your figure visually much larger.

They look good and successfully hide a tummy shirt with a high waist, tunics and blouses. They advantageous to look bell-bottomed trousers, flared from the hip or knee.

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

Just distract attention away from the tummy bright accessories - scarves, neckerchiefs.

In the last months of pregnancy is better to wear a specially tailored items for expectant mothers, rather than the usual bigger clothes. Not intended for big tummy will be lifted up the hem and puff up front.

When choosing clothes with ornaments, note that a major figure visually give you an even greater amount. So choose things with a fine pattern, geometric pattern, or plain things. If things are plain, some of them you can make a great way with fewer clothes.

 Clothing for pregnant women: beautiful and comfortable!

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