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Health has always been a kid object of special attention of the parents, without exception. As is known, the health of the child depend on many components, including the effects of environmental factors. Including from household chemicals - no wonder kids detergent causes a variety of responses, but always violent.

Everyone knows that the main active components of absolutely any laundry detergent surfactants are the so-called surface - active substances. These substances are quite dangerous and their effect on living cells are very aggressive. Thus, by ingestion of these chemicals into the living body, it is a disturbance of biochemical processes in living cells of the body, which leads to their destruction.

A number of scientists dealing with this issue, conducted some research that showed that the impact of the surfactant has a negative effect on the oxidation - reduction reactions in the body. They also destroy the most vital enzymes and disrupt these types of metabolic processes, such as carbohydrate, protein and fat. The most dangerous powders containing in its composition the anionic surfactant. Surfactants, hitting the child's body, can cause the following complications:

  • Significant disturbances in the normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Development of various allergic reactions - like skin rash, and lung complications.
  • Significant damage organs such as the liver, kidneys and brain.

That is why in most European countries a long time - a long time put strict limits on the use of these types of powders. For over ten years in Europe approved for sale powders which do not contain a phosphate additive.

Phosphate additives are able to penetrate into the body of the child even without damaging the skin. Penetrating inside, phosphates lead to skin degreasing sharp kid, which greatly reduces the barrier function of the skin, as well as the active destruction of the cell membranes. Infiltrating same organism, phosphates can result in significant disruption to the properties of blood and as a result, a change in its normal formula. Also greatly reduced immunity child. That is why parents need to choose a children's laundry detergent without phosphates.

A lot of parents who use the washing machine - guns, do not pay any attention to the structure of children's powder, assuming that the machine rinse in hot water completely remove the remains of powder with the baby clothes. However, in reality it is not. The more complex the structure of the tissue, the greater the number of molecules of surface - active substances remain in the fibers of the fabric even after a careful and long rinse.

Most of the powder remains in a lot of these types of tissue:

  • Wool fabrics.
  • Wool blend fabric.
  • Cotton cloth.

The molecules of the surface - active substances are retained on the fibers of the fabric for about five days. This feature of the powders leads to fact that the body is in a state of chronic intoxication.

Packaging powder

When choosing and buying baby powder, be sure to pay attention to the packaging of powder. If the powder quality and genuine, all of its component parts will be listed on the packaging. Pay attention to the presence or absence of surfactants in the composition of the powder - refuse the choice of powders containing surface - active substances. In the same case, if the package you choose powder information on the composition of the powder is not like the powder is not only harmful to the health of your crumbs, but just plain dangerous.

Inside this box with an unknown composition can be anything. And this powder will affect the health of your child, it is impossible to predict the practical - from the simple to the occurrence of atopic dermatitis, eczema and ulcers on the surface of the skin.

But, unfortunately, not all producers of washing powders in good faith and are often not full composition of the powder is placed on the packaging. There is an indirect but fairly reliable indication of whether contained in the powder surface - active substances. Typically, the more suds produced from the powder, the higher surfactant concentration therein. The idea that increased foam shows good qualities washing powder, it is wrong and there was a long time - a long time, even while using ordinary washing soap.

Features selection of children's powder

So you have a kid. And, of course, to young parents will very quickly become the question of how to choose a children's powder. The range of children's powder, provided the attention of consumers is extremely broad. And so there is nothing surprising in the fact that parents are lost in the choice of trying to buy the best children's laundry detergent. And the correct choice depends not only on the purity of children's clothes, but also, as already mentioned, the state of children's health.

That is why it is so important to know how to choose a children's laundry detergent. For the treatment of allergic reactions in the baby - the process is quite troublesome and time-consuming, and in addition, gives your child an allergy lot of unpleasant minutes. That is why, before you buy a children's laundry detergent, be sure to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Hypoallergenic. Good children's powder must not contain in their composition of active chemicals. Leather baby is 12 times more sensitive than the skin of an adult and children's body responds much faster to stimuli in the form of chemicals allergic skin diagnoses, such as atopic dermatitis.
  2. Natural composition. The most important thing in a good quality and safe washing powder - a natural components included in it. All components should be easily washed out of the fiber cloth in the rinse, so as not to irritate the delicate baby skin. Often it is on this indicator dermatologists determine what children washing powder better.
  3. Softness care. Children detergent should not have a sharp odor. It also needs to be dissolved in water without forming lumps, which then, upon drying, remain on the villi of clothing. It is also highly desirable to children, newly born, use a detergent that has a mark on the package that it is designed to wash laundry is the newborn.

 children washing powder reviews

Rating powder for washing children's clothes

So what is the best children's laundry detergent? Of course, in this respect there is no consensus - what works for one kid to another may not be appropriate. Best option - is to try different powders until, until you find the most suitable for your specific powder crumbs.

The following are the most famous children's washing powders are loved parents. Your attention is children laundry detergent rating:

  • Powder Aistenok, Extra- soft, containing Aloe Vera

Children Aistenok detergent for washing children's clothes, wash in any washing machines and for hand washing. This powder can be used to completely wash all tissue types except silk and wool. The powder is based on a baby soap, so it is completely rinse and does not remain in the villi tissue. And the content in its composition of an extract of Aloe Vera has a soothing, anti-allergic and softening effect on the delicate skin of the baby.

Due to its unique shape, this wonderful powder removes the most difficult stains as protein and fat, which so often appear on children's clothing - stains from milk, herbs, cocoa, oil, blood. And the stunning effect is achieved at a water temperature of 35 degrees. In addition, active powder comprising in its composition a substance which effectively protects the washing machine from scale formation.

  • Baby powder "myth" gentle freshness, for machines - machines

Washing powder hypoallergenic children. This powder is positioned synthetic detergent, which is designed for washing children's clothes in the machine type automatically. The composition of the powder include natural baby soap, which does not cause the baby allergies. Powder for washing all types of fabric, except for wool and silk. Manufacturers of powder claim that he passed dermatological tests, in which there was no evidence of contraindications to use it for washing children's materials. The composition of the powder also includes components designed to protect the washing machine from scale formation.

  • Washing powder "Tide", children, containing chamomile extract, automatic

This powder also belongs to the family of synthetic detergents, for washing children's clothes in the machine - the machine. Powder for washing any kind of tissue other than silk and wool. The formula powder is specially designed for sensitive baby skin and approved by dermatologists. Also, the powder has a system to protect the washing machine from limescale and scum.

  • Washing powder "winged samaras"

The powder is a universal powder synthetic detergent designed for Streaky baby clothes, both white and colored. The powder is very effective even for clothes with a strong degree of contamination. Powder effectively removes the stain without damaging the fiber structure, making things even after numerous washings do not lose presentable appearance.

Granular powder has a unique shape. This feature helps prevent powder dust, which often causes allergic reactions in children. Use of the powder can be in any type of washing machines or for hand washing

  • Baby powder "World of Childhood"

This powder should be used for washing clothes and diapers newborn babies as in typewriters and for hand washing. The powder soap made of a special chip, contains in its structure no perfumes, dyes and other synthetic substances.

Powder "World of Childhood" remarkably difficult deletes the displayed children's specific spots, has a disinfectant and antibacterial properties. In addition, during hand-washing powder does not dry mother's skin and cause irritation.

  • Powder "Pemos' children

This powder is also a versatile synthetic detergent designed for washing children's products from any tissue as washing machines and for hand washing. The formula of the powder is designed such that the special oxygen crystals that are contained in the powder, penetrate deep into the fabric, removing the strongest and most difficult stains, which often remain so for a child's clothing.

  • Children washing powder Eared nannies

This powder has been developed for washing children's clothes, including underwear newborn baby. The powder "eared nanny" wonderful washes laundry with a newborn crumbs stains from feces, milk formula, with older kids clothes - stains from fruit purees, cereals and juices.

Fine powder removes dirt even in cold water, without damaging the fibers of the fabric, whereby the appearance of items does not change even after numerous washes. However, according to numerous reviews mothers, the use of this powder often leads to the development of children allergic skin reactions.

  • Powder for newborn children "Tot"

This detergent has been created for both manual and machine washing of laundry items and the smallest crumbs. This powder is designed to completely wash all fabrics, both natural and synthetic, even wool and polyester. Powder effectively removes the most stubborn stains, it begins to act even in cold water. When rinsing clothes powder practically in full rinse water without any residues that can provoke allergic reactions.

  • Children soap powder company "Our Mother"

This powder is suitable for washing clothes and linen newborns. The powder is made on the basis of soap chips, and does not contain any part of chemically synthesized substances, which are able to cause allergic reactions in a child. This powder is great for soaking baby clothes, as well as subsequent Streaky - both hand and machine. In addition, fine powder sanitizes and disinfects baby clothes that eliminates the need to iron it carefully.

  • Baby powder «Baby Sitter»

This powder refers to an elite brand. It is intended for washing baby clothes, because its structure is designed taking into account the specifics of children's spots, as well as features of the child's body, especially the sensitive skin of the baby. Generally, mothers who use this type of child washing powder, not faced with the need to soak the clothes and hands zastiryvat spots.

This effect is achieved by biokompleksnyh additives which molecularly cleave dirt removed from their clothes. Also, the powder paint fabric retains great and gives the laundry soft and pleasant strawberry flavor. The composition of the powder is completely safe for the baby's health, and almost never provokes any allergic reactions.

  • Children detergent Amway

Children Amway laundry detergent made for washing baby's things from the very first days of his life. With this powder all specific children should be removed from the clothes very, very easy, almost without any effort on the part of the mother. Children's clothing, wash the powder, decontaminated and disinfected. The chemical composition of the powder eliminates a variety of allergic reactions of the child. Powder is ideal for machine and hand washing.

  • Children detergent Japanese

Among parents are of the opinion that the washing powder, produced in Japan, is the safest for the baby's health. However, in fact, domestic production of washing powders are not inferior in quality imported powder.

It is possible that after reading the brief descriptions of the most popular children's washing powder you will have even more questions on the topic "Children's powder - what to choose? "And it is quite natural, because each firm - the manufacturer is positioning its products as the very best.

As mentioned above, you should not rely on the experience of other families with young kids, because all the kids are totally different. The only person who is able to give you a competent and practical advice - your doctor - a pediatrician who oversees the development of your child and know the individual characteristics of the organism and health.

It goes without saying that in any case unacceptable to use for washing baby clothes children's ordinary powder. This is due to the fact that conventional powders have very complicated chemical composition that, as a rule, leads to the development of allergic reactions. That is why children washing powder - a better and loyal assistant mother.

In addition to the children's laundry detergent there are a huge number of different air conditioners designed to rinse after washing children's materials. Manufacturers of these funds argue that children's clothes acquire extraordinary gentleness, and in addition, they have a natural composition and not cause the baby any allergic reactions.

However, children's doctors - dermatologists do not recommend that parents use these tools. Whatever the stated manufacturers of household chemicals, detergent contain any chemically synthesized substances. That is why the risk of allergic reactions is always. If children's laundry detergent meets the requirements for its security, the risk of minimal, but it is still there. And the air conditioner is used for rinsing baby clothes, even the high-quality, increases this risk at least twice. So is it worth risking the baby's health? The only thing you really need to take care of things - it is hypoallergenic washing powder for children.

How to wash baby clothes?

In order to reduce the risk of possible complications from the baby's health, mother should follow some simple rules for washing baby clothes and clothes.