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There are many recipes for baking chocolate cakes-free flour. What is the secret, you are curious? Already it is clear from the title, the main feature is that the recipe for this cake implies that you will not use flour. Dessert magically turns sweet, with rich chocolate flavor, soft and melting in the mouth. When you first try this cake, you do not immediately understand what it is: a pie, mousse, flan or brownie. In any case, the result will delight you.

Simplicity, speed of preparation, and a small number of components is sure to delight any owner. A chocolate lovers will appreciate its taste. Chocolate cake without flour made with various creams, fillings, mousses and souffles. You can supplement the recipe by adding a fruit dessert. Perfectly suited bananas, strawberries and cherries. The recipe can be enriched by different varieties of nuts, sour cream, honey, liqueurs, condensed milk or coffee.

Chocolate Cake "Classic" (without meal)

This dessert mistress loved for what he is preparing to quickly and completely troublesome, and the result is simply stunning - soft, fresh, delicate and very chocolate sponge cake. Try to cook this cake, and you'll love it.


  • 20 grams of butter
  • 6 eggs
  • 20% cream - 1 cup
  • 2 tiles of dark chocolate
  • Cocoa powder - 50 grams
  • sugar - 150 grams

Cooking method:

Yolks and whites separated and put in different dishes. Protein whisk until thick peaks, add sugar (half the norm, ie 75 grams) and whip until it dissolves. In another container mash the yolks to white with the remaining sugar, Stir in cocoa powder, mix well. I should get a thick consistency of the chocolate.

The next step is the union of two compounds: the protein and the yolk. To do this in the midst of the chocolate gently and gradually add one spoonful of whipped proteins, each time stirring clockwise and carefully kneading lumps. You can not just add the yolks to the entire protein mass, because then it shall fade, and can not get up biscuit.

Cover the pan with wax paper, brush it with a piece of butter. Pour chocolate batter, spoon evenly spread around the perimeter of the pan. Preheat oven to 180 degrees mark. Baking should last no more than 30 minutes. It's time to cook the cream of chocolate. Cream Heat to a boil, add to the same pan cubes of broken chocolate bars. And while continuing to stir, wait until all the chocolate has dissolved. That will have a thick cream. It must be cool.

Meanwhile, finished baking biscuit. Taking it from the oven, allow to cool. A large knife, divide the cake lengthwise into three equal cake. Each side generously soak the chocolate cream, putting each other cakes. Top fill the same cream. Cake should be put in the fridge for half an hour at least. Bon Appetit!

 chocolate cake without flour recipe

Chocolate nut cake (without meal)

What could be better and tastier chocolate cake? Only the most incredible combination of nuts can surpass the taste. This recipe did not contain flour in its composition. Only a creamy chocolate mousse and nuts. If you are a fan of this taste, this recipe is for you.


For the dough:

  • 6 egg whites
  • 2 cups walnut kernels
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Starch - 2 tablespoons

For the cream:

  • gelatin plates - 5 grams
  • 3 tiles of dark chocolate
  • 500 ml cream, 35% fat
  • Cognac (brandy) - 20 ml
  • 100 milliliters of cream 15-20% fat

Cooking method:

Place the processor in the entire portion of walnuts, add the sugar, but not all, about three-quarters (rest need for whipping proteins), and two tablespoons of starch. Peremel nut mixture to a state of fine flour. In the chilled whites Stir in salt and whisk until thick foam without shutting down the mixer, gradually add a quarter cup of sugar. When the sugar is completely dissolved, the protein mixture is ready.

In a few tricks to nut weight with a spoon, add proteins, interfering with them very carefully. Blender no longer be used for mixing, use only a wooden spatula or spoon. The mixture should be like to raise from the bottom up and rotate in a circle. Do not forget that protein is necessary to address very carefully, do not rush.

The resulting mixture is designed for three cakes. In the laid paper form Put the dough (the third part) and bake in a hot oven for 35 minutes. Color sponge should be golden honey - it will tell about his readiness. In the same way the rest of the cake bake 2. When everything is ready, and the cakes have cooled, they can be removed from the mold, remove the paper. Do not worry if a little biscuits sit, so it should be.

To prepare the cream Soak gelatin in cold water. Heat the cream, making sure they do not boil. Fold in the chocolate bars are broken, that it melted. To offer a variety of delicious taste of chocolate cream recipe and add a few spoonfuls of alcohol. Stir until complete dissolution of the ingredients until a homogeneous creamy mass.

The swollen gelatin press and spread it in three tablespoons of hot cream, pour in the chocolate cream, cool. Fatty cream, whip up a strong state, using a mixer or a whisk, add them to the chocolate mixture with gelatin, stir paddle. The cream is ready, leave it in a cool place to cool down, preferably in the refrigerator.

It's time to collect the cake. Put the cake in the shape of a split with high sides, on top of him one-third of the resulting cream, cover the second Korzh, repeat for a third. Well promazhte three cake, cream evenly distributed. In the last top layer of the cake Put the remaining portion of the cream and decorate with broken nuts, cling film obtyanite top form and send it in a cold dessert.

Chocolate cake with cherries "Lightness of Being"

Is is possible to cook a cake without flour? The answer to this question is of interest to everyone. It may seem impossible at first glance. And this recipe is likely to cause a lot of confidence. But do not jump to conclusions. Let's see, why does not split a chocolate cake that without flour. Just in its composition is always a lot of eggs, which serve as a bonding component and perfectly perform their function. Without egg cake will make it much more difficult, because difficult to repeat their fastening force. They consist substantially of a single protein, while the flour contains only 10% of proteins. Flour in recipes of cakes can be easily replaced cocoa powder or ground nuts.

The recipe for this cake write in their cookbook, one for the special solemn moments. Incorporating it into practice, we should not dwell on the design and decoration, which is now so fashionable. The protagonist of this recipe - the cake itself, and it should take the leading role here. Delicate, creamy, soft dessert with cherry-chocolate flavor - a real pleasure for the true sweet tooth.


For the cream:

  • dark chocolate - 150 grams
  • cream - 300 ml
  • sugar - 20 grams
  • 2 teaspoons gelatin

For the dough:

  • 2 tiles dark chocolate
  • 125 grams of butter
  • 6 eggs
  • sugar - 75 grams
  • finely ground crumbs - 30 grams
  • Brandy - 40 ml
  • vanillin
  • Cherry (can be frozen) - 1 cup

Cooking method:

Turn on the oven, let the warming up at around 180 degrees. Meanwhile, prepare a water bath: in a pot of water put another container. It will burn the chocolate. Samu put the pan on the gas, the water in it must boil. While the chocolate is melted, add it to the butter and let it all melted. Then, the mixture must be removed from the steam bath and cool.

Eggs divide into yolks and whites in the thick chocolate interfere with whisk one yolk, beating well each time. This also add vanilla and brandy. Proteins in this test, you must beat in a tight foam with added sugar. The chocolate mass add protein in small portions and spoon carefully intervene in chocolate.

Crush the biscuits and mix with the whole mass. The recipe can be changed - instead of biscuits to take finely milled nuts. The dough for the cake is ready. Pour it into the form previously laid by the paper. Bake the cake for about 35 minutes, check the readiness of a wooden stick in the middle of the cake, if it will come out dry, which means that propeksya dessert and can be removed. If taking out cake from the oven, you will notice that it is slightly opal, do not worry - this is quite normal.

While dessert cools, transgress to the preparation of the cream. Heat 100 ml of cream, put them in a broken chocolate and melt together in the fire. Whisk remaining cream to a froth with sugar. Then gently to mix protein mixture into the chocolate. If the cream of the low percentage of fat or due to hot weather thickens, use gelatin. Dissolve a teaspoon of instant gelatin in water and pour a thin stream into the cream. Then the mixer Achieve air mousse texture. On top of the cake Put the resulting chocolate mousse, it evenly over the entire surface with a knife or a flat spatula. Remove the cake in the refrigerator.

For a taste of cherry berries should be thawed (in season the best course to take fresh), remove pits. To make them look attractive on the cake zavetrivalis not need to resort to such tricks: cherries must be zazhelirovat - so they retain the shape and appearance. To do this, take a teaspoon of gelatin and dissolve his third cup of water. It is also possible to take the finished packaging gelatin transparent fill, cook it as instructed. Then put the berries in a gelatin mixture, stir and drain. Excess liquid is drained, and each berry is covered with a thin layer of jelly.

Put the cherry on top of the chocolate cream, you can sprinkle with chocolate chips or pour glaze. Cake must be heated before use at room temperature. It can be stored refrigerated 3 days.

 delicious chocolate cake without flour

Chocolate cake by Hector Jimenez-Bravo

Now it is no secret that you can bake cakes without flour. This recipe caramel chocolate cake with pineapples from the chef of international class - a clear confirmation. It will be a delicious part of festive dishes, perfect for celebrations or children's parties. Enjoy making this chocolate masterpiece!


  • condensed milk - half cans (150 grams)
  • canned pineapples - 4 rings
  • 4 eggs
  • Bitter chocolate - 150 grams
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • white chocolate - 100g
  • a handful of walnut kernels
  • lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
  • 200 grams of brown sugar
  • milk - third cup
  • a handful of sesame seeds

Cooking method:

Start cooking with sauce cake. His recipe is as follows: Melt white chocolate in the steam bath, add plain milk and condensed milk. To melt the chocolate does not burn when, keep the bottom of the bowl in which it is not concerned with boiling water. The sauce should get the consistency of thick syrup, for this it is necessary, stirring constantly, heat over a mild fire. Then it should be cool.

Go to the test: mash the yolks with the sugar (half a cup) to white, check that everything is completely dissolved. Dark chocolate melt using a water bath. Separately, whip the whites, and when they reach a good status, start adding sugar gradually, in portions, continuing to whisk. Sugar proteins leave half a glass. Then mix in a pot of chocolate and yolk mixture, add them small portions of proteins, stir gently with a spoon. Turn the oven and heat at around 160 degrees. Put the dough for a cake in the shape of the laid parchment and bake for about half an hour, while not opening the door, otherwise the cake may fall in.

You will have little time to prepare caramelized pineapple. To begin to dry the pan crushed walnuts. Take the pineapple. If it is fresh, clean fruit, remove the tough center and dice the flesh. If you use canned pineapple, drain the excess fluid and cut fruit. In a frying pan to the walnuts, place the cubes of pineapple and sugar (brown). Squeeze lemon juice on the fruit and add a little water. Put the pan on high heat, cook the caramel about 10-12 minutes. Turn the pieces of pineapple, that they completely drowned and soaked in caramel.

Ready-made cakes soak milk sauce, on top and inside lay caramel pineapple. The recipe can be completed, generously sprinkle cake fried sesame seeds. Recall that the master chef proposes instead to use pineapple bananas, apples or peaches.

 delicious chocolate cake without flour

Coffee and chocolate cake without flour

The peculiarity of this cake is surprising that in the recipe does not include not only fly but sugar. In some of its culinary resources are called "chocolate cake without flour and sugar." This dessert a bit like other sweets: it has a very rich taste of dark chocolate bitterness, and texture that resembles a cross between a cake, flan or mousse.

Closing his eyes, imagine a large tender and fragrant truffle. From the first seconds when you try a piece, you feel that it - cake with chocolate mousse, then finish makes it a mouth-watering candy. In addition, this recipe savory cake is very simple, and we can assure you that it will certainly find its fans.


  • 4 tablespoons of coffee (instant)
  • 1 packet of butter
  • Bitter chocolate - 4 tiles
  • 8 eggs
  • cognac or brandy - 50 ml

Cooking method:

Brew coffee half cup of boiling water, cover with a saucer and leave aside. Smash chocolate bar into pieces and send in a saucepan. Then to add brewed coffee cubes of butter and alcohol. Then put the pan on a very slow fire: all the components have slowly while stirring to melt and turn into a homogeneous liquid. Take 8 refrigerated eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Beat the last fork, and then connect them to the chocolate mass. Proteins prisolit and whisk in a thick foam. The total weight add them in small portions, interfering with a spoon.

Oil the bottom of the form, Cover the waxed paper. Pour the dough, spread around the perimeter of the same layer. Send in the oven for 9-10 minutes. The temperature should be high - 250 degrees. The cake should come out very tender and delicious, something reminiscent of the well-known from childhood cake "potato". Especially children appreciate it - small fans all over the chocolate!

Chocolate Cake "Nut tenderness" with prunes

Until recently, it seemed to all that baking without flour - it's an incredible discovery. Now, there are many recipes that do not contain it, and they confidently gaining recognition chefs. This recipe is in our latitudes, it is little known, but very popular in America. Its name speaks for itself, a part of hazelnuts and prunes tandem creates a delightful and tender texture makes it a true pleasure chocolate. Cake turns out very soft and airy, slightly damp inside, like the classic American cakes.


  • black chocolate - 125 grams
  • 85 grams of sugar
  • peeled hazelnuts - 100g
  • rum - tablespoon
  • butter - 75 grams
  • egg - 3 pieces
  • sun-dried plums - 100 grams
  • powdered sugar

Cooking method:

Wash prunes, zaparte it with boiling water, cover bowl and let sit for 15 minutes so that it softened and became a school. Then drain the water, put dried on a napkin to soak up excess fluid. Cut pieces of prunes. Peeled hazelnut kernels pour into the bowl of a blender, leaving some whole for decoration. Add a spoonful of sugar, grind to a fine powder.

Put oil in a saucepan and pieces of dark chocolate, add the rum and preheat to all components of the melt and stirring turned into a homogeneous liquid. The mass is then to be cool. The whites, add salt and a little lemon juice and whisk until the state of the elastic peak. Egg yolks with the remaining sugar until thick white mash foam. Carefully connect the protein mass and chocolate, sweet vsypte ground hazelnuts. Gently, one tablespoon, stirring type protein foam in the mix.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.



For the cream:

Cooking method:


  • three eggs

Cooking method: