haircuts for fine curly hair


  • Cascade - Waterfall luxurious hair
  • Ladder - hairstyle for all occasions
  • Bob Haircut - refined simplicity

Thin hair - a real torment. And if they are still hovering, and so they strive to go not where it should ... no words remain - some emotion. And these emotions are familiar to many girls, for thin hair are much more likely than healthy and lush hair. The question of how to put this "punishment", what hairstyle to choose is always relevant.

It is only at first glance it may seem that thin and wavy tresses will not look good under any circumstances. In fact, for such a shearing type of hair are quite diverse. In this article we will discuss how to choose a suitable hairstyle and how to care for it, to always look attractive.

 haircut for fine curly hair

Cascade - Waterfall luxurious hair

For this hairstyle hair length needed at least to the shoulders. For thin, slightly curly hair so hair is the best option. Especially beautiful it looks, if the girl is slightly elongated shape of the face. Hair color, trimmed cascade can be arbitrary. From golden ashy tones to shades of cherry. Also suitable for this hairstyle and weave strands that create glare, thus giving volume thin and curly hair.

How cascades haircut? To start processing the central part of the hair, while the other locks are removed by means of clips. The wizard then proceeds to strands of the parietal and temporal, occipital part shorn last. Haircut cascade implies a bang. It can be straight or slanting - depending on the shape of the face. And the last step in creating hairstyles is tapering along the entire length of hair. It gives lightness and ease.

How to style a cascade of thin and curly hair?

There's nothing complicated. Home curls give splendor and fix hairstyles tips. Daily styling will not take you more than 10 minutes. Just dip your hair down and dry their hair dryer from the roots, giving the desired shape with your fingers. To fix the ends using wax or gel.

Evening installation will require you a little more time and patience.

  • Apply mousse to damp hair fixing and spread it over the entire length;
  • Now take a hair dryer and a round hairbrush. Dry hair strand by strand, pulling them at a slight angle;
  • Hairdryer send it under the hair roots, gradually moving to the ends. This will give the hair volume;
  • Lay tips at its discretion. You can bend them inwards or send up;
  • Apply a little wax on the tips, lock them in position. You can fix a small amount of hair lacquer.

 hairstyles for fine curly hair

Ladder - hairstyle for all occasions

Ladder - haircut for long hair. It looks equally well on straight lines and curly tresses. The only negative hairstyles that it requires daily styling. This is especially true of thin hair. Laying haircut is done with a hair dryer, having a special attachment to add volume. From fixing means it is best to give preference mousse because it does not weigh down the hair, allowing them to freely fall apart around her shoulders.

Bangs for a haircut can be absolutely anyone. If you stick to fashion trends, look for thick bangs, cropped asymmetrically. It looks great oblique, torn and very short bangs. Here the choice depends on your preference. Owners hairstyles ladder must carefully monitor the condition of the hair ends. They note that they have started to split? Immediately take steps to clean up! With this haircut split ends asking all kind of sloppy installation.

How to style ladder?

  • Office option. Just gather your hair into a ponytail, then release several identical strands on the sides. So that they framed a face. A neat haircut ready;
  • Or, wear a bright rim and secure the clasp locks on one side. It was very fresh and romantic;
  • The next version of installation is more complicated. You will need a hair iron. All Right locks, pulling them downward utjuzhkom. Slightly fix varnish. To decorate the hairstyles you can use any accessories;
  • Your hair is twisted, but not as much as we would like? Achieve the desired effect using curlers or curling irons. You can create a playful flirty curls or ringlets lungs that are easily fixed by means of installation.

 haircuts for fine wavy hair

Bob Haircut - refined simplicity

Bob haircut has gained popularity in the 50's. And I still did not give up its position, but its new variants appear every season. Originally called bob haircut boy, did it only because short hair. Today, many confuse the bean with quads. Or consider this option bob haircut with no bangs. However, this is not entirely correct.

Rack - the average haircut, which involves the same length and thickness of hair. For thin and frizzy curls, she is unlikely to fit. A trimming under Bob Barber moves the entire volume to the back, which makes the hair more luxuriant. Agree, for curly and fine hair - this is exactly what you need. The best shade for a hairstyle - gold.

Asymmetrical bob same (in which on the one hand the hair barely reached the shoulder and the other down below ten centimeters) looks better in Chestnut. Of course, the choice of colors are always unique, however, and it is worth paying attention to when choosing hairstyles for thin and curly hair.

How to pack a bean?

  • Create a romantic curls or straighten the hair. Focus on your mood;
  • If you allow the length to make a low bun. You do not need to fix it too tight, let the locks a bit knocked out of the hair. It looks cool, more so that the beam is always relevant;
  • You want something original? Treat your hair with corrugated forceps;
  • If you just want to diversify the classic bob, make the parting gear. Get a little playful with hair strands of different lengths on each side.

As you know, for thin and curly hair clippers are optimal, comprising several layers. These and the above-described embodiments relate. Of course, there are many nuances that determine the final choice of hairstyles. To avoid mistakes, please contact an experienced stylist, and you will forget that you are thin and unruly hair. And they will appear around the lush and healthy hair.

 Choosing a hairstyle for fine curly hair

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 braided hairstyles with long hair


  • Casual hairstyles based on netting
  • Holiday hairstyles based on braid
  • Weaving items and use bobby pins

Weave braids practiced since ancient times - then this attribute was the ritual. The ancient pagans, if a man braided plait woman - he took her as his wife. Many centuries tight braid, exactly as covered head was considered a sign of marriage. Trim braid woman - means to disgrace her. Only in recent times have become a symbol of the spit girls and very young women.

What is the hairstyle for long hair by braiding? It is systematic, schematic compound strands. The simplest is necessary to weave the braid on the basis of three strands that are thrown left to right in turn. The longer and thicker the hair, the more beautiful it turns hairstyle. It should be noted that the everyday braid looks for long hair as a real treasure. More sophisticated versions of the braid require skill and careful study of weaving schemes.

Casual hairstyles based on netting

Loose long hair - it's not always practical, and sometimes simply inappropriate. Continuing to collect hair in a ponytail, shells, bun gets boring. When you want to come to the aid of diversity weave braid. Everyday with braided hairstyles on long hair can be as simple or complex. The main thing is to have enough hair, time and patience.

Most popular hairstyle by weaving - a French braid or a spike. The technique of these options braid is very simple and is subject to any after brief training. It should begin in the not very long hair, so good to learn the process, you can already sharpen any length.

The main difference from the standard such hairstyles weave braids in that it starts from the top. As a basis we take all three strands of the same, only to further weave pickup means.

  • In the area, where to start weaving, divide hair into three strands. Make sure that they are approximately the same size;
  • Making standard perekidy hair while pickup of new strands. Make sure to trim hair was obtained. This can be achieved only if the hair will be smooth - I mean the lack of "roosters";
  • On the back of the hair completes normally braided. Or fix weaving hairpin - in this case will be the tail. Or wrap the hair inside and secure the pin.

Hairstyle "French braid" weave in several versions, one of which is a spike. The method of execution remains unchanged, only the strands of hair are taken very thin, to get relief pattern, similar to a real spike. Another option is to reverse braiding hair. For this braid hairstyle creation is carried out not by overlaying strand by strand, as in the first version, and the one at the other institution.

By the degree of density of the hair is divided into a tight and weakened. The second option is designed exclusively for long hair, as the medium and short will always stand out. If there is a need to make such hairstyles for short hair, the additional fixing pins, invisible, and the fixing of varnish. One of the secrets is a weaving rack installation on the gel. It is distributed throughout the length of the hair and then proceed to the formation of hair. Thus, strands are securely fixed to each other.

 hairstyles for long hair with braided

Holiday hairstyles based on braid

If you have long hair, then build a festive hairstyle is not difficult. But always want something a trend that is relevant. On the basis of the braid can come up with an incredible amount of hair. The most popular weaving romantic waterfall or lace. These exquisite varieties conquer most finicky fashionista.

Hairstyle for long hair "French waterfall"

A special feature of this variety of weaving is that the hair piece is disbanded. A kind of romantic design with a rim of hair on his head.

  • The first and indispensable condition is clean hair. They should be well comb, to avoid entanglement;
  • Weave braid begins with the separation of the hair. Take a small section behind the ear, and divide it into three parts;
  • Hair toss "inside out." Upper strand under the middle, at the lower middle, and so forth. Hair located in a horizontal position;
  • Getting to the waterfall. From the free upper strand of hair allocate equal in volume to all available. Set up under its top so that it was on the average from above and below the bottom (wavelength: Newly on under);
  • Making standard perekidy: at the top middle and the bottom. It remains part of the fourth. She turns around, that is missing a lock underneath the top. The fourth strand is left free, to subside. The whole procedure is superfluous prodergivanii strands through the braid.
  • Take the next free strand of hair and repeat the process. The result of a waterfall flowing from the braids of hair;
  • The last link is usually done and tight, so hair ends. Wrenched the hair to 180 degrees and pressed hairpin. Now, the entire volume of exactly downwards.

Variants of the French can be a little waterfall. You can use the above version of the circular. You can make the connection of the braid at any point (in the middle or on the side) is fastened on the bow or clip. This is especially significant when the hardware runs contrasting tape. You can perform parallel circular weaving. In this case, really long hair. In the classic version of the waterfall braids done across the head, but there may be other modifications, such as the vertical fence.

Features lace weaving

This kind of weaving braids for long hair is particularly romantic. What could be sweeter and more attractive than the delicate hair, coquettishly woven into magnificent hairstyle? Weaving technique is not particularly difficult.

  • Before starting the process the hairstyle hair gel, foam or wax. Select the tool in accordance with the type of hair;
  • The usual way to weave a French braid. The top strand of the middle, and then a third;
  • After each item carefully pulling one or more strands and treat their styling products. The result should be an imitation of lace;
  • The strands can be separated on the one side and on both.
  • Rounding out this hair hanging braid.
  • If you plan to create the flowers, it should take into account the direction of curling hair. In this case, selection strands occurs on only one side is facing outward.

 hairstyles for long hair braiding

Weaving items and use bobby pins

Many hairstyles deemed weaving, have nothing to do with braids. These include the following types:

  • Divide hair horizontally into 4 pieces;
  • At the top of assemble three tails, securing them with rubber bands-flowered;
  • The second row consists of 6 tails. Each upper forks and is connected to the lower tail;
  • The result is a "flower veil" of hair. Very light and sublime hair;
  • No less urgent is considered hair weaving strands of beads, pearls, colorful ribbons. As the use of clips barrettes with large stones with a symbolic shape.

Make everyday or festive hairstyle can be in the salon and at home. It is worth remembering that weave braid on themselves rather difficult process. By virtue of "imperfections" of the human body, it is difficult to start the hands far back, keep them for a long time in the air, to create a masterpiece of a blind. However, perform the simple elements of weaving their own very real. The main effort, and then the result will not take long. Ambient will be delighted by your way, because the spit will never go out of fashion, they are available to all age groups.

 Hairstyles with long hair braided on: always fashionable, important, unforgettable!

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