Cervicitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases. What kind of attack, and how to fight it? Doctors call this term the inflammatory process that captures the cervical mucosa. However, not to be confused with cervicitis cervical erosion, at which the ulceration of the mucous membrane of the cervix.

To the woman developed cervicitis, it is necessary to introduce in the genitals of women of different pathogenic pathogenic flora. Usually, cervicitis pathogens are either pyogenic bacteria or gonorrhea. In addition, the agents that provoke cervicitis include:

  • Escherichia coli. By the way, most often infected with E. coli is the fault of the woman - as a result of the fact that the rules of personal hygiene are not followed properly. Remember the golden rule, which does not need to know what every woman and every little girl - you need to wash from front to back - from the vagina toward the anus, but in any case, not vice versa.
  • Streptococci.
  • Staphylococci.
  • Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Most often it develops due cervicitis diseases such as trichomoniasis, chlamydia and others.

Most often this disease affects women in childbearing age. And this feature is under a very reasonable soil. Initially, the cervical canal - the cervical canal - absolutely sterile. However, if there is its injury - such discontinuities resulting from traumatic childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, introduction into the uterus of intrauterine contraceptive devices, or if there is an omission of the cervix and vagina, cervical erosion, cervical canal becomes very vulnerable to penetration of various pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms.

In addition, often the disease occurs as a result of improper use of intravaginal contraceptives - vaginal capsules, tablets, suppositories. It is therefore important to the use of various contraceptives fail to consult with your doctor - a gynecologist, who will help you to choose the most appropriate tools and, most importantly, teach you how to correctly use it to reduce the risk of injury to the cervical canal of the cervix.

Unfortunately, cervical injury is not the only case in which infection can occur pathogens. Often it cervicitis observed simultaneously with a number of gynecological diseases, such as:

  • Cervical erosion, especially in a state of neglect, bleeding heavily.
  • Without exception, all kinds of vaginitis, particularly acute.
  • Endometrium, both acute and chronic forms.
  • Acute and chronic forms of salpingoophoritis.

Moreover, there is no strict sequence - cervicitis may arise as to the development of the underlying disease, and after it began. But in any case, cervicitis requires immediate treatment to the gynecologist for accurate diagnosis and selection of an individual regimen.

 cervicitis cervix

Symptoms and diagnosis

When to see a doctor? Certainly, at the very first signs of the disease. However, pay attention to the fact that the manifestations of cervicitis even in the acute phase can be expressed very weakly - a woman can not always pay them much attention. Incidentally, in recent years, an increasing number of gynecological diseases practically asymptomatic, and only manage to detect them at the next routine inspection at the doctor - a gynecologist. And it often happens that a woman is drawn to the gynecologist with a single disease, but the doctor discovers a "bouquet".

But back yet to the symptoms that have cervicitis cervix. Typically, patients are women complain:

  • Vaginal discharge, which may not be very different from the normal, and can be extremely abundant, with changes in color and odor.
  • In that case, if the cables are too many, a woman may begin to experience very severe itching and a burning sensation in the genital area.
  • In severe cases, but, fortunately, very often, a woman may experience fairly strong pain in the lower abdomen.

To diagnose the disease, the doctor - a gynecologist primarily produce gynecological examinations of women in the mirror, with special mirrors. There is a severe swelling of the mucous membrane of the uterus and its flushing. In the same case, if the disease progresses for a long time, and is in advanced stage in the inflammatory process it will sooner or later not only involves the lining of the uterus, but also the muscular layer of the cervical canal.

So exactly how is the development of the disease depends on two main factors: how is the disease caused by the pathogen, and the condition of the body's immune system. The most common form of acute inflammation, however, and chronic cervicitis - is also not uncommon, occurs in about three out of ten cases.

Moreover, chronic cervicitis recognize unlike heavier. No pain, nor any - any abnormal discharge can not be at all. And the only sign of an existing disease will be determined by manual gynecological examination compaction and thickening of cervical cancer - leads to similar changes is a chronic cervicitis.

Treatment of the disease

As soon as it is established the presence of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a series of studies, the results of which will allow to establish authentically provoking factor, which led to the development of cervicitis. After that the doctor will select those antibiotics that will effectively fight infection by the pathogen.

And in the acute stage, antibiotic therapy should be internal to the organism, and local - only able to deliver a comprehensive treatment of the disease. Well, in that case, if the infection has penetrated into the body for a long time, and the disease took a chronic form, in addition to antibacterial drugs, women showed physiotherapy, as well as the administration of drugs that enhance the immune system.

Unfortunately, cervicitis is not always so easy to treat - and it's not surprising, because the pathogen can penetrate not only into the cervical canal, but in the uterus itself. And for a variety of therapeutic treatments disease is virtually inaccessible. In the same case, if the treatment lasts a considerable time, and effective results are not observed, the physician may decide on the need for, or laser therapy or cryotherapy same.

To prevent cervicitis woman must carefully observe good personal hygiene, especially in the days of the menstrual sex to protect themselves during sexual acts. And most importantly - the woman should at least once in six months to see a doctor for a routine inspection. All diseases captured in the early stages of development, are treated much faster and easier than in advanced.

 Cervicitis Cervical

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 the harm of alcohol

Nowadays, being a very large-scale promotion of the dangers of alcohol. The fact that alcohol has on the human body is very negative impact, even a child knows. The harm of alcohol is not questioned by anybody. However, everyone knows about the real scale of the threat, which entails the use of ethanol. Alcoholic beverages in its effect can be compared with the strongest venom in slow motion.

This article describes in detail the main harm that alcohol brings. But do not forget that this is not the complete list, but only the main aspects. In fact, alcohol is very negative impact on the work of virtually every cell of the human body - the harm alcohol can not be underestimated.

In addition, a very important role and individual characteristics of the human body - for someone this harm will be more pronounced for someone less, someone will feel the negative effects of alcohol on themselves before, and someone - much later. However, unfortunately, the end result for all those people who abuse alcohol, almost one - hopelessly poor health, and sometimes even death.

The negative impact of alcohol on the human brain

The first body that takes the brunt of ethyl alcohol, got into the human body - is the brain. Signs of this destructive action there, and they do not keep us waiting, they can easily notice anyone. This slowing of reaction and muddled speech, and blurred consciousness, and in cases of intoxication very strong - even the memory lapses when, after waking the man vaguely or not at all remember what it was yesterday.

And, despite the fact that all these unwanted effects disappear alcoholic drinks sufficiently fast - only a few hours after receipt of ethyl alcohol in the body end. That's why so many people do not take these events seriously enough.

And, according to doctors, is very vain. In that case, if the person is drinking alcohol in very large numbers and often enough, the brain will begin irreversible pathological changes associated with damage and subsequent cell death in the brain. Residual effects will occur even when the effects of ethanol on the human body. It starts the degradation of human personality.

Doctors have identified a number of different factors that determine the degree of damage to brain cells with ethanol. These factors include:

  • Age man. The age at which people first started to drink alcohol, and very, very important. The younger the body, the more painful it is responding to the negative impact of ethanol. Incidentally, the same holds true for the elderly - their body is also very vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to tell children about the dangers of alcohol for teens.
  • The duration of alcohol. The longer a person consumes alcohol, the greater the affected brain cells. And no wonder - because alcohol affects these cells over and over again, again and again.
  • Genetic predisposition. Doctors can not explain why, but the fact remains - in the event that a person has a family, particularly straight, who were suffering from alcohol dependence, also have a very high risk encountered with alcoholism, and brain cells have affected much faster than other people. This is sure to be remembered, and you should not waste any chances.
  • Overall condition of the human body. A significant role in the degree of destruction of brain cells plays overall health. In that case, if a person has a weakened state of health, there are certain chronic diseases, alcohol acts much more negative than a healthy person. Especially neat must be people with cardio - vascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and brain.

 about the dangers of alcohol

The effects of alcohol on the female body

Certainly, almost everyone has heard that the female body alcohol acts much more detrimental than men. And this is true - Numerous clinical studies indicate that alcohol acts on the female body at times aggressive. Women who abuse alcohol much faster than that of men, there is alcohol dependence, difficult the hangover, and the degradation of the individual takes place in two, and sometimes three times faster than that of men.

In addition, ethanol is much faster in the female body causes pathological processes such as:

  • Violation of the heart muscle, or more precisely, its weakening. For example, the development of such diseases as cardiomyopathy, occurs in two out of three women are abusing alcohol.
  • The defeat of the autonomic nervous system, such as peripheral neuropathy.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver. Tragically, this complication develops very quickly, but amenable to treatment is very difficult, so it is often fatal.

Talking about alcohol, it is impossible once again not to mention the negative impact that alcohol on the body of a woman who awaits the birth of the child. And the most terrible is the effect alcohol has on fetal development - affects the central nervous system of the child, all the vital systems of the body.

Such children often are born prematurely is much that can not fail to affect their health. In addition, babies born to women who abuse alcohol, in many cases, greatly suffer from hangover.

Alcoholic beriberi

Alcohol has many negative aspects about which very little is known. For example, those people who abuse alcohol, are often faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, which has received tacit called "alcoholic beriberi." Alcohol has a very unpleasant ability to not only interfere with the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but also rid the body of existing vitamins.

The most common in people who abuse alcohol, there is a lack of vitamin B1, which is also called thiamine. Its deficiency causes a metabolic disorder that causes alcohol. The more this ethanol gets a human body, the stronger these disorders. It is also necessary to know, talking about the dangers of alcohol.

A thiamine human body simply is vital, because without it, it is simply impossible proper functioning of all body systems, and in the first place - the central nervous system and brain. So if it happens so that you or your loved people abuse alcohol, try to at least pay attention to your diet. Most of thiamine is in the meat and fish products, nuts and legumes.

 about the dangers of alcohol for teens

Hepatic encephalopathy

Another problem, which clearly shows the dangers of alcohol - a problem with the liver. Surely everything people have heard that alcohol abuse sooner or later can lead to liver damage. However, few of them really appreciates all the dangers of this situation.

Why is the liver so much suffer from the effects on the body of ethyl alcohol? It is the liver takes the brunt when ingested ethanol - it breaks down alcohol and removes it from the body. Permanent similar load on the liver have a very detrimental effect.

In addition, the relationship of the liver and the brain is the most direct. In that case, if a person a long time to drink alcohol, and the load on his liver leads to disruption of its functions, such as cirrhosis of the very high risk that it may cause serious disruption of the functioning of the brain, up to hepatic encephalopathy. Agree, it is very clearly demonstrates the dangers of alcohol.

Hepatic encephalopathy is developing quite rapidly, and the advanced stage could endanger human life. Therefore, it is important to know the very first symptoms, so as not to miss the beginning of the disease:

  • Severe sleep disturbances - from excessive sleepiness to complete loss of sleep.
  • Causeless anxiety and depression lasting more than one day at a time.
  • Sudden mood swings are also unreasonable.
  • Headaches - both weak and pronounced.

In severe cases, a sick person may fall into the so-called hepatic coma. And, unfortunately, in most cases, such a fatal coma ends. This is also very important to remember, talking about the dangers of alcohol. Hardly visionary enjoyment of alcoholic beverages can be compared with human life.

Instead of an epilogue

Finishing the story about the dangers of alcohol, it is necessary to take stock. Regular intake of alcoholic beverages, and not necessarily in large doses, sooner or later, almost inevitably lead to the defeat of the brain cells, and accordingly, and malfunction of the brain.

In addition, the harm of alcohol on the human body manifests an organic lesion of the liver, most commonly cirrhosis. And, of course, in any case, do not forget about the dangers of alcohol, giving itself felt strongest degradation of personality. Therefore, drink in moderation!

 Myths and truth about the dangers of alcohol

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