Britney Spears Makeover


  • Features Makeup Britney Spears
  • How to make a make-up in the style of Britney Spears

The incomparable princess of pop remains at the peak of popularity. Transcend her gossips and sarcastic criticism. Fascinating image (figure, clothes, hairstyles and make-up Britney Spears) does not leave indifferent not men or women. So much so that even a colorful computer game invented "Make-up for Britney Spears." And if the little fashionista mejk learn the basics of APA on the virtual model, matured beauty trying to try on the image itself already. In general, it is not surprising.

Features Makeup Britney Spears

Britney during the years of his artistic career changed more than once. She changed the style of dress and hair color, she even tried on the hair "by zero", but her make-up remains unchanged. And, perhaps, it allows her to stay all the time so sexy and stunningly beautiful.

Here's how to characterize her makeup professional makeup artists:

  • modern,
  • stylish,
  • sexy,
  • languidly.

Notice of any flashiness or excessive brightness, but only a sensuality. In the beginning, Britney has become a hostage to the image of the sweet beauty: sensual, slightly moist lips, deep eyes languid, languishing look - fascinatingly sexy appearance. Britney can be daring or calm, energetic or relaxed, but always attractive sexy.

What does it exactly like that? Cleverly chosen style make-up and dramatic play on contrasting light shades of lipstick bright dark (and weary) eyes. Even light or bronze powder, blue (was that) suddenly become a shadow or gray eyes did not change the overall style of its mejk APA. The impression is that the make-up for Britney Spears has been chosen once and forever and chosen, I must say, very well. That is why many admirers superstar trying to reproduce the style for yourself.

 Makeup Britney Spears

How to make a make-up in the style of Britney Spears

In fact, do make-up in the style of Britney Spears is not too difficult. Even without a professional make-up artist with it can be completely overcome. The main thing - to follow the rules (they determine the style) and the instructions.

  1. First you need to prepare the face. The remains of cosmetics rinse cleansing milk or liquid make-up remover. Wipe clean skin with a cotton pad soaked in tonic or lotion. Then apply foundation: a special cream for make-up or a normal day cream.
  2. The next step - toning. Correct alignment of skin tone is very important for the effective makeup, and this is precisely what we want to achieve. Therefore, you must first apply a light tone (tone desirable fluid) on the entire face. Note the difference of color of the skin of the face and neck - the border should not be noticeable. Therefore, blend it under the chin and below the cheekbones sponzhikom or wide brush.
  3. To mask the dark circles under your eyes, take concealer color that is even lighter than the main tone. This corrector mask nasolabial folds and shadows. The main thing - do not overdo it and use a concealer and tone colors: beige, pink, peach. Otherwise, you will face in the visible spots or stripes.
  4. Now for the eyebrows. Paint over them with a special pencil or powder eyebrow to match hair color. Gel and brush (comb eyebrow) hair lay evenly.
  5. Eyes require you more times and efforts. To get the same effect as that of Britney liner needed shade. First, paint the black pencil line between the eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelid and blend it a round brush or applicator. Then take the brush on a little chocolate-purple shadows and light touch put them on top of the black line. This shading is to "go out" at the inner corner of the eye and become wider at the outside.
  6. Shadows. On the upper eyelid, apply a golden-beige shade. Above the inner corner of the eye and along the edge of the lower lid, apply a shiny cream shadows (no applicator and a soft brush). They also put on the skin under the eyebrows bend. Clean brush blend the boundaries between different shades of shadows.
  7. Arrows apply liquid black eyeliner on the lash line on the upper eyelid. To the outside corner of the eye make wider arrow, pointing slightly upwards.
  8. Eyelashes color bulk ink and desirable in several layers. And do not forget to correct their special comb.
  9. Brown the cheeks, causing the first swab on the most protruding part of the cheek with a smile, and blend his big fluffy brush.
  10. Lips cover moisturizing peach lipstick and put on top of a golden shine.

That's all. Anyway, judging by the photos of Britney, her make-up is done that way. Make-up for Britney Spears - an integral and constant part of her sexy image. And for you? It may be, and you will be able to create an image of the same stunning languid beauties? One thing is certain - correctly made makeup will make you better. The main thing - to find their own style. Britney Spears did it. And you will!

 Britney Spears Makeover Sexy-Girl

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 brow for a round face


  • The harmonious shape of the eyebrows
  • How to make the right eyebrow?

Lovely ladies! Well, how much you can complain about the shortcomings of their appearance! All stylists and designers (as well as psychologists and psychiatrists) constantly repeat that there are no ugly women, but only those that simply can not be beautiful. And in general, beauty - a subjective concept. However, the generally accepted canons of beauty makes us picky to find fault with his specular double, and finding them, complain about their own imperfections.

For example, round girls think shape of your face is not enough graceful, excessively simple and cheerful, even unreasonably. But look how many chubby beauties around, did not so concerned, so to speak, a disadvantage. And all because a round face quite simply requires some adjustments. No, of course, the very shape of the face can not be corrected, but visually it is possible to extend with the help of hair and makeup with. And you know what really makes a round face graceful and attractive? Eyebrows! That brow for a round face are the emphasis that the owner of this outline turns into a moon-faced beauty. Let us know what should be the right brow for a round face.

The harmonious shape of the eyebrows

In fact, round face shape is perfect, because there is no figure in nature more perfect than the circle. However, the form shape but round face does not always looks perfect. Dove face perfect shape, nature does not always produce perfect facial features: the eyes are not too large, the forehead is not high enough, then the chin crayon. So it will achieve harmony eyebrows in the form of round-faced ladies. That is, the eyebrows should balance the proportions of the face and gently break the perfectly round outline. What kind of shape eyebrows contributes to this?

  • The shape of the wing

All stylists agree that the most suitable form of eyebrows for round faces is a form of the bird's wing with a noticeable break. And the length of the eyebrows and the height of the break may vary. Not too long line of high bending and visible break is suitable for those with large features, such as, for example, in Cameron Diaz or with big eyes as Christina Ricci. And note that the higher the forehead, the flatter arc of the eyebrows may be. However, it is even a crescent on his round face is not appropriate: a noticeable kink must be.

  • Straight line

Straight eyebrows are also able to balance the overly perfect outline round face. However, choosing this form should be cautious. For example, too low or too long, straight brows can make a face wider and shorter. It is also inappropriate for a round face and a perfectly straight line of the eyebrows. The ideal form of direct brow for a round face - slightly curved line directed from the nose to the temples, such as, for example, the shape of the eyebrows from Kirsten Dunst.

So, the most "correct" for a round face eyebrows eyebrows are the same shape of the bird's wing or straight brows vrazlet. Why is that? Such eyebrows "break" a perfect circle, lengthen the face, balance too big or too small facial features. The most unfortunate shape of the eyebrows for round face - bow. Similar eyebrows (no matter how perfect their form was not by itself) will only add roundness and already round the outline. And, oddly enough, is too sharp break eyebrows are not desirable on a round face. This form will make a dissonance in the overall look and refocus on the contrary, emphasize the smooth roundness of the face.

 Eyebrow shape for round face

How to make the right eyebrow?

The process of correction of eyebrows on his round face looks like.

  1. First determine the starting point of the beginning of the eyebrows - the distance between them must be equal to (about) the width of two fingers. If eyebrows are shifted closer, all the excess hair should be carefully pull out.
  2. Now remove the excess hair, which apparently "fled" the bottom border of the eyebrows.
  3. When the natural form is already noticeable, we begin to adjust the width of the eyebrows, plucking one hair from the bottom. Note that the smaller features, the thinner you can make eyebrows.
  4. The length of the eyebrows also is corrected. Eyebrow-wing their tips must be shorter than the length of the eyebrows from the nose to fracture. If your eyebrows are a direct form, it does not make them go beyond the conventional line drawn through the wings of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.

If you are here so soon "by eye" are not able to adjust the shape of your eyebrows, then they seal the foundation, and then walk around with a pencil hairs, prorisovyvaya conceived line, and then pull out all the excess hair.

And starting the makeup, correct eyebrows with a special gel and pencil or eye shadow eyebrows. Do not forget about the color of the eyebrows, which should be in harmony with the color of the hair. Blonde lady should use light brown or gray eyebrow pencil, brown choose color pencil dark chocolate and black pencil is suitable only for brunettes.

In general, do not worry about the imperfections of their appearance. By the way, the girl, convinced that their face is round, often misguided. Look closely in the mirror. For a round face is characterized by such symptoms:

  • wide-set cheekbones,
  • parted in the outside corners of the chin,
  • the distance between the projections of the lower jaw is much longer than the distance between the cheekbones.

If all is well, the eyebrows for round face - this is your option. Good luck!

 Eyebrows for round faces, or in search of harmony

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