Munchkin cats

Munchkin - cats of this breed have a unique distinguishing feature. This is a cat with short legs. Munchkins are not the result of selective breeding, but rather a spontaneous mutation. But let's first: where and how did these unusual cat, and that is a given breed today.

Where did munchkins?

Ancestress of the modern short-legged Munchkin considered homeless kitty Blackberry (Ezhevichka), which was found in the US state of Louisiana in the early eighties of the last century. This black-and-white (already pregnant) picked up the cat compassionate Hohenidel Sandra, who felt that short legs foundling - the result of a difficult childhood or some illness.

However, this was quite an amazing cat healthy and frisky, and brought the same health, but also korotkolapoe offspring. These are kittens and gave rise to a new breed, which was officially recognized in the United States in 1985. By the way the story of this family is quite happy to continue. One of the short-legged kittens BlackBerry cat Toulouse, went to live on a farm with a new host Kai Lefranc. Thanks to the free farmers' life at Toulouse came very numerous offspring, which had extraordinary success not only among neighboring farmers, but then far beyond the borders of the state. So a stray cat Blackberry and Toulouse farm cat could be called the founders of breed munchkin - cats with short legs.

Officially presented breed of cat-shorties was in the spring of 1991 at the International Exhibition Association of cat owners (TICA) in New York.

By the way:

  • Munchkin (cat) got its name from the small characters in a fairy tale "Voshebnik Oz" F. Baum, known in Russian translation as "Munchkins";
  • animal advocates opposed this breed, considering that cat breeders bring health to sacrifice fashion;
  • unusual cat and fees have been known in Europe since the thirties of the 20th century, where they were called cat and kangaroo;
  • There is a legend that such short-legged cats have been seen in the military Stalingrad, and the front legs at Stalingrad cats were much shorter than the back, which further strengthens their resemblance to a kangaroo;
  • there are mentions of similar cats living in the vicinity of Sevastopol.

Probably the Second World War prevented appear breed cats-korotkonozhek long before it happened. Although conditions for this appear to be.

 munchkin cat

How did munchkins?

Korotkolapost well known in the world of animals. In particular, such popular breeds like dachshunds, Scottish Terrier and bassets surprise nobody. However, in the world of cats, Mancini simply unique.

The cause of such a distinctive feature as the short legs is ahondroplasticheskaya dwarfism (genetic phenomenon). In fact, it does not as such dwarfism. These dwarf breeds have proportionately smaller part of the body (from head to tail). When achondroplasia are short (and thickening) only to end, and it happens as a result of violations of the growth of cartilage cells.

If the cat's genotype achondroplasia gene is dominant, then it may appear korotkolapogo offspring. And if one of the parents-cat has short legs, then certainly among their kittens are born munchkins.

 breed munchkin

What a Munchkin?

Numerous medical studies have found that short legs do not limit mobility of cats and virtually no effect on their viability. While making adjustments in the usual behavior of cats. For example, if the usual cat stand on hind legs to see something inaccessible, the munchkins behave differently. In this case, they sit firmly on the "ass", using the tail as a strong and convenient backup, and front paws hang along the trunk. This posture makes them really look like a kangaroo.

Today munchkins - a muscular cat korotkolapye cat with three varieties of the breed: standard, sverhkorotkonogaya dwarf. In addition, all these cats can be either long-haired or short-haired type. Coat color in the breed standard may be absolutely anyone. However, among the short-munchkins most popular variations of the Siamese color and patterned, and among long-haired - smoky, silver and bicolor.

Among especially like munchkins worth noting intellectual ability, friendliness, sociability, curiosity. These cats are very fond of walks in the harness, it is easy to meet new people and other pets, sociable and affectionate. The owners say their munchkins literally devotion dog owner, equanimity, loving and playful. As a representative of an unusual breed munchkin will be an excellent companion that combines the commitment and independence and so is not like other cats.

 Breed Munchkin cats

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 Trendy dog ​​- yorshirskie Terriers

Cute dogs, nestled in the arms of his mistress, was collected on the street a lot of admiring and affectionate glances. Fashion for the maintenance of the apartment small decorative, almost plush, dogs, Yorkshire Terrier made one of the most purchased breeds classified as "Divan". It's not even a dog, a real decoration of the interior and the man who proudly carries on the hands or on a leash is a tiny miracle.

York became popular in the last fifteen years. In Russia, they are widespread. It explains the nature of the peace-loving dogs, and her beautiful decorative qualities, and, of course, size. For York do not need to allocate a separate room. He was quite a small house, where he will live, sleep and play.

Today, choose and buy a Yorkshire Terrier is easy. It is best to go for a thoroughbred dog to a professional club, where breeders do not only talk about ways the content of a new pet, but also provide all information about pedigree dog, about her possible hereditary diseases and give advice on the care and feeding. Also, later it may be consulted with specialists who know this breed and can recommend the best solution for the education of these little dogs.

NEW YORK - despite everything quite unpretentious breed. But this does not mean that for them not to care. On the contrary, thick and long hair needs constant scratching and creating different hairstyles. Especially important is a well-groomed appearance for show dogs. For them, the owners not only acquire a special feed, but also a professional make-up, which prevents the formation of tangles and makes combing wool.

On necessary hygienic procedures, and vaccinations also tell skilled breeders. It is best to choose a dog vet who will lead it from puppyhood. Veterinarian in this case easier to navigate in the initial treatment if the dog is sick.

Any breed, and York - not the exception, in need of proper care. If you comply with all recommendations of the breeders and veterinarians can be sure that the puppy will grow up and become healthy and cheerful little dog, which will be for many years to please their masters sweet and playful disposition.

 Trendy dog ​​- yorshirskie Terriers

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Much of that is due to the history of ancient Egypt, still under a veil of secrecy: the mysterious pyramids, mighty Pharaohs, treasures tombs, sphinxes, the sands of time ... No less mysterious and cat breed Pharaohs "Egyptian" or, as it is called, some sources - Egyptian. Images of cats of this breed (and "Mau" and translates as "cat") decorated the walls of the ancient pyramids of Egypt. In general, in Egypt cats were sacred animals.

Cats in Ancient Egypt

The first written mention of the Egyptian cats belong to the fifth century BC, and the author of these references is the Greek historian Herodotus (he even told a lot about the world). Herodotus reported that even three thousand years BC, every Egyptian had in his house cat. However, they were, Herodotus does not say.

The fact of the large number of domestic cats in ancient Egypt is not surprising. It is known that there are cats valued and respected. These sacred to the Egyptians treated with divine worship. The temples were numerous statues of the goddess Bastet and the cat Bastet. A supreme god Ra was often portrayed as the Great Cat. Have survived picture red cat (sun-god), the knife cut the head off the snake. Yes, and the original appearance of the sun in the Egyptian mythology - a cheetah (also a cat).

Even the death of ordinary domestic cats accompanied by a sacred ritual. When the cat died, her mummified. The mummies of cats embedded in gold and silver coffins, inlaid with precious stones. During the archaeological excavations in the town of Beni-Hassan was found whole cemetery with the graves of cats hundred eighty thousand (!) Cat mummies. It is also known that the owners of a sign of mourning for the dead cat shaved eyebrows and wore a multi-day mourning period.

History of breed

His long pedigree egyptian exotic shorthair cats leads from the great pharaohs. This is a very ancient breed, formed as a result of natural selection. Outside cats Mau practically has not undergone significant changes for the more than three thousand years. Very, very long time, this ancient breed remained only in their homeland. A modern history of the breed of cats of the pharaohs began a hundred years ago.

Recreate breed Egyptian conceived European breeders cats. But the first results of recreation rocks were "undone" during the Second World War. The second attempt, which ended in success, was made in the fifties Russian princess Natalia Troubetzkoy, who lives in Italy. The princess was the owner of two cats Mau (Hepa and Ludol), brought from Egypt. Trubetskaya register them in the Association FIFe, and after immigrating to the United States established a nursery "Fatima". As a result of long and laborious work of American breeders egyptian CFA was recognized as the official breed in 1977.

In Europe, these cats were brought in 1988, and in Russia they first arrived in the summer of 2010. They acquired Gorelkina Pauline, the owner of the nursery «EgyptSila» (Egyptian force).


Features of the exterior of the Pharaohs cats

Egyptian - leopard mniatyure. She, by the way is called: Leopard for the living room. But the dark spots - are not the only markings on the coat. A distinctive feature of these cats - bracelets and necklaces. Necklaces - contrasting band around the neck, and bracelets - rings on the upper part of the front legs. In addition, a real cat Pharaoh marked the sign of a scarab. It is a dark figure in the form of the letter W, located at ear level, coupled with the "letter" M above the eyes.

And his eyes ... The eyes of the Egyptian cats exclusively green, large and almond-shaped. Like true Egyptian ancient Egypt, the pharaoh cats is a "make-up goddess": two long arrows that highlight the eyes and the cheeks are on the whiskey.

Another unusual feature of the exterior of cats of breed Egyptian Mau - small fold-bags in front of the hind legs. It is believed that these folds hanging under the belly, you need to swing the hind legs with fast running and high jumping.

Breed Standard

Egyptian - the type of cat that resembles an Abyssinian. CFA Standard requires the following breed.

  1. Build strong and muscular, with well developed bone
  2. The ears are set on high and wide, medium or large, sharp at the ends, sometimes with tassels.
  3. Eyes almond shaped, large, colored green gooseberries located just diagonally toward the ears.
  4. The coat is short or medium length, shiny, thick and silky.
  5. Color three types: silver, bronze, smoky.
  6. Markings: dark spots, a sign of the scarab, "oriental make-up."

Eliminating the signs of breed Egyptian Mau: no specific markings, yellow eyes.

The nature of a cat of the Pharaohs

Egyptian special not only for its pedigree and bright appearance. She is also a distinctive characteristic of (sometimes contradictory) character qualities. For example, cats of this breed at the same time independent and devoted to their owners, balanced and passionate.
Mau Cats are very energetic. They love to walk and even agree for this to wear a collar or harness. They are mobile and flexible, playful and sociable, can not stand alone. Enjoy the melodious and expressive voice, to which we can always recognize the emotions and mood of the animal.

Like all cats mau not disinclined sweet afternoon nap or soak in the lap of the owner. However, they are unobtrusive and always feel, is the man to such communication or not. With an excess of joyful emotions cat jump on the front (!) Legs, tail wagging so fast that it just can not see.

 Egyptian Mau cat breed

Caring for a cat

Like all pets cats egyptian require attention and care on the part of the owner. And above all, it needs to care for her lovely hair. These cats useful even just stroke, not to mention the fact that they need to constantly combing wool: both helps to remove dead hair. For daily brushing need a special comb with frequent teeth, and for the periodic more intense combing - rubber brush. Also useful as polishing wool with soft suede, nylon or silk handkerchief.

Hygienic procedure involves removing excess secretion of the ear, cutting claws and bathing the animal as required. It should also monitor the condition of the teeth, and the health of cats in general.

Interesting facts

  1. During estrus cat can make such loud sounds that you can not hear each other.
  2. According to the rules of breeding and breed standards, Mau cats can not be crossed with other breeds.
  3. Mau is the fastest of all cats: they are capable of speeds close to 60 km / h.
  4. Mau hatching cubs much longer than other cats: pregnancy lasts three to seventy days.
  5. Prone to overeating and obesity may suffer.

Egyptian - cat breed is still very small numbers, and therefore are still rare and expensive. Basically this breed representatives reside with the United States, but also has a nursery and Mau in Europe (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France). In Russia, there is only a single Egyptian Nursery, which is located in the Moscow region and is called the "Egyptian force." So buy this rare cat is difficult enough, but, according to the true connoisseurs of the breed, this cat is spent on her money.

 Egyptian Mau - a cat of the Pharaohs

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