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Legendary French died over 40 years ago (in 1971), but it made up for the principles of the fashion still listen. Moreover, the concept of "style Chanel" is already immutable rule, and is strongly associated with good taste. Therefore, when creating look'ov any girl should be guided by the principles of the great Coco; So you can do it with ease, let's see what rules she left us.

10 principles of Coco Chanel clothing

  • Pants - a pledge of freedom, because they emphasize the feminine independence. Skirts - is good, but stylish pants are obliged to be in the locker room. Special Occasion Chanel chose slacks, for the style of casual - shortened, correctly combining them with classic sweaters.
  • The skirt covering her knees, is an ideal - no mini. And time has shown that the length of the classic was indeed a demand. With a light feeding Coco narrow and straight skirts below the knee is still dominated by clothing, as synonymous with business style.
  • The more jewelry looks more interesting way - from jewelry and jewelry can not be too far. Great Chanel adored pearl and ruby ​​beads, emerald brooches, cameos, shiny cufflinks.
  • The image must be not only women but also men's notes. The clothes Coco was very bold: we all know that it could easily appear in a tweed coat or sweater, one of his fans. A sailor's vest men who wore Chanel, almost half a century is a striking feminine trend.
  • The two-tone shoes - it's stylish - the legendary French itself proves the correctness of this rule. Its white and black sandals have become a symbol of sexuality and women's legs did a really elegant.
  • The bag has to be a strap frees your hands. The best proof of this - handbags at almost slipping straps, Coco started in 1955 and is still popular because of its combination of style and convenience.
  • Jacket, soft as the jacket should always be a trend. Chanel offered a model of silk with high armholes and narrow sleeves - their ease and convenience of allowing the ladies to do the most abrupt movements such as waving his arms or shrug.
  • Black dress - a stylish article of clothing at all times. Little Black Dress (LBD) - this trend, which appeared with a light hand is Coco. The phenomenon of the world back in 1926, cocktail black dress for more than 85 years, is a symbol of sexuality, courage, freedom.
  • Even the most luxurious, glamorous and beautiful clothes should be comfortable. Chanel introduced the fashion knitted vests and lightweight blouses, sleeveless, low-heeled shoes and a shoulder bag - all Coco made to the stylish image of the woman was comfortable.
  • Spirits are the finishing touch to any look'a - without them nowhere. In 1922 came the famous scent of Coco Chanel, who became the prototype for all of its subsequent versions. Now try to find a woman who would not have heard about these spirits at least once and did not want to buy them!

These are the principles were at the great Coco, and they continue to be reflected in the world of contemporary fashion. Guided by them, you can easily create the look, that will look stylish and impressive, elegant. So let's see what exactly should be included in the dressing room for the realization of an image in the style of Chanel.

 the style of Coco Chanel

Clothing trending Coco

The first mandatory item - it is silk, tweed or wool jacket straight cut or even a full suit. Until now, this kind of card women who want to dress as taught great Coco. Jacket can be a solid color, black or white, and combining one of these colors with red, pink, orange, cream, brown, blue. If he is not part of the suit, it can be easily combined with classic skirt that covers the knee, matched in tone.

The best traditions of Coco match and free flowing dresses tweed, silk, wool, jersey, jersey. They can be short-sleeved or no and collar. With color everything is clear: of course, in black dress trend - sure they remain relevant for decades. But you can also safely include a walk-in closet and white, beige, coral, red, blue, blue, brown model. At the same time it is best to choose the options that will be comfortable to go out and campaign for a job.

Another "trick" by Coco Chanel was a dress-shirt - original, stylish, interesting. The most fashionable variants monochrome (black, dark blue, beige, gray, white) and into the cage. Combine the dress shirt can be boots, ballet flats, high heels - in this case, you can safely mix the styles look after all only benefit from this.

Gorgeous Coco also set the fashion in the trench beige, black, white, gray. This outerwear perfectly accentuate the elegance of the modern woman, make her image more elegant and refined. Wonderful shoes to become trench boots, high heels, ballet flats. As accessories to it, you can choose a bright scarf (for example, red), interesting handbags, sunglasses to the original rim.

Short version Straight pants with arrows styled Coco Chanel, is popular today. Wide white or black pants and now will look very interesting, especially if they are combined with a blouse to match (or, conversely, contrasting with the option). Well, the perfect shoe for that image will be high heels or ballet flats. Having made a spectacular bar and adding strings of pearls look, you complete the image perfectly stylish women.

As accessories Coco chose scarf, clutch and shoes - let's see what their options are fashionable today, and that they can add. Let's start with the shoes - the color it should be neutral, that is, black, white or beige. Perfectly suited patent leather shoes, a miniature model boat - all in a trend. We turn to the scarf: it should be bright - suggested preferred option with leopard print or abstract. As for the clutch, it should also be neutral: beige or black, perhaps with a discreet pattern of another color. From ornaments just need to choose a pearl necklace of threads, and optionally, gold (rings or earrings). Another accessory steel glasses, and always with a black rim.

All these things, ideas, images and form just style Coco, always important and interesting. Focus on them, and in your arsenal will be a win-win options for creating a flawless feminine look'a.

 Chanel Style: fashion make up image

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