causes of brown discharge


  • The monthly cycle and its impact
  • The reasons that are independent of the menstrual cycle

In most cases, a woman, found in his brown discharge, immediately begins to worry about his health, and wonder why go brown vaginal discharge? Let's see where they come from and in what cases do not worry. Vaginal discharge start to be allocated somewhere in puberty and accompanies the woman throughout life. In different periods of the cycle, they are different.

For example, in the period which precedes the ovulation vaginal secretions will be several times larger than postovulyatsionny period. As a rule, release or transparent or have unclear white. However, in some cases, they become brown. It does not matter, dark or light brown.

Brown gives the blood that is present in the secret, and the difference in color depends only on the amount of blood.

Conventionally, all allocation can be divided into those that are dependent on the menstrual cycle, and those that do not depend on him.

 brown discharge during menstruation
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The monthly cycle and its impact

Often the cause of brown discharge becomes the aging of the endometrium - the inner mucosa of the uterine body. For some reason (due to various changes in the body) menstrual period, the cells lining of the uterus have time to grow old in and out of the body in the form of a brown discharge. So, just around the corner and she menstruation. In some cases, if there was a strong hormonal changes (for example, at the beginning of hormonal contraceptives), such allocation may replace menstruation.

If they are several cycles in a row, be sure to visit the gynecologist, because or the contraceptive does not suit you, either in the body of the inflammatory process has begun. If instead of menstrual vaginal secretions released with a small admixture of blood in women aged 40-45 years, then it may indicate the beginning of menopause. Brown discharge instead of menstruation in women of childbearing age, do not start taking hormonal contraceptives indicate the presence of certain diseases (ovarian cysts, adenomyosis, endometriosis, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases).

Frequently isolation brown color can be even a few days after menses. It is absolutely normal: the uterus thus completes the process of purification. They usually do not last more than 3 days. If you notice that the selection goes a longer time, you should see a doctor because this may indicate the presence of disease (uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis).

In some cases, allocation in the middle of the cycle may occur during ovulation (12-14 day). Moreover, with them, and pain can come in the ovaries. Selections began 4-7 days later? This may be the beginning of pregnancy: the attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine mucosa can stand a little blood.

Normally, selection is in the middle (in every other phase of the cycle) within 3 months from the beginning of use of hormonal contraceptives (hormonal patch, the hormonal ring, birth control pills) because During this time, it is addictive.

Another cause of brown discharge can be a banal failure monthly cycle. It can occur from stress, excessive exercise.

 brown discharge during pregnancy
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The reasons that are independent of the menstrual cycle

  1. At the start of sexual activity, after the violation of the integrity of the hymen and the next several sexual acts.
  2. Because of the small vaginal mucosa damage after rough sex. If allocation appear after each intercourse, it may indicate ectopia, erosion, dysplasia or cervical cancer, and tumors of the vagina.
  3. Another reason for the appearance of light brown discharge can be trivial neglect of personal hygiene. The lack of sanitary water treatment can lead to a change in the acid-base composition of the vagina and to the emergence of unpleasant odor and brown discharge. To eliminate the discharge should simply pay more attention to water treatment, and the symptoms will pass by themselves.
  4. The culprits appearance of brown discharge can be sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Additional symptoms at this because secretions can be a pain when urinating, itching, burning and dryness of the vagina. If you find at these symptoms, be sure to visit the gynecologist.
  5. The cause of dark brown discharge with an unpleasant odor and the presence of acute pain may be an ectopic pregnancy. This diagnosis is made after examination of a gynecologist, sometimes as a result of ultrasound.
  6. Copious bloody signal us about the development of the disease requiring immediate treatment. Most often it is an inflammation of the cervix or uterus (endometriosis or endometrium), but can be adenomyosis (endometriosis, genital), erosion, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, tumors of the vagina.

Since brown discharge often signal the presence of a variety of diseases that require emergency treatment, it is better not to wonder, why go selection, and contact a qualified technician. Especially if accompanied by malodorous discharge, pain during sex, while urinating, or just a pain in the lower abdomen, vaginal dryness, burning, itching, rash or fever.

When pregnancy

Sometimes pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy in the days when they used to be menstruating for 2-3 months appear slight brown discharge, which do not bear any harm to the health of the expectant mother or the child. However, you can not always determine it is safe or that isolation, especially in the period of waiting children.

The cause of brown discharge can be a gynecological examination and pregnant women. During pregnancy, vaginal mucosa becomes quite vulnerable, and pap smears or the introduction of mirrors can happen tiny mucosal lesions that will cause small brown discharge.

If you missed abortion endometrium and fetal membranes are rejected, and begin brown discharge. In some cases, you may begin miscarriage (threatened miscarriage). If you immediately turn to the experts, that is a great chance of salvation pregnancy.

In the second trimester of pregnancy may mean separation placental abruption, which can cause excessive bleeding and become a threat to a woman's life.

Before birth output mucus plug is often accompanied by brown discharge. But do not worry, this is normal.

 causes of brown discharge during menopause

And if you have menopause?

During menopause the body's hormonal changes occur, as has been described above, with the hormonal changes of brown discharge can be considered normal and not dangerous. However, if you have a period of menopause and the end date of the last menstrual period was more than a year, the allocation may indicate certain diseases or disorders.

During menopause hormones are no longer being produced, and this leads to a thinning of the vaginal mucosa, which causes bleeding in the vagina microdamages. The cause may be sexual intercourse, masturbation, active sports.

Inflammatory processes may develop in the genital tract at any age. Therefore, even in menopause, you are not immune to STDs (if sexually active), thrush, which can cause inflammation of the cervix or vagina, and symptoms that will highlight. Especially if they are accompanied by an unpleasant smell, the feeling of dryness, itching, discomfort.

Polyps of the cervix and uterine polyps - the excessive growth of the local mucosa, which is easily damaged, causing bleeding.

Uterine fibroids - benign tumors that arose in the myometrium (muscle layer of the uterus) with the assistance of hormones. Develops, usually before menopause. Since menopausal levels of sex hormones is quite low, and fibroids after menopause significantly reduced in size. The menopause causes uterine bleeding when taking plant estrogens (with herbal medicine) or with hormone therapy.

Also cause brown discharge can be cervical cancer, uterine cancer and vaginal cancer. Cancer, like all diseases, is easier to treat in the early stages. If in any doubt about their health should go to the doctor. To detect various diseases and timely treatment is necessary 1 time in half a year to visit the gynecologist and 1 yearly Pap cytology (cytology examination) . Be healthy!

 Causes brown discharge

 causes of herpes


  • Herpes on the lips: treatment, causes and prevention
  • What you need to know if there was cold sores on the lips
  • The methods and the penetration of the herpes virus in the body
  • Treatment of herpes on the lips
  • Cold on the lips: prompt treatment and prevention

Many people suffer from this unpleasant problem as herpes. Despite the fact that the virus infected many (90% of the population), it is shown only at 15%.

Will it manifest itself in my life or not will have an effect depends only on the human immune system. The first type of herpes virus should be considered on the lips. What is the quick treatment of herpes on the lips?

It appears most often during cold. How to treat this infection?
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Herpes on the lips: treatment, causes and prevention

By itself, herpes on the lips is very unpleasant. It is a more water bubbles interconnected. In the place where there is herpes, there is an unpleasant burning sensation and itching. As for the causes of herpes on the lips, they are several:

  • One reason for the lowered immunity should be considered in a cold or hot season.
  • Herpes on the lips and can occur as a result of diseases such as angina, common cold, influenza. This is due to the fact that during these diseases the human immune system is significantly weakened and the body becomes vulnerable to various viral infections.
  • Overheating and overcooling of the body can become an occasion for the manifestation of herpes on the lips.
  • The virus can manifest itself as a result of emotional disorders and stress.
  • Any poisoning of the body can cause cold sores. Contribute to its occurrence can and bad habits such as frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee and smoking.

There are other reasons for the disease may occur. For example, poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun, excessive physical activity, and as a result the body and fatigue, constant stress, menstruation in women - all of which can trigger a manifestation of the herpes virus. Everything here is also associated with the weakening of immunity.

By itself, herpes on the lips is quite contagious and can be transmitted easily to other people. For example, one of the modes of transmission can be considered a kiss using a single dish with the patient, the use of the same towel, etc. It speaks primarily about the need to observe the rules of hygiene and avoid contact and interaction with the sore.

It is important to know that the first type of virus can manifest itself not only on the lips, he can easily go on the eyes and on other areas of the skin on the face. If you feel an unpleasant sensation on the lips in the form of burning and itching, or tingling and prickling, followed by formation of bubbles, it is necessary as soon as possible to take all the necessary measures.

 ointment against herpes
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What you need to know if there was cold sores on the lips

As already mentioned, herpes on the lips is very contagious. For this reason, after each contact with the sore (for example, when applied ointment) should thoroughly wash their hands with soap. This should be done in order to avoid spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Under no circumstances should you try to get rid of sores, otkovyrivaya it. This will only increase the risk of infection.

To avoid herpes eyes, limit yourself to applying make-up at a time when the infection on the lips does not pass. If, however, there is an urgent need for applying makeup, try to ensure that your hands are always washed after contact with the sores. But it is necessary to know that clean hands do not touch the mucous membrane of the eye.

If you use contact lenses should be remembered that in any case it is impossible to wet them with his saliva, otherwise the risk of herpes and extend the eye is too high.

Use separate towels, eating utensils separate from, so as not to infect other members of their family. Once the infection is gone, it is recommended to disinfect all utensils thoroughly with which there was contact, towels, toothbrush and other items. If possible, replace them with new ones, or perhaps re-occurrence of herpes.

While manifestations of the disease, avoid direct sunlight. This can only worsen significantly increase the feeling of burning and itching.
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The methods and the penetration of the herpes virus in the body

The virus can be contracted, while still in the womb, but the most common method of infection is considered to be contact with a patient. Once the herpes virus enters your body, it is sent to the nerve cells, which calms down for a while. This process is known as a persistent condition. At a time when the immune system weakens, the virus wakes up and starts to actively proliferate. The result of such actions of the virus and a rash on the lips and other parts of the body (depending on the type of virus).

The human body becomes vulnerable to the virus in the following cases:

  • As a result of hypothermia. Perhaps it is for this reason that the manifestation of the herpes virus is often referred to colds, because very often there is a certain regularity: supercooled - herpes appeared on his lips.
  • Frequent lack of sleep will only encourage active virus. This is because the body is exhausted and trying to sleep. Mental activity is blunted, the immune system is also trying to get some sleep, and that gives the virus herpes excellent opportunity pass by unnoticed enforcers. Lack of sleep, of course, does not lead to the fact that immune cells start to idle, yet it is able to inhibit some time defense system.
  • Regular use of so-called external stimulants can create excellent conditions for the development of the virus. Human Nutrition should be rational and balanced. You should not often drink coffee, which only creates the illusion of vitality. Lack required mineral elements and vitamins can lead to the fact that the herpes virus activity significantly.
  • Depression, chronic stress, depression - all this makes the body vulnerable to the virus. Any feeling of pain in the body weakens the immune system, which allows the virus to actively develop and reproduce.

 treatment of herpes on the lips

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Treatment of herpes on the lips

The appearance of the virus on the lips includes several steps:

  1. The first stage can last up to a day. At this stage, there is a slight burning, tingling and itching of the lips. Treatment is initiated at this stage, to avoid further eruptions.
  2. It is at this stage red and swollen lips formed characteristic bubbles. This stage is called the stage of inflammation.
  3. Stage ulceration. There is already formed bubbles are opened in their place there are sores. Just at this stage the person becomes most contagious. There are complaints of a strong burning sensation and pain. Children may skip appetite.
  4. The last stage is called the stage of remission. There is already in place sores crust is formed, which dries first, and then disappears.

As already mentioned, the treatment of herpes on the lips need to start as early as possible. If you experience any discomfort in the lips, itching and burning should be used special ointments, which are sold in any drugstore. Such antiherpetic ointment contains penciclovir or acyclovir. Very good in the fight against herpes ointment Zovirax considered. The price of this ointment on average 300 rubles, but it lacks a long time and the result will not take long. Acyclovir is much cheaper, its price is 25-45 rubles. These ointments are able to dry lips formed bubbles, remove the burning and itching.

It is necessary to apply ointment on the affected area every 2-4 hours. It can be used in addition and ointments, containing the zinc. They are needed for the disinfection of the skin. This treatment is quite fast and yields positive results.

If you have very often seen herpes on the lips, it is possible supplementation tablets Acyclovir or more expensive drugs - Voltareksa.

Prompt treatment of herpes and possibly by means of common salt. Suffice it to lubricate the affected area of ​​the lips cotton swab dipped in a thick salt solution. Infusion of calendula and chamomile also helps to quickly cure a cold on the lips.

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Cold on the lips: prompt treatment and prevention

As you know, when properly balanced diet immunity of the person is able to deal with any infection. The human immune system produces antibodies that are able to suppress the development of the herpes virus. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, eat vitamin complexes. For example, in the autumn and spring strengthens the body through special preparations of echinacea (Immunal), eat vitamin-mineral complexes (Supradin, Complivit), more likely to use vitamin C.

Try to avoid any stress, get enough sleep. Include in your daily diet plenty of fresh fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables. Eat enough of kiwi, onion and cabbage.

The ability to protect against herpes and vitamin B, especially vitamin B6 and B12, foods rich in selenium and zinc. Zinc-rich fish and meat, sunflower seeds, wheat germ. Selena in a lot of seafood, nuts, eggs. Incidentally, zinc promotes rapid healing of minor wounds.

Treatment of herpes possible and folk remedies. There is a special herbal tea that can get rid of the symptoms of the virus, alleviate the symptoms of the disease. To prepare this tea will need 1 part Juniper, 3 parts of cherry fruit and the same amount of lemon balm. All you need to mix, then take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour 1 cup boiling water. Drinking this tea 3-4 times a day. You can add to it, and a teaspoon of honey.

Another herbal tea that can quickly solve the problem, consists of propolis and chamomile flowers. A teaspoon of chamomile flowers should pour one cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Then the broth must add 1 teaspoon of alcohol tinctures of propolis (10%). The resulting solution is ready for use, it should drink small sips.

It is enough to be effective in combating the herpes virus is considered to be a mixture of the following: it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 cloves of garlic (grated on a small grater), 1 tablespoon of ash. All thoroughly mixed and applied to the affected area.

It is important to remember that if the cold sores on the lips does not pass within 10 days, you should consult a doctor, who will select the most appropriate treatment. And remember: the weaker your immune system is, the greater the probability of the herpes virus. Watch your health and take care of it.

 Treatment of cold on the lips