Care tree

Most of us choose a Christmas tree on a Christmas tree market - not in the near park to cut the green beauty. Choose a tree with a flexible and elastic branches - a sign of freshly sawn spruce, the old lady is easily distinguished by brittle and dry twigs - this tree we do not need, it is unlikely to survive the delivery of the apartment, will cover everything all around the needles, instead of fluffy branches leaving only the bars. If you buy a Christmas tree in advance, before the holiday leave it on the balcony, as, once in the heat, it quickly begins to dry and crumble.

How to maintain the beauty of the Christmas tree

And if in the forest for the Christmas tree courting frost kutaya her coat in the snow, the Christmas tree in the apartment starts to show all their capricious nature: it is hot in the room and get cold in the draft, also constantly thirsty.

But knowing a few rules, any whimsical Christmas tree will stand up to the Old New Year. First, strip the bark on the trunk of 10 centimeters, and then put a Christmas tree in a mixture of water and glycerol; Vodicka must be defended, and its level is higher than the cut-off of the cortex.

5 c. citric acid, 6 g. gelatin and 16 g. crushed chalk dissolved in 3 liters of water - this mixture is also fur-tree will stay longer beautiful. Just do not forget to remove the bark and add some water in a clean container as absorption.

The easiest way to preserve the beauty of fur-tree - is to put it in a bucket of wet sand, which added half a teaspoon of garden urea. But do not forget about the daily watering and spraying the branches, or the good of a bucket of sand will not.

A little aspirin in some water is detrimental to bacteria and is useful for Christmas trees; if you have decided to extend its beauty with the help of aspirin, then add more water and salt and sugar - to the tree than it was nourished.

It is often put in a tree stand or on the crossbar. How to be in this case? Give fur-tree warm drink some water with glycerol (a couple of hours is enough), and then fill it with wax or paraffin section.

But do not use all the recipes at the same time - just one tree that stood in the apartment until the 8th of March. This is not only a symbol of the New Year, but also a powerful source of positive energy, especially if the tree is in the right corner.

 Care tree

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 unauthorized food additives in Russia


  • but on the other hand
  • About permitted food additives
  • Prohibited noxious additives in Russia
  • The most dangerous food additives
  • Organic food - a relic of the past?
  • We are looking for a way out

Have you ever noticed how much accelerated pace of life in recent decades? A man is not always enough time. He is running somewhere in a hurry. Work occupies a large part of life and does not leave a free minute to family and friends. Moreover - even the food contemporaries try to buy off the shelf, so as not to stand for a long time at the stove. Of course, this step is well founded. People want to save more time for socializing. However, the impact on the health of semi-finished products is not the best way. Quality is controversial and fruit, decorating store windows at any time of the year. What can I say! Dangerous nowadays even considered products of animal origin, as many of them contain harmful food additives.

but on the other hand

Why is helpful before the food in the 21st century are a real threat to man? The fact is that more and more manufacturers are used in the production of special supplements, which increase the shelf life of food and enhance the palatability of products. I must admit that not all the harmful additives. Among them are relatively safe copies. But to determine which supplement is safe, and which resembles a time bomb, it is very difficult. Most people do not even pay attention to the composition of the product when taking it off the shelf in the supermarket. And it is not negligence. Just Russian residents are accustomed to, that they protect the public services quality control of food products. But always they are allowed to sell only natural products?

As is the case with that in other countries? Legislation of different countries, each in its own approach to this issue. In some States, some harmful additives are banned completely, while others are allowed a minor amount. Russia - is no exception. There are a lot of products authorized, the composition of which is just full of all sorts of additives. And determine whether they are harmful to health, can only be a special analysis in the laboratory.

About permitted food additives

Should I trust the opinion of experts, and to eat foods that contain permitted food additives? It is possible, but with caution. Because even they can cause significant harm to human health. After all, many of these supplements are considered acceptable for use only because it still has not been established level of their negative effects on the body. In fact, many food additives are permitted under certain conditions characteristic decay into highly toxic components.

Moreover decomposition can occur even under the influence of gastric juice or elevated body temperature. It is proved that many synthetic additives, food contact with all sorts of form chemical reactions, whose consequences for the person can be very unpredictable. Therefore, buying food, check back once again, do not contain any of your purchases harmful food additives.

We'll know in the face of the enemy

Let's say you've learned about the harm of food additives and are determined to eliminate these foods from your diet. How to distinguish among the many colorful boxes, placed on the shelves of the store, which product quality, and which will bring harm to the body? Elementary. All additives are identified by the manufacturer on the product packaging special letter "E". This is an international labeling of food additives. In addition to the lettering, the presence of additives also says digital three-digit code, each digit of which determines the assignment of specific additives.

Look closely at the digital code supplements. The unit here indicates the presence in the product colorants. Two of - the presence of preservatives, which enhance the shelf life of the product. Three symbolizes additive product oxidants that prevent its deterioration. If the product code begins with the number "four", he reports that the item has been added emulsifiers, maintaining its structure and code starting with the number "six" - the presence in the product flavor enhancers.

List of food additives

We invite you to explore the list of additives, which divides them into groups depending on the purpose:

  • E100 - E 199 - dyes
  • E200 - E 299 - preservative
  • E300 - E 399 - antioxidants
  • E400 - 59 E - stabilizers and emulsifiers
  • E600 - E 699 - flavor enhancers and flavor
  • E900 - £ 999 - and defoamers sweeteners

Maximum harmless to human health Russian international association recognized several kinds of additives. This additive E 200, which include sorbic acid, which is commonly added to frozen foods E 100 - natural dyes made from vegetable substances E 300 - ascorbic acid, present in bread, fruit and vegetable preserves. Moreover, not injurious to health additives E 326 and E 440 E 326 is a part of processed cheese and a salt of lactic acid and E 440 - a natural dietary fiber, which is most often produced from beets and apples.

An exception

There are a number of permitted food additives in Russia, which may be harmful to some people under certain circumstances. Therefore, if you suffer from some chronic disease, it is advisable to carefully read the following paragraph. A better - to rewrite the list of dangerous supplements for themselves.

  • E230, E231, E131, E160b, E132, E210, E311-313, E214, E232, E239 - cause allergic reactions.
  • E107, E122-124, E110, E155, E214 - may cause harm to people who are sensitive to aspirin.
  • E107, E102, E211-214, E155, E122-124, E221-227 - dangerous for asthmatics.
  • E103, E105, E123, E121, E125, E126, E142, E152, E130, E131, E153, E230-233, E210 -215, E924a, E924b - lead to the formation of malignant tumors in humans. In the area of ​​risk get people who are prone to the emergence of cancer.
  • E127 - disrupts the thyroid gland.
  • E407, E338-341, E461-466, E450-454 - cause indigestion.
  • E220, E171-173, E302, E510, E320-322, E518 - lead to kidney and liver.
  • E233 - dangerous for pregnant women, so the effect on fetal development.
  • E249, E296, E262, E310-312, E514, E320, E620, E623, E621, E626-635 - contraindicated in infants and small children.
  • E320-321 - adversely affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • E102, E110, E104, E122, E129, E124, E211 - these dietary supplements, according to British doctors, increase the excitability of the children, making them impulsive, quick-tempered, scatter the children's attention.
  • E220-E226 - lead to gastrointestinal disease.

 banned food additives

Prohibited noxious additives in Russia

With the permission of food additives understood. Now let's talk about those additives "E", which is officially banned in Russia.

  • E 121 - increases the risk of cancer
  • E 123; E 124; E 127; E 128 - causes allergic reactions
  • E 240; E 2216 - increases the risk of cancer, impairs vision, increases the risk of many diseases.

In fact, the list of prohibited additives in Russia is much more extensive:

E107, E103, E125, E128, E127, E140, E160d, E153-155, E160f, E173-175, E166, E180, E209, E213-219, E182, E225-228, E237, E238, E230-233, E241, E252, E264, E253, E281-283, E303, E305, E302, E308-314, E318, E317, E323-325, E343-345, E328, E329, E349, E355-357, E350-352, E359, E370, E375, E365-368, E381, E387-390, E384, E399, E408, E403, E409, E419, E418, E429-436, E446, E441-444, E462, E465, E463, E467, E476-480, E474, E482-489, E491-496, E512, E505, E519-523, E538, E541, E535, E537, E542, E554-557, E550, E552, E559, E560, E576, E574, E577, E580, E579, E622- 625, E629, E628, E632-635, E641, E640, E906, E913, E908-911, E916-919, E929, E922-926, E942-946, E959, E957, E1000, E1105, E1001, E1503, E1521.

Remember them, of course, impossible. But to write and carry store in the list of additives is not only feasible but also quite reasonable.

The most dangerous food additives

Everything is relative. The same applies to food additives. Some of them are allowed to receive food. Some supplements are banned, but their use is negligible relatively safe. And there are harmful food additives that negatively affect the human body. Meet them in Russia is practically impossible, since the legislation of Russia has imposed a ban on them. Remember, however, recommend a digital code that to protect themselves from the harmful effects of such dietary supplements:

  • E954 - saccharin;
  • E953 - izolmat;
  • E951 - aspartame.

How dangerous these supplements? As researchers found, they affect the vision, can cause swelling of the brain and trigger other diseases, some of which entail death. The aforementioned food additives are banned in food production completely.

Discussions about how harmful food additives, do not cease during the last two decades. And the loudest prove the safety of additives E is food manufacturers. It is understandable. The use of additives allows companies to improve the taste of products, increase the shelf life and significant savings in production. It does not frighten them and responsibility. Many large international companies easier to pay fines than to exclude from the production of additives, as their use is economically advantageous.

Organic food - a relic of the past?

All of us are used to eating yogurt unnaturally bright color, store the milk for six months without fear that it will be gone. But this is unnatural. Dairy products tend to quickly turn sour and fruit additives do not have the intense flavor and smell. All these tricks of the chemical industry. A eco-friendly food products meet today less and less. In addition, the cost is so high that the majority of Russia's population forced to prefer foods with preservatives, because they are much cheaper.

By purchasing products in stores, consumers, anyway, buy with them different colors. emulsifiers, stabilizers and other synthetic. Food additives currently there are over a thousand, is relatively safe from them is only a few dozen.

Of course, the majority of producers in their advertising campaigns claim that a particular product is environmentally friendly and healthy. Are these statements true? We advise you to check the words of producers and carefully study the composition of selected food items. Do not forget that the risks to their health, who uses them. In addition, harmful food supplements that we eat can be harmful not only for us but also for future generations.

 list of banned food additives

We are looking for a way out

Once you have realized the danger of food additives, before you question arises: how to avoid it? It is especially concerned about young mothers whose children are growing up in modern products, stuffed with all sorts of preservatives. Meanwhile, to reduce the risk of poisoning food additives can be. What to do?

  1. Prefer homemade food. Do not be lazy to prepare their own meals.
  2. Carefully study the composition of the label. Carry a list of harmful food additives to avoid purchasing hazardous to health.
  3. Do not buy products that are painted in an unnaturally bright colors. They are likely to contain a large number of dyes.
  4. Long-life goods have also speaks about the presence of preservatives. Therefore, if the package says that yogurt can be stored in the refrigerator for a month, think about it: Is there any milk in the composition of fermented milk product?
  5. Try not to buy semi-finished products. Typically, such products contain a large amount of stabilizers or preservatives.

Be healthy!

The most important rule of life in the 21st century - is not knowledge of the list of harmful food additives and cautious purchases, and the desire to be healthy. The man who set a positive, always find a way out of any situation. Will every day to cook for her family homemade food. Buys infield and will grow vegetables on their own. Or learn how to ferment yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream making. And if we admit the existence of food additives in their diet, it is only in the form of dietary supplements - mineral dietary supplements. The options can be mass. Outcome one - you stay healthy and happy person, but if you want it.

 The fact that we eat: food additives banned in Russia

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