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  • What are the types of skin aging?
  • Features of peeling for different skin types
  • Peeling in the salon or at home where it is better to spend?
  • What are the types of chemical peels?
  • Simple recipes for chemical peels at home
  • What else you need to know about the procedure?

Often, as the majority of the fair sex shine with youth and beauty, they do not always think about the problems of wrinkles, signs of fatigue, crow's feet on the face, and the like "joy". It is believed that these signs of aging creep up to women from middle age. But such an attitude to the problem is fundamentally wrong. Scientists have proven that our skin is exposed to the aging process throughout life.

One of the most cherished desires of women of the planet Earth - to stop the aging process. And in order to fulfill it, many researchers have tried and invented a revolutionary method of preserving youth and beauty skin for years to come. Name it - a chemical peel. In plain language - the removal of the top layer of skin. Thanks to this "damage" the human body "includes protective mechanisms" and begins to produce collagen and elastin, which ultimately leads to a sharp skin cell regeneration. To perform this procedure mechanically, will have to go through the traumatic effects. But with the help of a chemical process, this dubious "pleasure" can be avoided.

Chemical peels are extremely popular among women eager to quickly achieve the effect of rejuvenation of the skin. But fans of the procedure should have information about the depth of the impact of peeling, the possible risks and benefits. To do this you must first understand the types of skin aging and identify it in your individual case.

What are the types of skin aging?

The first type of aging skin include no visible wrinkles, with thin lines and epidermal room, without pigmentation and hyperkeratosis. Skin Rejuvenation this can be done only through the peeling surface with the correct selection of cosmetics.

The second type of skin aging include wrinkles over time, the first spots, when palpated zone keratinization and roughness. In this case illustrates the application of the average peel.

The third type of skin to treat wrinkles, at rest, uneven pigmentation and hyperkeratosis. It is desirable to use the median and deep peeling.

The skin completely wrinkled and resembles a crumpled and straightened the paper refers to the fourth type of aging. This requires deep peels and skin tightening.

 chemical peels at home for a person

Features of peeling for different skin types

Chemical peels oily, mixed or normal skin can be performed several times a week. For more sensitive and thin skin, such a procedure is shown only 1 time in 2 weeks. For dry skin should choose a chemical peel recipes containing alfagidrokislot. They improve the sensitivity of the skin to the action of moisturizing creams. In addition, the skin through exfoliation is better to breathe and shine with health.

Oily or mixed skin types require regular chemical peels. Good to know that the owners of such skin should use cosmetics containing glycolic acid, which will hide the reddened pores.

By peeling sensitive skin should be treated very carefully. Of course, it is better to choose a mechanical version, it does not irritate the skin. But one can also use chemical, using a low concentration acid.

Peeling in the salon or at home where it is better to spend?

Depending on what you choose depth peeling, so will the expected result. It should be remembered that the use of the median and deep peeling is indicated for the prevention of skin cancer. But if you find suspicious growths on his face, better give up this procedure and consult a specialist.

If in addition to the signs of aging on the skin, and there are still defects in the form of scars, scars and stretch marks, you just need to spend a peeling, regardless of age. In the future, as a result of the effort, a young and attractive appearance is guaranteed to you.

Naturally, it is best to carry out chemical peels can only occupational therapist with expertise in a specialized clinic or salon, and sterile conditions. There's also a specialist will determine the duration of the complete course of rejuvenation. But the price of such procedures are high, so not everyone can afford to use the salon services.

How to keep youth and beauty without significant material costs? The answer is simple: do yourself a chemical peel yourself at home. Remember that in this case you should be very careful and follow all the safety rules with acids, at least for this and used their weak solutions. Also, at home can make only a chemical peel, which will refer to surface type.

What are the types of chemical peels?

What advantages does a chemical peel based on acid? Thanks to him, the structure of the skin is significantly improved, removes facial wrinkles and shallow, restored the tone, regulates the production of melanin, slows down the process of pigmentation disorders. To perform this peel at home using masks, special formulations (containing low concentrations of fruit acids) and enzymes. This mixture helps to dissolve dead skin cells. And, mind you, the procedure is completely painless. Agree, it is much better than the mechanical damage that can leave scratches.

Fruit acids are different: lactic, malic, citric and glycolic. But, as the solutions are very weak, their effects tend to increase other types of acids (salicylic, retinoic and ascorbic). In some recipes you can find the addition of antioxidants and bleaching agents.

Chemical peeling face, held at home, make your skin radiant. Beauticians know that the dead skin cells of the top layer of the light is reflected very poorly. But if they exfoliate, open new cells. They are in close contact with each other, which in turn contributes to the emergence of a healthy shine. Therefore, you will look younger.

With regular exfoliation at home cell renewal is accelerated, and in the deep layers of the skin increased production of collagen and elastin. Such a procedure can make small inconspicuous spot on the skin. It's enough to just turn into a recipe peeling bleach (eg, vitamin C). The skin will be perfectly smooth, soft and supple. Number of wrinkles significantly reduced by regular skin cell renewal. Chemical peeling face, held at home, working on a thoroughly cleansed skin. Therefore, we can not worry about clogged pores and the appearance of unsightly stains.

Simple recipes for chemical peels at home

Weakly concentrated salicylic acid is ideal for oily skin peeling home. This drug helps to exfoliate all unnecessary, reduce inflammation and cleanse pores, to normalize the sebaceous glands, prevent acne, reduce acne marks and align the complexion. Another advantage of such an acid is that it does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Consequently, it can not hurt and cause side effects.

It is also very effective during a chemical peel oily and combination skin acting calcium chloride. This preparation requires very careful use at home. If done correctly, you can achieve amazing results, virtually identical to the salon procedures.

Pre-trial peeling should be done in a closed area of ​​the body. When a positive response to the treatment can begin face. Note that the chemical peeling using calcium chloride should not be done for women who have facial skin is dry, sensitive, prone to redness and rashes, or else there are clear damaged or inflamed areas. Owners combination skin is peeling to expose only the T-zone.

The recipe is relatively simple. You will need to buy at any drugstore five-ten percent calcium chloride solution in a glass container in the form of bottles. For beginners are advised to ten percent solution of the drug further diluted with saline solution or plain water. Also take baby soap on medicinal herbs.

Next, a cotton swab or cosmetic disk soaked in the above solution, the treated surface of the skin of the face and left at rest until dry (procedure must be repeated 5 times). Please be aware that the action of calcium chloride on the skin should not be a sense of a strong tingling or burning sensation. If such trouble occurs, immediately wash with soap and water and rinse the baby's face with warm water.

After drying, the last layer of calcium chloride can start easy soaping skin with baby soap. Thus the solution should be rolled. Massaging the face should be carried out carefully, with the repetition of the procedure soaping and rolling the remaining solution. At the same time you are sure to feel like just removed the stratum corneum of the skin. Remember that if done correctly, the skin begins to "squeak" under your fingers. This means that it is time to wash away everything from the face.

Naturally, peeling lead to inflammation and skin dehydration. You must be ready not only morally. Get a pre-cooking ingredients for a soothing and anti-inflammatory mask. In such a case will be very useful herbal tinctures mixed with finely grind oatmeal and baby powder. Adding tea tree oil in a mask makes it not only soothing, but also anti-inflammatory. After enduring 10 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water and use a light moisturizer.

Some artists chemical peel at home is also recommended to use the specified recipe, but starting from the end. That is, after application to the skin layer of suds, you need to massage it with your fingers dipped in a solution of calcium chloride, moistening them periodically. In this embodiment, the main thing is not to overdo it and the results are simply numb.

There is one more miracle cure for peeling face. For its preparation should grind 40 grams of dry powder concoctions and mix with trёhprotsentnym hydrogen peroxide solution until a creamy mass. A person must first be cleaned and steam. The eyebrows, lips and eyelids, it is desirable to lubricate with Vaseline in order to avoid severe exposure to them. Do not forget the rubber gloves for hand safety.

The resulting mixture with a cotton swab, apply to the skin and rub with soft circular motions. The mask should stay on the face until it is fully dry - about 20 minutes. When you need a good wash with warm water. You should not wipe his face with a towel, just wet it with gauze. To complete the talcum powder the skin. To soften the skin, use boric Vaseline. Such peeling should be done every day, but not more than 3-4 times a week. Avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight.

At home chemical peels should be done only closer to the night. During sleep, the skin will be able to calm down, and the risk of exposure to UV rays it will be removed.

 chemical peels to face at home

What else you need to know about the procedure?

Whatever the drug for home chemical peel you choose, be sure to read the instructions for its use. In addition, remember the basic rules that apply to virtually all types of skin. To start with clean and dry skin. Then apply a small amount of product on the face, except the eye area. Allow 5 minutes and wash thoroughly with warm water. Even better, if you remove the peel using a neutralizing agent. Then turn moisturizer. If the skin still - there were still clear signs of irritation, use cool gadgets from herbal series.

After the chemical peel, you try not to touch the person, do not use make-up and the main thing - in any case do not go out in the sun. Direct sunlight adversely affect skin that has undergone chemical peeling. Therefore, in the spring and summer of this procedure should be done very carefully. Frequency of mild exfoliation depends on the type of skin. For owners of dry skin is enough and 1 times in 2 weeks. But oily skin requires intervention 4 times more often. Deeper peels can "pamper" their skin is not more than 1 time in 2 weeks for 6 months.

Do not neglect the test for allergic reaction before the procedure. In no case do not do a chemical peel at home if you have been idiosyncrasy drugs, hypersensitivity of the skin, there are tumors and inflammatory processes, there is an active herpes. In addition, if you have cardiovascular disease, are pregnant or breast-feeding a child, better give up the peel to avoid unwanted consequences. As mentioned above, after the procedure, avoid contact with the skin to ultraviolet rays even for 10 days.

If you want to carry out a chemical peel the skin of her face at home, start with proven home remedies. Remember that peels are not a panacea for all the problems of the skin. So try every day to care for her not only with the help of cosmetics, but also by a healthy lifestyle. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself and be beautiful and healthy!

 Chemical peeling face at home: you want to make your skin shine?