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If you decide to get hardwood floors, you're probably asking yourself, how to take care of such a coating. Many people think that the care of parquet - it is a long and laborious process, but it is actually not that difficult.

For example, during normal daily cleaning you can simply vacuum or sweep the floor with a soft brush. But what to do with scratches and deep soil with a broom who just can not cope? Try to understand how to maintain and care for the parquet.

With proper use and care, warm and comfortable parquet floor will serve you more than 60 years. Parquet lends itself to restoration by grinding. Caring for such a coating is quite simple, but changes in temperature and humidity can have a negative impact on it. Particularly susceptible to damage parquet flooring in the wet autumn and spring. Different wood reacts differently to changes in temperature, most stable flooring from oak.

There are several types of parquet flooring: boards, mosaic, piece and flooring. The most familiar - block parquet, it can be seen in most homes.

Parquet floor - universal, it consists of separate boards or planks. The color and shade of parquet depends on the properties of wood, from which made flooring. Typically, parquet floors made of hardwood oak, ash, hornbeam, beech. For the manufacture of flooring can be applied to other types of wood: birch, pine, larch. But such floors have a big drawback - it quickly damaged and care for them much more difficult.

Parquet floors can be used in premises for any purpose. Whether it is a bedroom, kitchen or living room, it is only necessary to choose the right type of coverage and type of wood. For wet areas should be used brand flooring Chapel Parcket. This flooring is made of solid wood and impregnated with a special compound that helps prevent the harmful effects of moisture. For frequented the premises it is also desirable to use a massive floorboard hardwood.

Parquet floors - fun is not cheap, but will last you a decade.

Prevention and protection of parquet

When using parquet after a while on the surface there are micro-scratches, abrasions and other imperfections. This is inevitable, but can delay the occurrence of damage as possible on a longer term. To do this, follow a few simple rules and use high-quality care for the parquet.

To preserve the paint film can be used wax polish, parquet oils similar preparations highly diluted varnish.

The best solution in the care of parquet - it is possible to prevent damage and deterioration factors floors. Of course, the best way to protect - it's the carpets in front of the door and inside the house. That way you prevent dirt and excess moisture on the floor and entering it directly into the flooring.
Desirable to protect floors from scratches, dents and wear. It is useful to stick to furniture legs felt soft "steps." Avoid walking on the parquet on stiletto heels - it can damage the surface of the parquet.

Parquet boards should be operated at a temperature of + 20-24 C, humidity of 60%. Wood for the manufacture of flooring is very sensitive to climate change - it may cause deformation of the parquet.

It is important to know how to clean flooring. Caring for flooring, avoid water. The wood is very responsive to the humidity, so when cleaning the floor do not use much water, use it only for wet rags. Suffice it to spray water from the sprinkler. Cloth for cleaning the floor must be damp enough to not leave on the floor of excess moisture.
It is important to remember: the floor should become dry in just a minute after the cleaning. If the water is spilled on the parquet floor, immediately wipe off it.

Cleaning parquet

Start by describing the care of parquet floors, lacquered.

Wet cleaning of the parquet floor, which for the first time or the second time lacquered, is not recommended. For cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, as long as the paint will not gain strength. Skid furniture into the room with parquet flooring, it is necessary only after two weeks of painting parquet. On furniture legs stick lining of felt, and under the wheels of furniture puts special plastic steps (you can buy them in any household store).

Once every 5-10 years varnished parquet needs to be updated: sanding and re-varnishing. To do this it is necessary, because if the paint is completely erased - wood will darken and change it will not be in any way. In some cases, you can remove the darkening via sanding, but with a significant darkening it does not help. Replace damaged the pieces of flooring can be, but where is the guarantee that you pick the exact same shade of wood flooring? You can replace a patchwork flooring, but it is likely that they will be very noticeable.

Parquet, oiled, requires almost the same care as lacquered. Parquet can be vacuumed clean. Wet cleaning is carried out only with special chemicals, but not water. Update the protective layer parquet oiled must once in 6-8 months, without prior grinding. Sex requires the use of the same felt footboards and mats as floor varnished.

Laminate flooring (laminate) also requires special care. He can not tolerate exposure to water Moving the furniture, pins and attempts to clean his powders and alkali. It is preferred to carry out the dry cleaning and treatment with the help of special tools. There are special sprays for the care of laminate flooring. And in any case, do not use to care for laminate cleaner with steam cleaning system. If heavy dirt or grease stains on it, you need to use liquid soap and toothpaste for care laminate.

 care products for flooring

Care parquet

Very often, parquet boards shrivel and swell, making an unpleasant creaking. It is derived from non-compliance with moisture and temperature conditions, as mentioned earlier. There are several ways to create an optimum temperature in the room. First, get plenty of green plants. They are natural regulators of the climate. Secondly, aquariums, indoor fountains help control the humidity in the air, and your flooring will remain unharmed.

One of the most injury-prone areas of the parquet floor - in front of the threshold at the entrance to the room from the street. Purchase two mat: hard to remove solid particles from the shoe dirt and soft - to absorb the dirt and wet slush. This simple purchase will help you prevent damage to the parquet floor.

Dust parquet one of the most harmful factors. Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to help cope with the "enemy of the parquet." Wipe the floor with a damp (but not wet) cloth.

Select for walking on soft warm house slippers. So you will avoid scratches on your favorite parquet floors.

Laminated flooring is recommended to wipe with a soft cotton cloth, soft brush or a well-wrung cloth. In no case do not use abrasives. It is not recommended to clean hardwood floors using a detergent or cleaning agent for dishes, as well as chemical solvents, alcohol and gasoline.

It should not be a weekly general cleaning parquet. Thorough cleaning is needed only when the flooring is very dirty or has hardened mud stains that are hard to wash off in normal cleaning. Only in this case, use a paste or a special stain remover for lacquered floor. Caring for hardwood floors every day should be soft and not too intense, otherwise you simply ahead of time erase coating.

When small scratches on the parquet surface, immediately use a special regenerative toothpaste intended for decoration parquet floors. Restoring paste is applied on the floorboard with a spatula, immediately remove excess paste. If damage to the parquet deeper used fine grinding and subsequent varnishing of the parquet floor.

Means for the cleaning of parquet

For regular cleaning of the parquet floor from dirt and dust using special tools for cleaning parquet - Cleaner. They may be in the form of concentrates or aerosols. Qualitative detergents to care for hardwood floors are neutral to the composition of the varnish, which is covered with parquet, they do not leave streaks on the floor and the next.

To protect the flooring from damage protective equipment intended for the care of parquet: soluble wax and polishes. Parquet with oiled oil can be used, matt and gloss polish.

There are several proven techniques for the care of parquet. One of the best professional tools is Aqua Sport Wood Flor Cleaner, manufactured in the USA. This tool can be used for daily cleaning of the parquet floor. It means to care for flooring designed for cleaning all types of parquet and other wooden surfaces from dirt and grease. Also it is used for cleaning floors before secondary lacquering or coating on the surface of protective means. This detergent dries quickly and does not require rinsing.

Well-proven tool for cleaning varnished parquet company Rubi (production: Spain). This neutral detergent evaporate pretty quickly and does not cause damage to the parquet. This is one of the best ways to care for hardwood floors. The facility fresh citrus aroma and is, perhaps, ideal for everyday care for hardwood floors.

A good cleaner parquet Glutoclean Pufas, Ukrainian production. It easily removes dirt, polishing marks and scratches from walking on heels, as well as oil and grease contamination. The tool is very refreshing floor and keeps the natural appearance of the laminate.

Great water cleaner with a soft parquet effect - Loba ParckettCare. It is ideal for use in a residential area. It has a pleasant and fresh scent. This cleanser removes dirt and grease stains, it is recommended to clean the flooring of the floorboard, all types of flooring and resilient floor coverings. It is cheap and quality cleaner parquet floors.
After applying Loba ParckettCare, it is recommended to use a colorless wax polish Loba ParckettWax. The tool closes the open pores of the coating and protects the floor from contamination. In addition, the parquet floor polish will give shine and helps protect against moisture. Such comprehensive care will help keep your hardwood floor in perfect condition.

Cleaning the parquet floor - easier than carpet cleaning. If you follow the simple rules listed, eliminate the impact of harmful factors, and will only use high-quality tools for cleaning flooring, the care of the coating will not cause you any problems. That's all you need to know to parquet served you for many decades. Keep the your parquet floors, and they are a long time remain beautiful.

 Care parquet

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