causes cervical erosion


  • Reasons erosion
  • Symptoms of erosion and preparations for treatment
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Disease prevention

Cervical erosion is a benign tumor. It is a small defects (ulcers or lesions) in the mucosa. Treatment of cervical erosion should be supervised by a specialist.

 Diagnosis of the disease

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Reasons erosion

Defects in the mucous membrane of the cervix can occur for various reasons. Medical science is familiar with 2 types of erosion: acquired and congenital.

Congenital erosion is pseudo. Another name - ectopia. Visually pseudo represents redness velvety tip of the cervix. In fact, it is only released outside the cervical canal columnar epithelium. This physiological feature common in women with elevated levels of progesterone. This phenomenon does not bear danger. Treatment of the cervix is ​​required.

Where unpleasant purchased erosion. It is precisely the mucosa defects. Lesions in the form of small red spots are clearly seen on the pink background of healthy tissue. The most common cause of these lesions - any infection. For example: mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and so on. D. These diseases usually transmitted by sexual contact. Each of them has its own well-defined symptoms. Candidiasis and vaginosis, is a bacterial infection may also be the cause of erosion. All of these diseases are dangerous enough. So before you treat the erosion, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause.

Mechanical damage to the mucosal tissue after childbirth or abortion also contribute to the emergence of the disease. The tendency to the appearance of defects on the cervix have women with hormonal disorders or fuzzy menstrual cycle. It should be recalled that the indiscriminate change of partners, early sexual activity greatly increases the risk of diseases of the sexual sphere, including erosion.

 giving blood for tests

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Symptoms of erosion and preparations for treatment

As a rule, cervical erosion symptoms. Women are especially worried about nothing. Identify the disease can be during a pelvic exam.

However, a cause for concern may be copious pathological character. It should be remembered that normal vaginal present in small amounts and have no unpleasant odor. They are transparent or whitish. In the case of increasing the amount of discharge, discoloration, odor, seek medical advice.

At the reception, the gynecologist conducts a visual inspection on the couch. Before doctors learned to use colposcopy for cervical cancer research, diagnosis of "erosion" was rather vague. It means having the Greatest redness on the mucosal surface. Colposcopy allows you to explore the female genital organs for special medical microscope. If necessary, spend extended colposcopy. Then the cervix before the study is treated with a special solution, which allows you to visually detect abnormalities. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor chooses the appropriate treatment of cervical erosion.

Medical science knows different methods of treatment of the cervix. Choose the most appropriate way to help a variety of analyzes. Before removing the erosion of the patient is necessary to donate blood from a vein and a smear from the vagina. The results show whether the body chlamydia, genital herpes, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, and so on. D. It is also revealed serious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C. In addition, the need to study the presence of vaginal microflora dysbiosis. When appropriate personal testimony sometimes spend ovarian ultrasound and biopsy.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Treatment of cervical erosion is possible in several ways. There are traditional and non-traditional methods. Non-traditional (folk) methods have only anti-inflammatory effect. They should be used only in the initial stage and in the absence of various infections. Self-medication is not allowed.

The feasibility and effectiveness of a particular national method should evaluate physician, not the patient.

Popular following treatment of cervical erosion:

  • Sea buckthorn oil. This drug can get at any pharmacy. It is inexpensive. Cotton swabs soaked with sea buckthorn oil, and then inserted into the vagina at night. The course of treatment - 14 days.
  • Infusion of calendula. It is necessary to fill a dry calendula boiling water, let cool, drain. Or a solution of 1 teaspoon of 2% tincture of marigold in a glass of boiled water. Ready solutions do douching.
  • Med. Thick honey is diluted with water. The resulting solution moistened cotton swab. The tampon is inserted into the vagina overnight.

Unfortunately, the treatment of cervical erosion folk remedies ineffective. It is therefore reasonable to resort to proven traditional methods.

 Traditional methods of treatment

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Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional methods more effective than people. Medical science is conclusive proof of this. The main direction of methods - the removal of damaged cells. There are several conventional methods of treatment.

Medication. This embodiment is effective for eliminating inflammation of the cervix. Independently, this method is rarely used. Usually it is necessary to complement the complex therapy. In cases where the cause of the erosion is a bacterial infection, the treatment with antibiotics is performed. Keep in mind that most of these sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, a course of medical treatment prescribed to both partners simultaneously.

Cryosurgery. In other words - freezing. Treatment is carried out as follows. By ordinances erosion portion is fed liquid nitrogen. The temperature of the material is so low that the damaged areas of the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​frozen. Sick cells die after a time, then there is a natural way to remove them. Healthy cells are also alive and not damaged. This method has many advantages. It is completely painless and completely bloodless. Cervix not injured both during freezing and after the procedure. Rubtsov later remains.

Laser coagulation. To carry out this method using laser cauterization. This gentle method of treatment. After him, the cervix is ​​not deformed, no scars appear. The length of the laser beam is strictly controlled. The parameters are set in accordance with the depth of tissue damage. It is noteworthy that the beam is to remove only the diseased cells. Healthy tissue is not affected and is not damaged.

Diathermocoagulation. Another name - moxibustion. The method comprises electrical cauterization of damaged cells. The effectiveness of this method is high enough, but there are some drawbacks. After cauterization of the cervix remain scar. This circumstance can prevent a woman to have children.

Radio wave method. This innovative method. The essence of the following: radio waves directly affect the diseased tissue. Radiowave technique is highly effective. Its advantages: painless, no negative effects, quick recovery process after treatment.

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Disease prevention

It is known that the disease is better to prevent than to treat. That is why it is so important to observe the rules of health prevention.

First, you need to observe good personal hygiene. Daily water treatments, clean linen. During the menstrual cycle is not a good idea to take a shower in the evening, but in the morning.

Secondly, you should keep a neat way of life. Indiscriminate change of partners has a negative impact on the health of the female reproductive organs. Vaginal flora is subject to constant change. Significantly increases the risk to buy a disease transmitted through sexual contact.

Thirdly, contraception. If conception is not planned, it is necessary to think about it in advance. Abortion is an extremely negative impact on the health of the woman. The cervix is ​​grossly injured. The chance to purchase erosion increases several times.

Fourth, visiting a gynecologist should be done at least 2 times a year. The earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to cure. Only a doctor can decide how to cure erosion. Many women are afraid to treat the disease, fear of complications. However, this is just a delusion. Typically, removal of damaged tissue takes place without consequences. Here neglected diseases can lead to the development of cancer - cancer.

And, of course, be aware of immunity. Walking in the fresh air, proper diet, vitamins, and positive emotions will be useful to the fair sex.

 Cervical erosion: how to get rid of the disease?