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Many couples over time, begin to plan the child. Procreation - it's so natural. However, some would like to know in advance the child's sex out of curiosity, but for someone it is crucial who they will be - a boy or a girl. It turns out, you can calculate the sex of the child - boy or girl - with the help of the so-called ovulation calculator. How? Let's find out.

 calculation of ovulation
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Ovulation and fertility period

To begin with let us recall from biology course that is ovulating. Everyone knows that nature is ordered in such a way that conception can occur only once in a month if it does not, menstruation begins, which usually lasts 5-7 days. Because every girl this time is very different, it is recommended to conduct a special calendar with a mark on giving the beginning and end of each menstrual period. Typically, the gap between them is 25-30 days.

Ovulation typically occurs for two weeks prior to the onset of menstruation, i.e. it is in the middle of the menstrual cycle and is a process where mature egg leaves the ovary and is sent to the fallopian tube. Normally, the chance of pregnancy these days is highest.

The very moment of ovulation and 48 hours later, another phase is called fertility. In order to learn exactly when that time will come and eliminate the error in modern medicine, there are a variety of test strips for determining ovulation, or you can use the method of measuring the basal temperature. Measure should be right in the morning, rectally. Its decline suggests that you - the pre-ovulatory day.

An important condition - the measurement should be carried out every day at the same time, even if late for half an hour, the result may already be correct.

Ovulation also note in your calendar.

Sperm, namely those cells, which are responsible for the male chromosome set (Y), are moving fast enough, but at the same time, short-lived, as opposed to those that are responsible for the female set of chromosomes. Therefore, for those who want to conceive a boy, it is recommended to have sex in a phase of fertility, that is, at the very moment of ovulation or a few hours after it until the egg is ready for fertilization and viable. His period we calculate using a special calculator below. For the conception of the girl everything is exactly the opposite, you need to make love to a few days before ovulation. In order to have the most reliable data, it continually sleep at least 6 hours before measurement.

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Calculator definition phase fertility

So, consider what the calculator determine the days for conceiving a boy. Let's try to calculate the most favorable period in the particular example. For this we need some mathematical techniques. From the number of the longest day of the menstrual cycle, subtract 11 (the number of the last fertile day of the cycle), but on the shortest day - 18 (the number of the first fertile days).

Assume the longest menstrual cycle will be 32 days, calculate the last day of the fertile phase of the cycle - 32-11 = 21. Short cycle will be 26 days, therefore, the very first day of the fertile phase, which begins with ovulation - 26-18 = 8. For 13 days, from 8 to 21-day cycle, you can plan the conception of the child, the boy's birth should occur in the first 2 days, that is from 8 to 10 days. For example, this calculator you can calculate your individual and during ovulation.

If you have a fairly stable menstrual cycle, in order to have a boy, you want to make love for 11-12 days before the onset of menstruation, if you need a girl - for 13-14 days.

Other recommendations to improve the chances of conception

However, to the chances of conceiving a boy increased at times, a calculator determining the fertile period is small, it is desirable to observe the following tips and advice:

  1. Stick to a certain diet. To conceive of the future heir to include in their diet bread, fish, sausage, meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, fruit juices, coffee.
  2. Avoid making love for 3-4 days before ovulation to accumulated sperm with Y-chromosomes.
  3. At least one week before conception is desirable men refuse to take hot baths and wearing insulated or tight underwear.
  4. For a couple of hours before the conception of man is advised to drink a cup of coffee or a soft drink, which has caffeine in the composition, it promotes greater passion sperm count.
  5. It is advisable to use a sexual pose "a dog" should also try to make the woman reached orgasm before the man.
  6. In order to better sperm "entrenched", she will need to lie down for a further 20 minutes after intercourse.

Calculator counting period, fertility and other methods - it is not one hundred percent guarantee that you will be born is representative of masculine gender. And if these tips and tricks you have not helped, do not despair, because a child - it's God's gift.

 Calculator definitions favorable days for conceiving a boy

 abortion views


  • Methods of termination of unwanted pregnancies
  • For more information about medical abortion
  • Some medications abortive action
  • Vacuum abortion or abortion-mini
  • Medical abortion and abortion in late pregnancy
  • What are the consequences after the abortion can be

It often happens that young people are faced with an unwanted pregnancy. The reasons for this may be the non-compliance of contraception, torn during intercourse the condom, having sex in a "safe" days, which were not safe, physical violence, which has undergone a woman, and others. It is very rare pregnancy, which occurred as a result of these reasons, there is hope. Unwanted pregnancies often lead women to desire and sometimes need to have an abortion.

Abortion in the early stages of the embryo involves the removal of the age of not more than 12 weeks, and its weight is only a few grams.

Termination of pregnancy in the later stages - this is the removal of the fetus no older than 22 weeks. Abortion procedure in the early and later stages may differ due to the complexity of operations. So, how the abortion procedure?
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Methods of termination of unwanted pregnancies

Before the procedure of abortion, you must pass some tests. These include ultrasound tests, gynecological smear of blood for syphilis, HIV and hepatitis. Once all the necessary tests have been dealt, you get your hands on a referral from your obstetrician-gynecologist who examined you earlier, I defined the precise timing of pregnancy and in connection with all that recommend the most appropriate method of abortion. If you have any kind of infection it is mandatory to be treated and then proceed to the abortion procedure.

If a child is conceived for you to extremely undesirable and you finally decided to get rid of the embryo or fetus (depending on length), then try to visit a gynecologist as soon as possible. In the absence of menstruation is not necessary to pull. After all, at the initial stage, you may need a medical interruption or mini-abortion. Should this kind of abortion is much higher, but it has its undeniable advantages, chief among them - the lack of surgery. Carried out this kind of abortion may be only in cases where the pregnancy has not more than 8 weeks.

 medical abortion
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For more information about medical abortion

At the earliest stages of conception, the embryo (fertilized egg) does not yet have a close connection with the wall of the uterus. It says that its removal due to the absence of the uterus is much easier to implement than in the later stages. Modern medicine has developed the so-called abortive pill that hinder the development of the pregnancy and the resulting interrupt her. These formulations are presented in many different manufacturers. Among these drugs mifegin, penkrofton, mifepristone, mifolian and others.

After two days after taking the drug abortive action should come to the gynecologist. It is possible that over the 48 hours with you nothing will happen, sometimes there are nagging pains in the lower abdomen. The doctor will see to it how the rejection of the embryo, and if it happens.

There are cases when the doctor has other tools to help speed up the process of rejection of the ovum. If, after the adoption of these drugs have been plentiful and very painful menstruation, it only indicates that the rejection of the embryo actually happened. Discharge of blood can last up to two weeks, and again after the expiration of recommended medical examination.

During the medical termination of an unwanted pregnancy may experience some problems. One of the main problems can be neproizoshedshee interrupt. This pregnancy is no longer possible to keep the required mini-abortion. This is due to the fact that abortive drugs cause irreparable harm to the unborn.

There may be another problem - a severe bleeding. In this case, it may require surgery.

In addition to all the above, it can get very sick, cause abdominal pain and high blood pressure.

The biggest advantage of this method of abortion is the lack of surgery, which means the absence of infection and possible injury of the uterus.

 mini abortion
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Some medications abortive action

Medical abortion - is the termination of unwanted pregnancies through drugs. It does not require surgery and surgical intervention, most reliable and painless. But this is only an ideal. Very often farmatsevtichsky (medical) abortion ends with surgery and serious moral and physical consequences. Medical termination of unwanted conception - rather, it is a psychological factor.

Women trying to terminate the pregnancy, feeling of guilt is much less than during the operation, when you need to direct the destruction of the fetus and its recovery from the uterus. Everything here seems to be much simpler: drank a pill, and the case is closed. But in fact it is all - too termination of the life of an unborn child.

Abortion, practiced medication way, almost no different from surgical abortion.
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Vacuum abortion or abortion-mini

This method of removal of the embryo is possible if the period of pregnancy over 7 weeks. Otherwise, it is called mini-abortion. This procedure is performed under general intravenous anesthesia. The operation involves the introduction of a special tube into the uterus, which has a direct link with the instrument. After the device is activated in the tube creates a vacuum effect, as a result of which the ovum sucked into the tube and removed from the uterus. The embryo in the course of the impact of the device breaks into small pieces.

There are cases when using the vacuum can not completely remove the fetus. In this case, one has to resort to the procedure of curettage of the uterus. The procedure involves the removal of mucous epidermal layer of the uterus (respectively, and the embryo itself) with a curette (a special device in the form of a spoon).

After the procedure is completed, the woman may experience pain in the lower abdomen, as well as isolation, resembling menstruation. It is possible that the doctor will prescribe a course of antibiotics reception. After the mini-abortion ultrasound is recommended to do that accurately confirm that the abortion had happened, and no trace of the embryo.

 therapeutic abortion
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Medical abortion and abortion in late pregnancy

The medical termination of pregnancy is performed if the fetal age to 12 weeks. The earlier the abortion is carried out - the less chance of complications. The body of the fetus in this period increased by 2 times compared to 6 weeks of pregnancy. This suggests that the uterus will have to disclose much more broadly than in the mini-abortion. The doctor at the tongs remove the fetus, shattering it to pieces. Feelings after such abortions are approximately the same as in the mini-abortion.

The most difficult part is considered to be the removal of a fetus older than 12 weeks. It can be up to 24 hnedelnogo age of the fetus. At the request of a termination of pregnancy can not be implemented, there should be social and medical indications. Among the social reasons can be the unexpected death of her husband during pregnancy, termination of parental rights or a pregnancy that resulted from rape. Interrupt on such terms imply the artificial induction of labor or cesarean section, in which the fetus is removed.

This procedure lasts at least three days. During this time, expand the cervix in women and give her painkillers. On the third day a woman takes a special drug that triggers labor. This method of abortion is considered the most extreme and resembles a real labor, but that's as a result of child no.

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What are the consequences after the abortion can be

It is important to understand that abortion is a huge stress for the female body. The results of the abortion can be very sad. Woman after the procedure may be irritable, much disturbed her sleep, work capacity decreases. Very often, abortion is the result of hormonal failures, requiring treatment. The immune system is markedly reduced as a result, the risk of disease is increasing dramatically. Perhaps the appearance of inflammatory and infectious diseases. Often these diseases lead to infertility. Very often women need psychological help.

Before you decide to have an abortion, think carefully and weigh the pros and cons. Did you make the right decision, which will result in the birth of a healthy child can decorate your life. We wish you health and success in choosing the right solution.

 The procedure for terminating an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages