Pregnancy Calendar


  • Features of the application of the calendar
  • Calendar as a method of contraception
  • Other methods of calculation
  • How to calculate the sex of the child

Some couples preparing for the birth of a child, long before it arrives. They lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition. In addition, there are special calendars, which can calculate the priority date of conception. This method allows prospective parents to set a date of birth. In addition, the calendar lets you know about the periodicity of the female cycle.

Today the problem of infertility has affected many young couples. Therefore, the use of such methods will bring the birth of the baby. After all, how nice and helpful their own internal processes to control!
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Features of the application of the calendar

Calendar of conception is based on the calculation of certain days of ovulation. It was during this period of time the female egg matures. Thus, this period of time is considered the most favorable for conception. However, it should be borne in mind that each woman a cyclic period. Therefore, expect the day of conception should be purely individual. In addition, factors such as stress, discomfort can change the calendar indications.

Some women use these calendars to prevent fertilization. However, experts do not recommend to count the days as the primary means of protection. Since the various failures in the body or hormonal background may change in the calendar indications.

In order to make an individual calendar, a woman needs to have a regular menstrual cycle.

When this period is not regular, can cause errors in counting. It is believed that the best days to conceive - it's the middle of the cycle. Get them easily, they usually occur in 11-15 days from the beginning. In this period there is a great likelihood that the sperm to fertilize the egg, since the uterus becomes more sensitive.

Every girl can count and do their own calendar. In difficult moments, you can use online resources, where there is on-line counters and interactive calculators. To make sure of the calendar, you can do an ultrasound to determine further period of ovulation.

 calendar as a method of contraception
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Calendar as a method of contraception

To use the calendar as the main method of contraception, must take into account the fact that the calculation does not give a 100% guarantee. The effectiveness of the method depends on the regularity of the cycle, the stability period.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, be aware that in the days of ovulation, as well as after it, the egg is the most susceptible to the effects of sperm. Therefore, in this period it is recommended to use additional methods for protection.

Using the method of measurement of basal body temperature would be an assistant for calendaring. To do this, every day, not getting up, measure the temperature in the rectum with a normal thermometer. When the temperature is higher than normal rate by a few degrees, the schedule will indicate the day of ovulation. This method is often used as a means of contraception. At the same time, the temperature measurement may be supplemented calendar planned conception.
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Other methods of calculation

Apart from the main calendar of conception, there are other options calculation. So, Dr. Jonas-Shulman suggested count phase of conception, given the position of the moon. According to the scientist, fertilization women increased during this period. Moreover, the length of the menstrual cycle coincides with the period of the lunar phases.

Thus, combining the two cycles, it is possible to calculate the appropriate day for conception. To find the phase of the moon, you need to take into account the period in which she was born expectant mother. This method resembles the familiar calendar. However, expect the day of conception is more difficult than the classic version. Experts say that the method gives a 90% guarantee efficiency and success in planning a child.

Some of the girls from the skeptical to such a calendar. However, in ancient times, this method was popular among women of all ages. No wonder it was believed that the Moon is the conductor and patron of the female sex.

 calculation of the child's sex on the calendar
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How to calculate the sex of the child

Using a calendar, you can calculate and sex of the child. So, using the standard calendar, determine not only the day of conception. Scientists believe that men hromosama is less hardy than women. Therefore, if consummated sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation, it is believed that a boy. In cases where the act occurred a few days before the ovulation, that is a high percentage of probability of occurrence of the girls.

With the scheme based on the phases of the moon, too, can conceive and calculate the future sex of the child. For example, it is believed that if the day coincides with the period when the Moon was located in Pisces, there is the likelihood of girls. There are special interactive calendar where you can see the planned sex of the child.

The modern conception of planning does not stop at the two calendars. So, there is a Chinese scheme, on which you can find out the sex of the child. It is a table which reflects the woman's age and month of conception. Indicators displayed horizontally and vertically. At their intersection, you can know the answer to the question of the sex of the child.

Calendars for conception used since ancient times. Many women, due to such schemes have been able to calculate the day and know in advance the sex of the child. These methods can help in the development of a wanted pregnancy. However, do not be upset if conception does not come to pass. Calendar should be used only as an aid. And especially do not expect 100% that there will be a child of the selected floor. Methods may be selected purely individual.

Do not forget to consult a specialist. After all, only a doctor can help establish the functionality of the female body. If the calendar does not give the desired results, and for a long time does not come conception, it is necessary to see a specialist for a more advanced and qualified help.

 Calendars for conception

 early signs of pregnancy


  • Signs of Pregnancy
  • Specific signs
  • How to determine the pregnancy to delay the very first week

One would expect pregnancy, while for others it is an unpleasant surprise.

Nevertheless, those and others would like to know that pregnant as soon as possible. The first signs of pregnancy to delay notice rather difficult, but still possible. It is necessary to constantly listen to their inner feelings. If a woman has never given birth, then it will be difficult to immediately understand what was happening to her any changes. It is therefore necessary to know what are the signs of pregnancy to delay menstruation.

 Breast augmentation is one of the signs of pregnancy
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Signs of Pregnancy

  • The first sign - irritability

If you constantly monitor their psychological condition, the pregnancy to determine the delay is possible. Among the symptoms in the first place will be increased irritability and mood swings. To deal with such conditions is very difficult. If earlier to return the good mood was quite good fun to see the film, the pregnant woman is not enough. Even if it is to realize that it was something strange, it still will not be able to control their behavior and to respond adequately to the situation.

Women would seem that others behave extremely ridiculous, stupid, disgusting, tactless, and it will all be very annoying. Such feelings should help to learn about the pregnancy until the delay period. Especially if you had not seen any stress state, and it was good enough. You should not blame yourself that everything seems too grim, because it all comes from the fact that the body began to rebuild on a hormonal level. Of course, the determination of pregnancy to delay only one feature, especially on such implicit, may not be accurate. But go to the doctor just in case necessary.

  • The second feature - change in taste

Everyone is familiar with such a common fact that pregnant women should pull on salty. In fact this is not true. Indeed, if pregnancy occurs rapidly changing taste. But all of this occurs in different ways. One may be crazy to want to taste pickles, others will treat him almost indifferently. It is impossible to determine pregnancy only cucumbers. It should be noted that, as a woman responds to quite usual food, it can appear suddenly tasteless. It may suddenly want to eat chalk or other unusual food. These are the signs of pregnancy are the most obvious. They help to determine its onset before the delay.

  • The third feature - nausea and dizziness

Nausea or slight nausea during the day - this is what a woman should indicate the emergence of a new life before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. These are the main symptoms are impossible to miss. Vomit may be constant in certain time intervals (e.g., during meals), or may occur from time to time throughout the day. Of course, constantly remain in this state is very unpleasant, but it is pushing women to go finally to the doctor, which will be carried out a complete diagnosis. Very often, early toxicosis may be accompanied by dizziness.

  • Fourth sign - changing breast size

The first signs of pregnancy before a woman can change the delay, not only internally, but also externally. Such is the fourth feature - this increase in breast size. It also appears before the onset of menstruation. The woman begins to feel the heaviness in the chest area, it begins to seem that the breast increases. In fact, the breast can swell very little, or indeed increase by approximately two sizes. At the same time the skin around the nipple is stretched to such an extent that they become visible blue veins. This is especially noticeable will be the most advanced timing.

  • Fifth sign - delay the onset of the menstrual cycle

For the phenomenon of menstrual cycle, followed almost every experienced woman. Therefore, its termination can not go unnoticed. Moreover, every woman knows that if there was a delay, it is necessary to analyze their overall test and buy. It was then, and begin to think about what are the early signs of pregnancy. If you have found all five signs, but they had not paid any attention to what a woman can be called a very imprudent, and to congratulate the future replenishment of the family. Now the menstrual cycle for a long time will not resume. This period is a total of nine months and six months, sometimes even years.

Of course, the delay of the menstrual cycle can occur not only on pregnancy, very often it happens during prolonged athletic training. The menstrual cycle can bring down various drugs or diet. But be aware of what are the early signs of pregnancy until the delay is necessary, especially if there is a risk of its occurrence.

 dizziness in early pregnancy
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Specific signs

There is another category of characteristics that help determine when an interesting position to the delay. They are implicit, but nevertheless common. You can call these specific symptoms, that is, someone they are, someone may not be.

Specific early signs:

  1. mouthfeel metallic taste,
  2. fatigue,
  3. drowsiness or insomnia,
  4. rejection of any one type of food.

Of course, even if these are early signs of pregnancy before the delay, we can not accurately state the facts. It can be various hormonal surges caused by sudden stress disorders daily routine and eating.
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How to determine the pregnancy to delay the very first week

Many young inexperienced women interested in common question of how to define the delay before the pregnancy at a very early period. It is virtually impossible. Even if the egg has been fertilized, it will need about a week to finally gain a foothold on the walls of the uterus. While some women admit that they were able to intuitively feel the pregnancy on the second - the third day. Servicing on this term may give false results, so it is better not to hurry.

Get the exact answer can only be in the third - the fourth week. If pregnancy is really not desirable, it is recommended to conduct a special diary measurement of basal body temperature. During pregnancy, it increases.

 How to determine early pregnancy