Chronic bronchitis treatment and symptoms

Chronic bronchitis aggravated several times a year, during remission observed cough in the morning sometimes with the office of a small amount of viscous mucus. Diagnosis is made after a child or an adult is celebrated at least 3 relapses in the past 2 years or more. Sometimes chronic bronchitis develops as an independent disease without a history of bronchopulmonary pathologies. In this case we speak of primary chronic bronchitis, its main reason - a diffuse lesion of the bronchial tree.


The incidence of chronic bronchitis is about 10% of the total population. Chronic bronchitis symptoms are manifested in the form of a constant dry cough, more common in smokers, with smoking history of more than 20 years is joined asthma, bronchiectasis and chronic respiratory failure. Complications of these conditions can lead to death.


Work related to the production of harmful, especially in violation of safety regulations or non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms, professional cause chronic bronchitis. This production is associated with the inhalation of cotton, coal and cement dust, inhalation of toxic fumes and work in extreme temperatures.
Hereditary factors increase the risk for chronic bronchitis, but not the main pathogenic cause. In the presence of other risk factors, genetic predisposition to allergic and broncho-pulmonary diseases greatly increases the probability of ill.

Chronic bronchitis in children

Chronic bronchitis in children develops from frequent pneumonia, acute respiratory infections, passive smoking and living in adverse environmental conditions (metropolis, industrial zones). Improperly cured or not cured acute bronchitis may serve as a trigger for the chronic form. Features of the bronchial tree in children up to seven years, create favorable conditions for the chronic process. The walls of the bronchial tubes in children friable, prone to edema, bronchial lumen is small, so the evacuation of sputum difficult. Among other things, children under seven years are more susceptible to infectious diseases, natural immune from failure (post-weaning and up to seven years is the formation of the child's own immune system).

Treatment of bronchitis in children must necessarily include a drainage massage, gymnastics, at which improves the natural outflow of mucus and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. Steam inhalation also may on the contrary, further narrow the lumen of the bronchial tree and aggravate the condition.

If airway obstruction phlegm and mucus occurs difficulty breathing, sometimes accompanied by attacks of breathlessness. Patients have difficulties breathing and during remission, usually after exercise, sudden temperature changes and the transition to indoor smoke.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis and its treatment is a major concern for the WHO (World Health Organization), as recently the incidence has increased dramatically. And if acute bronchitis treated fairly quickly and does not leave behind a change, the long-term treatment of chronic bronchitis. And only if all the recommendations can be achieved sustained remission.

Chronic bronchitis, folk remedies for treatment of official medicine which supports the demands of complex measures. Physiotherapy, particularly fitobochki bring cash effect by inhalation and warm the affected bronchus. Herbal teas, which retain the elasticity of the bronchi and help to restore the epithelium, usually contain a mother and stepmother, grass, plantain and other herbal teas. Hardening and cool off with cold water gradual decrease in temperature enhances immunity. Adequate exercise train respiratory muscles, which helps achieve stable remission. Often resistant chronic bronchitis treatment of folk remedies is effective than by means of conventional medicine, can cause asthma and disability.

Antibiotics are only shown in acute if chronic bronchitis complicated by the presence of purulent and putrid microflora. We must remember that the treatment of chronic bronchitis is a long and in most cases depends on the persistence of the patient develops gradually, therefore, pay more attention to the treatment of colds and increase immunity.

 Chronic bronchitis treatment and symptoms

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 how to get rid of snoring


  • The causes of snoring
  • How to stop snoring?
  • If the snoring girl

Snoring causes inconvenience to both you and your loved ones. As a result, there is a need to sleep in separate rooms, lost romance, relationships are crumbling. In addition, while the tongue is a temporary cessation of breathing and of apnea per night may be several dozen. Therefore, getting rid of the hated snoring - it is primarily a question of your health, because when a person dies in his sleep due to another long apnea is quite a lot. Most snoring in men, women and children suffer from them frequently. Children snoring occurs because of polyps in the mouth or of enlarged tonsils. After treatment, he completely passes.

The causes of snoring

The most frequent causes of snoring - a nasal polyps, whereby air can not circulate freely in the airways. Deviated septum and a weakening of the muscles of the palate, leading to vibration, which is manifested by snoring. Let's take a closer look at the main reasons why people may snore.

  • You probably noticed that lying on his back, snoring more often

    If you snore only in this position, then your problem is fairly easy to solve: just train yourself to sleep on your side or stomach. It is not so difficult as you think. During the Civil War in the United States soldiers, budivshih his snoring comrades, tied to the backs of the cannonballs. As soon as they tried to lie down on his back, the core began to cause them discomfort, and they rolled on its side. Now cannonballs in short supply, so you may well do the usual tennis balls. Perhaps initially worsen the quality of your sleep, but after a few weeks you will develop a conditioned reflex that will not allow you to turn on your back while you sleep.

  • Overweight can also serve as a major cause of snoring

    If in the neck and throat, you have a fat layer, it can hinder normal breathing during sleep, blocking the airway. Try to lose weight - so you can not only get rid of snoring, but also will shape the functioning of the whole organism.

  • You'd be surprised, but alcohol is also able to cause snoring during sleep

    A person intoxicated relax the muscles of the throat and neck, forcing him to snore at night. If you notice that snoring just after taking alcohol, try to reduce the number of drinks consumed. It's simple: I quit drinking - stop snoring.

  • Adoption of hypnotics is a common cause of snoring, as well as alcohol

    Like sorokogradusnoy tincture, hypnotic relaxes the muscles of the throat and causes shortness of breath. Try to consult with your doctor and choose another way to fall asleep quickly.

  • Another common cause of snoring - allergic reaction

    If due to allergies your lungs are not getting enough air and your breathing is difficult, then you will inevitably snoring. To solve this vexing problem, it is enough to avoid the allergens, or try to cure your allergy.

 snoring how to get rid

How to stop snoring?

Any one of us, for example, allergic rhinitis during snoring, but what if the snoring becomes a constant, disturbing your sleep. How to get rid of snoring in this case? Of drugs are not always suitable, since their action is based on the moisture of mucous, thereby it becomes more elastic. It turns out that trying to get rid of snoring contrary take the form of the game with only one goal.

Defective night's sleep leads to sleepiness and reduced ability to work in the daytime. Since dry mouth provokes snoring, before going to bed is recommended to drink a glass of fresh cabbage juice with honey. Snoring becomes quieter, and eventually take place at all. Sea buckthorn oil, which is necessary to instill one drop in each nostril for a few hours before bedtime will bring tangible effect within a few weeks of use, this tool can really help stop snoring once and for all.

More and more people are inclined to the effectiveness of complementary and traditional medicine, especially when it comes to snoring, high fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.

 Stop Snoring

If the snoring girl

How to get rid of snoring girl, because it can become a serious problem for the device personal life? Impacts on the acupuncture points with acupuncture or massage at the condition of regularity eliminates the main causes of snoring. After all, Eastern medicine suggests the impact on the entire body through its active points. By the way, acupressure can be done independently, either to study the location of active points, or enroll in courses on acupuncture.

That acupuncture has become popular, and its use, including as a folk remedy for stretch marks, affecting the terms, improves blood circulation and skin elasticity.
Choosing the right breathing exercises and exercises for strengthening the muscles of the vocal cords, which is especially important for people after 40 years, when the muscles lose their tone.

How to get rid of snoring woman? After all, each of us wants to be beautiful and desirable at any age. A snoring life girlfriend is unlikely to cause erotic fantasies. Even during sleep you need to be perfect. For older women who have decided to get rid of snoring, fit yoga, breathing exercises.
The value is the normalization of body weight, with the daily dose exercise and avoiding fatty foods after a couple of months will make you slimmer, adding vitality, snoring away and self-esteem.

The causes of snoring in which the operative treatment, not so much. It is much easier to choose the means of getting rid of snoring naturally occurring, you go to the pharmacy or to lie down on the operating table. But after the dream has become healthy and the long-awaited relief from snoring to the contrary, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking and alcohol abuse.

 How to stop snoring: Simple Rules

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