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  • The concept of hemorrhagic gastritis
  • Detection and treatment of erosive gastritis
  • Treatment folk remedies

Hemorrhagic gastritis is a disease of the digestive system. The disease became known as erosive gastritis and is gastric mucosal lesion. Early treatment can eliminate the defect without scarring.
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The concept of hemorrhagic gastritis

Erosive gastritis is divided into two forms: acute and chronic. The acute form usually develops when the body's state of shock, with traumatizing, extensive burns, loss of a large amount of blood in the case of hepatic or renal insufficiency. Enough serious condition of the patient makes the diagnosis because the symptoms are hardly expressed. The main symptoms of acute gastritis - is vomiting with blood and tarry stool.

Erosive and chronic lesions of the stomach appears the abuse of alcohol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs actions viral infection. This form of the disease is called idiopathic gastritis. It should be noted that in this case, almost no symptoms. The only sign may be weak nausea. The appearance of bleeding - this is quite serious degree, in which you need immediate hospitalization and effective treatment.

 erosive gastritis symptoms
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Detection and treatment of erosive gastritis

Of course, you need to undergo regular examination of the body, which allows time to identify the erosive varying digestive organs. This is necessary due to the fact that the symptoms may not manifest itself in any way, with the result that the patient's condition is getting worse. Stomach bleeding risk of serious complications, including death, if time does not provide medical assistance.

Accurate diagnosis is determined after examining the tests, analyzing the symptoms of clinical trials. It is necessary to exclude the presence of other diseases of the digestive tract (stomach ulcer, tumor formation, disorder of motor and secretory functions). This is due to the fact that these violations are quite similar symptoms. As a rule, the main survey is endoscopy, X-ray, revealing gastric acidity, histological examination.

Treatment of gastritis is recommended on an outpatient basis, to comply strictly with the reception selected medicines. Great importance has the right diet, which depends on the form of the disease and on the individual. Additionally, hemorrhagic gastritis may be treated with folk remedies, it is advisable that before taking consult your doctor. If hemorrhagic gastritis manifests itself in acute form with severe exacerbations, should be immediately hospitalized.

During this period shows a strict diet, which is split meals in small portions. It is necessary to normalize the metabolism and restore the function of the stomach and digestive system. Only after the attenuation becomes acute diet is not as strict limitations only in the use of salt and high carbohydrate foods. To prevent re-aggravation of the diet should be followed consistently and become part of the lifestyle. In this case, a form of chronic erosive lesions of the stomach is rarely manifests itself, and does not interfere with human activity.

 treatment of hemorrhagic gastritis folk remedies
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Treatment folk remedies

Erosive or hemorrhagic gastritis treated fairly simple folk remedies. Medication or restore function folk remedies help not only to remove the unpleasant symptoms and pain in the stomach, but also to normalize metabolic processes in the body. Some funds are intended to increase the acidity of gastric juice, while others - for the downgrade. The same recipe is not suitable for two people with different forms of disease.

Erosive gastritis effectively treated herbs. The most famous planting salad or lettuce, which are used to treat the leaves. To prepare you need to grind a tablespoon of salad, then pour a glass of boiling water and drain in two hours. Take half a cup twice a day. Thus, the daily need to prepare a fresh infusion.

The infusion of thyme. To make it, it takes 100 grams of grass and l dry white wine. Wine pour grass and insist 7 days, then bring to a boil and leave for 5-6 hours in a warm place. Take 50 ml of the infusion before meals three times a day.

Broth to improve digestion. Take in equal proportions yarrow, centaury, shamrock and peppermint. In the cup boiling water a tablespoon of the mixture is required. Broth put on low heat for 10-15 minutes, then strain and take on a third cup 3 times a day before meals.

Aloe. Wash the leaves of medicinal plants and mince. The resulting juice is boiled. After cooling ingest 1-2 teaspoons of half an hour before a meal twice a day. Regular use helps to eliminate erosive gastritis and peptic ulcer disease of the digestive system. To improve performance vksovyh can add a small amount of honey.

Propolis. Chronic erosive gastritis effectively treated with propolis. Daily fasting should chew on a small piece of propolis during the month. But contraindicated in the presence of an allergic reaction to bee products.

Thus, medication, properly chosen diet, a healthy lifestyle allow to cure erosive gastritis in a short period of time.

 Causes and treatment gastritis

 boil treatment


  • The more dangerous chiryaki
  • Nature Heals - doctor treats

Many of us are faced with such a problem when there is a sudden inflammation of the body in the form of an abscess. In most cases this inflammation is caused by bacteria pyogenic origin - staphylococci. Hitting its devastating effect hair follicle, causing inflammation staphylococci. And apparently it is manifested in the form of an abscess, called by the people chiryakom. How to treat a boil: himself, folk remedies or seek the assistance of a qualified medical professional?
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The more dangerous chiryaki

By itself, the boil causes a lot of inconvenience and problems. The inflammatory process may be delayed. Sometimes the disease is accompanied by fever.

If the treatment is carried out properly and the hair follicle is not completely cleared by pyogenic bacteria, there is a threat of new multiple boils, and it is fraught with disease called furunculosis.

Since the boil - it is still an abscess, there is a risk of infection with inadequate treatment of the skin during treatment. Never try to squeeze the boil, the whole cleansing process should take place in a natural way. Otherwise, the pus can get inside the body and cause even more chiryakov.

 correct treatment boil aloe
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Nature Heals - doctor treats

There are many folk remedies to combat ulcers. But the best way to address this problem to the doctor. An experienced specialist will prescribe you the necessary ointment for the body will advise the correct methods of treatment, carry out a survey. Remember that the appearance of the boil - it is always a signal to the body to some internal problem.

The doctor treats

Normally used to treat boils approaches using anti-inflammatory agents. The doctor will ask you to ichthyol ointment treatment, dry heat and be sure to prescribe UHF. In severe inflammation doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics: levomekol, oxacillin, erythromycin, methicillin.

As the healing power of nature

In the treatment of folk remedies is very good "therapeutic tortilla" of natural "materials." Cook a cake, all you need to do, you will always find a home. So, need an egg - 1 pc., Honey - 1 tablespoon butter - 1 tablespoon flour. The egg yolk is necessary to separate the honey a little warm up to become liquid, melt the butter. Honey, egg yolk and butter mix. Knead the dough to the state average thick. Then roll out the dough small cakes. Cakes should be applied to chiryaku three or four times a day, constantly changing bandages and treating ulcer alcohol solution.

With this method of cleansing the body from purulent inflammation chiryaki very quickly "opened." After the boil on the body slipped need to apply a bandage with antibiotic ointment.

  • Vinegar and buckwheat

There is another unique recipe of the cake for the treatment of boils. It is necessary to fry in a pan buckwheat and crush it into flour. Add vinegar flour until a thick mass. BLIND cakes and apply for a day on the site of inflammation. This method allows the abscess to break in just one day.

  • Soap skin cute

To cleanse the skin from ulcers, use soap with the addition of roasted onion. To smooth the soap should be grate. Final dosage should be applied to the site of inflammation during the day. The wound all the time necessary to process the hydrogen peroxide.

You can just cook the buckwheat, and wrapped it in gauze applied to ulcers. Buckwheat is truly a natural doctor. In practice, it proved the effectiveness of this method in cleansing the body from purulent inflammation.

  • Potatoes, beets and carrots - treatment chiryakov

Treat boils, imposing on the sore spot grated raw carrots. Good draws pus and raw potatoes, which also have to grate and put in during the day to boils.

From raw beets cook gruel and use it as a medicine for the treatment of boils. Gruel should be changed every two hours.

  • Help the body cranberry juice

The juice obtained from fresh berries, copes with the treatment of boils. Applying juice in place of inflammation, you will help to purify the body from bacteria that caused the abscess.

 folk remedies for treating the boil

Useful broths - the gifts of nature

Taking regular decoction of nettle sheets, you can clear the blood, and the whole body from harmful substances, accumulated inside the body. The broth will help to boost your immune system, and the reasons for the appearance of boils will not.

The broth can be prepared from the leaves of lilac. Lilac is rich in vitamin C and perfectly cleanses the blood. And if you still have jumped on the body of an abscess, from the leaves of lilac can cook gruel healing. This natural ointment is necessary to lubricate the boil until it is "mature" and the pus will come out.

The easiest way

If all of the above techniques will seem "complicated by" and takes a lot of time, then just pick up a loaf of black bread, cut a slice, roll it out and attach to the crumb ulcers. The result will surprise you. Such a simple way to treat boils is very effective.

"Green Doctor" from the ulcers growing on a windowsill at any housewife. A favorite of all ficus copes with the problem of pulling pus from the boil. You just need to put it leaves to the affected area.

Well proven and aloe leaves. Cutting across the leaf, attach it to an abscess. Change the bandage every three hours and purification occurs.

To boils on the body was not, the doctor usually recommends:

  • Observe all the rules of hygiene. To monitor the cleanliness of the skin.
  • During shaving for cuts right to handle the wound with antiseptic.
  • Healthy food. Not "zashlakovyvat" body. Do not abuse the protein food of animal origin.
  • With careful use of deodorants and antiperspirants.
  • Supports the immune system of the body at the proper level.
  • Do not expose your body hypothermia.

If the body in the hair follicle suddenly appeared redness, itching, pain and swelling, these symptoms signal the maturation of boils. Do not delay treatment. In severe cases of the disease can help a doctor. An experienced doctor will do an exam and prescribe proper treatment.

 Treatment of boils: struggling with chiryakami