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  • Watch the reaction of your body
  • Treat leave, as a job
  • Learn to relax
  • Tune in to care for a child
  • Tune in to surprise
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  • Do not take everything seriously
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Childbirth without fear - it is on the verge of science fiction. That's how the female psychology - even the girls know that to give birth in pain. As they get older the girl pours a whole heap of different horror stories - that a relative and could not give birth to yourself, that friend speaks of birth, as hellish agony. How then do not be afraid!

It would seem that this fear is natural and nothing terrible there - all to be afraid of, but also give birth, and nothing remains alive and in most cases, perfectly healthy. However, in reality things are not so simple - fear of childbirth is unnatural and greatly complicates the process of labor itself. Fear inhibits generic activities, she stiffens, contracts in anticipation of pain. As a result of this tension the pain is even stronger - a vicious circle.

But do not despair - to break this vicious circle is possible. Of course, the future mother, tormented by the fear that the upcoming birth, it is best to seek professional help from a psychologist. But if this is not possible, you can do on their own. And deal with the problem, the following information will help you.

Nature Trust

Tragically, the modern society treats pregnancy as a disease, and birth is something akin to surgery. But it is not so! First of all the expectant mother should be well aware of the simple truth - the birth of a child is a real mystery. And how could it be otherwise? A man - the crown of creation of nature.

Baby develops, preparing for the birth. And when it is completely ready, he will know about it the mother's body - will begin the process of labor. And on the woman there is little independent - the child will be born anyway. After all, animals produce offspring without any problems, though, and do not know all the intricacies of the process. And all because they simply obey nature and listen to your body.

And women should do just as well! You should not fear that at this or that stage of labor you will not know what to do - your body will tell you you definitely. Even experienced doctors will be there - if necessary, they will insure you. By the way, about the doctors - the idea of ​​trusting nature often interpreted quite perversely: in recent years more and more cases when women decide to give birth at home. But we do not in any case it is impossible! The nature of nature, but everything goes smoothly only if both the woman and her baby is perfectly healthy - and it is now - a rarity. Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in independent action and risking the most expensive that you have - go to a good maternity hospital.

Watch the reaction of your body

We have already mentioned that at the time of birth is important to listen carefully to your body and do not try to fight it! For example, the position - if you want to turn on his side to turn. If you're comfortable sitting - sit down, stand - stand lying upside down - lie down. Of course, listening to the doctors' opinion - in some cases, a woman has to be in a certain position.

This behavior helps to relax the body and, therefore, the early and most easily promote crumbs through the birth canal. Do you want to sleep? Sleep between contractions - this will give you strength during attempts. Do not worry, the birth of your baby you will not sleep through - when the time comes, your body is activated.

 childbirth without pain and fear

Treat leave, as a job

Despite the fact that it is very important to trust in nature, it is impossible to let the process take its course. More precisely, not the process itself, and your mental attitude. If you treat childbirth as a test or punishment to control their emotions will not be easy. So you have to understand that childbirth - is first and foremost a very demanding job. Perhaps the most important job in your life.

And this is no exaggeration. In the first half of labor, the cervix is ​​revealed - the work of the psychological: the creation of an appropriate mood, overcome discomforts. But while attempts and did not speak - there is already a physical work, and not so easy as it might seem at first glance. And you have to make this work as best as possible!

Concentrate carefully listen to the doctors and midwives to follow all of their instructions. If you understand this and adjust accordingly, you just simply do not have time to fear childbirth. If you would be hard, just remember, what will be the reward for this job! We assure you, you will be surprised by the tide of forces that you feel. You're just a little bit and your long-awaited child will soon be on your hands.

Learn to relax

Tension during childbirth - the worst thing that can be. It is therefore very important to learn to relax and to properly allocate their forces, many of which you will need. While the battle is not very intense, relax. Do you want to - sleep, you want - to dream of something pleasant, immerse yourself in the best memories. Use double - positive thoughts crowd out the fear, and the forces will be saved for the second stage of labor.

And when the battle will be particularly strong, relax, do not hurt, even if it is not easy. You feel the approaching battle? Imagine the pain as a wave rolls. And remember that every battle will bring you closer to the appearance of the crumbs into the light. The more strongly you relax, the easier and faster the process of labor.

Tune in to care for a child

A very good way to secure a birth without fear - is to understand that it is difficult not only to you. You have something - an adult who understands what is happening to him at some point or another, aware of what caused the pain and understand that life is right now, at this difficult time, changing for the better.

But for your baby's birth is not just stress, and the collapse of its entire world. Imagine - he lived in his mother's tummy cozy, heard the mother's heartbeat, it was nice and quiet. And then began something strange - House (womb) starts to shrink, mysterious force draws for the baby it away. And what will the future - is not known. Well, you introduce yourself? That's right, so you have to crumbs harder than you.

And in that case, if the mother is experiencing intense fear, anxiety and especially panic, the child has even harder - because doctors have long shown that the psychological state of the mother is very much reflected in the crumbs. Therefore, calm - above all else. You can count on the help of doctors and midwives, loved ones, and your child - only yours. Needless to say, it is difficult to force myself to stop being afraid - off button of fear, unfortunately, not yet invented.

But there is a solution. Do you feel that you really scared? Immediately start to talk with the child - to tell him what was going on, promise to see you soon with Mom and Dad. The colors tell chubby little boy, you love him and how soon you will go home together. Of course, the child does not understand exactly what you tell him. But the sound of your voice quiet pacified crumbs give assurance that all is well. After all, if the center of his universe - his mama is calm, then he has nothing to fear. And if my mother would scream from fear? That's the same ...

 fear of childbirth

Tune in to surprise

Of course, confidence in successful delivery within is a half of success. But in an unexpected turn and is ready - delivery is very unpredictable phenomenon and difficult to predict whether it would be unexpected complications. Medical intervention in the natural process of childbirth right up to caesarean section, in any case should not be a shock to you, as in a state of shock about any moral serenity and can not speak.

Therefore, in advance, try to collect all the necessary information about cesarean section - it will help you not to get lost if you suddenly run into complications. Of course, we hope that all the doctors to explain to you along the way, but in practice, as a rule, it is not enough time. Therefore, ask your gynecologist in advance to tell you about what happens during a caesarean section.

Find your doctor

And finally, the most important condition to birth without pain and fear became a reality - it is to choose a doctor who you can trust completely as myself. And best of all that it was the doctor who is watching you during pregnancy. First, a doctor knows about the peculiarities of your body and during pregnancy, and therefore knows what to expect. Second, are you sure that the physician competent and sensitive, which means that once again will not worry.

Most often, the parents are two ways - to agree in advance directly with the hospital and the doctor enter into a paid contract with the clinic for prenatal care and childbirth. Both variants have the right to life -Choose the one that is most suitable for you personally. As a rule, private accommodation is cheaper, but not always in the prenatal and maternity hospital are working the same doctors. So, take delivery you will not be the same doctor who led your pregnancy. But the cost of delivery is at times less than the cost of a formal contract. However, demand from the doctor much less - because officially nothing to prove you can not.

True fairness it should be noted that at the conclusion of the contract of surprises no one is safe - childbirth can begin suddenly and your doctor does not have time to get there, or the doctor can get sick, because he is also a man. But in any case, do not worry.

Do not take everything seriously

Tragically, it is often fear of childbirth is formed artificially. So try to avoid unnecessary negativity. First, try to avoid conversations with friends have given birth and numerous aunts - in most cases nothing but negative information, they do not carry. Avoid these conversations easy - learn how to firmly say that you do not intend to discuss this topic.

Also, do not get carried away and various literature about pregnancy, especially foreign publications - as a rule, these books for 80% consist of descriptions of various pathologies of pregnancy and childbirth complications. Well, why do you need this information? Of course, this does not mean that you should remain completely in the dark, but be careful what you read.

 correct birth without fear


But if you want to talk to you - do not hesitate. The child's father, mother, best friend - your interlocutor is open to any loved one that you trust. And, of course, that person should support you in every way, but not intimidating. In an extreme case, if such a person is not in your environment and go to a psychologist, you absolutely do not want to write a letter. Yes, the most common letter itself. Describe in detail what scares you - why, what exactly are you afraid of, as you can see this situation.

And then just burn the paper - you'll see how you feel better. Although some women who experimented on themselves this council recognized that this letter is not burned, but simply postponed it. And after birth, re-read, with great surprise we found that in fact the birth was not as big a deal as they were presented during pregnancy. Do you know why? Because the pain was not expected! Because there was no fear and tension.

You still do not believe that childbirth without fear and pain is not fiction, but a reality? And you try to follow all of the above advice, even if skeptical. Believe me - suffer from it would not, and a lot of effort from you is not required. But the positive is very likely. And yes, one small but very important thing - and then share their experiences with friends childbearing. Perhaps it will help another woman become a happy mother, without experiencing an animal fear and panic pain. For a birthday, even the very first, it is a holiday! Which is not to be overshadowed by anything.

 Childbirth without fear - is it possible?