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What is presented in the New Year? This well-liked holiday, many people give their loved ones, loved ones, friends and colleagues gifts. And in order to buy something worthwhile and useful many are wondering what to give for the new year? We gave examples of gifts that are usually presented in the New Year, and we hope that this article will help you with the choice!

Corporate Christmas gifts

New Year - this is the time to bestow their employees for the whole year a good and productive activities. Gifts and holidays make staff more friendly, and sometimes serve as an excellent means of motivation. But each new day brings celebration and, therefore, time to choose gifts for employees is becoming smaller. Corporate Gifts for the New Year should stress the importance and significance of each employee, partner or client. Sometimes it is hard to find at the same time useful, stylish and contemporary gift, because in case of error about the taste of the donor will be a long time to gossip about the study.

The simplest and most elegant solution for corporate gifts for the new year is a personal bottle of fine wine and designer label on it may contain text greetings. But the choice of a good design agency is also a challenge, try to find a so ugly labels not spoil the impression of a gift. Wine is offered complete with two crystal glasses. Packaging for Christmas gifts, too, must be original, in this case, you can order a box, which must be trimmed inside with silk - it will show your care, creativity and good taste. These gifts stand out markedly from the rest.

 that is presented in the new year

Christmas gifts for loved ones

And what to give to friends and girlfriends? Gifts that will be pleased everyone can be cashmere or silk scarf, better yet, if it is from the famous fashion house - the French Hermes, Italian Salvatore Ferragamo or English Burberry, but if you can not afford an expensive purchase, you can buy any Scarf typical cell Burberry, not just the brand. If you do not know what colors suit you best, then stop your choice on neutral shades that blend in with any wardrobe.

The Americans, for whom the season of buying Christmas gifts - entertainment, not overwork, prefer to give Christmas gifts sweet, fresh electronic gadgets and ready-made gift baskets. Charity is gaining popularity as a gift - when the donor on your behalf makes a contribution to a charitable foundation, and you'll know exactly how much money and where it was sent. This trend emerged after the man-made and natural disasters started to happen more often. Even in the United States to give a fashionable organic food.

Some statistics about the New Year and Christmas gifts from the Americans:

  1. Clothes - 3 8%
  2. Doll - 3, 6%
  3. Nintendo Will - 3, 4%
  4. Cell Phone - 3, 2%
  5. Toys - 3, 2%
  6. Nintendo DS - 3%
  7. Laptop - 3%
  8. Ipod - 2, 8%
  9. Home - 2, 3%
  10. DVD library - 2, 2%
  11. Video - 2, 1%
  12. Machine - 2%
  13. Puppy - 2%
  14. Other - 2%
  15. Bike - 1, 9%
  16. Digital Camcorder - 1, 9%
  17. Money - 1, 7%
  18. Game - 1, 6%
  19. Love - 1, 5%
  20. Books - 1, 5%
  21. Power - 1, 4%
  22. Footwear - 1, 3%
  23. Jewelry - 1, 3%
  24. Psp - 1, 3%
  25. For adults - 1, 2%
  26. Cosmetics - 1, 1%
  27. Guitar - 1%
  28. Stuffed animals - 0, 9%
  29. The Xbox 360 - 0, 9%
 Gifts for New Year

What not to give the New Year

But there is a black list of Christmas gifts and presents. Of course, not everyone can afford to spend average for the Americans in the amount $ 300-600 for a gift, but that it is important not so much the price of the gift, as good taste when it is selected. Remember, and do not give you a year the same unnecessary detail their loved ones.

A woman is unlikely to please Christmas gifts in the form of cheap perfume or cosmetics cheap sets and soap, do not give jewelry as it is rarely appropriate to at least one female attire. Pans, cups and other utensils better pass by, like jackets, bought on sale. Lipstick and tights also got blacklisted because it is very difficult to guess with a touch.

Men are not worth it to give handkerchiefs, socks and underwear. Ties, which usually do not harmonize with any shirt, too-smelling perfume, flowers and buttons, which are only a few, are not the best choice for a New Year gift.

Giving children a book on how to behave at the table or on a similar subject, you spoil them all the New Year holidays. The clothes can be donated, but only in conjunction with a toy, not a souvenir which can not play. Various types of school supplies ranging from pencils and notebooks, and rulers ending - this is not a gift; Children are right assuming that this you have to provide for them, regardless of the holiday.

For family and friends we choose gifts with trepidation, and to anticipate their desires, and not to put Santa Claus miser. In almost all countries of choosing a gift start to reflect the end of November, traditionally the long lists of what and for whom you plan to buy and how much to spend. From the outside it resembles a ritual that must be required to perform; Is it because almost all of this concern and a serious look? Everywhere there is the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday, but because these chores and bustle give more joy than concern. In Russia, that this New Year's hype is not observed, but this does not mean that our loved ones will be left without gifts. There are unspoken rules for the selection of gifts for the relatives.

Gifts for family members and loved ones

Do not rush to give mom or grandmother expensive perfume, souvenirs and fine lace, perhaps, a person with average income is more useful would be a good blanket or comfortable slippers. But if you want to get away from everyday sweaters and mittens, the older relatives donate glasses in a nice and expensive frame, after consulting with their doctor. Tickets to the theater, in particular will be pleased with your grandmother and bring her back in the days of my youth, when the concert will take her son or grandson. Luxury chocolates, tea and elite varieties of organically grown foods are also a great gift for the older generation.

His only beloved better to give something elegant and sophisticated. For example, spirits, just select them in good interior, not to overpay for malodorous fake. Jewelry exclusive accessories - suitable for gift that further emphasize its individuality and originality. Your woman is unlikely to forgive you, home appliances, received as a gift, no matter how expensive it is. You will be easier to guess her desires, well before the holiday if you start to listen to it, or when you visit a store to try to find out by chance, and what a gift would want to receive it.

The gift for the new year to choose a favorite so much easier than it sounds - because men do not appreciate a thing presented to you, and your attention. But we should not become hostage to stereotypes and give them ties and lighters. A sweater, a pair of good gloves, designer shirt, scarves, some fashion accessories business - a list of gifts for men is unlimited, you need just a little dream. If you know what he dreamed of as a child - the best gift you can imagine.

New Year's gifts for children who love to have had a lot of gifts, choose a small toy, but in large quantities. Beautiful sweets, new clothes and toys, pack separately, and do not forget the bright ribbons. By the way, hiding toys are not under the tree, and throughout the apartment, you can turn them into a small search fun adventure.

And if the house have pets, then treat them with a new collar or something tasty.

 Christmas gifts ideas

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Matrix notebook is known is measured in inches, so based on this it is necessary to select a bag. Despite the fact that the usual laptop bags are designed for the entire range of modern laptops the same matrix size and dimensions depending on the manufacturer can be very different, so even a special notebook bag 15 inches may not be suitable for models of less than one inch.

The computer should be located in the protective structure is free, but in no case do not hang out. That is why the size and dimensions of the bag should be the most versatile. Some of the company for the production of cases for smartphones make their products with the ability to resize the cover.

For example, modern bag TOA designed to carry average notebook 15, 5-inch monitor in diameter, has the bulk of the 39h28h10 cm and total space of about 17 liters, while weighing this design is less than half a kilogram, which is almost the most minimum possible weight . Bags less than one kilogram, in principle, does not happen in the market, because the weight depends on the whole provided to protect your laptop.

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 What are laptop bags