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  • How to choose the color of paint?
  • Chemical resistant paint
  • Semiproof and tint paint
  • Natural type of paint
  • In conclusion, the choice of colors

Every woman is beautiful in itself, but each seeks to become even more beautiful. Hair - it's the main part of the beautiful appearance, and their well-groomed and healthy appearance plays an important role.

Sooner or later, every woman wonders how to choose a hair dye. Someone wants to hide gray hair, and someone just wants to change the image.

In any case, everyone wants to have acquired the desired hair color, while remaining healthy and beautiful. And for this we must be able to choose the right paint.
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How to choose the color of paint?

To decide what tone of paint to choose, you need to take into account the natural color of hair, skin and eyes. If you belong to a northern European type of appearance, has light skin and eyes, you go brown, reddish, honey strands. Remarkably will look nuts, milk-chocolate tones. And, of course, always important natural brown color. You can give your hair and very light shades, for example, be a platinum blonde. However, it is worth considering that such bright and blond curls from the person meant perfect skin condition, or any flaw in it will be noticeable immediately.

Girls with dark skin and brown or black eyes, dark shades closer. Agree, bronze skin and dark brown eyes are unlikely to be naturally combined with gold or light brown shades on the hair. In this case, your color - dark brown, dark brown, black, chocolate. For the brave - ripe cherry, wild plum and other varieties of red, black and other colors.

Young beauty can experiment and try bright colors. Ladies, after forty years, it is recommended to bring the look of natural hairstyles to more traditional tones.

It is also necessary to remember that if you decide to change dramatically, still plays an important role and the type of hair.   And if the transformation of natural blonde or a brunette and the redhead could not hurt hair, something radical clarification in several stages Blondirujushchy means can lead to disastrous results. In this case, you need to be painted several times with intervals between lightening and coloring to the desired hue for about two or three days, at least. And it is desirable that the hair in the near future are not subjected to chemical wave, which further burning hair.

So, after you have decided what you need color, go to the store. Modern stores offer a variety of colorants that simply dazzled, and it becomes very difficult to choose which of them to buy. In order to choose correctly, one must remember what types of paints are.

 mixing the ingredients for painting
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Chemical resistant paint

This is probably the most popular type of paint among modern women. Resistant paints are ideal for painting gray, and if you decide to change the color to a very different, very different from the present, highlighting or paint that could not, or out of fashion. Persistent colorants for a long time kept on the hair, it does not hurt nearly daily hair washing shampoo, hair masks and other treatments. We'll have to just touch up the roots, because they will be different from dyed areas.

However, the persistent lack of color there and they most severely harm the hair. Due to the fact that in the resistant paint contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, after coloring your locks may be damaged and overdried. Quite common case where the ends are cut, then they have to shear each month, otherwise the hair look very bad condition. For those who want to let go of long braids, that approach to the issue is extremely undesirable. In addition, during the application of Hair "will wash" their natural pigment and restore the old natural look will be impossible. In other words, better resistant paint applied in the most extreme cases.
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Semiproof and tint paint

Semiproof funds have a more gentle effect on the hair. However, such inks can not lighten hair, because it is only possible lightening with the hydrogen peroxide, which in part have semiproof paints. However, if you need to make a darker tresses or just give them a bright saturated color, it is to stop the choice on semiproof dye products, because they do not harm the hair, making them beautiful. Over time, if you wish, you can bring back the natural color, because semiproof dye does not remove the hair from its natural color, and the colors only its outer shell.

As for the tinting of paints, then this kind of staining is not harmful for the hair completely, sometimes even occur tint balms. By using them, we painted only the uppermost layers of the hair. Color is usually washed off 3-4 washing, but red and black shades can last a few days longer. Tint paint well suited to young girls, who love experimentation and frequent change of images without any harm to the health of hair. But women aged tint colors are not always needed, as they hide the gray hair can not. Even if at first you enjoy the result, after the first shampooing gray strands become visible.

 applying paint to the hair
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Natural type of paint

The method of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, incidentally, is no less relevant today. Basma and henna, which form the basis of natural colors, not only does not harm the hair, but also treat them. Suitable such means even for not very healthy and in need of careful handling especially for long hair.

By its action on these natural dyes like semiproof paint, they envelop the upper layers of the hair without affecting its core and without removing the natural pigment. Different proportions of Basma and henna provide a variety of shades ranging from golden-haired and pale to charcoal black. These colors do not cause allergies and have a healthy effect on the hair, giving it silky and shiny.

But in the ointment, as usual, there is a fly in the ointment. If you dyed your hair with henna, then repaint them by chemical means is simply impossible. There are cases when the hair after such attempts acquired cheerful shades of green and marsh. Walk with green hair is unlikely someone would like, so you have only to wait until the hair grows back and painted sostrigutsya. Therefore, opting for natural colors you need only when you are sure that the color you sneaked than one year.

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In conclusion, the choice of colors

  1. For the very first staining it is best to choose the tint or semiproof types of paints. In this case you will easily return the original color of the hair, if you do not like the result of staining or suitable color.
  2. If you do not want to change the image in the root, stop the choice on 1-2 shades lighter and darker shades of your natural.
  3. Paints the gray hair is difficult, so the woman after 50 years with a lot of gray hair, choose resistant dyes. Only this type of paint to cope with the graying sure.
  4. Before you give preference to a particular hair dye, look at the color palette presented in the probe rather than a picture of a girl on the packaging. In most cases, picture in packets do not match the color, which is obtained after application.
 Choosing hair dye

 chocolate hair color


  • Terms of the perfect combination
  • Haircut - an integral part of the image
  • Care for colored hair

Brown hair - the most successful way to femininity, because he has so many noble shades that almost any of the fairer sex can choose for themselves the winning.

Golden, caramel, honey, amber, light and dark brown ... It is necessary to take into account the specific criteria to select the appearance of a color.
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Terms of the perfect combination

Thus, the main criterion for selecting the perfect shade of brown hair - a harmonious combination with the color of the skin.   Owners of bright color, even with an incredible desire to completely change the image should be borne in mind that, painted in dark colors, but will drive themselves into a "gray mass". Chocolate and the like shades emphasize the paleness of skin, make facial features indistinct and blurred. The most suitable shade for these women is brown and light brown and reddish gold without tides.

For women with dark skin is better to dye hair color of hazelnut. Happy owner of a rare dark olive skin and perfect golden, amber and honey shades of brown. To underscore the unique image, painted in brown color the hair may be subjected to dyeing. The most suitable colors for easy highlighting is beige, golden and caramelized. They will give the amount of hair and revive the dark.

 proper care of brown hair
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Haircut - an integral part of the image

The uniqueness of your image and emphasize the right choice to a certain length hairstyles shades of brown. For a short haircut fit better in one tone painting, for example, gold. The length of the locks can be painted in several shades of loved ones. The basis must take brown and dilute it with light shade, the transition seemed natural. At this time, invented many techniques of coloring, so that difficulties in your dreams should arise.

Give a small amount of haircut with small curls, or the large curls, use hair straighteners and decorate their beautiful rim or barrette. Gather hair into a ponytail, and here you are the owner of a little aggressive, everyday hairstyles. Long bangs, to gain a foothold in fashion, combines perfectly with the chestnut shade.

 properly selected shampoo will help keep the color for a long time
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Care for colored hair

Despite the positive which gives brown hair color, you must not forget that, like any dyed hair, they require special care and careful treatment, especially the first two weeks after the procedure. Also note that you should not paint them frequently (not more than two times a month, depending on the growth rate, light-colored hair relatives), as any paint, even the most benign, violate the structure of hair.

The shelves of specialty stores are bursting with excess care products but advice tips and hair are different. Depending on the fat / dryness, texture, softness / hardness, volume, means to choose the advice of a friend is not necessary, it is better left to professionals. You can also resort to "grandma", folk remedies, which are unlikely to inflict harm. Masks, protective sprays, properly selected shampoo and - without these elements it is impossible to maintain healthy hair.

Worth mentioning that buying care products of the same brand as the paint used, you will not only enhance the color, but also provides a living golden hair shine, because these products are aimed at strengthening the actions of each other. Remember what becoming soft hair after dyeing with rinse aid. So take care of the health of a young and your hair will thank you silkiness, shine and volume.

 Style and sophistication brown shades of hair