the causes of asthma


  • Causes and symptoms
  • Asthma in Pregnancy
  • Asthma in children and its negative consequences
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment of asthma: what use?
  • Prevention of asthma

Today, unfavorable ecological situation is the reason that the more common diseases of the respiratory system. The most common asthma, which can manifest their negative effects at any age. Upon detection of the first signs you must be examined to determine the cause of the disease, start the appropriate treatment.
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Causes and symptoms

Causes of asthma can be very different, most often:

  • noninfectious allergens, i.e. pollen, dust, drugs, foods;
  • Infectious allergens - are viruses, micro-organisms, bacteria, fungus, hay fever;
  • mechanical, chemical exposure - a pair of acids, inorganic dust, alkali;
  • some forms of asthma are caused by too strong physical exertion, emotional stress, changes in humidity, temperature and climatic conditions;
  • types of asthma can be such as not to reveal any external stimuli, ie causes of disease is not defined;
  • predisposition to the disease can be hereditary.

In order to identify significant reasons why it is important to plan the survey, it will help to pinpoint the extent and severity of attacks, methods for their treatment. Appointed examination when such symptoms are observed:

  • the main symptom - against the backdrop of severe coughing choking, shortness of breath, palpitations, shortness of breath;
  • muscle spasms of the neck, severe fatigue, cyanosis of the lips and face;
  • wheezing when breathing;
  • the main precursors of attack - a rapid pulse, intense potoobrazovanie.

If you have any signs and symptoms you need to strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations for receiving medicines. If an attack occurs for the first time, it is recommended to be tested.

Self-medication should not be engaged in, the signs may well be caused by other diseases.

 Asthma in Children

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Asthma in Pregnancy

Forms of asthma can be very different from the disease no one is immune, but you can prevent its occurrence. Most often it occurs in women during pregnancy. Moreover, wealth, age, nutrition and self-care do not matter, attacks can arise out of nothing. The causes of asthma in pregnant women are different, they are caused by the special condition of women during this period.

This response of the organism occurs in response to any allergen that had not bothered, as a consequence there is hindered airway, choking. These allergens during pregnancy may be not only the dust or hair, but also food, household chemicals, even microorganisms such as pharyngitis.

Typically, asthma, which is activated during pregnancy, women begins long before childbearing, but does not manifest itself. During the restructuring of the body (usually in the 3rd trimester) active disease begins to manifest itself, require treatment. Statistics and indications of doctors say that asthma is not a contraindication to pregnancy, then there is a big danger for the future of the baby is not, however, and the treatment can not throw, because the state of the expectant mother must be different. Predicting the course of the disease can not, therefore, require constant supervision, especially if the symptoms have started to deteriorate.

The first syndrome, which indicates an impending attack - a strong cough, phlegm but not yet separated. Then begins shortness of breath, breath hard to do, there is chest pain, nasal congestion. It relieves such a posture: the patient sits, legs down and his hands on his knees. Breathing becomes whistling, noisy, with wheezing, a person acquires a bluish tint. Ends attack sputum.

If nothing is done, there can be big problems, it is recommended to immediately provide emergency assistance. After the examination, the attending physician prescribes special preparations that will facilitate such an attack. But we must be attentive to your body, because the drugs may be contra-indications to take during pregnancy.

Fixed assets are written down at the time, are a group of agonists. They have a facilitating inflammatory action. If there is a flare, it must be treated and monitored in a hospital. Deliveries are usually appointed by the natural, but if there are complications, it is necessary to hold early term births of about 37-38 weeks.

 asthma during pregnancy
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Asthma in children and its negative consequences

In children with bronchial asthma pathogenesis is caused by allergic reactions to airborne microscopic particles of hair, dust, mold, or it may be a reaction to food. A common cause - the use of low-quality, low-cost baby food to organic food allergies appears extremely rarely.

The child is important to diagnose because the negligent treatment can only lead to negative consequences in the future, a strong deterioration, the appearance of a wide variety of adverse conditions. No treatment is also detrimental to the state of the lungs of the baby.

The child has asthma, can not appear out of thin air, most often it is an allergic reaction to specific substances with which the baby is constantly in contact. It is necessary to immediately conduct a survey, the etiology of asthma should be immediately identified.

Attacks can occur not only during the day, the most powerful - night. The frequency of the child depends on the time of year, temperature and physical activity, climate, mood. In a small percentage of patients clinical signs appear only in a bad mood when the baby is upset. After an emotional state improved returns to normal. In this case, an additional examination by a child psychiatrist, as the cause of the disease can be completely different.

If the attack is seen for the first time, you do not need to panic, it is necessary to determine what was the cause of this condition. It is necessary to leave the baby in bed for some time, to observe the room heat and humidity. If the condition does not improve, and the attacks are repeated, that is, the child having trouble breathing, you should consult a doctor to conduct a study and determine the causes of this condition.

 Diagnosis of the disease
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Diagnosis of the disease

To determine the pathogenesis of asthma should be investigated. This will help you choose the right treatment, preventive measures.

In a hospital setting are assigned such studies:

  • carried out an X-ray chest;
  • taken overall analysis of blood analysis to determine allergies. Often, as the pathogenesis of asthma are various allergens, so when examining this special attention. In order to study a small number of the alleged allergen is injected under the skin. If on-site procedure redness, severe itching, swelling, then there is an allergy to the substance;
  • during the study analyzes the performance of the lungs, checked their volume, strength;
  • appointed full diagnostics to determine whether there is a concomitant disease. Asthma may be accompanied by various negative manifestations, disorders. One of the negative manifestations - a goiter.

The patient should keep a special diary of the disease. It records data on the frequency of attacks, their strength, general well-being after them, the frequency of use of an inhaler and so on. It can be further described as manifested fit in each case.

 asthma treatment
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Treatment of asthma: what use?

The flow pattern of asthma depends on how it is being treated as respected all the recommendations of the attending physician. With this disease it should always be handy to have a bronchodilator, which makes it easier to attack. Always use these drugs are not recommended, as their reception unnecessarily or too strong dependence on drugs can be dangerous.

Asthma is treated with different drugs, they are selected based on the disease, the intensity and frequency of seizures, age, presence of concomitant diseases. The most commonly used special corticosteroid inhalers, ie anti-inflammatory drugs that help control the great force attack. For many patients, it is the only tool that is used only during an attack or when it approaches.

When attacks are frequent, it is necessary to begin oral bronchodilators, such as theophylline. He has a long action. Can be prescribed and inhalation, reduce the frequency of attacks, not only relieves. There are special inhalers, which are equipped with a spacer. It ensures that the medicine gets into the lungs it is, and not sprayed on the back of the throat. For home treatment is recommended to use a special air flow meter, which allows you to independently control the disease. It allows you to identify the first signs of an impending attack, to take steps to neutralize any relief. With this small priborchiki that fits easily in your hand, you can learn about the offensive attack for 1-2 days.

What to do with strong attacks?

In severe attacks appointed corticosteroid pills that can be taken only when necessary. They are often well-removed seizures allow us not to visit the doctor every time. Asthma, the etiology of which today there are studied, it may occur when exposed to different allergens. If they just found, the doctors prescribe drugs that have a specific action. In some cases, simply done desensitizing injection.

If symptoms of asthma bronchi become frequent and severe, you should immediately consult your doctor for changes in the course of treatment. Typically, these alarms start to arrive when you want to use the inhaler more often than 6 times per day. But if this still appears strong shortness of breath, it is difficult, there is severe fatigue, lethargy, it is necessary not to postpone the visit and immediately contact your healthcare specialist, asthma can be dangerous.

Often during treatment appointed by cleansing the internal organs in the acute form it can be done about 1 time per week. It improves liver function, accelerate the conclusion of toxins, cleanses the blood. The amount of toxins and poisons that cause seizures, ie the formation of mucus in the bronchi, decreases, the disease itself becomes a lot easier.

The purification can be carried out at home, for it uses special herbal teas. The easiest recipe requires such ingredients:

  • knotweed - 1 tsp;
  • birch leaf -1 tsp;
  • corn silk - 1 tsp

All components of the mix, pour 1 cup boiling water. The resulting liquid should press for about one hour. The infusion is taken in the form of heat, before meals drink a glass. The course of treatment is 1 week. Taking this infusion, we can ensure that the symptoms of the disease become rare and not so strong. In addition, it improves the general condition, will take severe fatigue, fatigue. Improving liver will forget about the complaints, such as goiter.

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Prevention of asthma

According to the basic treatment of bronchial asthma can reduce the number and strength of attacks, you only need to follow some preventive measures. These actions are not very complicated, but it will help significantly ease breathing and reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks. For prevention is required to take such action:

  • We need to stop smoking, avoid second-hand smoke, even as tobacco smoke is a strong irritant;
  • house cleaning should be done regularly, can not allow the accumulation of dust. Regularly vacuuming, to conduct a general wet cleaning, to clean carpets, make sure that the home is not infested dust mites;
  • remove frequent asthma attacks can be avoided if the food had already cause allergic reactions. Most often it is a fish, chocolate, milk, nuts. The reasons for the emergence or strengthening of attacks may be drugs, even such a simple and familiar as aspirin, ibuprofen;
  • recommended to drink plenty of fluids, at least 8 glasses of water a day to secrete mucus was thinner, lighter waste;
  • to avoid aggravating, you must deal with the special breathing exercises. This allows mucus to go easily, attacks become rare, they are not so hard to pass;
  • must constantly take those drugs that have been prescribed for prophylactic administration;
  • We should say about exercise. If your doctor has prescribed to avoid them, it is best to give them up. In many cases, special therapeutic exercises only improves the general condition, causes a rapid cure.

To alleviate the condition, it is important to define the correct diagnosis, finding out the severity of the disease. Taking into account here, and such factors as the patient's age, sex, separately indicated for the treatment of pregnancy. In any case, you are encouraged to contact the attending physician, the drug should be taken only as directed, do not forget about preventive maintenance, which can reduce the attacks to a minimum.

 Causes and treatment of bronchial asthma