sex without commitment

Casual Sex used to be a predominantly male behavior property in an intimate relationship. It is they, our dear men could have sex with a woman without knowing beforehand even her name. Special condemnation from the ubiquitous public such actions are not subjected to the stronger sex. Blame was weaker sex. Nothing, they say, to tempt everyone. Eyes peasants to build? Build. So get sex without commitment! And no matter what the lady often thought about seduction. It does not matter what had happened, she was accused. Because a man, they say - a man. He was supposed to take what they give.

But times, and with them, and customs vary. Today, you can find a lot of successful women who do manage their own lives. They could do without a husband, and not really worry if the man vanished after a stormy night. Just think, a problem! Died and gone, it's even better - no one owes nothing to. Modern business women do not need getters and do not intend to cling to partners for sex, believing that they should get married. Moreover, the current ladies themselves often without emotions and expectations of continued relationship going to have sex without commitment. What is a sex?

Female version of sex without commitment

Casual Sex women usually random or deliberate. Let's see, what's the difference between them.

  • Casual sex without commitment

Casual sex, of course, quite reprehensible phenomenon. The intima of a stranger have a considerable risk of acquiring some unpleasant disease. However, this fact is not all scary. Yes, and about how to protect these days do not know except small children. Therefore casual sex without commitment has been and always will be.

Most casual relationships befall women when the reduced self-control. For example, it can happen to riotous party, which became a rage when the lady did not torment themselves reflections on morality or appropriateness of sex. Like yonder pretty brunette, looks like a Banderas? Well, for what it was? Forward! It does not matter that looks sober look "Banderas" differs little from the exterior of the orangutan. Sex without obligations does not mean that the partner should be only handsome! Children from a bear or something?

In fact, a close adult dating no strings do not need, and casual sex does not mean at all. But it can happen to a good friend or a friend. After all, in the relationship between normal women and men almost always have some plaque sexuality. Spontaneously broke out between the short-term passion, and you're done! And after each of the partners goes about his business. And everything goes without insults or mutual claims. After all, originally, it was clear that it was only casual sex. And nothing more.

  • Conscious sex without commitment

Such casual sex can occur in the first place because that's just a woman wants sex. Of course, not all of the fair sex when a desire ready to sleep with just anyone. But if her husband is not, and quite often married boyfriend, what to do? Disputes with the physiology may end badly! There is, of course, many ways to self-satisfaction. However, replace the live contact with a man, they can not.

That's up ladies, do not deliberately "wait for favors from nature" to sex without commitment. The most innocent version of "first sex aid" in this case - nightclubs. That's where you can meet a lot of men left on the hunt, waiting to catch someone's interested gaze. Adult dating without obligation in such establishments - a common occurrence. Flirtation, sympathy, bed, and then, "You go, dear. I'm getting up early". That's all. No, well, maybe a couple of meetings. If you wish to both partners.

Of course, the ability to deliberately find a man to have sex, and in other places - at work, at the gym, in any kind of courses and so on. It turns out this is usually as follows: dealing with one or another of the stronger sex, the woman begins to catch myself thinking that she wants it. And finally, determination and curiosity gets the job done - the two are in one bed. I must say that a similar process to satisfy their every whim is not very good. A man can with someone for a long time to meet or be someone's husband. But the woman usually does not moralize. After all, it's sex without commitment!

That's about as things currently done in women's intimate sphere of life. How does this relate to the freedom of manners?

 adult dating without obligation

The ratio of female to freedom in the intima

I must say that everything about what we said above, many confusing and annoying. Sex for sex? But what about the feelings ?! They say that women, according to a regular sex without commitment, very suitable one characteristic of indecent! What, will not elaborate. And so it is understandable.

That's the way it is. It seems to be. If we look at sex from the perspective of the great mystery of loving people. However, he is also a physiological need, from which it is difficult to dismiss. If a woman is free and busy career and business, and not finding her future husband, what to do? In the arrangement of his personal life there is no time to build with someone once a serious relationship. And your body requires, though burst. That solved a woman for sex dating without commitment, without pretensions, insults and tantrums.

For those of the fairer sex, sex without further continuation of relations - the method of entertainment and relaxation. To condemn them for it there? Some would say that there are other ways to satisfy the desire. They seem to be harmless. Of course I have. You can visit a sex shop, you can find some hobbies and distraction, you can, in the end, to masturbate. Only here who knows whether there will be in this case the woman psychological problems?

In general, there is sex without commitment is more important than the moral, the negative side. It generates considerable risk to get used to this kind of relationship and one day understand what their other options are no longer acceptable. After all, no strings sex are usually strong and independent lady. Their exterior and interior freedom in such sexual intercourse may acquire grand scale. And the slightest restriction it would be unacceptable. Such arbitrary person any attempt of rapprochement on the part of men to be perceived as an invasion of the enemy at her personal territory. The result - its eternal and ineradicable loneliness.

However, today's successful ladies and loneliness is not very scary. Therefore, it seems that the female version of sex without commitment is destined in the future to live and thrive.

 Casual Sex feminine

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 how to do erotic massage


  • Where to begin?
  • Technique erotic massage, or simple steps towards sexuality
  • Tricks of the big excitement

As you know, even the most vivid emotions subside with time. Life and everyday worries often consume our thoughts, passion recedes into second place. Especially if the relationship with a man last for a long time. But in every woman's life there comes a time when she wanted to revive the old feelings and to be back at the height of bliss.

Especially it concerns the intimate aspects of life: the passion and emotions difficult to maintain at a proper level throughout their life together. That is why in the arsenal of each of the fair sex should be minor tweaks that will make any night special and memorable. If you're willing to make some effort and spend a little time, carefully read this article, which tells you how to do erotic massage your favorite guy.

Many couples use a massage as sexual foreplay, but few know how to do erotic massage, which can really relax, and most importantly bring a man. Maybe the first time you do not get everything perfect, but, as we know, there is no limit to perfection, and eventually you will surely achieve his. And at a certain perseverance become a real guru of erotic massage back, chest and other erogenous zones.

Where to begin?

So learning how to make a man an erotic massage. The main purpose of this massage - stimulation. But it is rather difficult to achieve, if the partner is thinking about business negotiations that are coming to him tomorrow. That is why the first step on the way to a passionate night - relaxation. To do this, you can use the standard methods - for example, a glass of his favorite wine. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise instead of the passion you get intimate conversations or strong man's dream.

There is another way of relaxation - warm and nice bath. You can help your favorite guy to wash your hair: soft circular motions with fingertips on the scalp will not leave anyone indifferent man.

A light stroking the back will help him relax, not only morally, but also physically. And in this case it is better to do without wool, which, oddly enough, many men feel rather useless tool, only irritate the skin. Apply a bit of a hand shower gel and rub it all over the back. Appropriate here are relaxing and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or grapefruit.

Before making an erotic massage, you should think about underwear: your clothes should fit the occasion. If suddenly you have such linen is not available - you can do at all without it. The room should not be too hot or too cold, and take care of the soft, muted light. It is better to light a night light or arrange the candles around the room to create the proper intimate atmosphere.

And another rule that should not be neglected: Do not feed your man coarse and heavy food, or he could actually fall asleep at the crucial moment. Light dinner in situations like this has never stopped anyone, but by fat, Smoked and salted better to abstain.

 how to do erotic massage

Technique erotic massage, or simple steps towards sexuality

Remember, erotic massage for men - it is not a medical procedure, where the main thing - pressing on certain points with sufficient force. If you are looking forward to a passionate night, alternate soft and gentle touch with intense, even a bit aggressive. Watch the reaction of your partner - his emotions be like surging, leading him to the excitation, then re-enter it in the state of rest.

Start better with massage of the hands or feet. Gently knead each finger, and if you have a partner with enough trust relationship, you might even kiss or lick them. Many men greatly excited when a woman licking toes. It's over, there are exceptions - some men, this is confusing. But you better know your partner, so a list of specific actions known only to you.

After the foot gently go to the hips and buttocks, massage are worth more carefully. Then do a back massage, easily touching her fingertips. Now ask elect to roll over - it's time to do a breast. Carefully avoid touching the genitals, or no foreplay will not work - it's over rough sex.

In the area of ​​the navel for men is an important erogenous zone if you gently caress her fingers or tongue, your partner quickly enough horny. Nipples many men are also erogenous zone. Of course, this area of ​​the representatives of the stronger sex is not as sensitive as the women, but to deprive her attention is not necessary. Caress his nipples tongue or gently massage them with your fingers. This area does not tolerate foul touches, because the skin is very tender.

 erotic massage man

Tricks of the big excitement

Erotic massage men - intimate art, but because there is no clearly defined set of rules, which would allow to work out a universal technique. Specific movement, focusing on specific areas and a list of all kinds of taboos depend on the characteristics of your chosen one. Only really feeling your partner, you will be able to understand where and how you move on.

There are some tricks that will help you to awaken in man the passion, even if you do like a massage for the first time.

  • Hands

Agree in advance with your partner about what it does not touch you. To make sure you can even tie his hands gently. If your partner is unable to touch you, it will greatly increase his sex drive.

  • Let's play

During the massage accidentally zadente genitals hand stalls. Play with them, be unpredictable - it will only increase its attraction.

  • We use exciting smells

During this kind of sex play, you can also use essential oils as an assistant, but those that have aphrodisiac effects, such as orange oil or cypress.

  • More passion

Many men like biting nails or touch, but be careful not to hurt your partner.

  • Tactile sensations

Try to touch certain areas using hair or, for example, silk belt - in many of the stronger sex such techniques are simply stunning. The zone of neck and armpits, you can also go outside the box: erotic breathe on them.

  • Know the measure

Make sure that the man has not blown - if it was oversaturated and cool down, instead of a passionate night you get frustration and disappointment.

If you want to learn how to do erotic massage, using not only theoretical recommendations - and trust your intuition. To make sure your partner is relaxed, excited and was ready for a flash of passion, he must feel that you are ready for it.

Feel your partner, let their innate femininity and sexuality to guide your actions, do not be afraid to go beyond the familiar and what is permitted. And after a while you perfectly master the technique erotic massage that will allow you to turn ordinary night in a bright, passionate and unforgettable.

 Erotic massage: how to make the night memorable?

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