Classic Leather outerwear: fashionable immortality

Classical models of leather outerwear: leather coats, jackets, coats.

Leather clothing is always in fashion

Today there is a huge choice of different fabrics for outdoor clothing, but leather coat, coats and jackets still confidently occupy the first place in the fashion podium. Fans of leather garments abound: dandies and ladies appreciate not only impressive appearance, but also excellent wearability, convenience, raincoats and jackets. Among the stellar personalities of all ages, a lot of fans of quality leather garments: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman ... In this case often celebrities are not trendy little things, namely the classical model - the "pilot" jackets, leather jackets, jackets simple cut.

However, not only the stars prefer leather clothes, as an elegant coat or a stylish jacket - it's not just beautiful and comfortable. These things are perfectly combined with any clothes as everyday with jeans and cozy sweaters and a leisure suit or dress. For example, a short female leather jacket will look favorably and with strict pencil skirt, jeans and mischievous. For a man like a jacket also the best option for all times and occasions: it can be worn to the club for a party, and a business meeting.

Leather Clothing: fashion trends

Stylish men's leather coat or jacket is not purchased for one season - a good skin can serve even more than a dozen years. Because so eager to acquired today a stylish leather jacket next season looked important. Because it is so important to know what surprises are in store for us fashion in the next few years.

If we talk about colors, the next few seasons in fashion will be calm, natural colors - black, gray, brown, beige, in these shades presented their collections of leading fashion houses. Wildcats and acid colors, artificial attrition and other delights in the next few years will be completely superseded. Popular will and glossy and matte leather things.

The most fashionable little things of the future will be a few seasons short leather jacket with a collar, with the fashion and form-fitting jackets are, and models with the free brim. Very relevant is the female leather coat length just above the knee, Men's leather coat should be only max.

In the near future will be trendy coats and coats with a minimum of details and accents - no rivets, visible fittings, straps, and plenty of pockets. Austerity and simplicity will prevail, and in the women's and men's fashion, so it's worth it to focus on the fashion trend.

How to choose a high-quality leather outerwear

In conscience stitched leather jacket or a jacket can last a few decades - it is really so. But in order for a thing so much time remains flexible and does not look old, it is important that it is made of quality material. Well tanned skin is fairly easy to determine: simply add up the floor or sleeve leather coat or a coat, and if the crook will be noticeable hall - a poor-quality product.

Properly painted coat or jacket in any case should not be painted. To verify that a good skin is colored or not, you need to spend on it slightly damp handkerchief. In addition, good skin is very pleasant, non-chemical smell without any strange perfume.

It is important to carefully check all the seams: if somewhere noticeable minor punctures, you run the risk of careless driving when to break the product. It is essential that the threads are of good quality and in any case do not shed - pay attention to the seams finished with colored thread. Also, make sure the quality and good mounting hardware. If you plan to take a jacket or a leather coat to the dry cleaners, the plastic parts can break.

Leather clothes: sewing or buy?

Any mod will tell you that the best women's leather coat should be sewn from a good tailor, and not purchased as a finished product. Ideal measurements taken responsibility for every stitch, good stuff - you can get only qualitative thing.

If men's leather jacket or coat for women to have bought ready-made, it is important not only to pay attention to the quality of the joints and skin tanning, but also carefully vymeryat thing. If you are uncomfortable, somewhere pulls slack, do not believe the seller, then that thing "lies" - a jacket or coat with a first fitting must sit like a glove. In addition, you're going to buy is not a cheap thing, so it is not necessary to compromise and take a coat or a jacket that does not suit you one hundred percent.

 Classic Leather outerwear: fashionable immortality

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 leather jackets fall 2011

In autumn 2011 and winter 2012 leather as relevant as ever, and popular. This practical material for a long time to meet all essential needs of man. And though since then has passed a lot of time every year it enjoys a special love of designers and fans of leather. For the first time leather jackets were born in the late 20-ies of the last century as clothing for motorcyclists - they produced a real revolution. Since then, the fashion for them does not pass. Moreover, leather black leather jackets for decades consistently remain in the top ten most favorite things of women's wardrobe.

From season to season ladies all over the world and would meet the interest on the catwalks of women's leather jackets, fall 2011 was no exception. So, what models now adorn our podiums?

Lineup fashionable leather jackets fall of 2011 is so varied that it is practically impossible to describe each of them separately. Take a look at fashion magazines and see for yourself. We want to draw your attention only to the most popular ones. Photos leather jackets fall 2011 to fall shows will allow you a closer look at all interested in the model and at the same time pick up for yourself is the option that would suit in all respects.

Trends Fall - Winter 2011-2012

  • Short model

Fitted jackets of leather - a definite trend of the season. Such cuts often can be found in the collections of most designers. This model goes well with many things a woman's wardrobe. It looks equally well with both straight or narrowed trousers and skirts, pencils and even shorts.

 leather jackets for women Autumn 2011

  • Sport style

Sport models fall 2011 leather jackets are sure to enjoy not only the admirers of this style, but those girls who appreciate a dress in comfort and convenience. In the middle or near the glamor cowboy fashion - fashion trend this fall will not miss none fashionista.

 Trendy leather jackets fall 2011

  • Short sleeve

Trendy leather jackets fall 2011 with shortened sleeves managed to conquer the hearts of the female population all over the world, including our compatriots. This style is perfect for the warm autumn weather. The length of the sleeve in such models may be three quarters, and generally short. As for color, the trend in almost all the dominant color is black. Particularly fashionable this season models with buttons.

 leather jackets fall 2011 photos

  • The slug of fur

Leather jackets Autumn 2011: fashion for fur inspired designers to explore new ideas and the creation of original models. It is worth noting that the fur collars at different times, great feel in autumn and winter jackets in leather and suede. In the season of fall 2011 fur are particularly fluffy. Latest without exception dlinnovorsnye type of fur that look amazingly smooth on the skin. The most popular are mostly truncated model.

 fashion leather jackets 2011 2012

  • Combined models

A combination of several, usually two textures in one model - yet another fashion trend autumn-winter season, which is included in the collections of many venerable designers. The most relevant combinations: leather vest black or dark brown in color, which protects against the autumn chill, and puffed sleeves made of wool, made in the same colors. Very relevant patterns with bulky shoulders.

 leather jackets fall 2011 fashion

  • "Selfish mosaic"

Patchwork is very relevant in the coming season. On the women's leather jackets fall of 2011 peacefully coexist leather and suede, complementing and ennobling each other. In this stylish and fashionable outerwear no girl will not go unnoticed.

 model leather jackets fall 2011

  • Glamorous models

Hit of the season - lacquered leather jackets fall 2011, photo from the fall fashion shows can be found in catalogs, as well as in our gallery. This trendy thing autumn wardrobe will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista.

Each brand is different trims leather jackets in their collections. Quite original and stylish look glamorous things, decorated with hand-embroidered in the Irish style. No less attractive models with knitted elastic band on the bottom of the product, and instead of a collar.

 Leather Jackets Fall Winter 2011

Trendy colors of autumn-winter season

This fall is still relevant shades of brown, which invariably come back into fashion with every autumn. So this time, creating their autumn collections, designers have focused precisely on this color. Incredibly popular female leather jacket Autumn 2011 caramel tan and chocolate brown hues.

This fall in the collections of almost all brands, with few exceptions, is dominated by dark colors: various shades of brown and black. In order to somehow compensate for the lack of sun cold dank autumn, some designers have decided to dilute the somber palette to include their collections in the red model.

What combination of leather jackets?

 Trendy leather jackets for women Autumn 2011

Leather Jacket is perfect for both day and evening for the image. Moreover, this versatile type of outerwear fits both romantic and cheeky in man's image. From what to wear leather jackets? Designers offer this universal view of the top women's clothing combined with classic trousers, jeans, maxi dresses, skirts of different lengths. Also leather jacket looks great with cocktail short dress and jumpsuit similar length. Many famous brands combined fashion leather jacket with leather 2011-2012 skirts and trousers and even shorts. The truth is the last option is much rarer. These bands look very stylish and bold at the same time. As for shoes, leather jacket combines well with moccasins without spikes and high boots.

In order to remain sexy and keep warm in the winter cold, stylists advise to complement such an ensemble fur accessories. Fur boa and knitted warm scarf - the best option for the cold season. These stylish accessories will protect you from the cold and give your image a luxurious and seductive look.

Right choice

This fall is difficult to imagine modern everyday wardrobe fashionista without this stylish piece of outerwear, as the leather jacket. Leather - it is always important and fashionable. Outerwear from this noble material, no doubt, looks very expensive and elite, especially jackets that look particularly elegant and stylish in the female figure. That is why this subject autumn wardrobe now enjoys incredible popularity. Which models of leather jackets for fall of 2011 to give their preference: buttoned, zipped or smell? Each of them is good in its own way - will make any owner irresistible. So do not deny yourself the pleasure to get one more extravagant bagatelle.

So, how to choose a leather jacket and what to pay attention in the first place.

  • When selecting top leather garments should be guided not just fashion trends of the season. To the thing lasts long enough, good sitting on a figure, does not create discomfort, its owner and at the same time protects against the vagaries of the weather before you go shopping, no harm will heed the advice of experts.
  • Before you buy the things you like to pay attention not only on the smoothness of the lines and style, but also the quality of the raw material from which it is made.
  • An important role in choosing the thickness of the skin plays that throughout the jacket should be the same. Particular attention should be paid to such areas as collar inserts in pockets and armpit area - it is in these places, some manufacturers prefer to use raw materials of lower quality.
  • You should also make sure that it does not have any scrapes, bruises and folds. It is better to abandon the purchase of this instance, if the skin is cracked, uneven or peeling.
  • Unfortunately, the quality of the paint when buying skin products is quite difficult to check. Typically, this flaw is detected only after you will get the rain. Protect yourself from buying low-quality items as follows: soak a white handkerchief with water and wipe them with the power of the product. If scarf traces of paint - this is evidence of non-compliance with the staining technology. Also in this case it is better to abandon the purchase - you can only guess what could become an expensive new dress socks in a few months.
  • To verify that it is genuine leather or quality fake, try to touch the product. Leather when you touch exudes pleasant warmth, in addition to the cut edge is always rough. Whereas artificial leather, on the contrary, it is always cold and suspiciously smooth.
  • The most durable is considered a bull or buffalo leather. Worst of all items worn pigskin, but they are much cheaper than the rest.
 Trendy leather jackets autumn - 2011

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