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  • Chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce
  • Oyster mushrooms and chicken in the microwave
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Chicken with mushrooms in the oven - a classic of the genre, this is a traditional dish in the kitchen. Edible mushrooms are many - dishes, where to use them, not less.

Chicken refers to dietary products, Mushrooms more heavy for the stomach, but together they are a perfect combination of (a person the feeling of satiety, but does not feel gravity).

Food is often used for mushrooms, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, butter mushrooms, white and other fungi.

For a perfect preparation is recommended to use chicken, mushrooms, and then the meat can be cooked at the same time. Before cooking the ingredients should be thoroughly washed and dry cloth. If the chicken stew with mushrooms will, use thick-walled cookware, it will slowly warm the dish, it is ideal protomai and not prigorit; suitable patch, roaster seemed utyatnitsu, a large skillet or frying pan with a lid. Incidentally, the meat can be prepared not only in the oven, but in a microwave oven.

 chicken with mushrooms in cream sauce

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Chicken and mushrooms in cream sauce

This dish is particularly soft, creamy sauce gives chicken fillet pleasant softness and juiciness, and mushrooms - and savor the unique flavor. You'll need the following ingredients:

  1. 300 g fillet.
  2. Eight mushrooms.
  3. Onion.
  4. Vegetable oil.
  5. Pepper.
  6. Sol.

For the sauce:

  1. 200 ml cream.
  2. Spoon flour.
  3. Dill.
  4. Parsley.
  5. 20 g of butter.

Chicken cut into pieces, then chop the onions and mushrooms. In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil, heat it, fry the onions (two minutes is sufficient); remove onion and place in a bowl, in the same oil over high heat for three minutes roast meat. Remove the chicken, again in the same oil, fry the mushrooms. If necessary, add more oil.

Then Stir in the mushrooms and onion chicken, stir the mass, salt, pepper and add a little flour. Once again all mix well and pour, stirring gently warmed cream. Be careful not to form lumps. Then it's up chopped greens! Extinguish all 4 minutes. Ready meals allow to stand, covered for ten minutes.
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Oyster mushrooms and chicken in the microwave

Another tender and juicy dish with an interesting method of cooking is done easily and quickly. You will need:

  1. Chicken breasts (approximately 300 g).
  2. 200 g oyster mushrooms.
  3. One onion.
  4. Spoon butter.
  5. Two tablespoons of sour cream.
  6. Vegetable oil.
  7. Sol.
  8. Black pepper.

Cut the chicken into small pieces; place in a shallow dish with butter; Close the container with a lid or foil for microwave ovens. Bake at a very high power for five minutes! Weight give juice, it must be drained into another pot or mug. Sliced ​​oyster put in a bowl, cover and bake at 900 W power for three minutes. The resulting juice pour into a bowl with meat juice, add the sour cream and mix everything carefully.

Next is the third bowl, place the chopped onion (small pieces), pour vegetable oil (enough to one tablespoon); bake for a minute in the microwave at full power. Further, the greater capacity put a layer of chicken, a layer of oyster mushrooms and onions; season with salt and pepper, pour juice (the one that was discarded) and sour cream. Dish cover and put the stew on for about five minutes (usually at a very high power), then the dish then another five minutes.

 delicious chicken with mushrooms in the oven
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Chanterelles with chicken liver

It's a snack, so you can not serve it hot, it should be slightly warm. The dish does not require a lot of time! List of ingredients:

  1. 600 g of liver.
  2. 500 g chanterelles (of course, preferably fresh and not frozen).
  3. Two tablespoons of sour cream.
  4. Ten white grapes.
  5. Pine nuts for decoration - to taste.
  6. Sol.
  7. Butter.

A method for preparing a! Lightly fry the chicken livers (previously it should be cut into small pieces) in vegetable oil, it should get a pink hue; add sliced ​​chanterelles pan, pour the sour cream; the mixture simmer for about twenty minutes on low heat. Cut along the grapes, remove the bones; Put the berries in the finished dish; Stir and allow to stand for at least ten minutes. Arrange everything in ice-cream bowls and sprinkle with pine nuts.
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Chicken with mushrooms and cheese

Excellent dishes with only 87 calories, 3 kcal per 100 g chicken can be cooked in the oven. Ingredients:

  1. Chicken fillets (about 500 g).
  2. Mushrooms - 300 g
  3. Cheese durum - 100 g
  4. Potatoes - to taste.
  5. Onion.
  6. Garlic.
  7. 100 g of mayonnaise.
  8. Vegetable oil.
  9. Sol.

Onions cut into half rings, and mushrooms - slices, fry them in vegetable oil together. Chicken pat dry with a towel, cut into medium-sized pieces. Potatoes chop circles of 1 cm. Grease the pan with oil, put chicken, sprinkle with crushed garlic, salt and pepper and brush with mayonnaise. Top with a layer of potatoes and mushrooms, season with salt, brush with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese. Place in preheated oven and bake for 40 minutes (the temperature of the oven - 180 degrees). After lay on a flat dish, garnish with greens and fresh vegetables.

 Chicken with mushrooms - the perfect combination

 plov pot


  • Which countries are prepared pilaf?
  • New ways to prepare pilaf
  • Small but important tips

There is a legend that the risotto was born in the days of Tamerlane. Once, during a long hike so happens that a large army was nothing to feed, since the products run out of food and were only sheep meat, carrot, onion and rice. Tamerlane was puzzled, because his soldiers needed strength.

Then he came to the aid of the old sage. He advised him to prepare pilaf, and gave him this recipe: Melt mutton rump in a large cauldron, put the first meat, then onions and carrots, as well as from all that go a divine fragrance, add the rice, which was supposed to increase in size by half. Wise Adviser stated that now the great commander will not have problems with food for his valiant warriors, as this dish is so nutritious that eating one bowl, the warrior could get enough for the day. Of course, while the risotto cook in pots did not think even the sage, and the oven was not there.

 gorchoshki with pilaf in the oven
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Which countries are prepared pilaf?

To this day, the peoples of Central Asia pilaf is a national dish. In Uzbekistan, it is so popular, that without it does not do any significant event, be it a wedding, the birth of a child or a funeral. Traditionally, for example, on their wedding day in the early morning collect and treat their men this pudding. In this dish, it is designed for a wedding celebration, must be added to the eastern peas "Nahata" and raisins (dried grapes). And the more cooked pilaf and assembled guests, the better off and richer considered family. Cook it on a large number of people not everyone can, and for this purpose a specially invited masters, each of which has its own secret.

But in Uzbekistan, plov is prepared in different ways - each recipe varies by region. For example, residents of Andijan use red rice variety. And the population of Samarkand, Tashkent, unlike citizens prefer to cook it only with a yellow carrots. Everyone has their own preferences for certain foods and spices. That is, there pilaf Ferghana, Andijan, Bukhara, Samarkand, and so on. But any real plov should melt in your mouth, be crumbly, have an extraordinary flavor and a delicate, unique flavor. Pilaf is loved by many, but since it nedieticheskoe dish, the modern chefs have found a way how to do so. Earlier in the oven it has not been prepared.

 pilaf in the oven
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New ways to prepare pilaf

As it turns out, can be prepared pilaf in a pot, which is obtained not less tasty and calories in the plate is much less.

Pilaf in a pot in the oven so easy to prepare that will cope with it even a novice in the culinary business.

To make the pudding is in the oven, you will need the same products, of which it has prepared hundreds of years ago.

Of course, not necessary to use lamb meat, is perfect for cooking and dietary veal and chicken meat it will be even sweeter. You will also need to buy carrots, onions and vegetable oil - it will replace the fat of tail. Need themselves pots. It is better if they are out of this clay.

Cook pot in several ways. The first recipe less calories than a second, as it is not fried products. It is suitable for people who are sitting on a strict diet. The second is also considered to be dietary, but the oven will cook just the main course, and will be fried in the fire. Everything else is preparing the same.

So, onions and carrots need to be cleaned and thoroughly flushed. Onions need to chop half rings. Carrots also have to cut a medium-sized elongated brusochkov. While this process is going on, can be pre-washed and soaked in water rice to swell it, as the food is prepared in the oven a little longer. If cooking pilaf on fire is 40 minutes after the laying of rice and covering it with a lid, then it will be in an oven to prepare about 1 hour 20 minutes. Meat, selected for taste, you need to cut into medium-sized pieces.

After that it is necessary to distribute the products all layers of pots. First, you need to pour a little vegetable oil, put the meat, then onions, carrots, and on top of rice. Each layer must be salt, but this should be done with caution, as salty pilaf is inedible. Figure sure to sprinkle some cumin can be added to the color of saffron. It gives the dish a special flavor and the head of garlic, which can be placed in the entire mass of rice. If there is, you can add dried fruit or raisins, barberry (raisins). Only when all the products are stacked, you must add water. And here is a very important point! If you want to cook is pilaf instead of porridge, then water should be added very carefully. As a rule, it should not cover the figure more than a quarter of the little finger. After all the pots are covered with a lid and leave in the preheated oven.

The second recipe, as described above, different pre-fried vegetables on fire. Dish, in this case will be more flavorful taste and nutritious. To do this, you must warm up in a small cauldron cooking oil, then put pieces of meat and fry them over medium heat. After throw the onions, put out and then add the carrots. When all fried, you need to add some water to boil meat. At this stage, the preform is called "zirvak". All this is necessary to add salt and spices. Keep the fire should be 25-30 minutes. When you need to turn off the gas and let cool products. Then the workpiece with the liquid spread on the pots, add on top of rice, cover and send in the oven. In this case, the dish will be prepared about 1 hour.
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Small but important tips

There is one secret to pilaf was flavorful, not to ignore such spices like cumin, because it gives it an exquisite flavor of this dish, and none pilaf recipe that is used in Asia, not cooked without it. The important point is that the risotto in the oven should be prepared with a soul.   It is believed that this ancient pudding feels cook energy, upon which, he will or not.

Equally important is the fact of what kind of rice pudding cooked it - the taste quality of the dishes directly depend on it. If a yellow carrot, then water should be added is less because it is more watery. By following these recommendations for the preparation, you can treat yourself to a non-traditional dish that dietary diversity and surprise guests, who have asked the recipe for this wonderful dish.

 Delicious risotto in the oven