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What's New Year without music? With friends or with family, at work or in private - Christmas compositions and songs set the tone for the celebration. In the history of the New Year holidays songs and melodies that are clearly associated with the New Year, a lot has been written, so it is always possible to make music special and unique. But there are those songs, without which no cost, no celebration - a golden music collection, proven over the years, these songs sound at corporate and in the family, at a noisy party and on television.

Those who prefer to spend New Year's Eve at home, choose calm, sometimes romantic songs, but fans of the brightest parties come easy - they take the old hits, but in dance treatment. Some special rules no Christmas music - most importantly, that the dances were incendiary and breaks relaxing music - soothing to the ear.

Russian Christmas Music

Very sad and disappointing to watch a picture of the New Year's table, when the beginning of the songs everyone knows, and the second verse of the unanimous chorus there is nothing left. And solo, "Oh, frost, frost .." critically guests say that the words no one remembers, although the Russian song know like everything.

The collection of songs that will help you remember the old New Year's hits and learn the new texts will help you to spend New Year with singing and dancing. Normally, all the songs in the collection are familiar and loved, and you will avoid embarrassment when in the middle of a fun song silence reigns.

Christmas and New Year songs, you can start singing even before the New Year's Eve, for example, dressing the Christmas tree with the children, or trying on costumes. If you decided to make friends postcards own performance, then there is trouble for these worthy accompaniment. After the song is argued any case faster and Christmas lights burn brighter.

We offer you a song for the children's matinees and trees, and for adult parties. These include both hits, such as "snowing" by Joan Aguzarovoj and lesser-known songs that probably will become the hallmark of your New Year.

  • Three white horses - a song from the movie "Magicians"
  • Last hour of December - a group Secret
  • Another snowstorm - from the movie The Irony of Fate 2
  • If it had not been winter - (cartoon "Buttermilk")
  • Christmas Song - a group of Lyceum
  • Christmas Song - Verka Serduchka
  • Night before Christmas - Valeriy Meladze
  • Small fur-tree in winter cold
  • Snowing - Jeanne Aguzarova
  • Snow - the group Time Machine
  • New Year - Disco Crash
  • The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree
  • If you do not have aunt - a song from the Twist of Fate
  • Tell me, Maiden, where the
  • Maiden
  • Christmas Song
  • Novogodnyaya- group Shining
  • While the clock hit 12
  • Oh, frost, frost is not me Frost - Russian folk
  • Christmas Toys
  • Five minutes - Lyudmila Gurchenko
 Popular Christmas music

Foreign Christmas hits

In the New Year without music does not sit even consider myself particularly admirers of this art form. This is understandable, because everyone wants to in the New Year and Christmas holidays the house was filled with the sounds of pleasant hearing.

If you change the style a little performance or arrangements, the old, already familiar hits hearing, get a second life and sometimes surprised by its freshness and creativity.

Foreign hits in Russia no less loved than domestic. Each of us knows Jingle Bells Who perform and Barbra Streyzend and Diana Ross, and Bony M. Bony M is already for many years in Russia is associated as a group, without which no cost, no TV New Year's show.

These songs cause warm feelings and throughout the year, and during the Christmas holidays, we are particularly pleased to hear them both at home and at the rink or at a party.

The canonical songs also became closer to the people, as they now have a fiery dance track that there is a place in any play list. And let every day be like a Christmas fairy tale with the beautiful and good music.

  • Abba - Happy New Year
  • Wham! - Last Christmas
  • Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
  • Bing Crosby - White Christmas
  • Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
  • John Lennon - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas
  • Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas
  • Elvis Presley - Santa Claus Is Back In Town
  • Elvis Presley - White Christmas
  • Jacky Cheung - Everyday Is Christmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Sarah Connor - Christmas in My Heart
  • We Wish You a Marry Christmas
 Christmas Music

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 Christmas gifts for the zodiac signs

Holidays for all the love that they fill our lives with joy, but the New Year's holiday special, on this night the entire country is a unified whole. One of the symbols of the New Year is a gift; give gifts on New Year's night - and good old tradition, they represent the joy, positive, love, reconciliation and mutual understanding.

But to an inappropriate gift is not caused a bad mood in the festive night, we need to remember that and to whom to give. Each zodiac sign has its own preferences on the part of New Year's gifts.

Moody Aries is so unpredictable that it is better to choose their own gifts in the presence; In this case, the surprise will come, but do not be disappointed by a gift. If you want to guess what Aries wants in fact, do not forget that they are the representatives and any sign of fire, just crazy things associated with this element. Lighters and pistols, cool souvenir weapon and kits suitable Aries men, but for women the fiery brilliance better to give in the form of jewelry, paintings and interior items that relate to the art world.

Taurus on the contrary, the easiest way to please. They love to receive a gift in any clothing, whether it's a sweater or scarf, as long as it was high-quality, practical, and better design.

Gemini - the sign of an unstable whole zodiacal circle, and all the frivolous people like it when a lot of gifts. Important number of gifts, and only then they will be happy and trifles and expensive things. Good watches, business accessories and any means of communication sociable and gregarious twins will like.

Cancers, like no other, love to receive gifts, but for practical cancers and gift should be practical. This can be a set of dishes, appliances or small trifle, which is needed in the kitchen.

With all the responsible approach, choosing a gift Lions. Souvenirs and trinkets leave to others, and to Lviv prepare a gift that will be dedicated only to them, such as the portrait in an expensive frame. Lions love to get something that is not like the others - cufflinks, good ties, jewelry and expensive jewelry - it's even better emphasize their originality, spontaneity and self-sufficiency.

Virgin meticulously prefer practical gifts, such as a grinder, a deep fryer or other appliances, as they will be happy umbrella and a good bag.

Libra can give anything from paintings and art objects and ending with exclusive frame. The main thing packaging, more original than it is, the greater the chance that he might like a gift.

Scorpios are too picky and demanding, their desires decided to deal in advance in order not to fall out of favor. The unusual and exclusive New Year gift is, the more valuable it will be for the Scorpion. The best option would be a collector's weapons or strong drink, flask for them, incidentally, is also welcome.

Sagittarians appreciate gifts originality. Hiking equipment, any tool sets, and even unusual statues will be appreciated.

Try not to give Capricorn gifts after the official deadline, otherwise they will think that you forget about them. The saying about the spoon for dinner just about them, choosing a present Capricorn, pay attention to the brand - it is important the status of things. The easiest solution would be to give a pen Parker, the famous Swiss watch brand, but if you decide to give the technique, only the Japanese.

Aquarians as true innovators, rejoice ultramodern present. It is enough to read about the latest in order to decide on a gift for the Aquarius. This can be a camera, a music center, or simply the latest and trendy computer toy. Mobile phones and any items related to the music, too, like Aquarius. They can give tickets to sporting activities and any expensive perfume.

Sensitive and sentimental Pisces gift is not important, it is important that they feel coming from your sincerity and sensitivity. But if the gift is linked to magical or esoteric symbolism, it may well be their mascot.

 Christmas gifts for the zodiac signs

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