causes of bronchitis


  • How does the disease
  • When the disease becomes dangerous
  • Treated or pass itself?
  • Traditional medicine in the treatment of HOBK

The fact that smoking is harmful, they know everything, from small to large. When buying a new pack of cigarettes, even on the package can be found, the consequences of this addiction. But people continue to smoke, taking the warning seriously. While at some point do not notice: a cough in the morning, and after intense movements - shortness of breath. What it is?

HOBK - chronic obstructive bronchitis smoker dangerous disease, impairs the quality of life and disrupting the operation of all body systems.

How to treat bronchitis, smoker and whether to get rid of, do not quit smoking?
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How does the disease

It is talking about the pathology that emerged in the bronchi, the smoker begins to realize: the first cigarette before he feels in the morning unsure. A nasty taste in the mouth, throat, fighting, always want to cough. But because it happens every day, none of the reasons are not yet conceived.

After some time, morning cough will appear regularly. Coughing up sputum, you may notice that it is dark, it found purulent inclusion. Seasonal SARS stable end bronchitis, from which it is difficult to get rid of. Intense exercise causes shortness of breath. If you see your doctor and talk about what had to face, the diagnosis sounded like this: smoker's bronchitis.

But if you give up the unhealthy habit at this stage, do not have to be treated. The body recovers itself.

 symptoms of bronchitis
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When the disease becomes dangerous

From the periodic coughing in the morning to the daily time hacking can take quite a lot. Bronchitis smoker severe proceeds immediately.

The speed of its development depends on the length of the smoker, the individual characteristics of the organism, place of residence, employment and professional life. But even in mountainous terrain and working outdoors, eating a healthy diet, you need to remember: those who smoked about a pack a day, even medium-fortress of cigarettes, it is necessary to think about how to treat bronchitis smoker after "smoking experience" in 10-15 years.

In most cases, treatment is initiated in step:

  • cough occurs not only in the morning and throughout the day with a deep breath;
  • even a slight physical effort has to be interrupted because of the emerging breathlessness;
  • cough catches during temperature changes, a sharp gust of wind or exit from a warm premise on a frost.

This prevents the habitual way of life. If you make an X-ray, you can see obstructive changes in the lungs and swelling of the bronchial tubes. The following unpleasant phenomenon - memory loss and impaired coordination. These are direct consequences of the pathology of oxygen exchange. Cerebral blood flow is disrupted.
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Treated or pass itself?

Very quit smoking, you need to tune in to that relief will not come immediately. Light takes time to clear from the combustion products. In the early days you can even feel the deterioration of cough aggravated, dyspnea increase, it will be difficult to clear his throat.

The attending physician at this stage are written formulations, helps relieve these symptoms, - the usual means of thinning mucus and exciting center of the body responsible for the cough.

Used products:

  • relaxing the muscles of the lungs - bronchodilators;
  • thinning phlegm - mucolytics;
  • and always - anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sometimes, it may require treatment with antibiotics.

After removing the irritation caused by constant input into the body substances produced during smoking, curing the disease, it may not be necessary. The swelling gradually come down - and the function of the bronchi is restored.

If the experience of smoking a decent and smoker's bronchitis HOBK moved to treat the disease more difficult. Immediately after smoking cessation is a feeling that you can choke on phlegm. Especially difficult is the end of the first week.

Prescribe drugs to facilitate the state should only be a doctor. If self-treat bronchitis, resulting from many years of smoking, the disease can be forced deeper and cause chronic pneumonia. Very well, in order to clear the lungs of nicotine and tar, connect physiotherapy. Then recovery will be faster.

 treatment of bronchitis
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Traditional medicine in the treatment of HOBK

HOBK and treated using traditional medicine. Using recipes from "my grandmother's trunk" to remember: you can not use the same means of more than two weeks. When applying grass experience side effects when used as medicines. And idiosyncrasy may be present.

Most often used to treat bronchitis herbal teas:

  • St. John's wort and thyme;
  • licorice root with wild rosemary;
  • rosehip with chamomile and honey;
  • decoction of dandelion flowers with honey.

These plants are combined in such a help to cope with shortness of breath and help remove phlegm, relieve bronchial edema. To cure smoker's bronchitis with herbs possible. Only very important not to forget to consult with your doctor.

Treatment of the disease, do not give up smoking, engage in useless . Even if the improvement occurs for a short period after the expiry of the disease drugs resumes. If symptoms indicate a serious stage of bronchitis alone will not get rid of the disease.

 Bronchitis smoker - no penalty

 causes of cervical leukoplakia


  • The causes of disease
  • Leukoplakia of the cervix: Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • Treatment of leukoplakia
  • Preventive measures

Leukoplakia of the cervix (cervical leukoplakia) - a pathology that affects the cervix and causes actinic squamous cells. In the normal state the inner surface of the vagina and cervix represent a delicate mucosal light pink color, similar to the inner surface of the cheeks, for instance. If you have any diseases of the mucous areas of dead skin appear pale or white patches of color, which is why it got its name: leukoplakia translated from Greek means "white plaque".

There are two forms of leukoplakia: a simple and scaly. A simple form is sometimes imperceptible in normal gynecological examination, and can be detected only during colposcopy. Scale is clearly visible, and to diagnose when viewed.

Among the diseases of cervical leukoplakia it occupies a special position, since it is not found before the end of its origin and the possibility of transition to malignancy.

 diagnosis of disease

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The causes of disease

Modern medical research suggests a number of factors, due to which it may be leukoplakia of the cervix:

  • infectious diseases;
  • traumatic effects on the mucosa during childbirth or abortion, surgical procedures;
  • incorrect or untimely treatment of other pathologies of the cervix (erosion, for example);
  • women of reproductive age leukoplakia often precede the appearance of a variety of inflammation of the uterus and appendages;
  • there is recent evidence of the relationship of many diseases of the cervix with hormonal disorders.

Therefore, the risk of occurrence of leukoplakia includes women with genital inflammation, erosion, and menstrual irregularities.

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Leukoplakia of the cervix: Symptoms and Diagnosis

The disease most often occurs without symptoms persist . Usually leukoplakia of the cervix is ​​found at the next examination by a gynecologist. Occasionally as the symptoms of the disease women suffer painful intercourse, and spotting after him. Sometimes, the symptoms can be called a copious (whites).
If you suspect a leukoplakia doctor will prescribe a survey, which includes:

  • Colposcopy: it will give the opportunity to assess the size and nature of the disease, the condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix;
  • cytology - a smear from the surface of the epithelium;
  • biopsy of the affected areas: since the smear usually shows no changes occurred in the cells of the deeper layers of the stratum corneum, a biopsy is designed to detect the presence of altered (atypical) cells, which can indicate the transition simple form of pathology in a precancerous condition.

 cryotherapy treatment leukoplakia

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Treatment of leukoplakia

If the result of the study of women diagnosed with leukoplakia, it should not cause panic and lead to depression. The disease can be successfully treated, and even an atypical form of possible recovery.

Of course, in the diagnosis of cervical leukoplakia treatment should appoint a doctor. No advice of traditional medicine and chat in the forums can not substitute for appropriate treatment under the supervision of a specialist gynecologist.

When leukoplakia combined with inflammation and infection of the genital sphere, the doctor will prescribe first antibacterial or antifungal agents, treatment for chlamydia or trichomonas, depending on the nature of the underlying disease. Only after eliminating it would be possible to carry out high-quality treatment of leukoplakia. Therefore, it is important to carefully follow all the recommendations of the doctor and not to resort to self-medication.

Douching decoction of herbs, or use tampons with sea buckthorn oil, ointment with aloe, etc. agents which affect tissue metabolism may contribute to the degeneration of cells and appearance of preneoplastic epithelial cells in affected areas. Accidental injury during these procedures is also able to influence the course of the disease.

Among the agents for the treatment of leukoplakia in young nulliparous women use chemical coagulants. The tool is applied directly to the affected areas and destroys dead cells safely and completely, providing an effective cure in 74, 5% of cases.

When cryotherapy doctor affects the focus of disease is very low temperature. Usually this time procedure lasting from 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the extensiveness of the lesion. The procedure is painless and is conducted on an outpatient basis. Healing occurs in 75-96% of cases. When hormonal disorders disease can re-emerge.

The most modern technique - laser vaporization. It is bloodless, painless and non-invasive method. When exposed to laser vaporize affected tissue, and on the surface of the treated area is formed a thin film of coagulation, which prevents penetration of infection in the wound. Complete healing occurs in the 16-40 day.

In advanced cases of deformation and an increase of the cervix, may require surgery with excision of the affected area or amputation of the cervix. Therefore, the only correct behavior when diagnosed leukoplakia is a timely examination and treatment under the supervision of a physician.

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Preventive measures

Among the measures that prevent the emergence and development of leukoplakia of the cervix, can be called:

  • early treatment of erosions, inflammation and infections of the female genitalia;
  • prevention of trauma cervix during abortion or any other manipulations;
  • prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • monitoring by an endocrinologist in violation of the menstrual cycle, treatment of hormonal disorders;
  • a visit to the gynecologist with the purpose of preventive examination twice a year.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

 How to identify and treat cervical leukoplakia