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  • Mixed skin: what is it?
  • How to choose cosmetic products for the care of combination skin?
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Owners combined skin care product to choose is not easy. They know the typical problems of dry type, such as scaling, tightness and excessive sensitivity. But it is necessary to use the cream to over-dry the skin like the face will shine and the "black spots". Mixed skin requires special care - the only way it will always look healthy and well-groomed.

Mixed skin: what is it?

Combination skin type can combine the lack of moisture in some areas of the face and increased excretion of fat - in the other. "Dry" usually the cheeks and forehead, nose and chin suffer from an excess of sebum. What is surprising, since it was in the T-zone face the greatest number of sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is typically "choose" pimples and blackheads. Caring for combination skin is quite complicated - how to choose the means suitable for all skin types, "neighborhood" in your face?

Combination skin can be quirky gift of nature, and may be a consequence of improper care. Whatever type of skin you do not have abuse scrubs, alcohol-based tonics and gels for washing with fruit acids play with you a malicious joke. Because it is so important to properly care for the face and to strike a balance by using's Skin Care.

The appearance of inflammatory cells and "black spots" due to the fact that sebum quickly absorbs dirt, thus remove it from the skin is problematic. The remains secret, mixed with dust, dirt and remnants of makeup "absorbed" into the large pores (characteristic, again, mixed skin). Oxidize when exposed to air, they are "converted" to the contents of acne.

How to choose cosmetic products for the care of combination skin?

Combination skin "absorbed" into itself all the capriciousness of dry type. It is very sensitive to the components of creams and lotions that can cause allergies. Put her tonic with oil content - and in the morning your face will be "decorated" a few acne. When you choose a cosmetic note: a part has to be kept to a minimum number of parabens, palm oil, preservatives and all sorts of perfumes. They interfere with the skin to "breathe", covering it with a thin film that clogs pores and provokes subcutaneous inflammation.

In fact, you need to pick multisredstva having opposed, at first glance, the following properties: moisturizing (the key to the young and fresh mind), matting (getting rid of the fat shine and enlarged pores), power (prevention of peeling and dehydration of the upper layers of the epidermis). The easiest way to find a cream with such properties - suitable jar, which will be given "a moisturizer for oily skin" or "seboreguliruyuschy nourishing cream." Rarely, but still can be seen on the shelves of beauty boutiques "intellectual cream" - matting the T-zone and cheeks moisturizing. In general, these "wonder drug" produced luxury brands. But with the selection of a tonic or a means to make-up remover, the situation is much more complicated. Not to be trapped in the midst of the cosmetic variety, you need to consider in more detail the nuances of the selection of individual funds for the care of mixed skin.

 care for mixed skin

Moidodyr: nuances cleansing combination skin

Cleansing facial skin are available in a variety of forms - from ordinary soap to the two-phase oil. For gentle and at the same time you need a deep cleansing foam or gel. To use once a week buy peeling or exfoliating cream with fine polyethylene granules. Apricot pits or ground walnut shells, much-loved manufacturers scrubs, left on the skin microtrauma, which contributes to the appearance of inflammation.

To cleanser helped decontaminate the skin, inflammation drying and open the pores in its structure should be tea tree oil, eucalyptus or lemon juice. To wash you need two, maximum - three times a day. From what you ten times a day rub the face with soap and water, the skin will produce oil with double force. For deep, but not traumatic cleaning, use a sponge or soft brush for washing. Use it to clean skin in the T-zone. Scrub Apply on clean skin and massage lines distributed over a circular motion for 3-4 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat the skin with a towel.

Remove makeup every night, in any case, do not be lazy. Use for these purposes lotion or cleansing foam. Apply a little money on a cotton pad and carefully clean the face with powder, mascara, shadows, lipsticks. Then wipe the face with a damp cloth.

For combination skin cleanser is a gel-mousse L'oreal Trio Active Balancing. It moisturizes dry skin, parallel matiruya fatty areas. It can be used to cleanse the skin in the eye area. The gel contains emollients, can be used in winter.

Lovers multifunctional cosmetics like Hydra-radiance «3 in 1» foaming cleanser from Decleor. This foam has a cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing action. It is rich in essential oils and extracts from fruits and plants. Remedy Decleor cleanse the T-zone of the sebaceous plugs and reduce the size of enlarged pores.

If you like unusual means of skin care, Darphin Aromatic Balm With Rosewood Sleansing to your taste. Custom cleaning agent for the structure of balm contains extract precious rosewood. 1-2 drops of the balsam should be mixed with cool water and apply on face.

At home, you can prepare the liquid for washing mixed skin. Grate ½ piece of children's soap, dilute the resulting chips in 200 ml. warm water, add freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon. Use the resulting composition instead of gel to cleanse the skin.

An excellent alternative to exfoliation will oatmeal. They are good clean pores, and the pores soften and reduce redness. 1 tbsp. l. cereal mix with 1 tablespoon serum or low-fat kefir and apply to the face as a normal scrub.

Universal tool for removing make-up will be cream or a decoction of medicinal herbs. Infusion of chamomile can be removed make-up, even with the eye. For combination skin will benefit as a decoction of plantain, calendula and yarrow.

Keep it in good shape: the tonic, suitable for combination skin

Using a tonic - a mandatory step care of your skin type. He is well pores after cleansing, tones and tightens the skin, dries pimples. "Alcohol" tonic completely deprives the upper layers of the epidermis moisture, which causes an increase of the sebaceous glands. After half an hour after you rub your skin with tonic disk, your face will look like a pancake, grease with butter. Therefore tonic for combination skin should be marked on the packaging «alcohol free». It should contain salicylic acid, propolis extract, witch hazel or other antibacterial components. If finances allow you to buy two types of tonics: moisturizing and matting. Second, apply only on the forehead, nose and chin.

Avene Cleanance Lotion-Toner Purifying thanks to the two-phase consistency gives your face matte and saves it for a long time due to the absorbent particles. By applying this lotion twice a day, in two weeks you get rid of the inflammation. In addition, it moisturizes the skin by pumpkin oil and thermal water present in the composition.

Tonique Douceur Alcohol-Free Freshener from the world famous cosmetic brand Lancome does not cause any allergic reactions. The basis of it is specially purified water, infused with rose petals and elderberry. Tonic does not violate the lipid balance combination skin. The extracts of pineapple and papaya have excellent firming and smoothing effect.

Home tonic for combination skin happens if you mix ½ cup chopped cucumber pulp with 2 bags of acetylsalicylic acid, and 1 cup of boiled water. Put the resulting composition in the refrigerator for two hours, then strain the liquid through a clean gauze.

Sea salt - the best ingredient for the manufacture of hand-made tonic for your skin type. 2 tbsp salt stir until completely dissolved in 150 g. cool water. If you regularly suffer from small rashes and acne, add 20 drops of tincture of calendula.

 Combined facial skin care

Basic care

Day cream should have matting and moisturizing properties. For skin, normal on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone, preferably a gel - it is quickly absorbed and will be an excellent base for make-up. Full agent should also have a degree of protection against ultraviolet rays size 15-20 units. If you are 25 years old, choose a cream, as a part of which has antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Ahava Essential Day Moisterizer has a light texture and contains the composition of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea. Get wet face cloth is not required because the cream is absorbed quickly enough. It can be used as night cream.

Janseen united in one tube of two tools - Day Cream for combination skin, and leveling a foundation. In the absence of any visible imperfections, he is quite able to replace the foundation of its action.

For combination skin with visible aging changes designed Bioclean Crème from Methode Cholley. The cost of funds is quite high but worth it. The unique formulation is based on the Swiss cream oligopeptide zinc and extract celandine. Lavender essential oil and vitamin complex soothes irritated skin and give it a fresh, rested appearance.

For evening use of the concentrated use means for solving the existing problems with the skin. "Pull" the dirt out of the pores to help the cream on the basis of blue clay, green tea and eucalyptus cope with acne and wrinkles fill collagen.

Acne Stop production company Hirudo Derm can be applied to portions of the nose, struck "black spots". To prevent further spread azelain help and bring leech extract toxins from deep layers of the skin. Use gel locally on some areas of the skin.

Clinique Repairwear Lift Firming Night Cream perfectly simulates the contour of the face and restores the skin, eliminating post-acne marks and acne. He "runs the" natural cellular mechanisms responsible for the production of elastin and collagen. The concentration of the active substances is quite high, so the cream is ideal for night use.

To prepare the cream for mixed skin itself, enough to mix 30 oz. palm oil with 10 drops of menthol oil, 20 drops of juniper oil and 2 tbsp. l. orange juice. On the fatty skin it is recommended to apply a thin layer of this cream for 10 minutes before you begin to make-up.

Means special purpose

Black Head Out Balm save situation if the "black spots" can not get rid of a person by any other means. The tool, similar in texture to plain Vaseline with a strong minty fragrance pushes the contents of the far outside. Apply a little balm on the wings of the nose, rinse after 15 minutes.

Night Mask Baviphat Apple Therapy Sleeping Pack - an innovative tool that combines the intense action of the mask and the delicate creamy consistency. Apple essence cleanses the skin of toxins, restores its natural radiance and gives silkiness. In the morning you will see in the mirror clean, matte face with bleached spots and no facial wrinkles.

 Caring for combination skin. Step by step

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