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  • Traits that affect the appearance of chronic fatigue
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome - a virus?
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How to get rid of chronic fatigue? Many people ask this question, because they have experienced first hand what it is - do not have the ability to relax and not feel the strength for an active lifestyle. Today, chronic fatigue syndrome - a kind of virus that covers all most of the population of our planet. Such oppressive state does not allow not only productive, but also to fully spend their leisure time. A person experiencing chronic fatigue, all the time you want to sleep, his depressed mood, blunted desire. Each symptom leads to lower activity and falling into a state close to depression. Of course, such a feeling does not contribute to the aspirations of some advances in life and significantly reduces the chances of success of people and in their personal lives and in their work.

No matter how our scientists are fighting over the unraveling of such a phenomenon as chronic fatigue syndrome, its causes to justify some physiological factors, they can not. Traditional tired from a long hard work is completely different in quality to the chronic fatigue syndrome (abbreviated - CFS), and, as it turned out, is not a reason for its occurrence. Therefore, researchers are more inclined to think that any symptom of chronic fatigue carries psychological reasons. And suffer from chronic fatigue, not only workaholics. This syndrome is exposed and those who lead a sedentary, inactive lifestyle.

The most common symptom of CFS - is fatigue. No matter how much time a person spends at work and how long he rests - he feels powerless almost constantly. Weakness, irritability and instability of attention - the same symptoms of chronic fatigue. Furthermore, a person exposed CFS often manifested symptom such as headache enhanced, and it is not associated with any pathological disorders in an organism. Another fairly common symptom of this syndrome - sleepy during the day and insomnia at night. As a result, there comes apathy, indifference to the world around them and depression. Any signs of CFS may progress very quickly, and no objective abnormalities of the body on the status of standards can not be identified.

So what is a psychologically depressing is the state? How to cope with chronic fatigue? In order to answer these questions, we need to understand what symptoms indicate the presence of CFS and what exactly caused this state.

 chronic fatigue

Traits that affect the appearance of chronic fatigue

Psychologists are increasingly inclined to believe that the main cause of chronic fatigue is a human reaction to stress. All of us are regularly subjected to strong and not very severe stress, and our brain, resisting foreign aggression, it uses a lot of energy. In general, small stress in moderation even helpful person, because his body is mobilizing and focusing its internal strength to protect against attacks from the outside world.

Quite different things when significant hassle become continuous. UAU evident that if the stimulation of the human nervous system is insufficient, and for permanent protection of brain aggression outside world lacking internal resources. After a short time there are all signs of fatigue: drowsiness, lethargy, depressed mood, inability to exercise in something active. Fatigue - the main symptom of CFS - like a virus that captures the whole consciousness of man and deprives him of the ability to normal life. But if the normal virus can be treated, the chronic fatigue syndrome, things are much more complicated.

In short, chronic fatigue usually appears in the case if the human response to stress spent too much internal energy. The very same reaction, oddly enough, depends on the characteristics of human nature. After all, in fact, what is character? This is a set of certain mental reactions to the outside world. As in most of our traits contributes to the emergence of chronic fatigue syndrome?

  • Syndrome honors

    It is a human desire for perfection, accompanied by excessive demands on themselves and others. People with the syndrome often honors pose a virtually unattainable goal, using unnecessarily high cost of energy, causing the symptom of excessive fatigue. The result - a violation of internal harmony, and as a result - frequent nervous breakdowns, and this is a symptom of CFS.

    What to do in such a situation? Try to change the attitude to himself and to the world, as well as to take into account that you can not always and everywhere to be better than others. We must learn to forgive himself for failure, and love yourself for what it is, and not try to fully conform to some ideal image. Each of us is unique, and each is entitled to the weaknesses and failures.

  • Envy

    Jealousy is destructive and requires a tremendous amount of energy. Constantly envious of someone, a person depletes its energy resources and become weak and unable to withstand the stress. Hence - the overrun of the internal forces, causing apathy, sluggishness, drowsiness. How to deal with chronic fatigue caused by envy? I must say that it is quite difficult, because envy - almost innate quality, the elimination of which requires a lot of effort. But if we want to become cheerful, active, cheerful, these efforts should make, trying to switch to envy to the people a positive feeling of reality.

    To do this, try to find as much good in the world and in itself. Well, what if someone has a better car, an apartment, a fur coat, appearance, career? Everyone has something such that no other! This may be knowledge, skills, the ability to feel the beauty of the world, at last! So let's implement a personal capacity and not burn it in a furnace envy. And then we maximum success is assured.

  • The uncertainty in their own abilities and capabilities can also lead a person to CFS

    This creates uncertainty in the human desire to be guided around the opinions of others. This is a huge part of the internal energy spent on it to monitor the reaction of others, trying to do so that it was positive. Waiting for approval from family members, colleagues, friends, is a constant tension, resulting in energy being wasted. And cost overruns.

    Hence - the lack of energy and desire to do something, pessimism and melancholy. What should I do in this situation? Convince yourself that others are not so interested in our failures and successes, and they are engaged mainly own affairs. But our life is only a passing regard to their consciousness, then why spend so much effort trying to please everyone? People easily forget the blunders committed by us. Needless to torture yourself for mistakes during the day and night? Who has not made mistakes, he did not find the solution. And choose what to do, we can only ourselves.

  • Excessive caution

    There are people who want to protect yourself as much as possible practically everywhere. Someone is trying to raise their material standard of someone adheres to certain systems of behavior and nutrition, someone does not sleep at night, trying to calculate every step, so somewhere accidentally falling. Such efforts require a tremendous amount of energy, and, but in fact turn out to be completely useless. Just know where and what danger awaits us, is not given to anyone.

    We are constantly being frightened of non-existent dangers, doom ourselves to inertia, constant anxiety and spiritual fossil. How to overcome chronic fatigue occur due to excessive caution? Tell yourself that everything can not be foreseen, and stop worry about yet exist only in the mind of troubles. No, to be prudent man, of course, necessary, but everything is good in moderation. By and large, our life is ruled by His Majesty the case. But he would not be recognized, that prepared us for the future.

Here, perhaps, the main character traits, which are fertile ground for a person showing symptoms of chronic fatigue. More likely to get symptoms such people have strenuously trying to implement their supposedly limitless possibilities in many areas. However, they forget that each person has a limit, which is abroad - chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome - a virus?

But not only the character traits can cause the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Not long ago, the American physicians have found that CFS - a normal virus, which is carried by at least 7% of healthy people. Gathered a group of patients suffering from chronic fatigue (there were about 80 people), the researchers came to a surprising conclusion: in the blood of more than 60 people a virus is found "fatigue", which resembles a gene sequence murine leukemia virus.

Rather than the symptoms of CFS - this is just a manifestation of a certain disease, and blame a particular virus? Then it is let the fact that this virus may be transmitted from the donor's blood and that from it can devise an effective medicine. It would be great if scientists have invented a pill from chronic fatigue, and even better - to be vaccinated against it. Unfortunately, with a magic cure will have to wait a bit. Many doctors still dispute the version that the CFS - a normal virus.

Investigations continue, physicians and scientists are scratching their heads over how to overcome chronic fatigue. Meanwhile, ordinary people themselves is considering a package of measures to improve their own health, they prefer folk remedies treatment of CFS. How to beat chronic fatigue without a visit to the doctor, and whether it can be treated by conventional folk remedies?

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Treatment of chronic fatigue folk remedies

It is no secret that many people are in no hurry to seek professional help when it comes to chronic fatigue syndrome. As soon as they had the first symptoms of the disease, they immediately begin treatment by conventional folk remedies. They know exactly how to deal with chronic fatigue without the use of medication. And I must say that with proper treatment performance is paying off. What to do at home to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome?

Oddly enough, but the treatment should start with diet changes. First of all, eat more foods containing easily digestible protein (poultry, veal, seafood) .Also try for a time excluded from the diet tea, coffee, sweet pastries, foods with high fat content. Drink plenty of clean, fresh water and natural fresh juices. Cleansing the body of toxins - the best way to start the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sometimes the causes of chronic fatigue man lie in reducing its immunity. If we talk about the people's money, then you can try the following infusions and decoctions that can calm the nervous system and reverse the harmful effects of the environment on your mind:

  • To add the juice of 3 lemons 500 gr. chopped walnuts. Scroll in a meat grinder 10 tree aloe leaves and stir the resulting slurry with lemon nut mass. This means you need to take 3 tbsp. After dinner spoon, treatment is carried out for 3 weeks.
  • Well eliminates the symptoms of chronic fatigue decoction of pine needles. 2 tbsp. spoon washed and dried pine needles pour 250 grams. water and boiled for half an hour. Add to the broth 3 tablespoons. spoons of honey (make sure you are not allergic to bee products), the solution was to wrap up warm cloth for 2-3 hours. Take this remedy should be for 1 st. spoon before bedtime for 2 weeks.
  • Quick and easy recipe that will eliminate the first symptoms of chronic fatigue: squeeze the juice of fresh grapes and take it to 2 tablespoons. spoon before eating. Typically, treatment starts to act very quickly, and a few days after taking the juice symptoms of CFS disappear.

Treat CFS can not only tempering procedures and a change of diet. If you are wondering how to deal with debilitating chronic fatigue without a trip to the doctor, then just change the attitude towards life. Do not spray on hundreds of cases at the same time, be able to identify priority tasks and begin to address them gradually. No treatment will not help you win ailment, if you do not learn how to properly allocate its internal energy. Avoid any situation to be optimistic, but the complaints and the blues will only reinforce the signs of your fatigue.

CFS - it is not just a temporary apathy, bad mood, it is a disease. In order to eliminate the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, you can see a doctor or try to cure people's means. Whatever the reasons may have provoked CFS which would accompany any signs of your condition - you can not stay idle and let things take their course. Once you begin treatment immediately feel relief that will help you join the ranks of the active all-achieving people.

 Chronic fatigue syndrome: its causes and treatments