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  • What is the effectiveness of massage?
  • Anti-cellulite massage in the comfort of home - it is a reality or a myth?
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Massage - this is your wonderful assistant in the struggle for slim figure. He can improve the flexibility and elasticity of the body, positively affect the well-being, improve the productivity of sports and, most importantly - to eliminate cellulite and accelerate the body's metabolism. But a couple of decades ago, he played the role of massage is very therapeutic measures. Now, most beauty salons offers to clients the procedure as a corrective and modeling figure.

The name speaks for itself: anti-cellulite massage - is an effective means to reduce the appearance of the same "orange peel", which so embarrassed women of all ages. No matter how many doctors may attempt to persuade the ladies that this is only a physiological feature of the female body, which is, and disease is not called, no matter how much said that almost every one of us has the bumps and lumps on the skin of the thighs and buttocks, not excluding and stars, but the fact remains. Such a defect appearance upsets and makes us look for ways to get rid of him.

Incidentally, the "orange peel" occurs both in women who are overweight and have a fairly slim, even skinny. Its appearance depends on many factors: hormonal, dietary habits, births and so on. Cellulite - is the structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer, which slow the outflow of lymph fluid. It was first called a cosmetic defect in 1973 in the pages of Vogue, to quote a statement of one of the owners of a beauty salon. And that since women of all ages are struggling with "orange peel". This, in addition to a balanced diet, perfectly helps cellulite massage.

There are different methods of carrying out this procedure, the effectiveness of which is provided by a gradual transition from the methods of the surface to the deeper. The zone, which affects cellulite massage - is a layer of subcutaneous fat. Executes it locally, in areas where visible manifestations expressed in the form of bumps and holes. The main focus of the procedure is increased blood flow to the massaged areas, because the most important thing in getting rid of cellulite - is the restoration of the microcirculation in the body.

 cellulite massage at home

What is the effectiveness of massage?

Massage anti-cellulite's main objective, which consists in the correction or reduction of weight, so it is quite rational to combine it with a relaxing treatment for the back, hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage. After all, if the result is always an integrated approach is faster and has a greater severity. If you still hesitate and do not hesitate to enroll in the course of procedures, and with a sigh while looking at his own reflection in the mirror, remember that the anti-cellulite massage - is not only relaxation and rest, it is also an excellent figure and your health.

Do not put off the procedure in the summer, when vacation to remain a matter of weeks. It is better to take a course in advance, so that the organism was able to relax and adapt to his new condition. If you visit a beauty salon with a good reputation and pre-consult with a specialist, ask him all the questions you will get in return is quite a detailed lecture on "anti-cellulite massage." Its main findings in an abridged version will sound something like this:

  1. The procedure aims to improve the circulation in the smallest blood vessels - capillaries. This method allows your skin to get rid of toxins, to find the beauty and smoothness.
  2. Massage cellulite activates metabolic processes in the body, the cells are updated and enriched with oxygen. This is largely due to the improvement of lymph circulation.
  3. The procedure prevents the stagnation in the inner layers of the epidermis, so remove unnecessary products of metabolism and decay.
  4. Massage helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, so the connective tissue become more elastic.
  5. Respiratory function of the skin is restored, normal operation of the sebaceous glands, and many internal organs.
  6. Taken together, these changes are a positive influence on muscle tone, a sense of vitality. And if we add to all the balanced nutrition and physical activity, the main manifestations of cellulite you will soon be able to say "Goodbye! "

All these conclusions are true and not an exaggeration. Massage has a very pronounced effect, which is not only pretty quick impact on the state of your skin in problem areas of the body, but also contribute to increase the protective properties of the body, stimulating the immune system. Try it and you'll see that combination of medicinal and cosmetic properties leads to excellent results in the form of smooth leather and excellent state of health.

Anti-cellulite massage in the comfort of home - it is a reality or a myth?

As a rule, with the "orange peel", which did not pass in the fourth degree, and is somewhere on the border of the second and third, it is possible to cope without a visit to the beauty salon by performing anti-cellulite massage at home. But recourse to a specialist is still women who do not have time for themselves due to the rapid pace of life, are lazy enough to carry through a course of ten treatments profound impact or perform daily facilitated procedure. Girls who are not afraid of pain and are willing to pay for to get rid of cellulite at the cost of minimal effort on their part, should also sign up to the professional. In the remaining cases can be handled in the home.

Of course, this may not seem very comfortable, in fact quite difficult to work out their own buttocks and back of the thighs, but if you want you will be able to adapt and get used soon. But, first, you do not have to spend on the trip to the beauty salon money, and secondly, you will be able to do a massage at any time convenient for you. By the way, the most suitable period for carrying out anti-cellulite treatments considered to be morning before breakfast and the evening before bedtime.

In fact, their performance technique is quite simple. You need to learn the basic movements, their sequence and orientation, to understand what areas of the body are forbidden, and how much time should be given to the procedure. All this should be good to learn, because your goal is the desire to benefit and not harm their own body.

So, massage should be started easily and smoothly, and when the skin and muscles will warm enough, you can pick up the pace, at the same time increasing the pressure. By the time the procedure, depending on whether you selected based technique (deep or superficial) takes from twenty minutes to an hour, and its frequency ranges from daily to twice weekly. Before making anti-cellulite massage, consider some important points, namely:

  • All movements must begin to do with the feet, gradually rising up to the forearm;
  • you can not massage the groin and pubic area;
  • varicose veins, cardiovascular and skin diseases are direct contraindications for this method to combat cellulite.

 how to make anti-cellulite massage

Classic anti-cellulite massage at home

There are four types of effective anti-cellulite massage: classic (manual), dry grinding, honey and a vacuum. In this article, we will focus on each of them, because they are distinguished performance technique and used with additional equipment and materials. First, consider the classic version - manual. It is the most common and does not require special conditions, auxiliary materials and tools, in addition to massage oil (optional). Basic techniques of anti-cellulite treatments are as kneading the existing fat in problem areas of the body and stimulate blood circulation.

Step One - perform strokes. You need to prepare your skin for a massage, relax the muscles with simple and smooth touch of a finger. Movement is slow and arbitrary, but do not forget to start from the bottom, gradually rising higher. Pay attention to each problematic parts of the body, do not neglect such preparation, because it aims to improve blood circulation in the capillaries.

Step two - rub and crumble. Attach a hand with fingers spread wide as possible close to the selected part of the body and begin to perform grinding. Make sure that the skin is shifted under pressure in the same direction as the fingers. This will improve its tone and recalculate the excess fluid and reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer. Legs should work through a bottom-up, and hip - circular motion.

Knees, ankles and legs can be massaged somewhat differently. Join hands in the ring, holding the narrowest legs so that little fingers and thumbs touching each other. Now start to flick up and down, rubbing and kneading the skin. In no case did not hurt myself, try your hands glide over the body without much pressure. Skip this step for those areas where you have observed capillary fragility, external damage or seen a large number of veins on the skin surface.

Step Three - pressing. Technique of massage movements can be superficial or deep, depending on the status of your vessels and epidermis. In the first case, you gently pull the skin with your fingers and let it go. So you will be able to soften a little fat, which are at the top.

If you are ready to perform deep pressure, seize arms rather large portion of the problem area and "knead" it as a test, going from the edges to the center. But try in this case to avoid excessively painful movements. This technique is most effective because acts on the deep fat deposits, increases lymphatic drainage, thereby restoring skin elasticity and relieving you of the hated "orange peel". It is suitable for execution on all problem areas of the body, therefore, not only exercise the legs, inner and outer thighs and buttocks, and stomach and forearm. Do not forget about the knees.

Step Four - pat. This method, supplementing the anti-cellulite massage at home, is to work on the problem areas of the body blows. They vary in strength and intensity, all depends on your pain threshold. Technique is very simple: to strike blows fists or pat his fingers, carefully working through all areas affected by cellulite.

Step five - and again stroking. Do not forget to "caress" the body, yielding a fairly rigid procedure of massage, especially when it happened the first time. Gentle touches palms and sweaty fingers stroke the skin, it will relax and soothe her. Similarly, I would have done and experienced masseur in a beauty salon, because any procedure it provides a comfortable finish.

Dry grinding, vacuum and honey massage

Trying to determine the most effective way of how to do anti-cellulite massage at home, do not forget about the method known as dry grinding. You will need a brush that has natural bristle of medium hardness, or a special glove. However, you can do an ordinary towel, twisted into a bundle. This variant of massage for those who do not like to give treatments a lot of time, because its duration is only five minutes, and periodicity - twice a week.

Technique is rubbing the problem areas of the body affected by cellulite, until the redness. What's the point? It's pretty simple. The fat layer of the skin to "orange peel" broken blood circulation, and you need to restore it. But do not be tempted to reach as quickly as possible redness, rubbing the body with jerky movements with great effort. So you will earn only bruises and scratches. Neatness and slowly - that's the key to success.

So follow the dry rubbing on the same principle as the manual massage. Movement direct from the feet to the head, save a little intensity, and as warming increases it. Do not look at the clock, because initially have to spend more time, but then you prilovchilis, and the body gets used. Oh, and most importantly, the skin must be dry, otherwise you can not avoid injuries. After the procedure, treat yourself, causing the body of a softening lotion or lotion.

Equally effective and vacuum massage. Of course, an expert in the beauty salon will make it more professional, but it is not as complicated machinery, so as not to try to learn it at home by yourself. Duration of treatment is about twenty to thirty minutes, but if at first you will not be able to keep within these limits, that's okay. Check anti-cellulite massage at home can be the appearance of redness on the skin.

All you need for this procedure - a silicone Bank and massage oil. They can be purchased at any pharmacy. Apply the product on the areas affected by cellulite, tighten a little jar and put it on your skin. Do not forget that should start from the bottom, gradually moving higher. You will see that, thanks to the displacement air to the bank as "prisosetsya" to the body. Moving her problem areas in a circular motion, you will gradually achieve the desired redness resistant to them. As soon as it appears, it stops massage and lie under a blanket to keep the blood flow. This is followed by a shower and put on the skin cellulite cream or emollient lotion.

Very efficient and honey massage. Those who have experienced its effect on themselves, argue that the result of its use in the home is not much different from the salon. "Appelsinovaya peel" disappear for a long time, leaving the excess weight. But massage with honey is quite painful, owners have thin skin often are bruised. To achieve the effect you need to take a course of ten treatments, which are held every other day.

So, you need to mix two tablespoons of any of honey (preferably liquid) with twenty drops of essential oil of citrus and apply the resulting composition on the problem areas of the body. Now try to stick his hands and pull them from the skin. Are you in pain? Do not worry, as it should be. If sensations are painless, if you are dealt a very thin layer of honey and an oil mixture, correct it and try again. Move from the bottom up, not in a hurry. Massage can be terminated only after a medical on all problem areas turn white and become very viscous. Take a shower and to enhance the effect on the body, apply anti-cellulite cream.

With the advent of spring, many women with dissatisfaction note changes in the contours of his own body, and make haste to restore the old form. Agree, and in fact sometimes difficult to allocate a portion of their hard-earned money on a course of professional treatments in the beauty salon! But this is not a problem - there is a solution, it would wish. If you are not lazy and are willing to give yourself a little time, then go ahead - for the beauty and harmony!

 Cellulite massage: how to overcome the "orange peel" inexpensively?

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