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  • The causes of chronic gastritis
  • Symptoms of chronic gastritis
  • Diet in chronic gastritis
  • Treatment of chronic gastritis

What disease does not just wait for a man! And one of the most common today - it is a chronic gastritis. Despite the fact that the disease is studied well enough doctors is still a lot of questions. Let us and we'll try to sort out this complicated issue. Why do you need it? As the medical statistics, about 60% of all people of the world, including children, are well aware of the fact, that such chronic gastritis. This means that almost every family has a person suffering from chronic gastritis. And it is very important to know how to quickly and properly to help him.

Classification of chronic gastritis is extensive - all in one article does not say. But doctors are two main types of chronic gastritis:

  • Endogenous gastritis

This type of gastritis is most often develop in diseases such as allergic reactions, infections, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Approximately half of the people suffering from the above diseases, there is chronic gastritis. Gastric acidity in such cases, tends to be reduced.

  • Exogenous gastritis

In that case, if the human body is constantly influenced by any aggressive factors - for example, acid or alkali vapors, metal dust or the chronic intoxication occurs - nicotine or alcohol abuse, chronic gastritis is almost assured. In this case, gastritis often occurs with gastric hyperacidity.

The causes of chronic gastritis

There are many reasons that can trigger the development of acute gastritis. If you know about these reasons, it is possible to prevent the development of chronic gastritis. And the cure existing disease does not eliminate the existing triggers, it is practically impossible, no matter how good and properly chosen has not been treated. Therefore, carefully read the reasons that could trigger the development of the disease and try to avoid them:

  • The acute form of gastritis

As is well known, chronic form of the disease is always preceded by its acute stage. There was an exception to this rule, and chronic gastritis. In order to avoid such a situation in any case can not be ignored acute form of gastritis. But it happens very often - acute gastritis, discomfort. Sick man taking any pain medication and only gets rid of the pain, and the disease takes a chronic course. Some time later, the symptoms come back again and again. Yes, and complications are not uncommon.

  • Wrong diet

The modern pace of life dictates its own terms. And after a busy day women would like to stand for hours near the plate is less and less. As a result of good nutrition can only dream about. In the best case - semi-finished products. And at worst - suhomyatku on the go. Of course, in this mode, the power will sooner or later rebel even the strongest stomach. So, try to arrange your meals as much as possible correctly.

In addition to what you eat, it is very important how you do it. In the morning - a cup of coffee, lunch - a sandwich in the evening - a holiday belly. Sound familiar, does not it? However, doing this is by no means impossible, as this irregular meals at times increases the risk of chronic gastritis.

  • Bad habits

Alcohol and nicotine are a powerful blow to the stomach mucous membrane, sooner or later, inevitably leads to the development of chronic gastritis. So try if not to completely abandon, or at least minimize the intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

By the way! Did you know that chewing gum for the stomach are not less harmful than nicotine and alcohol? During her chewing the brain receives exactly the same signals as during meals. And the brain sends a command to the stomach to produce gastric acid to digest food nonexistent. You see, what happens? That's right, the stomach is, in simple terms, starts to digest itself. Finish - Meet chronic gastritis. That is why chewing gum should also be abandoned.

  • Various comorbidities

A very important factor predisposing to the development of chronic gastritis are all sorts of infectious diseases. For example, such as influenza, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Even the most ordinary tooth decay can result in the development of chronic gastritis. Therefore, infectious diseases and in any case can not be left without due attention.

It should also pay attention to the diseases of internal organs, such as gout, diabetes, pyelonephritis, all kinds of hepatitis. They also often serve as an impetus to the development of chronic gastritis. Therefore, people suffering from the above diseases should be especially attentive to the state of his health.

 Treatment of chronic gastritis

Symptoms of chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis has a variety of symptoms. And often a very long time the disease itself generally does not manifest itself. This flow is called asymptomatic. That is why so often the initial stage of the disease remains unnoticed. And chronic gastritis takes the form of a running flow. But sooner or later all the same symptoms appear. And symptoms depend, primarily, on the level of acidity of gastric juice. Different levels of acidity - different signs:

  • Gastritis with low acidity

In the case of this type of gastritis occur symptoms such as constant belching, feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region, a very unpleasant taste in the mouth, especially in the morning. Nausea pursues a sick person almost constantly. And if a person is experiencing a strong sense of hunger, perhaps even vomiting. In addition, in this type of gastritis is often the person appears stubborn diarrhea, get rid of which is practically impossible. In some cases there may be other non-typical symptoms of the disease.

Gastritis of this type - with low acidity - can last for a long time - a condition that is getting worse, then, without any outside interference, into remission. Overall condition of the sick person is satisfactory, it will be fully operational. However, ignore the state is by no means impossible, as it was gastritis with low acidity can trigger the development of cancer of the stomach. That is why this type of gastritis is most alarming of gastroenterologists.

  • Gastritis with high acidity of the stomach

In that case, if a person has gastritis with acidity of gastric juice, which often develops under the influence of aggressive chemical agents, the picture is slightly different. The symptoms more pronounced, and not notice them is simply impossible. The sick person complains sour belching, strong and persistent heartburn. Epigastric person can feel like a sense of gravity and pressure, and a burning sensation.

Generally, these symptoms are especially pronounced in an hour - two after eating. By the way - the appetite for gastritis with high acidity appetite very, very good. But the chair can be observed serious problems - these patients spastic constipation are common. However, symptoms may vary continuously. Remissions during gastritis of this type are extremely rare.

  • Reflux gastritis

Speaking about the varieties of gastritis, not to mention about the reflux. In some cases, a person diagnosed with reflux gastritis. Reflux gastritis develops when throwing fluid occurs from the duodenum into the stomach. It is this phenomenon is called reflux. And that's why reflux gastritis and got its name. Due to the fact that bile constantly gets on the gastric mucosa and corrodes it, developing inflammation and accordingly gastritis. The main symptom of which is characterized by reflux - severe pain and sometimes vomiting bile. For this type of diseases such thing as remission, almost non-existent.

Diet in chronic gastritis

Now I turn to talk about the main thing - the treatment of chronic gastritis. Of course, you can wave a hand at him and wait until the problem resolves itself. However, how it will turn - it can hardly be predicted. So do not risk your health - always consult a physician. Usually, treatment is carried out without hospitalization, except in very severe cases.

And the first thing any gastritis treatment begins - with the purpose of treatment is diet. Diet is chosen depending on the acidity of the stomach:

  • Diet for gastritis with reduced gastric acidity

The sick person should completely eliminate from your diet acute, smoked and salted dishes. Furthermore, it is necessary to abandon the use of products containing any colorings, flavorings and preservatives. You can not drink carbonated and alcoholic drinks, coffee, sweet and natural juices.

But the following products, on the other hand, need to be used in sufficient quantities: various concoctions - like vegetables and meat, boiled meat and fish (lean). These products are very effective in stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, in particular hydrochloric acid. Follow a diet similar to a sick person needs a minimum period of one month. After this menu, you can gradually introduce lean meat cutlets, of course, steamed.

  • Diet for gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice

For the treatment of gastritis with the increased acidity of the doctors prescribe the strictest diet. No semi-finished products, preservatives, sharp, supplications, smoked foods, carbonated drinks, juices, compotes, alcohol. Gastritis this type of food can be consumed only the mucous soups, omelets and jelly. After two - three weeks may be included in the menu minced meat, and a week later - and even steam cutlets.

 chronic gastritis symptoms

Treatment of chronic gastritis

Drug treatment of gastritis may appoint a doctor. Therefore, we will not describe in detail all the existing treatment regimens - p tell them only in general terms. In that case, if a person is suffering from gastritis with reduced stomach acidity, often assigned administration of drugs containing the pepsin and hydrochloric acid. They help to normalize the level of gastric acid.

But in case the acidity is increased, for the treatment of gastritis commonly used antiulcer drugs. For example, such as Almagelum, atropine, papaverine and drugs intended to reduce gastric acid. The dosage of drugs chosen strictly individually, taking into account all available survey data, the disease, the general state of health. Independently do in any case is impossible, since the state of the sick person can significantly deteriorate.

Many people claim that they successfully managed to cure gastritis folk remedies. Typically, such treatment folk remedies do not pose any threat to the state of the sick person. Therefore, treatment of folk remedies still worth a try. We'll tell you about the most effective ways to get rid of gastritis folk remedies.

But remember - despite the fact that the treatment of folk remedies safe enough to forget some precautions still not worth it.

  • An allergic reaction of the body

First, make sure you are not allergic to a component of any recipe. An allergic reaction in the majority thing is not dangerous, but quite unpleasant. In the same case, if you are unsure, be sure to make a kind of allergy tests. To do this, try a small amount of money for the treatment of gastritis and in a few hours carefully trace the reaction of the organism. In the event that there was not any adverse reactions can start treatment.

  • Pregnancy and children's age

In no case try to get rid of gastritis folk remedies in children and pregnant women. Children have very high predisposition to develop a wide variety of allergic reactions. And normal harmless herb can cause hives or even dangerous, angioedema.

A pregnant woman is treated with folk remedies are contraindicated for other reasons. Those herbs, which are extremely useful for a pregnant woman can be very dangerous. So many herbs may provoke the development of abortion, missed abortion or premature birth. Therefore, in any case, do not risk your health and that of your children.

  • Aggravation: how gastritis, and any other acute diseases

In the event that gastritis is in the acute stage, or if the person has any other acute diseases should not try to cure his folk remedies. It is difficult to predict exactly how the human body reacts during exacerbation.

  • The dosage of the components

It is very important that you follow the recommended dosage of components. As is known, in a drop - a drug in a spoon - poison. The same applies to the rules for admission of a means - strictly follow the recommended treatment regimen.

So, let us now proceed directly to the counter treatments folk remedies. We present only the most effective ones, time-tested:

  • Infusion of Aloe

For the treatment of chronic gastritis - both with high and with low acidity - very useful milk infusion aloe. To make it, you will need one tablespoon of aloe, one teaspoon of dry inflorescences pharmacy daisy and a glass of milk. Bring the milk to a boil, sprinkle in a daisy in it and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. At this time, chop the two leaves of aloe, using gauze cloth squeeze the juice.

Milk remove from heat, cool and strain. Mix it with aloe juice and leave to infuse for about 15 minutes. Milk to drink before going to bed, not earlier than two hours after a meal. Never cook it means for the future - it rapidly loses its medicinal properties. Duration of treatment - 21 days. If necessary, after a week's break, the treatment can be repeated.

  • Honey and wheat

In that case, if a person with chronic gastritis secretory insufficiency very effective means will be wheat germ with honey. This means being prepared as follows. In a dry and warm place lay in the water soaked gauze cloth, lay on her 500 grams of wheat. Top cover it with another layer of wet gauze and leave for three days. As drying wet gauze is necessary. However, be careful that it is damp, but not wet - otherwise wheat simply rot.

After the wheat sprouts, it shoots you must mince - should get a homogeneous mass - and thoroughly mixed with 200 grams of any of honey. Keep the mixture medical need only in a glass container with a lid, in the refrigerator. Take mixture should be one teaspoon before each meal. Duration of treatment - one month. Those who have experienced similar treatment of chronic gastritis on himself, claiming that he disappears without a trace. But for the treatment of gastritis in acute stage of the recipe is not suitable - it can not be cured.

  • Oatmeal with walnuts

Perhaps this recipe may seem strange to you. But it really helps to cure chronic gastritis type, even in the most advanced stage. But the main advantage of this tool is that it is very tasty and can be a great breakfast. You will need three tablespoons of the most common cheap oatmeal, a glass of boiled water t hundred grams of peeled walnut kernels.

In the evening, put the oat flakes in a glass bowl and cover with water. Leave to infuse overnight. In the morning all the water is absorbed, drain, chop the nuts to a paste and mix with oatmeal. Breakfast is ready. Just a month like the breakfast - and you forget about the long gastritis. Of course, in case of chronic gastritis type.

  • Carrot juice

In the case of chronic gastritis type fails to catch at an early stage is very effective carrot juice. And it should always be fresh. Dissolve in a glass of carrot juice one tablespoon of honey and drink on an empty stomach one hour before meals.