Strelnikova breathing exercises for weight loss


  • Basic Rules
  • Basic exercises
  • Useful tips
  • Pros and cons

The beautiful half of humanity is constantly engaged in an unequal struggle with being overweight. This is understandable. After all, every woman wants to be slim, light, beautiful and catch yourself admiring glances. Now in the arsenal growing thin women have another powerful weapon to fight with the hated kilograms - breathing exercises Strelnikova. How this technique can help in the fight against excess weight? Let's deal.

The author of this system is Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikov - professional singer and vocal coach. However, the first set of exercises were developed her mother in distant 40s of last century. Subsequently, it is precisely this helped gymnastics AN Strelnikova recover lost his voice and to cope with a serious illness.

Initially exercises designed to solve problems related to the respiratory system. Experts note that Strelnikova gymnastics helps to successfully fight asthma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis and many other diseases. At some point, people practicing the method Strelnikova, began to notice that when regular classes leave extra weight, reduced volume and normal appetite. Since that time, it was used also for weight loss.

Why respiratory system Strelnikova so well suited to deal with excess weight? The fact that the gym, which was developed by AN Strelnikov, accelerate metabolism. With short and sharp intake of breath the air reaches a maximum depth of light. With this breathing organism consumes much more oxygen. As a result, fat cells begin to actively burn and starts the process of losing weight. A clear illustration of the fact that this method does work itself is Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikov. Even when she was in her seventies, she wore a size 46 dress, while non-compliance with any diet, and was perfectly healthy.

Basic Rules

To the effect of employment on the procedure Strelnikova was the maximum, you should observe a few important rules. Take your time and be sure to check them before you proceed directly to the exercises.

  • The most important thing Strelnikova breathing exercises for weight loss - a breath. It should be sharp, short and noisy, like cotton. Imagine that you do not just breathe and sniff the air and sniffs.
  • Do not focuses on the exhale. It should be as natural and imperceptible. Exhale after each breath. As you exhale, hold your breath, but do not push the air from the force.
  • In carrying out breathing exercises for weight loss, keep pace combatant step. All movements are performed on inspiration.
  • Basic gymnastics Strelnikova consists of four sets of eight breaths each. Between sets spend 3-5 seconds to rest. Gradually increase the number of sets and the number of breaths per approach. Do not forget that the number of breaths should be a multiple of eight, and the number of approaches - four.

 breathing exercises for weight loss Strelnikova

Basic exercises

Once you've learned and memorized the basic rules, you can proceed to the gym itself. Breathing exercises for weight loss involves a series of simple but effective exercises. Fulfilling them regularly, you can achieve amazing results and surprise everyone around her slender figure. Let's get started.

  • "Ladoshki." Standing straight, bend your elbows - as if you are showing a palm invisible to the viewer. On the inhale, squeeze with the power of his hands into fists, performing grasping movements. Make eight sharp breaths, then rest a 3-5 seconds. Follow the four approaches. Be careful to not participate in breathing shoulders. It is better to first practice before a mirror.
  • "Epaulettes". Place the hands at waist level and squeeze them into fists. On the inhale with the power of push hands down and unclench his fists. Shoulders should be in the breathing process to strain, but not to raise. The amount of respiratory motion and approaches the same as in the first routine
  • "Pump". For the next exercise with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. The body tilt slightly forward - so that the hands were placed just above the knees. On the inhale lean down. Thus back must be circular. Straighten exhale. Imagine that you inflate the ball with a pump. Do not lean too low and sharply. Slopes must be slightly visible.
  • "Cat." Exercises "Cat" very good uses side abdominal muscles, which is very important for weight loss. Stand with your feet shoulder width already set. On the inhale, crouching slightly, turn to the side. This hand should make grasping movements. On the exhale, return to the starting position. Then inhale sit down and turn in another direction. Squats should be light, springy. Heads turn with the body to the right and left leg off the floor, do not release.
  • "Put your arms around his shoulders." To perform the following breathing exercise, raise your hands to the level of the chin. Bend your elbows and spread them apart. During a short sharp breaths hug self shoulders. Do not cross your arms - they must be one above the other. Change the position of the hands is also impossible. This does not matter which hand is on top and which is underneath. On the exhale, plant hands, but not too wide. Movement should be easy and natural.
  • "The big pendulum." This breathing exercise for weight loss combines complex "hug the shoulders" and "Pump". Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. The first breath is slightly tilted forward, clenching his fists - as an exercise in "pump." Subsequent inspiration straightened and hug self shoulders. Alternate exercises with every breath. Again, do 4 sets of 8 breaths each. Rest between sets can be a maximum of five seconds. Do not forget that it is not necessary to bend down too far, or vice versa to sag in the back.

Once you have mastered the basic breathing exercises, you can move to a more complex set. Enter "advanced" exercise should be gradual, adding one each day.

 Strelnikova breathing exercises for weight loss

Useful tips

Breathing exercises will bring more effect for weight loss if you follow some tips.

  • Doing the exercises recommended in the fresh air at a temperature of not less than 3 degrees. In the winter, engaged in gymnastics in a well-ventilated area.
  • Perform the exercises better twice a day - morning and evening on an empty stomach, for a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • Be sure to align the gym with sports. Especially good Strelnikova breathing exercises combined with cardio - jogging, walking and bicycle training.
  • After a month of daily exercise can increase the number of breaths to 16 and then to 32 in one go. But do not forget sure to relax in the gaps between sets for 3-5 seconds.

Pros and cons

Proponents of this technique claim that the respiratory system Strelnikova diet has no contraindications - deal with it at any age. And, even if you have a large overweight or have a chronic illness. Then you can just perform many exercises sitting or lying down.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova not only helps in the difficult task of losing weight. This procedure contributes to the overall strengthening of the organism and prevention of many diseases. However, before you start the course, it is better to consult a doctor. Suddenly, for you, this system is contraindicated? Better to make sure that you do not cause any harm to your health.

Do not expect that breathing exercises will cure in the process of losing weight and as if by magic, will save you from unnecessary kilograms. Unfortunately, there are no miracles ... The system will only work if you combine it with proper diet and exercise. Then the result will not be long in coming. You all must succeed! Try?

 Breathing exercises for weight loss Strelnikova

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 Exercises for Breast Firming


  • First of all - warm
  • Chest in the order - thank charge
  • Additional methods will never be superfluous

The desire to lose weight tend to virtually every woman. Exhausting themselves diets and sports, we look forward to the results and in the end, we get it. But he immediately faced with the unpleasant fact - the once beautiful and firm breasts, too thin and limp. What to do in such a situation?

First, be sure to take care of the purchase of special cosmetics for the chest. Also good are in this situation, seaweed or mud wraps, aromatherapy and a sauna. There are special exercises for breast firming, they will help restore its former beauty in a relatively short period of time.

First of all - warm

Before proceeding directly to the complex exercise, follow a small gym for 5-7 minutes:

  • With folded hands in the face, squeeze them together as if in prayer;
  • Stand back from the wall two feet and lean on it with the help of hands. Then taking your hands off the wall, it falls again.

Warming up the muscles in this way, you can begin to deal with. Remember, the most important positive mood! Turn on soft music and start.

 Exercises for firm breasts

Chest in the order - thank charge

  • The first exercise is the normal push-ups. There is a little secret: the first three or four bench to do slowly, then 10-15, accelerated, and on the last bench is recommended to stop and freeze at arm's length for a few seconds;
  • Then again, push-ups. We do the same as in the first case, with only one difference: you need to place your hands wider than shoulder width, palms and expand on my own;
  • For the next exercise hands must be moved as close as possible to the body and push-ups as well as in the two previous cases. These exercises, though similar, but work on different muscles, which is very important in our case;
  • Now take two dumbbells. Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hips and back pressed to the floor. Take dumbbells in your hands, bent at the elbows. Lift up on the exhale and straighten your arms and inspiratory return them to the previous position;
  • The following steps are similar to the previous ones. But only now hands with dumbbells in hand you need to breed, and then lift up. Elbows bent impossible;
  • Lying on his back pressed against the floor and bend the legs and arms pull up and meet in the castle. Now drop the direct hands behind his head, and then return them to their previous position;
  • Lying, push your pelvis and back to the floor, bend your legs at the knees and lift the arms with dumbbells up. They must be parallel to each other. Then lower the arms to the legs straightened and Lift up them, returning to its original position;
  • To perform this exercise, you'll need a special gymnastic stick. Lie on your back on a flat surface, legs bent at the knees. Wide grip, take a special stick for the gym, lifting it up and then lower back to the breast;
  • Do not change the situation. Gymnastic sticks take so that his hands were at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from each other. Pull the hand straight up with gymnastic stick, then lower their head and once on the Lift up the body;
  • In this exercise, everything should be done in the same way. The only difference is in the position of hand. They are not shifted from each other and are at shoulder width apart.

Each of the above exercise should be carried out in three sets of 10-12 repetitions. If you constantly pay this set a little time, you will be able to achieve their cherished goal - elastic, toned and beautiful breasts.

After the completion of the entire complex be sure to make a banner. It is necessary to ensure that the next day you do not feel pain in the muscles. Spread the arms diagonally, namely: the right hand at the top, bottom left. Then take them back jerky movements now change hands and repeat this exercise. After 8-10 repetitions pull back ahead, as if rounding it.

 Exercise for Breast Firming

Additional methods will never be superfluous

Now the complex fully finished and can be found with a few more secrets that will help you achieve the desired result.

  • Contrast shower - a great tool. Just remember - the start and finish procedure should be warm water;
  • Bra, not only sports, but also the daily, should be convenient. It is necessary that it fits close to the body, it does not leave any traces on your skin and does not restrict movement;
  • Well help wiping with a damp towel soaked in salt water (per liter of water 4 tablespoons of salt). Wiping should be done in a clockwise direction, then wash the chest with clean water and apply olive oil. By the way, this secret shared with women Sophia Loren;
  • You can improve the elasticity of the breast using wraps on the basis of hop cones. It should take 40 grams of cones, cover them with boiling water, cover and infuse for half an hour. When the infusion is ready, I soak it in gauze and wrap the breasts. Hold for 10-15 minutes, then lubricate fat cream;
  • And finally, the last secret is in the erect posture. Pull the belly, straighten your back and straighten shoulders. Go to the mirror. Notice how these simple movements lifted bust? Posture must be monitored everywhere: at work, in the car, on the subway, at a party, and even at home.

These simple tips are sure to help you achieve the desired result. Do not rush to take drastic measures and to agree to an operation to lift. Surgery - not the only way out of this situation. Here it all depends on you and not from a plastic surgeon!

 Exercises for Breast Firming - an alternative to plastic surgery

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