Child development

The developing baby - is that any parent can see in the upbringing and growth check your baby .  But! The development of a baby does not mean self, neither of which is independent of, their own child can develop only in a growth, everything else development requires that carried out with the child activities and games for children .  It all depends on what the parent wants to develop the skill of the child .  It should be remembered that the main flow of information - not less than 70%, the child should receive in the first year of his life .  With the maturation of the baby children's classes have become more complex in proportion to the possibility of the child to receive the information .  It could be a class with teachers and at home with parents .  It is also important to buy the child developing games .  If you have a younger boy, he can buy an electronic Designer .  Presenting this extraordinary gift, you give him a kiss at the same time an electronic laboratory for the development of hundreds of different devices that are useful in everyday life, and opens up limitless horizons for creativity .

For example, if the parents want the child to learn to walk properly and in time, these children's classes should be carried out from the age of 6-7 months, not later. Accustom the baby to walk, we must not forget that the best he had to walk on the floor barefoot. You do not have to fear for his health, because it barefooted contact of baby feet to the floor he will develop the child's nervous system.

Children's classes should be carried out only in the case of all of the necessary attributes. For example, when teaching a child walking, this attribute is quality genuine leather shoes, and one that would at the same time and did not hesitate to keep up the baby, and it would not be too large. At the same time, parents should establish adequate for this stage. For example, permitted and encouraged by massaging the buttocks of the child as a form of pre-stimulation of the gluteal muscles. When the first baby steps is better to help him walk, holding it by the handle. It is very funny to watch as a kid trying to move independently at this stage of life.

There are other children's classes, many of which are quite funny. You can develop the characteristics of speech, attention, memory, motor skills and much more. Children's lessons are not only exercise, but also to develop some habits in children ideas about standards of morality, morality in society.

All this is achieved not by gravity, but by regular efforts made by the parents to the child.

 Child development

 Buy a bicycle for a child

The summer - time of holidays and children's school holidays. At this time, children are very fond of cycling. In addition, a bicycle for a child plays a large role in his physical development. It may also in the future play an important role in future career. Perhaps your child will become a famous rider or cyclist. The task of parents - for the child to pick up high-quality and comfortable bike.

Your child will appreciate such a gift. It is not difficult to buy a bike in Moscow, but you need to find really high-quality, convenient and comfortable bike. These are the bikes Cube, which are very nice, modern, quality and comfortable. And this is one of the most sought after and popular brand among children bicycles. German brand Cube, known throughout the world, famous for its high-quality bicycles. The company emerged in 1992 and has won many fans thanks to its high strength and highly reliable products. Company Velotech, ensuring the safety of cycling products, cooperating with Cube.

The children's bike models is the main condition for the child's safety. One of the novelties is elektrobayk. It is a beautiful, convenient, comfortable and safe bike with an electric motor. A variety of children's bicycles of this model is simply amazing. All cube bikes provide maximum comfort and protection for the small rider. There are both simple models for the little ones, and improved for teenagers.

For example, for a child aged 3-5 years perfect model Team Kid 160. It included a manual and a rear foot brake and removable training wheels. Your child will be just delighted with the attractive and stylish look of this bike. And riding on it will take a real pleasure.
For 6-year old company offers a very convenient and interesting bike Cube Team Kid 200. This popular 2011 model with V-Brake brakes, and a seven-speed switches turns. On this bike your child can ride perfectly, with the maximum safety. This bike weighs 10 kg 5.
Bicycles models Team Kid 240 and Team Kid 260 are suitable for older children. On this truck you can confidently and quickly go on the road. A further advantage is the presence of the switching speeds of 21 and 24 speed.

 Buy a bicycle for a child

 How fun children's holiday

If your precious children of the planned significant event, whether it's a birthday or a family children's party in honor of any other event, inevitably raises the question: how to hold this event fun and exciting than to entertain the kids and what games they occupy.

The table for the kids can be easy. Ice cream, cocktails or juice, an abundance of fruits and berries and, of course, cake. For the beauty and interest of drinks can be served with funny straws, napkins used with children's motives, and the baby's head to wear paper hats. In addition, children can buy a variety of costumes and whether Halloween costumes.

When the meal comes to an end, as a rule, starts running around the house screaming and passing to spreading all that will fall under the arm. To reduce the maximum effect from the raging hordes of children, it is necessary for them to come up with interesting and fun games. Do not forget to sing "loaf" if your party occasion birthday. Then you can play hide and seek (hopefully not need to be reminded how to play this fun game). You can then proceed to a more quiet games. Pre-draw on a large sheet of paper the girl's face, but without the nose. Attach the magnet on the poster on the refrigerator, and the other magnet is its nose. Children blindfolded in turn need to stick the nose where it should be, and who it will be more precise, he is to win.

Then you can play in the paint. In the middle of the room stands a leader and calls the color. One child who has to dress the color, the one holding it passes from one side to the other. Those who do not have this color, he must run across, but to lead him caught. More read poems by heart with the guys, jump on the balloons, and do not forget to prepare a small consolation prizes to the winners and all the other kiddies. And one more tip: do not buy malyshni whistles and other noisy items, or headache you provided!

I hope that your holiday will take place fun and interesting, most importantly - be creative and a little patience.

 How fun children's holiday

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 What to look for when choosing children's clothes

Despite the fact that there is no problem with a range of children's clothes as before, however, choose it from this does not become easier. On the contrary, the right choice of quality stuff has become much more difficult. There are a few rules that should be followed when choosing clothes for the kids, that would reduce the risk of buying low-quality goods.

First of all you should pay attention to what you store is certified to sell children's clothing. The fact is that any clothes for children - whether it's a simple T-shirt or pants must necessarily have a certificate. And got the seller can not show them to you, it is better to refrain from buying at this point.

If your city does not have good shops with children's clothing, or you simply do not have time to do shopping, the online children's clothing store to help you. There you can choose the clothes beautiful, high-quality clothing for your child at an affordable price.

If you want to buy their child a winter garment, then you should know that, for example, clothing, manufactured in Finland or Canada, is designed specifically for cold weather. Temperature range of the clothes can be up to -35 degrees Celsius. And jackets or suits, made in India or Thailand is not able to withstand such cold. Just pay attention to the fact that the jacket should have a special coating that repels water and dirt.

When choosing clothes for the baby, pay attention to the material from which made clothes. Best of all, if it is 100% cotton, soft and smooth to the touch.

just pay attention to the fact that the labels and tags would not have sharp corners. Zippers should be protected by special valves. If your child is still a pipsqueak, and wears diapers, the purchase for him suits one size larger. As for outerwear, then let it be even larger 2 sizes, babies grow very quickly.

 What to look for when choosing children's clothes?