Choosing a bra

Times indiscriminate deficit remained far behind. Now, to buy beautiful clothes, just go to any department or specialty store. Colorful filling shelves attracts a large assortment and makes you want to buy immediately. However, in order to properly navigate in this sea of ​​models, even for experienced sailors need a map, or rather instructions.

All is not well taught English at school, so the name "push-up" or "body" may confuse some shoppers. We hope our guide will help you in choosing.

On the first-second count!

The first thing that will inquire Sales Department any underwear - it's your size. To determine the size of the measured volume of the breast and under the breast. The value of volume under the breast in the form of figures placed at the beginning, but in the dimension table is determined by the letter matching your cup. Thus, we find, for example, the size 70B or 85D.

Translation difficulties

Now try to translate into Russian incomprehensible terminology.

Rush-up - bra lifts the breasts up. In the cleavage furrow is formed. If translated into Russian word for word, the rush-up - is "moving up." Some models are attached special pads that visually enlarge the breast volume.

Translated into Russian "body" means "body." Now it becomes clear, and the mere sight of this model - it reminds fused leotard, just buckle located below in the form of buttons, hooks or velcro.

"Balkonet" by ear in tune with the word "balcony". This type of bra is really reminiscent of balconies. The maximum open top, a square pattern neckline and wide-set straps.

Name bustier has French roots. This model is similar to the bra with a continuation down.
After a brief description of foreign terms is impossible not to consider the main design options bras.

Bras on skeletons we still call "underwire bra." The fabric sewed rigid inserts that are very well supported breasts. The truth is sometimes the fabric in place the basic framework breaks and stop the exposed frame can be a nuisance. Because to the selection of bras should be treated seriously and monitor the quality of your purchase.

Bra with soft cups, as the name implies, do not have rigid inserts and extra pillows. This model for maximum ease and comfort.

The molded cups are made in one piece, covered with a cloth without cutting parts. They already have a ready-made form.

Seamless underwear does not leave traces on your body by joints and seams, it perfectly fits the shape. It looks perfect under tight knit garments and does not restrict movement.

 Choosing a bra

 All of the women's panties

Huge selection of models of women's panties rare woman indifferent. Therefore we suggest to look into this set of lacy beauty, the correct name is not know, sometimes, even consultants elite boutiques underwear.

Most Popular

On a shelf or in a box with linen absolutely any woman will find its place is the most popular model panties - panties, slips. Behind these shorts are completely closed, the recesses for the legs front open mid-thigh. Rubber bands on the abdomen can be both raised to the waist, and located below the navel. It all depends on the ideas and the designer of your choice. These shorts are easy, and look decent. The model can be safely called a classic.

Even more modest look model panties shorts. Here the name speaks for itself. Modest shorts help visually make the buttocks and well above the figure will adjust.

G-strings excite the imagination of the opposite sex, and cause a lot of controversy. They leave the buttocks completely open thanks to the maximum cut and allow wearing tight clothes while remaining completely invisible. If you chose a bathing suit with shorts such form, be sure to critically assess their figure.

Shorts Thong not look less sexy. Sewn lace, they look very enticing and help hide some figure flaws.

G-string thong differ from ordinary cover the rear. Instead of two ropes in such a small triangle panties. So far we have not caught a novelty - with G-string. Tailored to the anatomical shape of the body, such crotch panties stay on without any rezinochek.

Thong panties can also be called a variation of strings. But unlike the latter, they are closed (looks like two triangles, held together at the hips or the elastic band).

Recently popular youth boxer shorts. Sports shorts variant belongs to a maxi-model, it has a simple cut and comfortable to wear.

Bold and unusual

Name devant-derer (devan-derer) sounds exotic and difficult to remember. The peculiarity of this model is that repeating a style thong panties devant-derer have very narrow triangles along the front and rear.

Panties-Thong have a huge variety of variations, but the general idea of ​​this model is a low landing on her hips. You can find a mini thong panties and thong panties maxi, and many other options cut.

Models of special purpose

Utjazhki pants are designed to help in the correction and modeling figure. They differ in different lengths and a variety of performance and materials used. There corset pants utjazhki forming line of the abdomen and waist. Also, there are drawers, sink marks, adjusting the shape of the hips, and sometimes knees. Such briefs popular Hollywood stars, as many deficiencies in them are completely invisible.

Pagenslip. Such panty line sections for the legs positioned horizontally and has a high waist.

 All of the women's panties

 How to dress fashionable and cheap

Every girl wants to look stunning, dressed in fashionable haute couture outfits, putting make-up-to-date and shaping the image of stylish accessories .  However, not everyone can afford to buy all their favorite things - on something has to save .  After all, prices in local boutiques are usually extremely high, and the range and quality of products from the market depressing .  But there is - to dress fashionable, stylish, high quality and at the same time cheap abroad .  And this does not necessarily leave the country - all will bring to your home, if you make a purchase on the Internet and order a delivery straight to the house .  However, for the occasion, and you can walk to the post office, when suddenly a foreign store does not offer a delivery option .  On foreign websites you can buy everything you need for a complete image of the autumn and winter: down jackets for women, jackets, jeans, shoes, bags, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories and more .

How to make an order? Some sites already understand what they can expect a promising market in Russia, so even translated their sites into Russian. However, these advanced units. Therefore, it is desirable to have at least minimal knowledge of the English language, or use an online translator. The principle of operation is similar to the online stores worldwide. You must select your favorite thing to consider it from all sides, and if you want to purchase, select the desired color, size and add to cart feminine coat. After all the selected items added, proceed to checkout. You must fill in the billing address (that you assigned to your bank card) Shiping address (shipping address in Russian), name and other parameters. In some cases, you can even enter the code on the offer to purchase to get even cheaper.

Where can I make purchases abroad? The leaders, of course, is the online store of England and the United States. But many successful outfit in stores in France, the Baltic States, Italy and even Australia. Some shops do not send goods directly to Russia, and some do not have such services, while others do not carry a large-sized products such as coats for women. But do not worry, in this case, you just need to send the item to the first agent, which can act as a private person or company forvardingovaya. Sometimes the service is powerful enough for the price, so it is often advantageous to book a lot of things at once, in which case it is more expedient to unite with my friends, to organize a joint purchase.

 How to dress fashionable and cheap

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 Choose underwear

How often do we have to correct the fall from the shoulder bra straps cutting into the body, or gum panties. Many women are concerned with the question: how to choose underwear that is not only perfect sitting on the figure, but it would be unnoticeable under clothes?

Probably it was not delved into some female magazine articles, maybe these tips will help many women avoid these problems.

  • Try to have in her wardrobe at least one set of expensive sexy lingerie.

Believe me, wearing sexy lingerie is able to work miracles - not only increases self-esteem, but also enhances sex appeal. Therefore, spend at least one such set, even if you do not attach particular importance to wear the garment and not match bras and panties. Even if you're in for a long time do not go on a date - this is not a reason to refuse sexual underwear. Knowing that, under your dress or suit to wear exclusive clothes, add to your confidence.

  • Avoid marks on the body of the gums.

Exists today a variety of underwear to avoid traces of gum on the body. Panties tango - the best solution to this problem. However, if the panties are very tight, then from under them will stick out the flesh, sometimes it becomes visible even under clothing.

  • Take care of your laundry.

Try to wash your underwear by hand. Do not wring or dry laundry in
machine, this is not only sits down and loses its shape, and wear out faster.

  • Prefer natural linen or mixed fabrics.

For example, nylon underwear, especially in hot weather, many causes skin irritation. Bra too tight of tissue, especially synthetic, can also cause irritation of the skin, accompanied by an unpleasant itching.

  • Choose the right size lingerie.

The wrong underwear in addition to being ugly sitting still and very
not comfortable. The fair sex with breasts the size of the first and second
you can wear a light lace underwear. However, since the third-sized breasts
It needs support, so women with large breasts should be chosen
bra with wide straps tight and soft cups and wide
Fabric strip underneath. This bra is ideal to support the breasts,
without bumping into the body.

The choice of underwear depends primarily on the choice of outerwear :

  • Many modern designers just love to skin color: it creates lingerie
  • colors are not less sexy and sensual than any bra and panties
  • another shade. In addition, a beige color under clothing virtually invisible.
  • It makes no sense to buy a bra for each outfit, choose a model with enough
  • detachable straps. This bra can be worn like a normal closed clothing
  • and neck and with asymmetrical clothing, opening one shoulder dress or a corset, exposing his back and chest.
  • Under tight fitting trousers is better to wear seamless panties tango or without lace thong.
  • Under translucent clothes from fine fabrics and pale shades do not wear underwear of bright colors.

Problem №1 - Oversupply of the "flesh" under the bra

Many women issue overhanging the "flesh" of the cups no stranger. It does not look very nice, even under clothing. To avoid this, ask the consultant from the salon underwear accurately determine your size. As a rule, the size of the breast of every woman in the course of life is changing. This typically occurs under the influence of various factors such as the reset and the set weight, child or hormonal changes.

Problem №2 - Bulging of "flesh" on the back

With such a problem, when in the back cuts ribbon with clasp bra, creating a so-called "bags", many women face today. The reason - too small circumference under the breasts. Choose a bra with sewn into the fabric and elastic rubber band seamless clasp.

Problem №3 - saggy breasts

Over the years, your breasts have lost their former shape, and the bra does not support or improve its form? Rather, the point is correctly choose the size, you just bra is too large. Also, to solve the problem can help a simple reduction in the length of the straps.

Problem №4 - bra cups too stick or frown

This problem can not be a bra, and what kind of clothing worn over it. Indeed, under some types of clothing suitable for only certain types of bras. Under tight or too thin clothes better than to wear a bustier, seamless bra, or with small foam pads.

How to choose the right underwear size?

  1. Choose a bra size - quite simply with a special table. To do this, just need to make the following measurements: circumference at breast and the girth of the chest, and then locate the table, what size bra fits them.
  2. Choose size panties also not difficult. Measure the circumference of the hips and look at the table, what size fits him.
 Choose underwear

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