Christmas costumes for girls with their hands

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Adults, unfortunately, lose the naive childlike faith in miracles, and the ability to dive into a story, or even the power of your own imagination to transform reality into a fairy tale. Adults - yes, but not the children! And if the other days they can still afford to doubt something like that, then the Christmas holidays leaves no doubt did not stand a chance.

And by the way, adults are also infected with this universal anticipation of a miracle, especially if you are actively involved in the preparations for New Year's children's holiday. The children (especially girls) are expected not only presents and holidays, and New Year's masquerade, where you can try on the outfit fairy-tale hero, at the time of becoming a princess, or a wizard, or be daring cowboy almighty goldfish. By the way, many of the images can be implemented, fashioned with his own hands Children's Christmas costumes. For example, some outfits for girls be able to make mothers and grandmothers?


If you are good at sewing, you can enjoy a beautiful lush dress tailoring Malvina, and in addition to him make trousers with lace trim. However, there is a simpler version that will satisfy even those mothers who sew-cut do not know how, but do wish to suit your own hands.

So dress. To suit Malvina will fit almost any elegant dress pastel tones. But best of all, if it is blue or pink. Version with trousers for those who do not know how to sew - pajama pants appropriate color. Simply insert the gum at the bottom of the legs and sew along the edge of the frill of lace or tulle. If you do not want to mess with the panties, panties, make the dress full skirt of cut organza, chiffon or tulle to be white or the same color as the dress, but closes the legs below the knees. Embroidered dress with ruffles lace or organza stripes of the same, or nylon tapes. And, by and large, the majority of costumes made with their own hands, ready.

Hairstyle. If you can buy ready-made wig with blue hair - perfect! This means that another problem is solved. The second option (fit girl with long hair) - dispense with the wig and make the hair of the child's own hair, puppet screwing curls. Home Accessories hairstyles Malvina - a huge bow tie, which can also be done with his own hands made of satin, nylon, chiffon, organza and attach it to the rim. Similarly, it is desirable to decorate with a bow on a dress and a belt, and place the bow back.

Shoes. Any white, pink or blue shoes, Gym shoes and you turn your hands in shoes doll Malvina, if you just attach it to the bows made in the image and likeness of what is emblazoned on the head at the Malvina. That's all. Add to the suit white socks or tights and make the appropriate make-up of his Malvina - blue shadows, rosy cheeks, pink lips. Your little girl with blue hair is ready to go to a masquerade ball.

 Christmas suit with his hands for girl

Gold fish

Consider that suit Goldfish you ready, if there is any girl's wardrobe of elegant dress of yellow, orange or red. And if you have a golden dress, the fish will just perfect. You will need their own hands to do only two things: a hat and cape (cape). By the way, to heighten the effect of the dress of your goldfish can be clad on the hem of a golden Christmas tree tinsel and permitting style dresses, also decorate the bodice and sleeves.

Now cape. Basically, if there is a need for a gold dress cape disappears. But if there is such a need, then sew it from anywhere in golden fabric. Cape can be made and long (at the floor), and her short and lush, like a cape. No special skills from you, this element will not require a suit and make it their own hands in a state of almost any mom.

Headdress .  Here you have two options .  First, if you go in a simple way, the easiest way to make a crown of gold wire and tinsel .  First, put on a tinsel on the wire, and then bend the wire in the form of a crown .  The second way is a little more complicated, but a way of using it will be more recognizable .  In this case, you will have to make their own hands made of cardboard or poster board cap in the form of fish .  To do this, you must draw the two figures (in mirror image) of some cute cartoon fish and paint their usual gouache, depicting eyes, gills, fins, tail, and, of course, the scales .  By the way, the fish need to draw in the crown, and its tail can be decorated with golden herringbone rain .  Now you need to add up the two fish together (painted out by the parties), and glue the two parts of the upper contour of erecting a likeness of the pioneering fish (or army) caps .  Put on a fish-cap on the children's heads, fix her hair and invisible to admire attire goldfish, which by the way, you fashioned with his own hands .

Little Red Riding Hood

Suppose you like the idea of ​​the costume may seem trite or even obsolete and worn out, but your child, believe me, a completely different opinion. For him in this world, everything is new, and the image of Little Red Riding Hood, which appeared in the seventeenth century, for your daughter (granddaughter) is as relevant as it is for you at her age. So, not particularly bothered, try to make their own hands Little Red Riding Hood costume.

The main element of the costume - a red hat (panama, hat, beret). All other details of the suit can also be found in the wardrobe of your child or rented from relatives or friends. White blouse is available in the wardrobe of any schoolgirl. But not only fit blouse and turtleneck or long sleeve shirt. Vest any dark color (blue, black, burgundy, green). Find this item suit for you is not a problem, as well as virtually any lush skirt. By the way, to complete the image, you can sew the hem of the skirt, or even sew lace petticoat, the edge of which will peek out from under the hem of the top.

Apron - last important detail, which may have to sew their own hands. And, of course, complete the costume Red Riding Hood wicker basket. The basket can be placed a bouquet of artificial flowers, or even put cookies and candy that Little Red Riding Hood can entertain their friends.


Very popular Christmas costume for girls of any age. And for the babies, and the basis for the schoolgirls will suit short dress or dark trousers with a turtleneck. Your task is to embroider this suit with yellow strips of cloth. As an option - yellow skirt and a striped T-shirt. Another option - black pants and a yellow turtleneck, fine black stripes. By the way, fashionable colors in the style of "Beeline" can be found on knitted gloves or socks. If you are there, or you suddenly they acquire on the occasion, they will be an excellent complement suit bees. And by the way, tie their hands yellow and black striped socks or mitts can be for a couple of evenings.

The hardest part - making the wings. For this you need a strong, but soft wire, such as aluminum. Collapses wire eight and enshrined in the crosshairs, and at the ends. Then find a suitable translucent fabric (tulle, nylon, organza or tulle) and tight fitting of the wire cloth. Suitable for this purpose and white nylon stockings, which need to cut leg and cut the upper part of tights into two parts on the front and back seam. In an extreme case, the wings can even be done with thin paper.

Rounding Christmas costumes bees bezel with a mustache-pompons. These rims are readily available in the store or even make your own by attaching to a normal rim with the same wire pompons or large beads on the ends.

 Christmas costume for girls with their hands

Other costumes

Make a New Year's costumes for girls suck easy. In most cases, the basis of carnival costume becomes ordinary clothes, complete with uncomplicated parts, accessories and make-up or make-up. For example, what other Christmas costumes can be done by hand without any extra costs, but a certain percentage of fantasy:

  • Herringbone,
  • Grandma Yozhka,
  • Matryoshka;
  • Princess,
  • Butterfly,
  • Pirates,
  • Fairy
  • Little Witch,
  • Japanese woman,
  • Oriental beauty,
  • Chess Queen
  • Boyar,
  • Sister of Mercy,
  • Cat.

In short, almost any image can be adjusted to suit the man-made New Year. But before the New Year remains very little time. Hurry to come up with what would be your little (or not so little) girl on this magical holiday. When you select an image and start tinkering costume, you will certainly be infected pre-Christmas mood, and perhaps again, as in childhood, start to believe in miracles!

 Christmas costumes for girls with their hands - Master fabulous outfits

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