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  • Causes of bleeding
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It would seem that the pregnancy - the happiest time in every woman's life, because it will soon become a mother! But in practice it turns out differently - during pregnancy a woman has a lot of reasons for concern. Fortunately, most of them are not justified - the usual maternal anxiety.

But sometimes, unfortunately, a phenomenon that can actually become quite alarming bell, testifies to the fact that pregnancy is not too smooth. For example, doctors often hear complaints about the fact that in early pregnancy women notice brown discharge.

Causes of bleeding

Of course, brown spotting any pregnancy - alarm, including at early m. But is the appearance of blood indicates trouble? Doctors say that there is. While this does not mean that it is permissible to leave the phenomenon unattended - if you notice a brown discharge, seek immediate medical help! But let's take first things first. For a start, to find out what can cause bleeding in early pregnancy.

  • Implantation of ovum

Sometimes spotting appear at very early stages, when the woman does not even know about her pregnancy - a few days after conception. To be more precise - brown discharge may appear about a week before the expected date of the onset of menstruation. Selections are dark brown, and they are extremely poor - to mix them with monthly impossible. And the reason for this daub - the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine lining. This is a completely normal physiological process and fear in this case, you have nothing.

But only if you do not feel any discomfort - pain in the abdomen and back muscles, general weakness. And only if the sparse brown discharge and do not last for more than a day. If the blood is red, or it just as much as during normal menstruation - hit the alarm!

First of all you need to do a pregnancy test to make sure that this is not just a heavy and painful menstruation. And if the fact of your future is confirmed, immediately consult a doctor - a very high probability that you began the rejection of the ovum. And if you will not timely provide appropriate assistance, you can lose a child. And for God's sake, do not listen to counselors, who say that such bleeding - simple washing of fruit. This silly error, has no relation to reality.

  • Starting miscarriage

You learned about the pregnancy, the future Pope made happy and just got used to the thought that soon will become a happy mother. But after only a few weeks and at one point, is not you notice the laundry brown discharge. The reason only one - starting miscarriage. Despite the rather unpleasant title, this process is reversible in most cases. But only if the expectant mother will receive the necessary medical care as quickly as possible. Thousands and thousands of just such pregnancies doctors successfully saved.

  • Missed abortion

Sometimes, brown discharge in early pregnancy may be indicative of a much more sad state - of missed abortion. If you missed abortion for one reason or another, in most cases, have remained a mystery to doctors, the fruit ceases to grow and just naturally die. In the early stages of pregnancy to note this is not so easy and the allocation of brown is one of these signs.

If you missed abortion scant brown discharge, viscous consistency. In addition, a woman may experience a number of other symptoms - painful aching feeling in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region, abrupt cessation of toxicity, reducing the previously swollen breasts. Unequivocally confirm or deny the fact of missed abortion can only gynecologist. Yes, and then only after a number of studies - a blood test at the level of hormones, ultrasound of the uterine cavity.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the woman will need medical care. Unfortunately, it is impossible to save this pregnancy, because it is, in fact, no longer. And the only thing a doctor will do - remove from the uterus lost ovum, using curettage. Do without this unpleasant procedure does not work, because otherwise there can be inflammation of the uterus and sometimes even sepsis.

Surviving missed abortion very difficult, because it is a serious blow to the psyche of women. But do not despair - most of the time a woman becomes pregnant soon enough, and gives birth to a beautiful baby. Cases of recurrence of missed abortion are rare and the probability that it will take you to the process is negligible.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

The most frustrating reason for which may appear brown discharge in early pregnancy - is an ectopic pregnancy. Moreover - if there was bleeding, can not linger for a minute - it shows that the fetus has reached critical dimensions. So, as soon as the fallopian tubes, in which the developing embryo may burst. Such bleeding is almost always accompanied by a very intense pain, did not notice that it is simply impossible.

And if the woman will not be given immediate assistance, complications can be very serious, even fatal. But in fairness it should be noted that such a cause of bleeding in early pregnancy is extremely rare - of course, if the expectant mother regularly visits the doctor. The level of modern medicine is so high that allows you to define an ectopic pregnancy in the very first week. That is why doctors strongly recommend that a woman does not wait until the last, and contact your gynecologist immediately, how to find out about her pregnancy.

  • Cervical erosion

If the expectant mother notices the brown discharge after sexual intercourse, or pelvic exam on a chair, most likely no cause for concern. In the early stages of pregnancy, under the influence of certain hormones, the cervix begins to bleed easily, even by the slightest touch. But such bleeding continues for long - at most a few hours. However, a doctor should still warn - most likely, it will replace the manual ultrasonic inspection.

  • Inflammatory process

Very often, but still there are cases when the brown discharge are the consequence of a strong inflammation of the pelvic organs. However, the shade of brown will be slightly different - closer to dark yellow. And besides, such allocation is almost always accompanied by a very bad smell. In addition, there may be pain in the abdomen, weakness, fever, general malaise.

Somehow it is assumed that during pregnancy all gynecological diseases bypass the mother-side. However, in reality it is not so! It is during pregnancy aggravated all the chronic sores, and even new and strive trailers. But even a harmless inflammation during pregnancy can negatively affect both the self during pregnancy and the health of your unborn child. Therefore, to ignore the malaise in any case can not be - the sooner treatment is started, the better for mother and baby.

 brown discharge during early pregnancy treatment

What to do When you select?

In any case, that would not have caused the bleeding in early pregnancy is very important to follow the correct sequence of actions. Of course, the self itself competent help, you will not. But it depends on you a great deal - if your behavior is true, physicians will be much more likely to save the pregnancy. Well, or at least reduce the damage to your health to a possible minimum.

  • Do not panic

Maybe this advice will seem strange to you, but it is very important - to stop the panic! It is natural that you are scared, worried for her baby. But remember - your panic will not stop bleeding. But to strengthen its very high and can likely do it. Try to relax, breathe deeply - a couple of minutes you will be much easier.

  • Call the "ambulance"

Notice the blood on the underwear? Regardless of its many or just a few drops, immediately lie down, or even sit down, if there is no place to lie down. Do not try to get to the clinic or hospital on their own - either by car or even more by public transport. Until the doctor is not allowed, you must observe complete rest. Therefore, the most reasonable cause brigade "first aid", which, if necessary, will take the future mother to the hospital, observing all safety precautions.

  • Follow the advice of a doctor

So, the doctor discovered the cause of bleeding, and appointed you to the appropriate treatment. Your main task - to strictly implement all the recommendations. If the doctor is trying to keep the pregnancy, it depends on your behavior much of the success. If you had an accident and lost the baby, treatment is aimed at restoring your health, so after a while you can again become pregnant and have a healthy baby. Very often women make the same mistake - perhaps feeling better, they stop taking prescribed medications, violate the day and so on. And in the end harm themselves.

  • Abstain from sex

If pregnancy is able to maintain, it is important to give up sexual relations at least a half or two months, after sexual intercourse sometimes provokes abortion. Besides, careless actions men can injure the cervix is ​​very sensitive, it can also lead to a new bleeding. As a rule, men are sensitive to this - the main thing that you explain what it was.

As you can see, the reasons that could lead to bleeding quite a lot. Therefore, I would like to once again remind expectant mothers important thing. The only thing in your power - as quickly as possible to see a doctor. Because of this often depends not only your health, but also the life of the future baby.

 Brown discharge during early pregnancy. Whether it is dangerous?

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