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Breathing exercises for asthma - something virtually irreplaceable. The purpose of breathing exercises is simple - it's a sick person feel better, and prevention of complications. A bronchial asthma breathing exercises particularly helpful. Exercise, of course, does not relieve you completely from the illness, but make it much easier for the disease.

Exercises breathing exercises require constant training, because only by following a specific schedule, you can achieve good results and the positive dynamics. For the effectiveness of the exercise to be performed in a well ventilated area, and in the warm season, and all the fresh air.

The main complex

Stress, stress-related asthma attacks, as well as the prevention of attacks - is the primary objective of this set of exercises breathing exercises. And if you're just starting to learn exercises, start with them.

  • Exhale through your mouth

Even in bed right after wake up, you can do the first exercise. The legs bend at the knees and try to pull them as possible while doing a long exhale through the mouth. This exercise should be repeated as long as you see fit, because during sputum departs exempt airway and breathing becomes more free.

  • Alternate breathing

This exercise does not require special conditions - it can be done and standing and sitting. It is breathing first right and then left nostril. Close the left nostril with your fingers, inhale, close the right nostril - breathe. Then, accordingly, vice versa.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

Hands put on the waist, inhale the air nose, pouting at this extremely strong stomach. And then you need to exhale sharply through the nose and draw the belly.

  • Deep ventilation

This exercise is performed in a sitting position, hands on his knees. Inhale - hands apart, exhale - the left knee to pull his hands to his stomach. Repeat the exercise, pulling, respectively, the right knee.

Another exercise is conducive to the improvement of ventilation can be done only in patients whose asthma is not severe. To perform the exercises take a starting position - lean hands on the seat of the chair. Inhale - caved in, the blades connected, exhale - the legs bent and pulled his knees to his chest!

  • Shortness of breath

Despite the fact that this activity is very effective, it can not make people who suffer from asthma in addition also on idiopathic operation. Exercise is simple - you need to inhale air through the nose - dramatically at the expense of "one, two, three." Then exhale through the sound "sh", "z".

  • Exercises that improve the condition of the bronchi

Inhale - go up on his toes, arms raised, first on the sides of the chest and then up .. in reverse order - exhale! The next exercise is done in a standing position, hands loosely at your sides. The inspiration bend of the trunk to the side. Exhale - starting position.

Exercise "Lumberjack" is familiar to all from childhood: standing, hands in the castle. Hands rise up - inhale. Hands down, respectively, exhale with the sound "uh" or "uh." Or another option - arms along the body. Inhale for 4 bills, raising the shoulders. Exhale for 4 accounts - Do not forget to drop and relax your shoulders.

Standing, bend your elbows - keep them near the body. Dilute the elbows to the side, nose to inhale - hold the air for a few seconds. Exhale with the sound "sh", as much as possible reduce the elbows and pulls the stomach. Take a deep breath and exhale pronounce the sound "a", "o", "u" and simultaneously tap the lower ribs - first the front and then - back.

 breathing exercises in asthma

Gymnastics yogis

Indian yogis have developed their own method of exercise for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

  • Oxygenation

Sitting on the floor, take the lotus position: right foot - on the left thigh, left leg - on the right thigh. hands on hips on their sides. Straight spine. Posture can be lite: just sit on the floor and crossed legs (in Turkish). Fixed gaze at the tip of the nose and the tongue is pressed against the base of the front teeth.

After taking a comfortable position should take a breath - by 8 times, then take a deep breath and try to hold your breath at least 5 seconds. This is followed by a slow exhalation. Exercise should be repeated three times, alternating breathing with both nostrils. Stop when you need to early signs of tension.

  • Cleansing breath

Exercise "cleansing breath" simply indispensable in the fight against asthma. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart, take a slow breath noisy nose so that the wings glued to his wall. Then, folding his lips, not puffing cheeks begin to exhale the air in small portions. Exhale need much - you have to feel the tension of abdominal muscles, ribs and diaphragm. With a weak and soft exhalation, the exercise loses its meaning.

  • Relaxation

In a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, inhale as in the previous exercise, and on the exhale slowly lift your hands over your head, then hold your breath for a few seconds. Then make a sharp tilt forward while exhaling lower mouth - at this point, say the sound "ha" by blowing air without using the vocal cords. Rectified by a slow exhale, hands raised above his head stress, and relax as you exhale, slowly relaxing your hands.

  • Stimulation of lung function

Take the position of lying on your back, take a deep breath, as in the previous two exercises. At the same time you need to start raising their hands up as long as they do not touch the floor above your head. Then hold your breath for a few seconds, then lift your legs, knees bent sharply. Clasping hands leg is pressed against the thigh to the abdomen, while the exhaled air with the sound "ha". Relaxing a few seconds in this position. After the rest do slow breath during which raise your arms above your head, straighten your legs and drop to the floor. After a few seconds, exhale slowly nose, dropping his hands. After a full cycle of movements and breaths of this exercise, which in total takes about 20 minutes, you have to give yourself a complete rest.

Tibetan gymnastics

The complex of exercises developed and proposed by Tibetan yogis, one of the most efficient in the world in the prevention of bronchopulmonary diseases, and to combat them.

  • Cleansing the lungs

The starting position for this uprazhneniya- standing, feet shoulder width apart. On a slow breath start to raise his hands above his head - as a result the palm should touch each other. After holding the breath for 5 seconds, you slowly exhale while lowering his hands down, thus straining the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

If the previous exercise you perform physically hard, pay attention to this. For a complete slow breath, pull your arms forward, palms down at shoulder level. Then hold your breath. During the breath should be diluted arms horizontally to the sides and keep them in front of three to five times. After the planned series of hand movements need to take a deep breath through your mouth.

  • Oxygenation

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then stretch your arms forward to shoulder level, palms thus should be placed inside. Very deeply and slowly inhale, hold your breath - at this time need to quickly make a vertical circle hands 3 times in both directions. Then vigorously exhale, lower your arms and rest a little.

Starting position - lying on his stomach on the floor, palms of the hands under the shoulders. Take a full breath, holding your breath, slow extension of the arms, and raising the body, making reliance on the toes and hands. Practical exercises like push-ups on the floor, lying down, but supplemented by vigorous exhalation mouth. Finish the exercise complex "cleansing breath".

Stand up straight, face to the wall, place your hands against a wall while holding the palm very wide apart. Take a full breath, hold your breath for a few seconds, the maximum relax. In this position, bend your elbows until they touch the forehead to the wall. Then, with the power to push off from the wall - you have to be right. Repeat the exercise you need at least a few times.

  • Help your bronchi

The starting position for this exercise - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, keep your hands on your hips. Take a full breath and hold your breath for a few seconds. Next you need to do a slow forward bend exhale mouth. Then again, straightening again breath, and then holding the breath and tilt back. Please note - all must be done at a slow pace. The same movement should be repeated to the right and to the left. After all the movements necessary to suspend the breath, then exhale nose and slowly lower the arms.

If the asthma attacks become remind myself too often, it is worth to try the following exercise - be straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, slowly take a full breath, gathering air into the lungs through a pause. Followed by holding the breath for 10 seconds, and then take a slow breath through your nose.

 correct breathing exercises for asthma

Gymnastics Strelnikova

Since the breathing exercises have a lot of varieties, it should also elaborate on the program A. Strelnikova. Method Strelnikova have long been successfully used to treat asthma. His results proved the effectiveness of training, which was visited by a lot of patients who are difficult to withstand attacks of breathlessness. All, without exception, just a few days there was a significant improvement.

Thus, the complex consists of a group of exercises that can easily be implemented by all interested persons - a special physical training is not required. Most of the exercises in this group requires inspiration from chest compression - that they can be used to stop asthma attacks that are typical of asthma. And moreover, it is possible not only to cure asthma and chronic bronchitis.

And pay special attention to the exercise "pump" - it not only provides for prevention of attacks, but also can remove already begun the attack. Therefore, advance work through this exercise at the right time without any problem to repeat it. Feeling a sense of suffocation or during an attack, the sick person should sit upright, rests her hands on her knees and performs an exercise "Pump" series of 2-4 short breaths nose. Please note - you can not lean back and straightened too much.

  • Exercise "Pump"

Folded newspaper or wand picks up as the handle of the pump and inflating the tire is represented by cars. Tilt - breath extension - exhale. Without tension, bending and straightening performed easily and frequently. The head is slightly inclined, as if looking at an imaginary pump. Cant not below the belt. The breath is the nose, exhale - mouth, the back - a round head - let down. The rhythm of "inflating" recalls the rhythm of drill step.

We need to do at least 8 consecutive breaths. This is followed by rest for about 5 seconds, and then must be repeated 10 breaths movement. By the way, this exercise is recommended not only to stop asthma attacks and heart attacks and liver colic. It can be done standing or sitting.

  • "Tilt"

The next exercise is a very effective prevention of attacks. Do this exercise as follows: - slightly lean forward - head down, arms bent at the elbows. Noisy short breath nose. Slightly not fully straighten, keeping the same position - exhale. Repeat again. After two breaths, motions, rest a few seconds and repeat 3-7 for two breaths movement inhalation or four-movement (similar to a bow) in a row. Again, alternate, a series of breaths-motion, rest, and again ..

It is not necessary to count the number of breaths-series movements. Exercise is repeated until then, until you feel mild fatigue. The only account that is under way, the number of breaths in a series of two or four. Exercise usually turns to perform for 10-15 minutes.

If the attack were very hard and difficult for the patient to carry out a breath on the slope, it is quite possible to sit down. The body should be tilted forward, his head lowered freely to place your elbows on his knees and make the round back. It does not perform any movements necessary to breathe noisily nose twice (slip). Recommended rest a few seconds after every two breaths, without moving. We must remember that in this exercise have breath, but he is very discreet. Exhale quietly and calmly. Breath is the full depth of light, the feeling of inhaling almost in the back, in the lower back.

  • "Put your arms around the shoulders"

Hands, bent at the elbows, raise the level of the shoulders. Turned to his palm should be placed in front of chest, at the level of the neck. Hands abruptly thrown together as if to meet, but one concerns the opposite shoulder, and the other to the opposite armpit - they move parallel to each other. If the exercise is performed on the fly, then you need to follow the rhythm of the steps. Breath, short and noisy at the same time with each repeated "embrace".

As you know, two major exercises, which are the basis of all the rest - is the slope-breath at the same time, short and sharp; hug-breath, rhythmically and repeatedly. When you exercise method Strelnikova not superfluous to the development of the following practices:

  • Learning to breathe

If you want to understand how to breathe? Imagine that the apartment smelled of burning. And we must act accordingly imaginary situation - that is, sniff, sniff, noisy, sharply sniffing the air throughout the apartment.

  • Exhale

Each breath should be a consequence of inhalation. Each breath should go away naturally after each inhalation and exhalation will be better if the mouth and not through your nose. Do not strain. To think only: "burning smell! Alert! "Attention must emphasize only on inhalation, exhalation should happen by itself. The mouth should be kept slightly ajar, it helps breathing exercises.

  • We follow the pace

It would be better if during the breaths you become mentally humming a rhythmic melody, "pumping up the bus" in the process should be considered breaths movement. The rate of breaths-movements - 60-72 per minute. -gromko Breaths, exhaling softly. Norma - 100-200 breaths. The pauses between breaths reprises - 1-3 seconds. During the exercises you need to do as many breaths as the patient's condition allows asthma.

If the exercises do not help normalize the breathing, you should use the usual medicines to stop asthma attacks in bronchial asthma. On the day of the attack can not continue employment.

 Breathing exercises for asthma is obligatory