Captain, smile!

  1. "Your report for the forthcoming negotiations should be on the table at the head of the next day. Suddenly announced that talks postponed for tomorrow, so everything should be ready by the morning. " Alas, such rotations have to be always ready: an unexpected rush jobs happen in every office. It is always better to finish ahead of an important document about a day before it is needed. The main principle - prudence. But, of course, the knowledge of this saying will not solve your problem now, when the report is not completed yet, but it is necessary to let the nurse at 8pm.

    What to do?

    Adapt to the situation. Documents with which we have to work, are not labeled "top secret"? You work in a closed enterprise? Then the paper in the bag - and run to the child! On the way, without losing time, call, wherever you can, look for an assistant, ready to feed the baby meal and bathe. It seems that 15 - year old daughter of the neighbors to look for ways to earn extra money? Of course, if the house is not necessary computer programs (by the way, why not?), Then the situation escalates.

    Lesson for the future: you and your home computer should be ready to ensure that the house you could not work as effectively as in the office. In general, if the house is not to finish the report turns out, this is the plan of action. Early in the morning and come to the office, including maximum speed, all finish. But for this it is important to agree with all the "team members": with her husband that he threw the child in the morning to grandma or a kindergarten or nanny - that she, too, came early.

  2. " The final meeting on the deal of the century not to be missed, but there is a call from kindergarten: a child - a temperature of 39 C! "We are all losing my mind when a child that - something is wrong, and we are not close. We urgently need to be there: come tearing save - included maternal instinct. And this reaction is normal, it is the inherent nature. And if the day before had been a sleepless night, the anxiety is compounded by general depression - and we are not able to adequately assess the situation.

    What to do?

    Stop blaming yourself. The kid got sick, not because you're a heartless mother, go to work, rather than patronize it all day. All children are ill - and the home, caring mothers, too. The child has fever, and in the garden or at home, he is no longer so important. Incidentally, in the garden there is a professional nurse, so what - there is a sense the child is even better. And certainly he would be safe before your arrival. (And if you are not sure, I was a kindergarten!).

    The final meeting will not last forever, in the evening you really find yourself at home. Try to take time off for tomorrow, to look after a sick kid and cheer him up. If not, the breaks (and they are in all, the most important meetings) grab the notebook and look for someone who can at least a day to sit with the child: mother, sister, friend.

  3. "A colleague fell ill, and now all of her work will fall on you. A key customer of the company is very angry and waiting for the report within 48 hours " .Neudivitelno That after the eve of the chief expressed her dissatisfaction with negotiations with key clients, colleagues decided to be ill ... Of course, she preferred not to risk workplace. After all, there will always be who insure it - even if you have agreed with the authorities of part-time working week, and tomorrow you off ...

    What to do?

    Be positive. Yes, you do not spend the day with your child, but put on hand on heart, whether he really scary experience? He is only 1 year and a little - a little, and it is not distinguish weekdays - so tomorrow, for it will again Monday. With a nanny would be more difficult: it was she - knows the days of the week and its output are not easy to give up!

    Persuade: promise Award (reasonable), thanks to the response, a week in the Caribbean ... No, the Caribbean, this is probably unnecessary. But three tickets for her and her grandchildren on the fifth or a tenth of (how many of them there are only?) "Pirates of the Caribbean" as an incentive not to interfere. Especially if the boss then thank you for saving the company a small premium. And maybe increase: if your (and the nurse's) revenues may increase ... Overall, begged her to save your life (professional).

    Babysitting refuses inflexibility and rushed to the aid? We get the "magic" notebook full of phone cute, intelligent women who are ready to earn some money! And yet - an unexpected solution: maybe call your husband to work and affect the patient? ..

  4. "Visiting a workshop for your Department: 3 days, plus a flight to Cyprus. All is good, but how to keep the baby? " .Bezhim Plane, trying not to think about what the child is going to do and then how to push it in the usual framework. Or stay home and "pass the course." As well as an annual bonus ...

    What to do?

    Choose. But think about it: you deserve this seminar, more about vacation with girlfriends office and a full bed. It is only necessary to prepare everything so that your departure was as painless as possible for the child - and the one who stays with him (do not forget to bring a gift to this brave man!).

    Solemnly pass husband "magic" notebook. On the eve prepare all that you may need the baby: clothes, food, diapers, phone numbers of doctors. And do not worry: even if your absence will happen "crash", is a great opportunity for her husband to feel, how much you have to resolve!

  5. "In recent years, work has ceased to please: spiteful colleagues, head too picky. You go out there as hard labor ... " .These Feelings can be born only from fatigue. If you work a lot, and the house has a "second front", parental and household, have something to fall into depression.

    What to do?

    Do not dramatize. It is clear that it is easier said than done: the man is not a machine to switch the mood at will. Consoles himself with the thought that we do not go to work for us there loved, and to earn money and feel useful and important. Sometimes, of course, it is not as significant as we would like, but in the future we will surely be able to change it. But drastic changes need forces that yet. Prescribe yourself a recipe: tender game with the baby, instead of dinner "picnic" in front of TV with her husband, a good movie.

  6. "The company on the verge of bankruptcy, and soon you will find yourself without a job. The mere thought of outstanding credits is the horror " .Konechno, A family man in charge of the house, children, babysitter, dog, etc., to be without a job worse than alone. But a little light on those with whom it never happened: the collapse of the company, unexpected dismissal, the delay of salaries. So it is necessary to repeat to himself: "The trouble that we will survive! ".

    What to do?

    View and update your resume, hoping that you will soon be offered a place with the same duties, and also better paid. Regardless of the job search is necessary to adjust the family budget, adjust expenditure under the new situation: what expenses can be reduced, and which - even trim? See whether it is possible to restructure the loan: repayment period will be increased, but the monthly payments decrease. We regard the temporary as simple as an unexpected vacation you never know cases we have accumulated! In the end, it's time to analyze your skills and understand what kind of job I would like to have.

  7. "At 11 pm, the nurse calls and says that ill. Not one day " .People Are sick - sometimes. We'll have to stay at home - what can you do? All sounds logical, but not for your boss.

    What to do?

    Negotiate. Explain the boss that the presence in the office - that's not all. The main thing - our efficiency and performance. Especially when the nurse healed, we set to work with redoubled energy and catch up! The next time the boss is much calmer consideration to the fresh idea of ​​"work at home".

 Captain, smile!

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 proper immunity increase a child


  • Features of the immunity of the child
  • Factors affecting the strength of immunity child
  • A few more tips
  • Ways to enhance immunity
  • To summarize

The ability of any organism to withstand various bacteria is called immunity. For any mother is very important to the immune system of her child was very strong. Only a strong immune system is able to withstand the attack of various bacteria and infections. Now there is a huge amount of drugs and medications that can improve the immune system not only adult, but a small child. But apart from these drugs need to monitor the conditions in which your child lives, for his diet and lifestyle.

So, how to improve the immunity of the child? What factors should be taken into account and what to do?

Generally, there are several types of immunity.

One type is the so-called specific immunity. Only after people have been ill from a disease (German measles, chickenpox), produced this kind of immunity. By the way, depending on the severity of the disease immunity can persist for a lifetime, and maybe for a certain period of time.

While still finding child in the womb he formed the so-called non-specific immunity, which is innate.

In addition to these kinds of doctors, immunologists shared by all types of natural immunity (established only through the efforts of the body in contact with the causative agent of the disease) and artificial that appears after vaccination.

There is also an antimicrobial immunity. He fights with any agent of the disease and as a result destroys it. Antitoxic immunity opposed to a toxic waste product of decomposition and already dead pathogens.

 especially immunity in children
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Features of the immunity of the child

There are many reasons why the child's immune system may be reduced and the child will be vulnerable to any disease. Among these reasons can be identified poor diet, lack of vitamins needed by the body, stress, poor living conditions, as well as a variety of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Immunity can be easily stimulated. To do this, pediatricians strongly recommend that mothers with young children to temper their child. Tempering procedure is very useful for children, it increases not only the immune system, but also the mood of the baby. Particular attention should be paid to the child's diet. It must be balanced. The kid should receive all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. In autumn and winter, when the body is most vulnerable to all diseases, it is necessary to give the child a variety of multi-vitamins and immune-boosting drugs.

The immunity of the child, as an adult, has its own distinctive features. So, the baby is more vulnerable to all infectious and viral diseases than adult humans. In the first months of baby's life all he needed vitamins enter the body from the mother's milk, in which so many of immunoglobulins. That's why pediatricians recommend breast feed at least 7-8 months.

While the child is in the womb, its resistance to various infections contributes to immunoglobulin class G, which enters the body of a child with maternal blood. Immunoglobulin G accumulates in the body of the child for the duration of his stay in the womb. After the appearance of the child to the immunoglobulin light begins like spent. Suffice it for about 6 months. That is why, as a rule, children get sick over the age of six months.

Develop their own immunoglobulins child's body does not begin earlier than 6 years, and by the end of puberty may be considered immune system was finally formed. Any child attending kindergarten, and then the school is faced with a variety of infectious diseases. In any educational institution is mandatory vaccination of children to certain diseases. But it is non-specific immunity develops ability to fight various forms of influenza, SARS, bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, and so on. D.

 Factors increasing the immunity of the child
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Factors affecting the strength of immunity child

Often faced with a situation where a child can all day to run barefoot through the puddles, and when he gets sick, and another child at the slightest breeze or moisture starts to hurt. It says only that some of the children the power of innate immunity is much higher than others.

Of course, vaccination against certain diseases - a great thing. Thanks to her, the children become immune to diseases such as measles, chicken pox, diphtheria, whooping cough, some forms of hepatitis, and so on. D. However, vaccination is in no way able to increase non-specific immunity of your child. After all, we are well aware that the baby can have a complete package of vaccination, while rooting each month tonsillitis, bronchitis, otitis media and other diseases. It is caused only by the fact that these diseases are caused by microorganisms, which vaccinations do not.

There are several basic factors that are in any way affect innate immunity children.

So, some of these factors are the conditions of life and equipped his life. The low financial status of parents, too frequent changes of residence - all this can affect the child's immune system and lower it.

No less important role played by the child's emotional state. It can affect the unfavorable atmosphere in the school, kindergarten or at home. Constant showdown in front of children, frequent drinking of parents, peer resentment - all this in the most direct influence on the body's resistance to all kinds of bacteria. Love family, care and affection - this is exactly what you need any baby.

 Tips to improve the immunity of the child
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A few more tips

Proper nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy immune system. The daily diet of the child should be included food containing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and beneficial elements. It is important to remember that food must necessarily be balanced. It should include products of plant and animal origin. Fruits and vegetables must be present in the diet.

Some children are born with any illness, and some of their gains in the early stages of life. If at least some authority child struck by a disease, the immune system can not function properly and normally. Often the child's immune system is weakened due to diseases such as gastritis, pyelonephritis, intestinal dysbiosis, biliary dyskinesia, and so on. D.

If your child colds for more than six times per year, and diseases occur with some complications (angina, pneumonia), it can be concluded that his immune system is weakened and not able to resist infections and viruses.

If you notice that your child is often sick, should first consult a physician-immunologist or pediatrician. To avoid complications and consequences, to engage in self medication in any case impossible.

 At the doctor's pediatrician
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Ways to enhance immunity

As mentioned above, the main ways to support the child's immune system - a tempering, a balanced diet, as well as the use of various drugs prescribed by the attending physician (immunostimulatory).

Hardening as a means to enhance immunity

Hardening procedure recommended no sooner than three years. But there are exceptions. If your child was born completely healthy, hardening can start even in the first year of his life. The process must be gradual. To get started, simply rub the baby's body with a wet towel or sponge. It is also possible before sleeping baby sling legs cool water while gradually reducing the temperature of the water (one day per degree).

Hardening older child should be presented in the form of the game, that he was interested. For example, it is possible to carry out the daily morning exercises immediately after waking your baby. Enough for 10-15 minutes to perform various simple exercises that a child can easily be repeated. The room, which will host these sessions must be well ventilated.

Then you can proceed to the next stage - rubbing the hands, feet and body with a wet sponge. The water temperature should be 22-25 degrees. Over time, it can be reduced to 18 degrees. Once the procedure is completed, the child must be wiped dry and put on warm clothes on him.

Balanced diet

Every person, especially a child, you must get a certain amount of daily vitamins and minerals. All the important vitamins can be obtained by eating the right foods.

For example, vitamin A is contained in marine fish, liver, carrots, milk, egg yolk, butter, cream, cabbage and greens. Apart from the fact that this vitamin is considered the best tool in the fight against disease, it also improves vision, nourish the skin and perfectly helps with allergies. Vitamin A is able to accelerate the reaction of the nervous system of your baby.

Get vitamin C can be, eating fresh and pickled cabbage, citrus fruits, rosehips, black currant, and so on. D. Vitamin C is easily able to cope with colds. Use it in the early stages of the disease will not allow the transfer of cough and runny nose in the chronic stage.

Vitamin E rich in spinach, lettuce, vegetable oil, whole wheat bread, broccoli, wheat germ, and others. This vitamin has a good antiviral effect. He is able to break down substances that poison the cells of the immune system of your child.

Necessary B vitamins found in beets, beans, buckwheat, green peas, cheese, oatmeal, eggs, beef, tomatoes, and so on. D. Vitamin B1 restore the nervous system of the baby, will save him from permanent whims, weakness and headache. And this, as you know, very strong influence on children's immunity. Lack of vitamin B2 significantly affects the immune system. With its lack can appear diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Folic acid (vitamin B9 and B12) involved in the formation of immune cells (lymphocytes).

Vitamin D, which is also necessary for the organism, found in marine fish and cow's milk, or in fish oil, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Apart from the fact that vitamin D is responsible for blood clotting and heart, he still controls the nervous and immune systems of the baby.

To maintain strong immunity body needs potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and other minerals.

The body needs potassium, is part of the radish, beans, cucumber, raisins, baked potatoes, prunes.

Magnesium rich in walnuts, pumpkin, shrimp, soy, shellfish, herbs and peas.

The hazelnuts, oats, buckwheat, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes contain copper.

In addition, walnuts, hazelnuts, wheat bran, sunflower seeds are rich in zinc.

The body needs iodine can be obtained by eating seaweed, fish, seafood, mushrooms, onions, green peas, and so on. D.

The diet of any child to be included products containing a sufficient amount of protein. Protein is found in meat, beans, dairy products, peas, beans.

Multivitamin preparations for immunity

Children's age - this is the period when the body is growing rapidly. Growing internal organs and bones, the body is fully formed, and this is why the child needs more vitamins than an adult. Children are most susceptible to vitamin deficiency than their parents. This can lead to persistent immunodeficiency.

Now in any pharmacy you can buy all the necessary drugs that would help strengthen the immune system of your child. Choosing a multivitamin is very large, the manufacturers can be both Russian and foreign. In choosing a medication for the child should consult with a specialist who will select the most suitable for the baby vitamins. The body of the child in need of special consumption of vitamins in the spring and winter. After all, this is the period when the probability is very high sick. This happens because there are no sources of those vitamins, which have been available since the summer and fall. About natural fruits and vegetables for the time necessary to forget, but in fact they are the source of many essential elements of the body.

Immunostimulatory drugs

Nowadays, there are many medications that can help strengthen the immune system and improve the body's ability to withstand a variety of bacteria and viruses. Selection of such drugs big enough. In any pharmacy you can offer such products as tsikloferon, anaferon, interferon, Echinacea, viferon, Immunal, IRS-19 and many others.

Interferon is a bioactive substance. It is able to block the development of viral infections in the body and is considered an excellent means of preventing SARS in children.

Anaferon and tsikloferon are inducers. They contribute to the self-production of interferon. Very often, doctors prescribe these medications at the first sign of viral diseases, in order to facilitate the flow of the disease and guarantee a speedy recovery.

IRS-19, Broncho-moon and the imudan refer to bacterial drugs to enhance immunity. They contain a very small dose of streptococcus, pneumococcus, staphylococcus and other agents of viral diseases. There is no danger to the body, they do not provide, at the same time are able to significantly increase the immunity of the child.

A good immunostimulatory activity have ginseng, echinacea, lemongrass Chinese and others. The most important of their consumption in autumn-winter period, when the body is most vulnerable to infection. It was at this point there are a flu epidemic and SARS.

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To summarize

In addition to these drugs, there are many others. In choosing a medication should consult with their physician. It is possible to boost immunity by using folk remedies. Very useful is the honey, lemon, cranberry, garlic, ginger, onion and other products. But not every child will enjoy this method of treatment, so we need to take into account his age and preferences.

For any mother it is very important that her baby was healthy always. Good mood of the child - the main indicator of the health of the baby. So, what every mother should know? Firstly, it should be clearly understood that immunotherapy - this is very important, and it is in any case should not become a pretext for experiments on their own children.   Trust the experts that not only will help cure your child, but also to advise the correct means to strengthen his immune system. Health to you and your children.

 Ways to improve children's immunity