Choosing a pram

Choose a stroller for the baby at the current range of seemingly simple. But there are some nuances that need to be taken into account. And how well you will be selected wheelchair dependent, turn if your walk with the baby in a solid meal or pleasant experience.

Carriages are divided into three categories:

  • Classic
  • Wheelchair-transformer
  • Stroller

Wheelchair Classic is designed for babies up to six months. Transformer will last from 0 to 2 years. Stroller suitable for children from six months to 2 years.

If your house has an elevator, before buying wheelchairs need to measure the width of the elevator door opened, and the size of the elevator inside. Keep in mind that the widest part of the carriage, normally protruding axle wheels should take place in the elevator door. Just keep in mind that when the carriage will be in the elevator, it just needs a place to stay mum.

If your house has no lift, the choice of strollers main parameter should be its weight. It does not always have an assistant who will be able to raise and lower the heavy stroller. Often the mother has to walk alone, and with a stroller - a transformer problem may be even a few steps leading to the entrance.

Once the child learns to sit, you can buy a stroller. Strollers are much smaller and lighter than the classical or wheelchairs - Transformers. This stroller easily fits in the trunk of a car, you can take with you on trips. If the stroller with swivel wheels, with a walk, you can easily drive around all the obstacles. The most convenient way to choose a stroller with three-position backrest: sitting, half-sitting, and lying down.

Choosing any stroller, pay attention to the wheels. The large wheels provide a good cross, inflatable wheels - smooth running. If you plan to put a carriage house, for example in the hallway or in the room, choose a model with wheel covers. It does not have to wash the wheels after each outing.

What would while walking the baby is not shaken by the bumps, choose a stroller with a shock absorber. If you buy a stroller with a swivel handle, then we will turn away a child from the wind. On sale is a stroller, the kit including car seat, such wheelchairs can save money on buying a car seat for the child.
Very handy when you have carriage bag for mom, for example, like wheelchairs inglesina vittoria nappa. There you can always put the necessary things for the baby, such as food, drink and toys.

The last thing to look for when selecting wheelchairs for children, it is the color and design. Today, the sale of a huge assortment of baby carriages in various designs and colors to choose a stroller like no problem.

 Choosing a pram


 The principle of operation of the microwave oven

In modern life most people use such appliances as microwave SAMSUNG MW63FR and many other models of stoves. Many users are not aware of the purpose of this modern machine, so in this article we look at its operation and the main task!

The main task to perform which was established a microwave, is a fast-heating food. Further, with the development of modern technology, the functions of this unit expanded, and now, with the help of the oven, you can cook a variety of delicious meals, defrost food and stuff.

The action of the microwave oven is based on the principle emission. Before cooking, a plurality of threaded rays which cause it to heat rapidly. What is important is that wave configured to ensure that cause fluctuations of water that contained almost all foods. If the product does not contain any moisture, then you do not get it warm! If you try to reheat foods that contain a small amount of moisture in the dish with reheating is necessary to add a little water to "run" the process! It's all about just ordinary microwave ovens, but there are new and more sophisticated machines whose functions are considerably expanded, and allow you to perform almost any action on cooking! For such devices include models include grill and convection, or just grill!

Grill This machine is designed to produce crisp on the surface of the product (chicken, meat, etc.), if necessary. With regard to convection, it is a special system (the heating element and the fan) that can evenly distribute the hot air over the entire volume of the working chamber system.

If we talk about the volume of the working chamber of said model in the beginning of the article, it is 20 liters. This class refers to the stove small size. This unit is equipped with electronic control panel, which makes use of the oven even easier and more convenient.
Power consumption of the model is only 800 watts. With regard to the presence of the grill or convection in this product, there are none! The device is designed for the easiest targets! By the way, (buy such products) can be in any specialty store.

 The principle of operation of the microwave oven


 Secrets fresh breath

Probably almost every one of us fell into an awkward situation when his mouth came an unpleasant odor. What to do in such cases? This question readers responsible physician.

Bad breath may occur after each eaten some food - garlic, onions, cabbage, and in the morning after sleep. Scientifically a condition called physiological halitosis. In this case, your best assistant - a toothbrush.

But 25% of the world population suffer from pathological halitosis. Here in the course are any tricks, people harass tons of mints and chewing gum, teeth and tongue will be overwritten to the holes, but the smell will appear again and again.

Breath! Do not breath

To find out how much fresher your breath, hold his hand to his face and cover her nose and mouth at the same time. Deep breathe: the smell?
If it is difficult to understand the normal use of gauze mask and a minute arrange a quarantine. That scent that you will feel in the guise feel around.

Causes of bad breath

Common causes of halitosis:

  • Dental disease
  • Gum disease and periodontal
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa
  • Xerostomia - dryness of the oral mucosa

In these cases, the mouth accumulates leftover food and bacteria that exude an unpleasant odor, and remove them at home is not always possible. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your dentist and treat halitosis. However, this problem is not always associated with problems in the oral cavity.

10% of the causes of bad breath:

  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammation of the tonsils
  • Lung disease
  • Smoking, some medications, different diets
  • The disease of the endocrine system

Determine the disease on the breath

The smell of hydrogen sulfide - the smell of rotten eggs. This smell can appear with the disease with low acidity gastritis, diverticulitis of the esophagus or stomach, pyloric stenosis, diaphragmatic hernia, and others.
Sometimes the smell may occur during normal overeating after the holidays.

The sour smell and taste in the mouth. Often it occurs in gastritis with high acidity, diseases of the esophagus, duodenal ulcer and stomach.

The bitter smell and taste in the mouth. It may appear for liver or gallbladder.

Fecal breath. This smell indicates dysbacteriosis, intestinal dyskinesia, intestinal obstruction.

Urinary smell occurs in renal disease.

The smell of acetone, sweet taste in the mouth, the smell of rotten apples. These odors indicate diseases of diabetes, the pancreas.

Where to begin?

If you are limited only brushing in the morning and evening, start as clean language. This procedure is unpleasant, but effective. By removing plaque from the language, you get rid of the huge amount of bacteria, and it will not smell "dead cat" in his mouth.

Begin flossing. Her you can remove plaque from between the teeth.

Rinse your mouth after every meal.

Quick Help

To quickly get rid of halitosis invented quite a few effective ways: candy, gum, air fresheners - spray for the mouth. And although their effect is not durable, all these tools at the right moment may well freshen your breath.

If your purse was not anything suitable, you can drink strong tea and throat rinse with clean water.

Of the products of bad breath are well rid fennel, carrots and apples. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of garlic, onions or alcohol pozhuy celery or parsley. As well mask the unpleasant smell the coffee seed, just pozhuy it.

Bad breath often occurs in people whose profession is connected with the need to talk a lot and often. In these cases, oral mucosa dry, reduces the amount of saliva, and she - purpose cleaner mouth. If you are faced with such a problem - often drink water. One - two swallows not only freshen your breath, but also bring thoughts in order.

Bad breath - this is primarily a social problem. About any sociability, charm and self-confidence here and speech can not go, and even French kiss when repulsive breath you just do not threaten!

However, do not despair and rub the teeth with the tongue to the holes, testing cures and others. Simple oral hygiene is familiar to us from childhood, and do not need to invent anything new.

If the breath is bothering you and your surrounding despite hygiene, see your dentist. This doctor is always able to help you and suggest a solution. If odor remains after a visit to the dentist, the reason you need to look inside. Go to the reception otolaryngologist, surveyed at the therapist.

 Secrets fresh breath