brush for foundation


  • Choosing the right brush
  • Types of brushes for foundation
  • Care brushes

Perfect skin tone - the key to beautiful and tastefully designed makeup. Tone cream just might create such a skin, even if the nature of it is far from ideal. To create the perfect cover, makeup artists recommend using a brush to apply foundation.

Such brushes have a number of advantages over the simple application sponge or fingers tone.

  • Naturalness

Only with a brush, you can create a natural makeup. Unlike other funds, foundation brush is not smeared on the skin and drives it with a thin layer. Foundation, literally blends with the skin.

  • Neatness

All women know firsthand how difficult shade concealer on the boundary face with hair and neck. In this area, the cream, for some unknown reason, tries to go to pieces. Brush very carefully shaded foundation so that borders can not be seen.

  • Economical

If you apply foundation with a sponge or a palm, then part of it is inevitably absorbed in them. Properly selected brush will not absorb it, and fully allocated to the face. This is a significant plus! Especially if you're using a very expensive foundation.

Choosing the right brush

How to choose the right brush to it has all the advantages of the above? Very simple!

When buying pay attention to the following details:

  • Pile

It is advisable to choose a brush with synthetic bristles. They do not absorb foundation. In addition, this brush is very easy to care for. Brushes with natural bristles absorb very foundation, especially with oily texture, and from this port. The exception is the brush pile with a raccoon.

  • Stiffness

Pile on the brush should be of medium hardness. Too soft pile foundation not distribute uniformly, and too rigid - will scratch the skin.

  • A pen

The base of the brush should fit snugly to the handle. The handle itself must not have visible defects, flat and strong.

  • The size and appearance

Today there are different size brushes for foundation. This is done for your convenience. Choose a brush size of which you are most comfortable to hold in hand and enjoy.

As for appearance, there are double-sided brush for application and foundation and konsillera. In addition, many creams are already equipped with brushes, nozzles, which means easy to apply on the face.

  • The texture of foundation

From it depends on what foundation brush will suit you best (Kabuki, flat with straight or rounded bristles).

 brush for foundation

Types of brushes for foundation


  • Description

This brush with short handle and a fluffy cone-shaped pile. In the classical kabuki pile has a length of no more than 3 cm. Some cosmetic companies produce Kabuki and with a longer pile up to 5 cm. The pile can be both natural and artificial. Choose the brush that has soft and resilient pile.

  • Application

Kabuki brushes are used to apply loose mineral foundations, but can also be used to apply liquid foundation with a light texture.

  • Application Technique

Rotate the hand movement take some basics on the brush. She must fully cover the tip of the brush. Then gently shake the brush to remove excess base.

If you want to be more dense coating, spray on the brush a little water from the thermal spray before using the tone means.

Circular movements blend foundation on the face, paying attention to the boundaries of the face with hair and neck.

Brush Direct pile

  • Description

Wide brush with a flat bottom and straight pile. Brush has an elongated handle for ease of use. The pile can be artificial and natural.

  • Application

This brush is designed for applying liquid foundation and foundation with oily texture.

  • Application Technique

Squeeze a portion of foundation on the outside of the palm near the wrist. Take a little foundation on the brush. Put a few dots of foundation on your face: on the forehead, chin and cheeks. This is followed by the shade in terms of the person directing the brush from the center to the periphery. Brushing should be done as if trying to drive traffic to tone mixed with the skin more evenly.

Brush with rounded bristles

  • Description

Brush with a rounded end, as well as direct-pile - wide, has a flat base. The brush tip has an arcuate shape. Pile length of about 11 cm. Pile can also be both artificial and natural.

  • Application

This brush is very versatile. It is suitable for application of foundation and other cosmetics (shadows konsillera, primer, blush, bronzer, and others.).

  • Application Technique

A portion of the tone on the squeeze of the hand. Then take a little money on the brush. Pat distribute foundation all over the face. Drive the cream for as long as there is no visible boundaries between skin and foundation. At the end of a brush walk on the massage lines face.

 brush for applying foundation

Care brushes

To your brushes last longer and do not cause trouble in the form of allergies and unexpected color palette on the face of the need to regularly take care of them.

How often?

Brushes should be cleaned at least twice a week, preferably after each application pitch. Frequent washing will not allow bacteria to multiply in the brush - a source of irritation and allergies on the skin.

How to wash?

  • Special solution for cleaning brushes

Pour a little of the solution in a small cup. Immerse brush in solution. Then in pure solution brush should be washed only after rinsing them with clean, running water.

  • Makeup remover

Easy to dissolve the accumulated remains of tonal resources and dirt. However, this method can not be called economical. To clean the brushes will need quite a lot of money.

  • Detergents

Ideal - regular or baby shampoo, shower gel. If you put a fat brush foundation, then do not use it for cleaning dishwashing detergent. It rests on the hand may cause skin sensitization.

Remove fat from the brush will help flour. Before washing, it is sufficient to lower the brush.

Then wash the brush with soapy water and rinse with running water.

  • Wipes

Napkins are rapid means of cleaning brushes. Wipe the brush wipes up until the last napkin will not stay clean.

How dry?

Dry brush for foundation should be in an upright position away from heaters and other heating devices. Heat can damage the pile. After it dries, shake it a little bit, that spread the pile.

 Brush foundation. Forms and applications

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 eye makeup


  • Preparation of age
  • Correction of eyebrows
  • Applying eyeliner
  • Applying shadows
  • Applying mascara
  • Fashion trends

Look - one of the main weapons of women. Mysterious glance from beneath her lashes is able to bring to mind any man. Makeup for the eyes - a time-tested way to create just such a fascinating sight. And the need to do quite a bit - is that there will always be in your purse.

To make a beautiful and fashionable eye makeup, it is not necessary to be a professional makeup artist. Enough to know a few simple rules for its application.

Preparation of age

First you need to prepare your skin for the application of the age make-up. Before the start of makeup wash your face with your usual cleanser. Then apply a moisturizer for centuries. At the same time do a little massage of the eyelids, gently hammering the cream into the skin, so you prevent swelling. Surplus cream gently remove with a soft cloth.

Correction of eyebrows

Next, pay attention to the eyebrows. Almost all professional makeup artists start to make it to the eyebrows, and some even claim that to do fancy eye makeup, enough to make up and comb your eyebrows and eyelashes mascara lightly touch.

If you have a few extra hairs, remove them with tweezers. This season, the best eyebrows - natural and wide, but nevertheless neat and feminine. Eyebrows necessarily need to emphasize. Use the special shadow or eyebrow pencil.

Choose a color, based on the natural color of hair. But remember, make-up artists categorically do not recommend black shadow and eyebrow pencil, even if you have black resin eyebrows. According to them, you'll look like a hero of silent films. Therefore, choosing the color of the shadow or eyebrow pencil, you can use this trick: the color of the eyebrows should be darker than the one or two tones for blonde women and the lighter one tone - for the dark-haired.

With a brush or pencil, apply light strokes between the neat hair. Then comb the eyebrows special brush and lay fixing gel. Today, many cosmetic companies offer special fixing gels with coloring pigments, with which you can easily and quickly and immediately make up his eyebrows, and give them the desired shape.

 eye makeup

Applying eyeliner

To eyeliner is not flowed, and the shadows do not crumble, it is necessary to use a base or foundation for a century. Thanks based eye makeup turns persistent and even at the end of the day still looks bright, as if it had just been struck. The basis under the shadow of great skin tone century by a light toning effect.

Base under the shadow should be applied about 10 minutes after you have caused eye cream, because the base is strong enough to dry the skin. Apply the base under the shadow of the brush should be. Take a little brush on the base and carefully apply a thin layer of it on the upper eyelid, shading means in the direction of the lower eyelid and eyebrow, directing the brush from the nose to the temple. If the layer turned out too thick, remove the excess foundations, eyelid gently soaked sponge.

Applying shadows

The next step - applying eye shadow. Nowadays producing shadow compact, gel and stick products. Compact Dry shade is better to put it is not attached to the applicator, and a natural brush with a rounded end. Gel, cream shade and shadow, pencil and shade is better to put your fingers. Compact shade often consist of multiple colors that make up a color palette for eye makeup.

Light shade palette apply on the eyelid, capturing little podbrovnogo space. Midtones shadows cover the central part of the century and blend towards the temple. Take a brush with a beveled edge and apply the darkest shade along the lash line. And the lightest shade of mosaic Clear up inner corners of the eyes and eyebrows. So you do look fresh and open. If this color in the palette is not, make bright accents using a highlighter.

Another version of the classic make-up with two shades of the palette of shadows: the darkest shade of shadow applied to the mobile eyelid, slightly lifting up the line, light shade is necessary to put under the eyebrow.

In any case, causing the shadows, do not forget to shade them carefully. The boundaries between tones should be smooth, otherwise the makeup will look coarse and vulgar.

Applying mascara

The final touch of eye makeup - applying mascara. Especially because no one fashionable make-up this season is not complete without mascara. Before you paint eyelashes, you can tighten up their curling tongs. Curled lashes make eyes more expressive and more. Clamping eyelashes forceps should be at the base of their growth.

Many makeup artists advise using two at once, mascara, for example, volume and curls. When painting the eyelashes mascara, hold the brush parallel to the lashes. Movement should be zigzag (so you avoid the formation of lumps) and direction from the roots to the tips. Then lightly cover the eyes and paint the tips, paying special attention to the outer corners of the eyes.

 fashion eye makeup

Fashion trends

The above rules will help you look perfect, always and everywhere. But if you're a fan of fashion and strictly follow its trends, take note of the little tricks that will help you to create not just a nice and tidy, but also trendy makeup.

  • Shadows

By the way, fashion eye makeup this season is simply inconceivable without shades of brown, pearl gray (especially smoky, gray and silver) and light green shades. With these shades of shadows especially advantageous will make "Smoky Aes."

Another equally current trend - bright shades of eye shadow (blue, green, black) applied to the lower eyelid. It is very fashionable this season and make-up in the style of nude. It is enough to apply a broad brush loose powder on the eyelids and eyelashes make up ink.

  • Pencil eyeliner

The line along the lashes can also emphasize a pencil or eyeliner. Pencil you can apply a thin trim line, feline arrows, or, for example, to shade it.

Fatal Arrow - fashion hit in 2013! Particularly relevant sharp arrows in retro style, made of liquid eyeliner. Also in the fashion and neat black pencil arrows.

To emphasize the inner eyelid, use a special soft pencil - kayalom. This pen is designed specifically for the inner surface of the century, it does not dry the mucous membrane and does not cause irritation.

  • Mascara

Fashion eye makeup this season - is a little made up, or vice versa, it is underlined and resemble false eyelashes. You want to achieve this effect? Use an ad hoc basis under ink.

The base under mascara lengthens lashes and add them volume. By the way, some carcasses are equipped with the basics, and are sided tube (base on the one hand, on the other - ink). Apply a base of the eyelashes, allow it to dry. Then you can paint the lashes mascara. Two layers would be sufficient.

Make a spectacular fashion and make-up is not difficult. The main thing - to do everything carefully and in moderation. And then the most unfathomable and fascinating it is your opinion.

 Eye makeup. Step by step

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