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About the wedding, many girls start dreaming since a tender age. That attracted them in kindergarten afford such a small man, and then my parents hear: "This is my future husband! ". As you get older, the girls are demanding not only to the choice of the bride, but also to the actual event. Looking through the movies, they present themselves in an expensive dress by famous designers, and beside the faithful in the style of David Beckham. So when it comes immediately before a marriage proposal, the answer is "yes", the young damsels lose their heads and thought with horror: "How to do everything and do not forget? "The main thing in this case, as the irrepressible Carlson," Calm, just calm! ". Let him all flies to hell, but you - the bride, so take a deep breath and be patient.

Now ask the question - what is most important for every woman preparing to marry? That's right, a dress, because it is you're dreaming about it since childhood. In addition, a beautiful dress, hairstyle and the entire appearance - this is what should interest you most. A way to look unforgettably, you must choose the right accessories for brides of different types which we discuss below.


Accessories for brides - is not only a tribute to fashion or following the traditions, but also an opportunity to emphasize the dignity of his attire. Of course, they should be low-key and not distracting from the main, but not do without them. Otherwise, the image will look incomplete. You do not want it?

It has long been a young girl covered with bridal veil, which protects it from the evil eye. He threw back right at the altar, revealing the face of the bride her groom. Later it transformed into a decoration of the veil - a symbol of purity and innocence. Therefore, if you are planning to get married, that without it you can not do.

Modern accessories for the bride is very diverse. Many prefer a simple registration of marriage, so instead of a veil often can be seen on the girls tiaras, veils, neat little hats, lace capes, compositions of natural or artificial flowers woven into her hair skillful hands barber. Any decoration is good, as long as they create a unified stylistic composition and in harmony with the dress, and general manner the bride.

In order not to be mistaken in their choice, first pick up the dress, and only then Accessories. If you decide to follow the traditions and decorate her head veil, before you open up opportunities for self-realization. Today on the shelves you can see the pink, red and blue decorations for the bride, lace, short and long, embroidered with beads, with satin ribbons and other "flavor". Remember to create a whole image thing - a combination of textures and ornaments decorated with veils wedding dress. In some families, this detail toilet made to pass from mother to daughter. But over time, the fabric tends to turn yellow, so your wardrobe should match the color of veils. For this fit dress ivory or pale peach.

Veils can be very short and incredibly long, single-tiered or lush. The decision is yours. The main thing is that it does not detract from the dress and not cover its most interesting details.

 Accessories for brides

Stole or shawl?

Today, many brides veils instead prefer it more practical option - a shawl or stole, because they can throw on the head and shoulders, or simply removed, revealing the splendor of the wedding guest attire. If the celebration takes place in the cold season, you can pick up light fur cape or of fine wool with elegant finishes. It not only completes the image and play the role of decoration, but warm at the right time. Therefore walk in the frosty streets will not be a problem for you.

This item does not fall dress while dancing, does not interfere with participation in the competition - it can always be put aside. If you chose stoles, agree with the hairdresser that it is fastened securely on your head at the time of the ceremony. This can be done with the help of beautiful hairpins, brooches, and other available tools.

Delicate crown or tiara?

Modern fashion is constantly evolving and regularly "tossing" the ladies all the new ideas. So, wedding accessories bride could become a diadem, or crown, with the veil covering her head. Today, the primacy among the flowers that are used to create it, take orange blossom, reminiscent of orange shoots, which compositions are alternated with closed and half blossoming buds and leaves. Since ancient times these gifts of flora used to quackery, designed to contribute to the replenishment of the family. Therefore, such a decoration in a wreath bride symbolize the birth of a child, and undisclosed buds - purity and chastity.

This accessory of the bride can be made completely from any leaves, flowers, pearls or beads. If they are present in your wedding dress, then repeating them in a wreath will be the perfect end to your image. However, it should take into account the fact that the "real" compositions after a certain time lose their beauty, so you have to watch out for their freshness and change elements faded. Not to worry about it, you can replace them with artificial flowers or used as ornaments or pearls various feathers.

Regarding diadem, it is often made of gems or imitations thereof. This masterpiece jewelers excludes any pomp, decorative and idleness wedding hairstyles. It already attracts attention, so the ideal complement to the diadem will be single-tier veil in tandem with an elegant and refined structure of the hair.

Little Hat

Today, many women wanting to stand out and give her the image of exclusivity, abandoning traditional white fluffy dress, preferring simple slinky dresses, suits with a short skirt or trouser options. In this case veils or tippet be inappropriate, therefore, as an accessory bride is better to pick a small elegant hat. This may be a product with a wide brim in the style of Hollywood actresses of the XX century, or a neat headdress "tablet" with a weightless veil, adorned with pearls or beads. Whatever your choice, most importantly, that it was in harmony with the wedding clothes and other items. Follow the simple rule: a lot - does not mean beautiful. Do not "overload" your wardrobe, because all should be in moderation!

 Accessories for brides

How to choose jewelry

Naturally, the main accessory of the bride - a wedding ring. But there are other elements such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. By their choice should be approached very carefully.

If your dress and veil pomp different finishes and style, it is better to abandon the accessories or, in extreme cases, to stay on the small earrings to match the trim ring. "Dilute" the strict low-key image and give it flavor help expensive jewelry or fancy jewelry. The latter, incidentally, is more than appropriate for the extravagant wardrobe. But here, the main rule - do not overdo it.

Silver accessories with rhinestones or pearls light suitable for the white dress and gold - the colors of the dress Awori. If you need to emphasize the line of cleavage, hang a thin chain with a pendant, necklace or an elegant necklace. Of great importance in the creation of an image also plays trim veil. If it is decorated with brightly refrain from bulky jewelry.

Modern brides can thoroughly enjoy his position by picking up clothes. The wedding dress can be of different styles and colors from pure white to bright colors, with short sleeves or long, with a deep neckline, or a stand-up collar, and so on. If you choose a sleeveless dress, supplement it with beautiful delicate bracelet or gloves. As for footwear, it should match the tone of clothing. Long dress will look more interesting, if you wear high-heeled shoes. They can also be replaced by sandals or boots. The main thing that they were comfortable and "weightless" on the leg. After an ill-fitting shoes spoil any celebration. By the way, choosing the height of the heel, do not forget the hair and veil - they "will give" you a few extra centimeters, so consider this so as not to appear above the bride.

 Bridal accessories for brides

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