Choose comfortable shoes

On the comfortable shoes dream of every man. After all, comfort and quality - this is the most important factors when selecting a new model, and it does not matter, it's winter boots or a light summer sandals. Although the styles and preferences, everyone wants to feel comfortable in the shoe. And in the office, and at a party, on vacation and need to be "at ease", and this high-quality and comfortable shoes is simply irreplaceable.

The choice of shoes for the summer - one of the most important events. Undoubtedly, it is best to choose an open model. They have a constant ventilation, the skin breathes, unlike the closed models. Where to choose summer shoes? On the shelves huge range of sandals and sandals in all sizes, styles and rastsvetok.No, every year is becoming more popular is the place to shop, how to shop shoes. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can see your favorite model, choose and get a treasured pair of shoes, spending a minimum of time, and often money.

When buying shoes, it is necessary to take into account, where it will be worn. Designed whether it is for the front exit, sports or everyday wear. Choose between fashionable style and functionality need to be made according to personal priorities, but it is better to walk in comfortable shoes than torturing your feet in shoes with huge heels. And best of all, choose a model that combines both style and comfort. Shopping trip shoe to better plan for the evening, because by this time the leg swells and fitting better to make it in this state. Of course, if the shoes purchased online, this recommendation does not matter.

No need to skimp on quality shoes. If it is made of sturdy materials, especially natural, then its price can not be lower. And if the shoe is sewn by hand or among the models of the latest fashion collections of brands, the price is increased significantly. However, buying these shoes, we are making investments in their own comfort, health and good spirits.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the insole, it is better to choose a model where there instep that prevents flatfoot. It is very important it is for children. If not in the shoe insole is designed such, that it can be bought separately. If you have a good sole of the foot will not be tired, and as a result, will be a day with the convenience of travel. Quality shoes - comfort of movement.

 Choose comfortable shoes

 Oxfords Women

Oxford or Oxford shoes, the first mention of which date back to the mid-17 th century, it was originally worn only the students of Oxford, hence the name. Later, these leather shoes, different special perforation, as well as decorative stitching, lining and lacing, the shoes have become the classic true gentlemen. However, a few years ago, this kind of shoes, which until recently was exclusively male, with a light hand designer fashion successfully migrated to the ladies' dressing room and created a furor among today's fashionistas.

What are the oxfords for women, what to wear shoes, many of which are just crazy? This you learn right now, take a short trip into the world of women's fashion.

The design, materials and color fashion footwear

Despite the fact that during the years of its existence, oxfords have changed a lot, they are, oddly enough, still retained all the same features - a perforated pattern and classical lacing in the middle.

  • Women also models such style shoes fashion designer added a graceful heels that make women's gait is not only more attractive but also add to their owners of a few centimeters of growth.
  • Oxfords - is not necessarily leather model, they can also be made entirely of suede, textile or composite materials.
  • As for color, this kind of shoes in the collections of most contemporary designers represented in classic colors and in bright saturated colors. A wide range of color palettes - from beige, cream and black to purple, ruby ​​and platinum models, decorated with an intricate pattern of a cell or, - enable each woman to choose the ideal option for any occasion.

Today, a rare collection of designer shoes do without the classic shoes with laces. With what trendsetters offer female sex wear beautiful, stylish and practical shoes? Of course, every true lady will find in her wardrobe a lot of things every day that will create new ensembles, emphasizes the benefit not only the dignity of the figure of the owner, but also evidence of impeccable taste.

 Oxford Shoes Women

What combines trendy Oxford?

Oxfords - Shoes for women, which It looks great with many things of clothing, for example:

  • With fashionable tunics, crocheted and knitted dresses;
  • Short-knit cardigans, sweaters and knitted vests stylish fur or leather;
  • Complete with short trousers, shorts and close-fitting blazers;
  • With lace and lush skirts in length just above the knee, but on the condition that you are beautiful and slender legs;
  • Business woman designers are advised to combine with business Oxfords trouser or skirt suits and denim trends, cropped leather coat or short jacket style auto-lady - they will help to give the image of business notes, and at the same time to emphasize individuality.
  • Also nice in the ensemble with the shoes look tregginsy, leggings and Jiggins stylish fitted jacket or trendy cardigans.
  • Beneficial shoes combine this style with straight skirts and classic raincoats.
  • Some modern designers even against such a combination as patent oxfords and elegant evening dresses.
  • Do not forget about fashion accessories: jewelry, bulk bag or a small stylish handbag, clutch bag, cap, or lined colored fur knitted crochet stole - all of these incredibly beautiful, fashionable, stylish and exquisite things will help to complement you created the image, giving it a special charm and finishing touches.

And although we fashion dictates its own rules, now every girl has the right to choose their own, what she wearing trendy and stylish shoes.

 Oxfords Women - Shoes for a lady

 Wedge-heeled sandals

Dressing the modern girl is diverse. Various things in a few minutes we can transform beyond recognition, emphasize all the advantages of the figure, and if the question of the shoe, then we add a few centimeters of growth. With the last task easily cope sandals wedges. It's no secret that shoes with heels, platform or wedge heels makes women's legs gracefully, it gives the correct posture and gait adds a coquetry. These shoes is most acute in the summer, when we want to open to the maximum our feet. Sandals - a style, beauty, openness and comfort, which needs so much every girl in hot weather.

Sandals Wedge can be combined with almost any clothing, they are easily accentuate your slender legs, and at the same time, the legs do not get tired so much. Every year women are becoming more active, because the urban rhythms make us to be more dynamic. Activity, inter alia, involves mobility, and in this case primarily affected leg. Now a little gentle shoes, so she has to literally "trample" feet in tight shoes to look stylish and elegant.

It is very affected not only the legs, but also the mood of the girls, in fact keep a smile and a great feeling when unbearably sore feet - very difficult. In order to not hurt his feet, and at the same time not hurt your style, you need to wear summer sandals with wedge heels and clogs. This is the compromise model of shoes that stand out for their simplicity and convenience can not be said about the shoes with high heels or platform ponderous. So let's sort out the fashion trends of the coming spring-summer season.

 Summer sandals with wedge heels or clogs

Trendy sandals wedges

Sandals woven wedges will squeak coming season. This original product is made of environmentally friendly materials. Unusual weaving allows to shift attention from the massive soles. Tsenitelnits naturalness gladly appreciate the collection of Bottega Veneta and Chloe, because it is in them a lot of models from a weightless cork or rubber.

Miu Miu, this time released an experimental shoes. It is characterized by an unusual sole, upper made without backs, so they can easily be confused with the Latin American clogs. Wedge sandals decorated with rivets and small straps and a massive buckle. With this fashionable sandals high performance wedges produced a storm of emotions, not only among the public ladies and socialite, but the most common and girls.

Summer sandals wedges 2012 - this is the maximum lightness and freedom for your feet. Fashion designers also chose to create a model of narrow straps that securely fix the leg, while allowing it to breathe.

Notes Romanticism will give a model with closed heel, this option sandals wedges was very relevant in the mid '50s in France and America. Modern designers such models decorate with bows and textile colors and combine with lush, layered skirts.

What materials are used for shoes?

Today, there are so many different designs and original techniques that are easy to accentuate your look. Unchanged, and the most popular material is leather. These shoes will accentuate your status, as well as a desire to always be in the spotlight. In addition, the material always looks luxurious and rich.

Bogetta Veneta as a permanent fan of the skin and are managed to stand out by creating a fashion model sandals wedges. But you'll just have to buy the bright, perky, youth sandals textiles. And this story, too, is "noble" blood, for example, the brilliant playing different shades and colors of satin. In such footwear is not a shame to see the light, and the stem will provide a constant flow of air, in contrast to the skin.

 Wedge sandals 2012

With what tankette combine?

For business ladies who are subject to the regulations of the business dress code, sandals wedges better to combine with various models of trousers in classic style, for example, with strong hands and a high waist. Also very good looks such shoes with pencil skirt, skirt-air balloon skirt trapeze. To add such a composition can be dressy blouse, for example, shirts with frills. In the cool season, you can wear a blazer or elongated jacket.

In an everyday way of prohibitions simply do not exist. To the top of the pick up a variety of tops, shirts, T-shirts or blouses original. In the autumn-winter season is perfect bolero, a light pullover or a short jacket that has nothing to do with business or traditional. For relaxation or walks that will suit combination with breeches, short shorts, leggings or jeans traditional.

Romantic coquette, wearing a light flowing dresses of silk will undoubtedly be at the center of events. This image perfectly complement sandals with high wedge heels. Equally enticing combinations become unusual models skirts, for example, shaped or tulip bulb. And initially, you will need to make a decision on what should emphasis be placed: either it is a bright color shoes that complement the relaxed wear neutral colors or a bright attractive outfit that will complement the shoes.

 Wedge Sandals: comfortable shoes for every girl