Carole Maggio Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face

Here come the hot summer. On his body, many women begin to take care of the spring. They visit fitness centers and gyms. To have a slim waist and slim hips, exercises should be done regularly. But how many of us perform regular exercise to lose weight person?

Meanwhile, a double chin and chubby cheeks catch the eye even more than full hips or waist. This is particularly relevant issue for women who lose weight from the bottom up. First, missing legs, arms and stomach tightened, and only at the last moment the person loses weight. However, a person "live" a few, and now you have a person with unnecessary "fat folds" and "sides".

But do not despair: some effort you can achieve good results. There is aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face, which can quickly lead to puffy face shape - it's called "feysbilding" (similar to bodybuilding). Author of this technique - Carole Maggio (some sources claim that her last name is correctly written with two "e" - Maddzhio).

The first steps in this field were made by Carol Maggio over twenty years ago, when her husband - a man simple and straightforward - she said that she was very bad look. Tell me, what woman would not fell in prostration and shock after these words? Many have rolled scandal husband and disappointed in life, but not Carol. She chose to focus its energies on the creation of a complex exercise for the skin and muscles of the face. By analogy with the way we train the body, she decided that it is possible to carry out training of facial muscles and correcting skin condition.

 Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face Carole Maggio

How to do aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face

Aerobics face Carol Madge specially designed separately for women and men. She can deal with, since twenty-five years. With these exercises, you can work out all the muscles of the face and neck. Incidentally, an interesting fact - fat people are making visible to the naked eye, the results faster than lean people, and the first effect can be seen within a week. In order to achieve results as soon as possible follow the suggestions below a set of exercises twice a day, and pretty soon your face will become more fit and slim. Carole Maggio Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face consists of a series of simple exercises:

  • Perform this exercise can be both lying and sitting. Slightly open your mouth and lips tighten into force of the upper and lower teeth. Wave the easy hands over his face. At this point, connect to exercise the power of their brain. Mentally imagine how your skin is tightened and his face becomes elastic. Look up and imagine that your skin tends to look for. This simple exercise you need to perform light burning in the muscles of the face. Then relax. To relieve stress, Blow gently in front of him.
  • Stir the lower jaw. To this end, his head thrown back, try to capture the upper jaw, pushing a little chin.
  • When tightly closed teeth lower the force of muscle down his lower lip.
  • Lowers and raises the corners of the mouth.
  • Lean chin in his hand. Lower chin firmly and exert myself resistance arm. This is an excellent 30-second exercise for those who have a sedentary job.
  • Commit bowed his head in different directions.
  • Hold a pencil in his mouth and try to write something to them in the air, such as its name.
  • Exercises to help correct the shape of the nose. Press your index finger from the bottom to the tip of the nose so as to lift it up and hold it in this position. Then pull the upper lip to the teeth and how to pull the downwards. You can also omit the nostrils - the tip of the nose at the same time to move down. Remain at this position for a second. Then you need to relax your lips. Repeat twenty-five times, and each time push your finger down the tip of the nose.

A good result can give a regular two-minute massage chin. In the morning, washing up, take a small towel over the edge. You can pre-moisten it in some herbal infusion. And sharply stretching it a person, do Clap movement of the chin. And do not forget to periodically use a face mask with lifting effect. All these activities will give your face a complex harmony and firmness.

Aerobics for the face can be different and the system Carole Maggio - is not the only method. Like any other training, the main thing here - a systematic and regular exercise. Feysbilding proven effective, especially if on the other side of the scale is such a dangerous thing as plastic surgery. He did not give any side effects and thus accessible to everyone. That is why Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face by the method of Carole Maggio can be recommended to anyone who wants to turn back the clock to regain youth and change the features of his face.

 Carole Maggio: Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face

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 Belly dance - a symbol of femininity and passion

Since ancient times, belly dance embodies sexuality and attractiveness of the female body. Over time, the name of this dance has undergone some changes: it is now in most cases, not only as a fitness bellydance. After moving to clubs, he won the hearts of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, becoming for their fitness for the body and soul.

Fitness bellydance has some unique features: first, all the movements during the dance performed by the principle "from simple to complex", and, secondly, the rules of construction ligaments borrowed from aerobics. Himself a lesson, usually based on the techniques of classical belly dance, but it will pass without interruption in an intensive mode, which is certainly a significant physical activity.

How useful Fitness bellydance?

  • effectively relieves stress
  • contributes to the harmonious change in figures
  • It increases the elasticity of the abdominal muscles
  • It stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract
  • strengthens the back muscles
  • increases blood circulation in the pelvic area
  • increases self-esteem
  • It eases pain during menstruation

What clothing is suitable for employment?

The most convenient way to engage in a soft sports pants and short top, opening the abdomen as possible. As for shoes, it is better not to wear sneakers. The best option - ballet flats or even in some socks.

Using jangling belt will add some magic to dance, and his owner - an unusual charm. In the absence of such an accessory, you can replace bright kerchief tied at the hip.

How is the Fitness bellydance?

In the beginning, it held a 10-minute workout to warm up the muscles. The bulk of the training is dedicated to exploring previously studied the movements and learning new ones. Classes for beginners focus is on shaky images and perform basic setting body. At the end of the training conducted relaxation exercises that help relieve fatigue and muscle recovery.

Dreaming attract the attention of men? Would you like to have been directed at you admiring glances from the opposite sex? Then sign up for belly dancing and conquer their hearts!

 Belly dance - a symbol of femininity and passion

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 foundation makeup


  • Tonal basis
  • Dust
  • Rouge
  • Eyes and lips

"They say that in France, women spend on cosmetics more than the state of the army. But they and wins more »Ioannina Ipohorskaya

Makeup has long been an integral part of the lives of millions of women. Daily 15-20 minutes, held at the mirror, become something of a magical ritual. And this is understandable. After all, with the help of simple techniques it is possible to correct all the "flaws" of nature. And women tend to strive for excellence. But in order to understand all the subtleties and nuances of this art is necessary to start to learn the basics of make-up. And, of course, know when to stop and be guided by the rule that has long taken the weapons doctors - do no harm. Because the right makeup should emphasize your natural beauty, not hide it under a thick layer of "plaster". Let's start from the beginning.

Before proceeding with the "religious rite" need to carefully prepare the face. This step is in any case not to be missed. Otherwise, you just do not get the desired effect. First, clean your face and remove excess sebum using cotton pad and tonic. Of course, it must be chosen according to your skin type. Blot the face with a soft cloth and let it dry out a bit. Then - all the cream. Suitable usual day. After his application to wait for 10-15 minutes - the cream should be fully absorbed. Well - now you are ready. Attack?

Tonal basis

The first step is the application of tonal resources. Modern cream not only provides your skin with a fresh new look, but also protects it from ultraviolet radiation and other harmful influences, moisturizes, smoothes the top layer and prevent premature aging. However, at this stage, and it may be the most mistakes. If you overdo it and take too many bases, your face will resemble a lifeless mask. You do not want to look like a mummy, right? And with the choice of color is important not to make a mistake.

The main thing - remember that the purpose of foundation - not to change your natural complexion, thought, unfortunately, very much. His task - to neatly cover up all the small flaws that have virtually everyone - pimples, red spots, areas with pigmentation disorders, small scars. That is why the foundation should be the same as the color of your skin.

The next step - applying means. Here, too, has its own nuances. Take the sponge and lightly moisten it with water or tonic. Put a little cream on the cheeks and the middle of the forehead. Even fewer - on the chin and nose. Gently, without pressing, spread the foundation, moving from the center and following the massage lines. Try not to touch the roots of the hair. Particular care should be a means to shade in the neck and lower face. Make sure that the borders are not visible. If you find that caused too much cream - remove the excess, easily touching the face with a cotton pad.

 important foundation makeup


The next important step in applying makeup - this powder. It gives stability of makeup, eliminates unwanted shine and facilitates the application of the following elements make up. However, here, too, it may be a lot of mistakes. After the excess powder unprofitable underlines everything, even the tiniest and subtle wrinkles and dry out the skin. In order to avoid all these errors offensive enough to learn simple rules.

Color powder should best meet your natural skin color and therefore creams. Never apply the powder to the area around the eyes - this is where the first wrinkles appear. You do not want to stress this, right? Powder should impose a special wide brush, moving from the periphery to the center. Be sure to put it on the chest area. If you find that the powder was too much - do not worry. Take a clean - always great! - Hand and walk her in the face and neck.

By the way, a brush for powder should be cleaned regularly, and then thoroughly dried. If this is not done, the sebum will inevitably fall into the substance and your skin will look shiny and oily. Well, and in special cases - to create air, "heavenly" way - you can use a special shimmering powder. Just put it on his shoulders, temples, cheeks and décolleté. Small glowing particles will not give you a chance to go unnoticed - you will always be in the spotlight!


Blush, without exaggeration, is - absolutely magical means. With their help, you can create the desired contour of the face and even adjust its size. Of course, if you know how to properly handle them! It is too bright, red cheeks make you look like a traditional Russian matryoshka doll. Of course, it is not without charm, but to call it an ideal female beauty is still hardly anyone dares ... Besides, brightly painted cheekbones frankly older.

How to choose the right blush? Of course, they must be combined with your lip gloss or lipstick - this time. Two - they must comply with the natural color of your skin. And, for owners of light skin is absolutely unacceptable bright blush. Choose natural shades - so that they are virtually invisible on the face. And here at the "smuglyanok" a much wider scope for creativity - they can easily afford to intense and saturated colors.

To properly applying blush, there are special brushes - thick, with rounded edges. Before applying another careful look at yourself in the mirror and try to remember where there is a natural blush when you are hot, you are excited or embarrassed. It should be put back and blush. Typing them, shake the brush to remove excess. Wide circular motion, apply a cosmetic from the middle of the face to the hairline and then down to the jaw.

 foundation makeup rules

Eyes and lips

Perhaps the most important thing in the eye make-up - is to choose the right color. The shadows have come to his eyes. However, this does not mean that they have to repeat the tone of the iris - in this case you get instead expressive eyes colorless spot. Give preference to the tone that accentuate the natural light and enhance the attractiveness of your "mirror of the soul."

Another point to be considered - the shade of gray and blue hues may inadvertently stress circles and bags under the eyes, giving you a tired and haggard appearance. It absolutely does not mean that from them is to completely abandon - just be careful to choose the shade and should not "overdo it." If you - a lover of eyeliner, make sure you do it completely. Otherwise, make-up will seem incomplete, and your eyes will look much smaller than they really are.

Well, on the lips. First you need to decide on the tone - even at noon on a burning brunette too bright lipstick will look inappropriate and vulgar. With its something more natural. Never attempt to draw the outline of the natural border of the lips - it should take place strictly according to it, otherwise it will look ugly and weird. Pencil should always be lighter than the lipstick - it will give your lips extra volume.

As you can see, master the art of make-up is quite capable of any woman - would have little time and desire! A little practice - and you always will be irresistible, and men begin to fit into dense piles directly at your feet. In the end - we are worse than French women? Yes, absolutely nothing!

 Makeup Basics - Not Born Beautiful

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