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Elegant women's cashmere coat warm you not only the quality of the material, but also its beauty, so it is perfect for those who love the warmth and comfort. This is not surprising, since cashmere is very gentle and warm material. It can be combined with clothes of cotton fabric. Soft pink makeup and lipstick can help you complete the image.

Think only the manifestation of a fashion that's right for you! It makes no sense to try to adapt to the image and to do with something supernatural. So, let's cashmere coat and make a decision - whether or not to wear it.

  • Frock coat, trench coats and bathrobes are favorites of the 2012 season. Comfortable and warm women's cashmere coat will make you look very elegant if you choose a size that will fit you the figure.
  • Again become elegant and simple collars made of composite materials and unimaginable. They took a more romantic shape, as is now the focus of inner peace and a human face.
  • Hood this year is no longer in vogue. The public turned away from him, as past experiences with difficult from a technical point of view, the models proved a failure.
  • Simple loose sleeves straight cut - that's all we offer designers this season. They try not to experiment, but can afford some deviations.
  • Significant changes have occurred in the color trends: the classic colors and uniformity of tasks in free space diversity and multicolor.
  • Indignantly dismisses huge buttons and zippers. Closure of this year should be hidden or unobtrusive, and the buttons have to be in tune with the coat. Pseudo-stones ctrazy and cheap gilding out of fashion.
  • Designers have allowed us to rely on your taste in choosing length. At the same time at the shows you could see the long and short of the ankle to the knee model. This means that minor adjustments to take account of the desire to show beautiful legs, yet made.

It is fashionable in 2012 wearing a cashmere coat in the spring, but in the rain it is better to change to a jacket or coat, as the tenderness of this material imposes some restrictions on the exploitation of the product. When washing is recommended to use soft means which do not affect the properties of soft cashmere; but it is best to use the services of cleaning, which is especially good at problem spots.

Closing this topic, I want to add that there is absolutely everything to obey and trust the opinions of leading experts and designers in the fashion industry - just try on cashmere coat, select a model according to your taste, put, Like myself and have fun!

 Cashmere coats women: fashionable items 2012

 fashion jackets Spring 2012

No sooner had we celebrated it noisy New Year holidays, as spring is around the corner and matured important topic - what will be fashionable jackets Spring 2012? This question comes to mind not only the most avid fashionistas, but for all other girls who want to be in the spotlight. Fashion designers are already preparing for the arrival of spring, considering new models of jackets. So what do we put in place with your coats and coats with the return of warm days?

It seems that women's fashion jackets 2012 spring, photos of which you can see below, followed by the motto "shorter - so abruptly." Thin waist-length jacket with pants, shorts or a tight skirt - the brightest hits of the new season. But not forgotten, and long jackets that easily will cover a few flaws of your figure; They are also good that our changeable weather is best suited.

 fashion jackets Winter Spring 2012

Jackets fashion winter and spring of 2012

  • The most fashionable jackets are considered models in military style. Best of all, they fit the girls bold and purposeful as easily give your image of femininity and elegance. These models are made of thick fabric, suede or thick skin and acts as a filler or fluff inside fur trim.
  • Particular attention should be paid leather jackets unusual cut, for example, with an oblique collar and short sleeves. Skin in any season, is given a special place - since this material acts as a moisture and temperature control, that is warm in cold and cool in hot weather. These models are perfectly combined with a variety of clothing, for example, strict pencil skirt or cocktail dress.
  • We returned to the fashion and jackets pilots. Inside and outside their fur trim. And the fur collar can be, hood, cuffs. Full complement your image nice fitted cut.
  • The trend of the new season began jackets with sleeves that are in line with its lower edge.
  • The most fashionable winter jacket spring 2012 - it is fur. They can easily save you from the cold days. They should complement the minimum number of bright and aggressive parts, because restraint is back in vogue. And when it's real cold, you can experiment with a fur-lined jackets.

 Women's fashion jackets 2012 spring photos

What we today offer famous fashion designers?

The idea of ​​the fashion house Chanel is very nice and gentle, because they have created a collection of bright and gentle colors. These jackets emphasize the innocence and fragility of women. Additional decorations will serve as sequins and pearls. Pastel evening jacket surprise its airiness, giving your image lightness and femininity, and mother of pearl iridescence to easily create a festive spring mood, which will come in handy after a gloomy winter. Lacquered leather jacket also affect its novelty, and the black out of the general outline of the evening collection and add daily notes.

Prada offer unusual items as a gentle caramel floral patterns, lace and rhinestones. Feminine image '50s sexual tigress pushed into the background.

Moschino still continues to borrow strokes of the male wardrobe. The brand introduced the fashionable jackets Spring 2012, which in appearance resemble the clothing of the Spanish matadors and Mexican cowboys. Supplements have become a golden braid, exquisite lace, long fringes. All these details are easily transformed menswear Women.

 Fashionable jackets for spring 2012

What put on a jacket?

For fans of leather jackets wonderful combination will perform denim suits, classic skirts to the knee, both plain and with a variety of prints. It is perfect translucent skirts or shorts. Under such an ensemble Pick up a broad-heeled shoes or shoes with high, decorated with ribbons, bows, straps or laces.

Fashionable plaid jacket harmonious look with dark scarf and beret. This kit can be called Paris.

Winter jackets models, decorated with fur, should be supplemented with classic trousers. Not bad combination will look stylish jeans, a pencil skirt or evening dress. Ensemble skirt perfectly complement fishnet tights made of wool, as well as platform shoes or steady heel.

 women's fashion jackets Winter Spring 2012

Fashion accessories

Trendy colors of women's jackets 2012 - is blue, gray, black, blue, turquoise, beige, pink, silver, gold and dazzling white. No less can be considered fashionable shades of mustard, gray, marsh and "wet asphalt". The hit of the coming season will be called a jacket in the box. Moreover, the cut can be very diverse, both shortened and up to the knees, and the silhouette - close-fitting or loose model.

To complement the use fur, and equally well suited both natural and artificial. Relevant be lightning, buckles, decorative buttons, as well as a variety of belts and straps of different widths and materials. It became fashionable combination leather, fur and textiles. Modern jackets in subdued shades of performing, they are decorated with bright accessories. In many models, even lightning matched the color of the fabric and rivets or bright buttons absent.

 Fashionable Jacket Spring 2012