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The vibrant and rhythmic music, illuminated by the lights of the dance floor and a lot of people dancing to the beat of your favorite rhythms - so you can describe the element, which is erected on the fashion Olympus most extravagant, colorful and exotic style disco clothing, photos of which are shown below.

Modern disco fashion

Today, a lot of dresses in the style of disco made of fabric with a metallic sheen, which sparkle under the evening lights or disco lights. It's dresses, blouses, pants, made of lycra, lurex, taffeta that decorate rhinestones, sequins and other tinsel. Clothing disco more suited for a hike to the club for celebrations and holidays such as New Year, birthday, theme party or wedding, so some designers have brought to our attention this style in their collections.

  • Dresses in the style of disco usually short and have a slim silhouette, but it is not necessary because you can find the option, and more direct, free cut. When choosing a model guided by your own taste, stopping your choice on the fitting wraparound straps or sleeves.
  • Many current models of dresses executed in a retro style that is characteristic of the '70s, and they were sewn from fashion in the last century of brilliant fabrics.
  • Disco-style clothing presented a variety of stunning outfits that are perfect for a theme party, but executed in a more modern trends: have asymmetrical shapes, original jewelry, multi-part, open part and cut-outs. This dress can be sewn in a variety of colors, complemented by unusual accessories.
  • Also presented blouses and skirts that are effectively combined with each other. For example, red satin top with wide straps and poisonous pink knee-length skirt and gold mini skirt under the skin with a denim blouse.
  • Jackets, pants, tops and capes our attention for its modulations. It may be loose trousers warm shades with shiny silver jacket or leggings with gold translucent white shirt.
  • Shoes, sandals, handbags and jewelery are also represented in gold and metallic tones. They are decorated with applique, embroidery or sequins.

 Disco style of

Trendy motives disco

Fashion designer world offered to our attention skirts, trapeze, which are made from pleated fabric and look very gently. Such a thing can help you to hide figure flaws couple, at the same time emphasizing the feminine silhouette that is so attractive to the male sex. The trend of all kinds of length - midi and mini, maxi, both wool and silk. The most common model with a high waist, so the skirt is best combined with a thin blouse or turtleneck.

Skirts, dresses and sun dresses up to heels conquer fashion Olympus is not the first season, and this year is no exception. This trend took its origin from the solar direction hippies, which was very popular in the '70s, and involves a lot of ethnic jewelry of the brightest colors. However, many designers now offer skirts or dresses maxi pale, powdery tones and volume replaces the classic bracelets clock. In any case - the choice is yours.

Returned from previous years to us and slacks: polusportivny or severe, with arrows and without them, heavy cotton or stretch fabric, and perhaps even from the finest chiffon - enough options. The main thing, such a thing is suitable to any type of figure and looks very fashionable. Also again very relevant jeans, but on the catwalks denim represented mostly skirts and sundresses.

At the height of fashion Olympus - overalls. Now they are made from a variety of fabrics and materials. Cotton overalls can safely put on the beach - it is not so hot. Wool is best put to work or a business meeting, a silk - a party or celebration. Overall with narrowed down his pants is better to combine with high-heeled sandals or stilettos.

 Clothing disco

Create an image in the disco

During the time of this style at the peak of popularity were slim silhouette, and both men and women. Choose a short black dress, leather leggings, and in addition take the stylized rim and juicy purple clutch. Also do not forget that bright colored tights and pantyhose - these are the main things you can use to create a sexy image.

Clothing disco impossible without the glamor and glitter, so the more brilliant, shimmering details - the better! Golden jumper combined with a bright pink skirt, and in the gloom of night club you will be able to stand out as much as possible. The original will complement a bright scarf and matching bracelets and a clutch with rhinestones.

The easiest way is considered to be in the disco mix tunics and leggings. But the black-and-white dress is a part of this element, the main thing that it was not too strict. Choose a bright, extravagant clothes in the most unimaginable combinations. Moreover, wear items made preferably from synthetic materials such as polyester. The shoes should be on a high platform, the best white color.

Hair should make the most voluminous hairstyles pompadour and African handy. This applies to both men and women. Not to much to stand out, you can just do anything to dissolve the hair perm. Makes your body glow, causing the skin spangle. Make bright makeup, using shadows saturated bright colors and false eyelashes. Very popular with silver shimmer lipstick, eye shadow (purple, blue and dark blue) and, of course, colored mascara.

Finally, it should be said that the age of disco, unfortunately, is gone, but his feedback and echoes can be heard in contemporary fashion. This style is always the most striking, exotic, memorable and joyful event in the history of the world of fashion. Clothing disco allow you to be the brightest, create a unique image.

 Bright disco clothing: a photo stylist and recommendations

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 Casual Dress 2012 photo

Dressing the modern girl is impossible to imagine without pay. They are the ideal thing for any situation. Already, every fashionista wonders what will be the most fashionable casual dresses 2012 photos which suggest that each of the fair sex could find yourself something suitable.

These dresses are considered to be universal, since selecting a specific style or coloring, they can go to work or meet with friends for a walk around the city, and some options are perfect even for a trip to the restaurant, a disco or a party. Below are everyday dresses, photos of which can be called the perfect option for those women who work in offices or other places where there is a special dress code.

Fashion trends 2012

It is said that no special restrictions in styles, fabrics and colors are observed. The main thing is to choose a dress to make you feel comfortable. International designers have focused on elegance, femininity and attractiveness in everyday fashion.

 Dress casual photo

  • In a fashion long dress from flying aircraft lighter fabrics - taffeta, chiffon, organza. Recent emphasis this year - colorful floral prints and cuts of different lengths, multilayer painted in a gypsy-style dresses. Incredibly looking outfits leopard colors, and such colors can combine a variety of colors. Some designers offer contrasts, geometric shapes.
  • Medium-length dresses - the best option. They are universal, so are suitable for the ladies of various ages, as well as appropriate in any situation. Relatively new trends can be said that in such contrast looks that is very fashionable, especially the combination of dark blue and black. Also new outfits could be called midi-length in sporty style, which is made of jersey and look like an elongated shirt.
  • Incredibly are fashionable vintage dresses. Most often, this form-fitting styles, ranging in length from knee to the mid-calf. Become fashionable accent straps in different colors or retro brooch. Everything, as a few decades ago - a bright, acid colors, air hoses, Drawstring and ironed collars of different shapes. In short, the brighter - the better.
  • Leather dresses always excite the mind and imagination of designers. This is a very fashionable thing that is always current, as well as part of the wardrobe that can be worn every day. The length should be democratic - a little above the knee. As for color, in this embodiment, the hits are white, beige, purple, green, olive and coral shades.
  • The embodiment of incredible tenderness and femininity - a lace dress. The top of the fashion Olympus occupy the outfits of colored lace. Latest mobile trends can be called a dress with lace trim and long dress in the Greek style, made entirely of white lace. The most urgent is trapezoid shaped, although the collections of fashion designer can be seen more feminine, romantic casual dresses, photos of them as presented on our website.
  • The undoubted hit of 2012 is a dress-shirt. It is very spacious and comfortable, also combined with a wide range of shoes, straps and other decorative elements. Designers represents our attention-shirt dresses mostly in powdery shades, but there are also unusual model - a velvet, striped in a marine style, pure white and sleeveless dresses, decorated with fringe.
  • The daily vogue dresses with sequins, because all shining and sparkling - is the fashion trend of 2012, so you just have to shine! Styles can be very different, length, too. Fashion trends - a golden dress-shirt, with a bronze mini lacing, bright shimmering gown of sequins.

It is considered to be relevant and geometric dresses with ruffles, asymmetrical, with a low waist and along with the smell. Fashionable items become open shoulders and back, crew neck, halter, deep vertical or V-neck, asymmetry, frills, ruffles, draping and delicate layering.

Finally, it should be said that the dress - a truly feminine outfit, this is its main charm. The romantic and feminine your way - the better!

 Casual Dresses 2012: photo, fashion collections