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The problem of excess weight is very familiar to many. Unfortunately, in this ongoing battle often enough they win - our worst enemies - the extra weight. That just does not make the fair sex to get rid of them - hard diets and fasting days, a grueling workout in the gym, sauna and regular compulsory wearing special underwear ... .but sometimes complex measures do not bring the desired result. What to do? The answer is obvious - to look for new, effective ways. After all, we are not accustomed to retreat and give up, right?

Not so long ago there was another way to fight obesity - breathing exercises Oksisayz. Perhaps you have already heard before about a similar technique - Bodifleks. This exercises for weight loss is quite popular in our country. If so, then you will not be surprised that these seemingly different things, like breathing and overweight are associated with each other. And he and the other method is based on the same principle - for weight loss should be possible to saturate the body with oxygen, which oxidize and neutralize fat. And what's the difference between these systems and whether it? Of course. Even a few.

  • Bodyflex involves quite a long breath hold. That is why this technique has a lot of contraindications - from heart disease and ending the pregnancy. Breathing exercises Oksisayz these "victims" of their followers are not required. It is believed that the system simply does not have contraindications. However, before proceeding with the regular practice, a doctor is better to consult. Just in case.
  • Unlike Bodyflex, which must be strictly deal with in the morning, on an empty stomach exercises for weight loss Oksisayz easily fit into any schedule. It can perform perfectly every time. Well, perhaps that should not be engaged in immediately after a hearty lunch.
  • Some exercises Bodyflex accompanied by loud sounds. Oksisayz spared from this drawback. So you can not be afraid that scare household or wake the child.

 breathing exercises for weight loss

What Oksisayz?

Name methodology appeared as a result of the merger of two English words - «oxygen» (oxygen) and «exercise» (exercise). I have this system of American teacher Jill Johnson. Prior to that, she was for many years tried to leave excess weight and as a result, experienced the joy of all the "ups" and pain "falls." The results did not please. Kilograms stubbornly refused to leave, and if they leave their seats for a short while, then very soon, with stunning obstinacy came back.

After reading a lot of literature on weight loss, Jill discovered that the success of getting rid of unnecessary kilograms primarily need oxygen. So, the first step on the road to success - it is a deep diaphragmatic breathing. But in order to able to get oxygen to the deepest "deposits" fat, a little breathing. Therefore, the idea to combine the proper breathing exercises. So there breathing exercises for weight loss Oksisayz. In fact, this symbiosis of art and diaphragmatic breathing Callanetics - static exercises.

Ironically, the methodology developed by a person without special education - in fact, a dilettante - effectively recognized and endorsed by professionals. Several universities in the US, a number of studies, whose purpose was to determine the number of calories consumed and the level of oxygen consumption during gymnastics slimming.

For clarity, the results were compared with the popular workout on a stationary bike. They surprised many. The study showed that power consumption during gymnastics 140% higher than during bicycle training. In addition, due to the increased oxygen consumption, metabolism speeds up about four times, and as a result, comes the long-awaited slimming effect. In addition to this activity Oksisayz enhances immunity and improve health. What is this miracle technique?

Breathing Techniques

Respiratory Equipment Oksisayz includes three stages.

  • Inhale

    Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly and try to relax the abdominal muscles. Do not lift the shoulders. The arms should hang relaxed along the body. Widely smile. And your nostrils should be greatly expanded. Make the most deep breath through your nose. You should feel the air passes into the stomach, inflating it like a balloon.

  • Three breaths

    Strongly tighten the muscles of the buttocks and pelvis and lift the lower part of the abdomen. Being in this position, make three more breaths so that the air is completely filled lungs.

  • Exhale

    You know how to play the flute? Even if not, it is likely to represent how to fold the lips. Pull them into a tube so that between the narrow gap formed. Exhale air through it, while trying to draw the maximum stomach. Keep your buttocks muscles tense and the chin.

  • Three exhalation

    Make three consecutive exhalation, trying to remove all the air from the lungs and preparing them to take a deep breath.

Repeat this cycle should be at least ten times. Here, in general, and the whole "wisdom." However, it is - just the beginning. Having mastered the breathing technique, you will begin to combine it with a variety of stretching exercises. It is this combination and gives assurance on many stunning effect. At least, Jill Johnson said that it is breathing exercises for weight loss has helped it reduce the weight and volume so that her clothing was now eight sizes smaller. But she Gil said that this result - very average. Many of the reach and much more impressive effect.


Exercises for gymnastics

Well, if breathing technique Oksisayz you have already mastered, it's time to talk about the exercises themselves. In the first phase there will be only seven.

  • Side stretch

    This exercise will help to tone your abdominal muscles. Very useful for those who want to get a "wasp" waist. Take the starting position for breathing. Now raise your left arm up and tilt the body to the left so that the body was in the same plane as the bones of the pelvis. Hold the stretch, do four complete cycles of breathing. Repeat three times in each direction.

  • Squats against the wall

    This exercise is very useful for slimming the buttocks and legs. Also working the pectoral muscles. Stand up against a wall. Keep your back straight. Slowly lower yourself down, leaning on the wall. When your thighs will be parallel to the floor, place your hands at chest level - to the palm of his hand - and strongly compress them. Do a complete breathing cycle. Repeat three times.

  • Pushups

    They work all the muscles. Stand facing a wall and lean on it so that your arms at chest level. Keep your palms parallel to each other. Push off the wall. When you feel maximum muscle tension, get up on your toes, straighten your body. Perform the breathing cycle. Repeat three times.

  • Squats

    Perfect for losing weight the most "difficult" areas - the buttocks and inner thighs. Stand up straight. Slightly expand toes inwards, so that the knees are facing each other. Few sit down and tighten your leg muscles as if you are trying to dilute the floor in different directions, to split it into two parts. Next - business as usual. Complete breathing cycle, and three repetitions.

  • Pushups with a chair

    Take a chair, sit on the very edge of your hands and seat. Slide your buttocks forward, so that things can only focus on the toes and hands. Fix the body in this position and do the breathing exercise. Repeat three times.

  • "Cobra"

    This exercise is useful for abdominal muscles and back. Take a mat to practice and spread it on the floor. Lie face down on him. Place the hands on the breast by placing their hands on the floor. Slowly straighten their elbows. Make sure that your thighs are fixed on the floor. Feel the stretch abdominal muscles. Perform the breathing cycle. Repeat three times.

  • "Rocket"

    When performing this exercise works all the muscle groups. Lie on your back, having spread a rug. Stretch "at attention" - toes pointed, his hands behind his head. Imagine that you stretch both hands and toes. Stretch in different directions, while carrying out breath cycle. It - completes the training exercise. You can relax. Gymnastics requires Oksisayz metodichnosti.Vypolnyat all these exercises you need every day. When you master them, the entire complex will take you about 15 minutes. Well, if you feel that it's too easy - look for exercises for the second level of complexity.

Here, in general, and all the basic information about the system Jill Johnson. What is this breathing exercises Oksisayz - "magic bullet" for dieters or another technique that helps units? Apparently, the judge time. But if you've tested previously, did not produce the effect, maybe it makes sense to change tactics ... After all, we're not used to giving up, right?

 Breathing exercises for weight loss oksisayz - fight obesity

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