Caramel hair removal at home

  • Pros and cons of "sweet" epilation
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Advertising in magazines and on television is replete with suggestions of various means for hair removal. And this is understandable - always demand creates supply. After all, every woman wants to be the owner of a silky and smooth skin. In addition, it is fashionable, it is also aesthetically pleasing, because hardly a bikini will look beautiful on a woman who neglects bikini waxing, as well as a short skirt in the presence of excessive vegetation on their feet. That is why for many years struggling with the beautiful hair on the body in all possible ways. History of depilation goes back to the mists of time, different people used different methods of hair removal. In the course were infusions of herbs, resins and more. For many years it has been a popular method of hair removal hair removal with hot wax.

Pros and cons of "sweet" epilation

Recently gaining popularity very quickly caramel hair removal and hair removal with honey. However, as with all updates cosmetology, debating about it, discussed the positive and negative sides, which is waxing with caramel. In order to objectively evaluate all the advantages of this method, you need to learn more about the technique by which hair removal is performed caramel. Better yet, try that hair removal is sweet on their own experience. It's no wonder they say: "it is better to see once ..."

Beauticians emit only a few cases in which the caramel hair removal is contraindicated in:

  • You spent a lot of time on the beach or in the solarium? Before hair removal will be made caramel, carefully inspect the skin at the intended hair removal: if there are traces of UV rays - redness, peeling and bubbles - epilation should not do.
  • If you are a diabetic, you should consult with your doctor about what you will not do harm to your health waxing with caramel.
  • Caramel hair removal is not permitted if the recipe caramel implies the presence of a component such as honey, people who suffer from allergic reactions to honey.

Numerous positive responses of women using caramel for depilation, characterize the procedure at its best. All women are the following advantages possessed even sweet, but still hair removal, which is painful enough by itself:

  • Waxing hair removal honey and caramel at home is very convenient, it does not require the possession of special skills.
  • The caramel used for depilation, is not, in contrast to the wax, fat-soluble. Due to this property, caramel penetrates the hair follicle and pulls it, and not to break off, as wax. Hair grows much more slowly, gradually become thinner over time virtually disappear.
  • Due to the fact that the hair does not break off, almost completely exclude the possibility of ingrown hairs.
  • Very often after waxing bikini women suffer not only skin irritation, and even strong enough tissue swelling that can keep for several days. Caramel hair removal, even at home, less painful and does not cause such a strong reaction of the skin.
  • It is very convenient to the fact that prior to epilation caramel, unlike waxing, without the need for reducing the length of the hair. You can immediately start the procedure of hair removal.
  • Before the advent of caramel hair removal women suffering from such a disease as varicose veins or who have loose skin, they were unable to carry out waxing. Caramel depilation does not require heating to high temperatures, which allows the use of this method in the above groups of women. In addition, if caramel hair removal can not be afraid of the appearance of spider veins on the skin.
  • If you caramel hair removal removes not only unwanted hairs, but the horny layer of the skin, that is doing a kind of peeling. As a result, the skin is not just a smooth and velvety and soft to the touch.
  • To remove the residue after the waxing with caramel skin simply rinse it with water. You can also apply to the places subjected to hair removal, any moisturizer that will help a lot faster to remove redness, resulting from irritation of the skin.

 Caramel hair removal at home

How to cook caramel hair removal

To make sweet waxed, it is not necessary to go to the salon. Caramel hair removal at home will not cause any difficulties, even if you have never done anything like this. We ate you decide that you need the caramel hair removal - recipe of the caramel and the principle of hair removal are described below.

The most important thing you need to know - is how to cook the caramel for depilation. You should not fear that you have something does not turn out. In fact, easy to cook caramel hair removal - the recipe is very simple. In addition, hair removal caramel completely available - the recipe includes low-cost components. You'll need the following ingredients:

  • Sugar - 100 grams. You can use both regular sugar and cane.
  • Water - 100 grams, you can use ordinary tap water.
  • In some cases, when preparing caramel hair removal in the recipe for how to cook the caramel for depilation, included this ingredient as citric acid. Citric acid is used in cases where the produced caramel epilation bikini at home.

All the ingredients are put in an enamel container, carefully using a mixer or a halo, mix until smooth. Then bring the mixture to a boil in a water bath. The mixture must be constantly stirring, until then, until the sugar has dissolved completely.

Once the desired consistency is reached, the mixture must be removed from the heat and put to cool. Once the pasta has cooled, it will resemble gum. You need to put candy on the proposed location of depilation and leave for a minute. After this sharp movement remove the caramel. At the plate candies are removed unwanted hair. During the waxing bikini is not recommended to treat a large area of ​​skin at the same time. It is better to remove the hair, pre-treatment zone dividing into small portions.

 Caramel hair removal at home

Hair removal honey at home

Honey is in demand not only for the sweet tooth. Epilation honey at home has widespread popularity, as well as the caramel epilation at home. Depilation honey based on the same principle as caramel epilation only used in the preparation of paste slightly different components:

  • Natural honey - 200 grams. You can use absolutely any honey - linden, buckwheat, honey from clover.
  • Fresh juice of three lemons.

Honey and lemon juice mix, bring to a boil over low heat. Not polzuёtes neemalirovannoy iron cookware. After that, put the honey cool. Hair removal honey at home along the same technology as the waxing with caramel. Once again, note that the hair removal honey is strictly forbidden for people prone to allergic reactions.

If you do not run the risk of spending caramel hair removal at home, you can do it in a beauty salon. Unfortunately, this method of hair removal has not yet reached such popularity as waxing. So far in any beauty salon is this service. However, if you show a little patience, you are sure to reach your goals and find a beautician who is familiar with the technique of the hair removal. Your persistence will be rewarded with the perfect condition of your skin!

 Caramel hair removal at home

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 salon treatments a


  • Combined pedicure
  • Spa manicure
  • Peeling fruit acids
  • Mesotherapy
  • Lymphatic care
  • SPF - protection

Today, beauty salons offer a huge variety of treatments for face and body. Not surprisingly, you can easily get lost. Each procedure has its positive qualities. And to help you understand them, we have decided to tell you about the most popular.

Combined pedicure

After a long summer walks in open sandals and flip-flops is probably familiar to many problems such as corns and cracks on the feet, and the question arises, how to bring order to his feet at one time? Then come to the aid of a miracle procedure - combined pedicure. Its main advantage - it is universal, because It includes different technologies pedicure (classic trim, hardware and Spas). Experienced master will select the program individually for the client, depending on the condition of the skin on different parts of the foot. The whole procedure takes no more than 2 hours, and the result is fun and will surpass all expectations! You will only within one month to the next procedure, regularly lubricate the legs cream, which the master is required to recommend for home use.

Spa manicure

Leisure at sea, work on the dacha, or simply staying in the summer sun, of course, you pretty dry skin and nails. And it was the hand is always in sight and that the hands give first age of any woman. And therefore require particularly careful care, and anxious care. Do not limit yourself to just a hygienic procedure, be sure to treat yourself to a spa manicure! Peeling, nourishing and moisturizing mask with paraffin and, of course, massage with aromatic oils - this is what will make your hands pretty, soft, skin smooth, soft and well-groomed and nails - healthy and strong.

 salon treatment

Peeling fruit acids

As the name implies, it is performed using acids of the fruits of .  The idea itself is not new, but the procedure is very effective and useful, especially in autumn when the period of summer vacation ended, with all its positive emotions and stress for the skin (and that really must admit - for the whole body) effects .  Like the ancient Egyptian technology, and now peeling is based on 5 types of acids: glycolic, Rush, lactic acid from milk, lemon-out of all citrus, apple and grape-wine and fermented from grapes .  With acid peels can achieve incredible results - tighten the skin, get rid of wrinkles, cleanse the pores, lighten freckles and age spots, and all because acids have the ability to penetrate down to the dermis - the deepest layers of the skin .  Depending on the complexity of the problem, peeling done in one or two or more steps, and always under the supervision of a beautician .

Acid peeling procedure can not be performed in a sunny time of year - spring and summer, but autumn and winter - it's time to please his skin to fruit acids!


Young skin you want to keep for years to come, and to resort to surgery, not every dare, and a great number of contraindications. To help those who seek to maximize young people without operations and created mesotherapy. In fact, this stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular level by injection mezokokteyl - pharmaceuticals, rich complex of vitamins and active substances that derive excess liquid, toxins and stimulate cell renewal. Mesotherapy, thanks to the introduction of deep into the skin, can give a very stable result and help get rid not only of the aging of skin, but also from small scars and even deep wrinkles! The frequency of treatments depends on many subjective factors, so cosmetologist himself will tell you how often and in what doses must be administered mezokokteyl.

 salon treatment

Lymphatic care

This procedure is aimed at eliminating the stagnation of lymph in the body and correcting the contours of your body. The procedure involves wrapping various cosmetic products, based on algae and medicinal mud, chocolate and aromatic oils under a special film, followed by thermal exposure and modeling massage. The entire procedure takes about an hour. During this time, improves blood circulation, lymph flow, increases skin turgor - all this helps to significantly rejuvenate your skin and adjust the silhouette. Lymphatic drainage maintenance program should include such procedures 6-8 and independent choice of fat-burning or pull-up cosmetics.

Talking about the effect of the salon procedures, we must not forget that it is only temporary, if not keep it at home. Legs should be sure to lubricate the cream - moisturizer in the summer, in the winter - a nutrient for the night, and means to prevent sweating - after the morning shower. Hands must be lubricated cream after each wash and be sure to wear gloves during any household work using household chemicals!

SPF - protection

How would you try, but aging is irreversible, because its main factors - ultraviolet radiation, alas, it is difficult to avoid .  Especially when during the summer when the skin is oversaturated with ultraviolet light and loose, unpredictable autumn sun can cause great harm to the exposed areas of the body, namely the face, neck and arms .  So, the basic principles of SPF-treatment - is the protection, hydration, nutrition and toning .  Once selection of cosmetics should first determine tsvetotip your skin (there are 6, from albinos to Africans) and exposure pigmentation .  Cells that have received an overdose of ultraviolet light, begin to produce dermal melanin (brown pigment) to protect the upper layers of the skin, indicating that most of the struggle of the human organism with solar radiation than the rest, because prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation usually leads to disruption of the structure of the collagen fibers of the dermis, thereby reducing elasticity of the skin, which promotes the formation of wrinkles

During the summer, your protection factor creams should be at least 35, in the autumn - not less than 25-10.

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