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  • Chlamydia: causes

Chlamydia - a sexually transmitted disease, which can be subject to men, women and even children. The causative agents of diseases - chlamydia, micro combined nature (between bacteria and viruses).

Chlamydia can cause damage various organ systems, depending on the strain.

The most common form of the disease - urogenital chlamydiosis. In this case, the cause of the disease appears unprotected sexual intercourse, as urogenital chlamydia transmitted only through sexual contact. However, be aware that even a condom does not provide 100% protection during sexual intercourse with a carrier of infection. Consider chlamydia, its causes.

Urogenital chlamydia - a dangerous disease that is becoming increasingly common among sexually active men and women of different age groups. Yearly Chlamydia threaten the health of millions of people, 40% of them are under the threat of complications that can lead to problems with the functioning of the reproductive system, up to infertility. This problem is especially true for women.

Quite common cases where chlamydia occurs on a background of other sexually transmitted infections. In this case, the patient lying in wait just two dangers. Firstly, comorbidities contribute to greater depletion of the body. Secondly, difficult diagnosis and treatment of chlamydia.

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Causative agent

The occurrence of chlamydia - a consequence of the defeat of the cells of the body of men and women chlamydia. These micro-organisms are able to penetrate directly into the cells of the body, that is, to behave like a virus. Thus Chlamydia resistant to antibiotics, despite the fact that by nature they are bacteria. Reasons for entering pathogens in the human body are numerous. But in any case, the disease may not manifest itself.

Today, medicine is known about 15 strains of chlamydia. For them, there may be different ways of contamination. However, in either case, after pathogen penetrate the body, it passes into a latent form. After that, during the incubation period, which lasts about a month, the carrier is a potential threat to their sexual partners. During this period, they will be infected with a probability of 50%.

Even at the end of the incubation period of the disease is not in a hurry to show. Often the symptoms are very poorly, or not appear at all, so it is very important time to diagnose the disease and identify the causes.

Women are more likely to be infected with urogenital chlamydiosis.

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Chlamydia: causes

As women and men chlamydia can affect various organ systems. Therefore, isolated and some basic ways of its transmission.

Widespread in recent years has acquired urogenital chlamydia. His Pathogen - Chlamydia trachomatis. The disease is transmitted only through sexual contact. This is because the Chlamydia trachomatis are very sensitive to the environment: this excludes the possibility of domestic infestation.

This strain of infection can be passed from a pregnant woman to the baby during pregnancy or through the amniotic fluid during passage through the birth canal.

One possible strains infection - Chlamydia pneumoniae. This strain is transmitted by airborne droplets and acts of the agent of respiratory diseases, like chlamydial bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and even pneumonia. The emergence of disease caused by Chlamydia pneumoniae, may be subject to only those whose protective functions are weakened. That is, if you have a good immunity, such a contamination does not threaten you.

The third way of transmission of chlamydia may contact transmission from animals. In this way, only transmitted strains of Chlamydia pecorum and Chlamydia psittaci. This method of infection is called zoonotic. Zoonotic way as vaccinated, infected only those who have direct contact with animals. The strains of chlamydia transmitted in this way, are the causative agents of chlamydial psittacosis.

Thus, there are multiple strains of various disease such as chlamydia. This causes a variety of ways and transfer of pathogenic organisms, and various kinds of diseases caused by them.

If you think you have any of the diseases caused by a chlamydia, you need as soon as possible to see a doctor. If chlamydia is not diagnosed in time, it can lead to complications. Especially dangerous is the urogenital chlamydia. Its complications in women can lead to such effects as:

  • pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region;
  • painful urination;
  • inflammation of the uterus and appendages;
  • reproductive disorders, up to infertility.

The treatment of urogenital chlamydia in women has been a gynecologist, and men - Urologist.

Modern medicine knows different ways to diagnose chlamydia: scrapings from the mucous, blood and so on. The optimal method of diagnosis and treatment in each case can be determined only by the doctor.

Do not take irresponsible to their health! Listen to the warning signs of your body and do not engage in self - it will save you from serious consequences.

 Causes of chlamydia

 causes of cervical erosion


  • Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion
  • Why is the treatment of cervical erosion better than other methods of radio waves
  • The treatment process by radio wave

Cervical erosion - a very common gynecological disease. Erosion is a defect cervical mucosa. Very often, erosion formed against various inflammatory processes triggered by microorganisms (streptococci, staphylococci, Trichomonas, chlamydia, yeast fungi, gonococci, and many others). Often, cervical erosion occurs in young girls, early to start to be sexually active.
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Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion

Most erosion occurs without associated symptoms and is diagnosed only when the routine inspection. Sometimes, after sexual intercourse may appear spotting. In the long erosion provokes the development of dysplasia.

Today it radiowave therapy of the cervix - the most effective method of treatment of erosion that every day is gaining popularity.

Treatment is carried out using high-frequency apparatus "Surgitron." Before the appointment of treatment required to erosion radio waves are diagnosed in the course of which is determined by the shape and extent of tissue changes.

Radiowave destruction of cervical erosion is causing a cut or crushing tissue cells without physical manual exposure. Surgical electrode made of a very thin wire, simulates the high frequency wave. Fabrics that resist their penetration, generate heat, and the cells in the path of the waves, evaporate under its own weight to the sides.

Radiowave destruction of cervical erosion makes it possible to make a cut of any shape and depth, even in the deep layers of tissue. This method allows you to remove the formation of the skin and mucous membranes without suturing. Moxibustion cervical erosion radio waves to prevent such unpleasant consequences as hemorrhagic and septic complications.

 radiowave treatment erosion
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Why is the treatment of cervical erosion better than other methods of radio waves

  • moxibustion erosion, usually once;
  • technique is gentle. The cut in the radiowave destruction of cervical erosion occurs without tissue destruction that occurs in the application of other surgical instruments;
  • amenable to treatment only abnormal areas, healthy tissue is not affected;
  • because of lack of injury healing process occurs painlessly, without the formation of scars. This makes it possible to apply the radiowave treatment of cervical cancer in women who have not given birth;
  • Use radiokoagulyatora prevents burns;
  • the great advantage of radio-wave treatment in the strongest antimicrobial effect;
  • after special treatments formed film necessary to protect the cervix from various microorganisms and promotes the achievement of good healing effect;
  • rapid recovery after the procedure and the acquisition in the short-term performance. Epithelization tissue using radio waves painless and quick, is about 3-6 weeks.

In some cases, there are not abundant vaginal discharge sukrovichnogo nature that within 10 days independently tested. If the discharge becomes more abundant, then you should see a doctor for examination. For radio wave therapy is unusual for a large amount of discharge. Within a few days can disturb weak abdominal pain. Conducting special treatment, they usually do not require and tested independently. Unlike other existing methods, after radiofrequency treatment of cervical erosion women are allowed to make long travel or travel within a week;

  • during treatment with this method it is possible to remove radionozhom warts and other pathological entities (nevi, warts, polyps, hemangiomas). If the cervix endometriosis are present, they can be successfully coagulated;
  • almost complete absence of recurrence.

 Pap tests for

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The treatment process by radio wave

Before radiowave treatment of cervical erosion woman must undergo a preliminary examination consisting of the following steps:

  • Smear on the flora;
  • PCR tests for infection;
  • Bacteriological sowings vaginal flora;
  • cytology;
  • a blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • blood tests for tumor markers scc;
  • biopsy (if indicated);
  • colposcopy.

Treatment erosion radiowaves is performed in the first half of the menstrual cycle, with 5 to 10 days. This facilitates early epithelization tissue (if erosion is small, the tissue can heal before the next menstruation). During the procedure, patients sometimes feel unpleasant smell (if the machine does not have a mini-extracts) and gently lower abdominal pain, sometimes felt a tingling sensation that quickly passes. During the first 7 days after the treatment are slight smearing colorless or brown discharge, which does not need to be frightened: so goes the normal healing process. For a complete cure in most cases always have one procedure. After 2 weeks after the procedure, the doctor examines to assess the state of tissues.

The success of the treatment of cervical erosion by this method depends largely on the woman. As a rule, after the procedure, patients receive recommendations, which must be observed in the next month. For example, for 2-4 weeks prohibits intensive exercise, you can not lift weights weighing more than 3 kg, the same time you can not swim in the pool, lake, sea, take a bath and sauna. In each case, the doctors are certain recommendations. Depending on the size of the erosion of the attending physician decides how long a woman should observe sexual rest and other restrictions.

Contraindications use radio wave therapy Cervical limited by the presence of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. First we need to treat acute illnesses and then performed radio-wave therapy. This method is contraindicated in women who have a pacemaker.

Engage in self-erosion dangerous. All popular methods used in self-treatment, generally no more than a myth, but a lot of them and all life-threatening (especially the use of poisonous plants and the opportunity to get healthy tissue burns). Thus, a woman only makes the problem worse and missing valuable time.

The causes of erosion are different. The main ones are:

  • inflammation, bacteria overgrowth vaginal infections;
  • diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • early sexual activity and early labor (cervical mucus is finally formed and matures only in 20-22 years, so early sexual activity may contribute to infections and microtrauma leads to the development of erosion);
  • operation on internal genitals or trauma, abortion, as well as gaps in childbirth;
  • hormonal disorder (puberty, pregnancy and breastfeeding, abortion, menopause);
  • decrease in the body's defenses;
  • the problem of endocrine nature.

Erosion is a small and barely noticeable, to look at the individual sections of the outer cervix throat, and can cover the entire surface of the cervix. There are cases of self-healing, but it concerns only a true erosion. But even in this case, regular monitoring by a doctor, as self-epithelialization is not always. There are cases of erosion during pregnancy and after birth - her disappearance. Acquisition of erosion should be treated on a mandatory basis. An important role is played here by time erosion grows and captures the deeper layers of the mucosa. A more profound defeat, as a rule, requires a long-term treatment.

Therapy cervical radio wave method can be considered a forward-looking, technology-helping to achieve full recovery in the treatment of erosion and various gynecological diseases.

 The effectiveness of radiofrequency treatment of erosion