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Have you ever wake up in the morning and decide that today - this is the day that you begin to lose weight? That's enough to have extra kilos that you are a strong woman and will be able to overcome their desire to have everything? Surely such a moment in the life of every woman at least once, so it happened (as it may seem, but the slender girl lose weight even more than full). And how does such a remarkable day flows? In most cases, determined young lady, with a contemptuous glance disclaims breakfast, proudly content with apple at lunch and neuro kefirchik revels in the afternoon. Well, in the evening ... What night? Finally, the hot soup, burgers and chips and pie that my mother baked. God is with him, with losing weight as some other times. Common situation?

If so, what could be called the exact moment when things went awry. No, no, the decision to lose weight was correct (if your weight does not border with children), a bug lurking later. Your main puncture that you so imprudently refused lunch. Determined to reduce the amount of food intake to a minimum, you have forgotten about what the evening still want to eat. And tormented himself all day long, you avenged your body the most ruthless manner: eaten on an empty stomach daily calories. Well, that breakfast for weight loss is not just permissible, but necessary, you probably did not know or had forgotten.

 Proper breakfast for weight loss

The benefits of early breakfast

Of course, breakfast is possible and necessary. If you decide to lose weight, then you have a wonderful opportunity to saturate the body with calories in the morning and spend it quietly during the day. In the morning you can afford, and sweet, and pastries - in the evening of excess calories and no trace remains. Of course, we should not go overboard and eat a two-tier cake with whipped cream for breakfast - so you only will type a few extra kilos. But to use the right breakfast to lose weight you simply must!

So, what is the use of a breakfast for weight loss and why it is so important for the body? Surely you know that metabolism plays a very important role in weight loss: the higher the speed, the faster melting extra kilos. At night, when you sleep, your metabolism is also sleeping, metabolism running at minimum speed (it is not recommended to overeat at night). Waking up, the metabolic rate increases, but here in full force, he starts to work only when your digestive system will work. Conclusion: The sooner you utrechka breakfast, the faster metabolism will burn calories.

In addition, to give up breakfast is very harmful for health. The fact that in the morning the blood sugar level is minimal, and the body is simply necessary food. Denying yourself food, you punish your body, depriving it of energy and nutrients. Even if you are accustomed to do without breakfast, if you are sick at the thought of eating in the morning - overpower you. It's just a bad habit, which must be addressed.

And thanks to the morning meal increases blood levels of leptin - a substance that is responsible for appetite suppression. Scientists have proved that those women that, for whatever reasons, skip breakfast, during the day eat a lot more food than those who are accustomed to the morning meal. Therefore, decide to start losing weight and at the same time refuse from breakfast - stupid and short-sighted, so you put herself spoke in the wheel.

 breakfast for weight loss

Menu healthy breakfast

Few of us have the opportunity, and most importantly, the desire to stand early in the morning at the stove and cook breakfast for the right weight loss. Therefore, the usual sausage sandwiches and a cup of instant coffee - it is a familiar sight on most kitchen early in the morning. Of course, it's better than nothing, but if you decide to lose weight, then to the menu of his morning meal should be taken seriously.

So what is there to eat for breakfast, so that was helpful, and a lot of time for cooking do not leave? The ideal breakfast should be balanced. Introducing useful morning menu, main idea - "cheap and cheerful".

  1. The quickest and most rewarding morning dish was and still is oatmeal. If you want to get the maximum benefit to the body, the fresh fruit, low-fat milk and oatmeal - the best solution. Yogurt and milk provide the body with essential nutrients securities, bread and cereal - fiber, and fruit - vitamin C. oatmeal and fruits contain a lot of soluble kletchatki.Prichem not forget that cooking oatmeal - simple. Take oatmeal, pour boiling water over them and go to wash, brush your teeth and get dressed. As long as you finish your "morning" of the case, your breakfast is ready!
  2. Thin, flat pita bread - ideal for a proper breakfast. In preparing such a pita does not use yeast, and therefore overweight with it just do not get. Wrap it in a piece of chicken breast, turkey cutlets, or two hundred grams of boiled beef. Please be assured that, together with fruit and freshly squeezed juice, you get a perfectly tasty and healthy breakfast.
  3. The most popular, the most hearty and healthy breakfast - eggs. Not so long ago the doctors called to remove the eggs from the diet, explaining that high cholesterol. But now biologists have found that cholesterol is "bad" and "good", and that the eggs it contains "good" cholesterol.

Chicken eggs are easily digested by the body, they comprise twelve essential vitamins and many nutrients that help save women's beauty. American scientists conducted an experiment: one group was given slimming breakfast muffins bagels, others - eggs. Slimming second group went on sixty five percent more efficient.

The English proverb says: "it is necessary to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, as a beggar to dinner." And if we want to find a truly royal figure, it is necessary to listen to the ancient wisdom and enable healthy, delicious breakfasts for weight loss in your daily diet.

 Breakfast for weight loss: the right way to a slim figure

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 Cold causes hunger

On the street noticeably colder, and daylight hours become shorter. As you know, during the cold period of time the body needs more calories.

To improve your mood, many are increasingly began to look in the refrigerator and consume chocolate. A better way to try to replace the chocolate useful carbohydrates that contribute to a sufficient amount of serotonin, and even during the winter long gain extra weight.

Sugar should be replaced with dried fruits and bread - bread from wheat flour. With hunger pangs help protein foods, so as much as possible to consume protein. Moreover, they contribute to weight loss. In the cold soup saves from cold, because it provides a feeling of satiety, speeds up metabolism and helps warming of the body.

 As you know, the cold causes hunger

 fasting for weight loss


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Being overweight - is not only an aesthetic problem. Yes, everyone wants to look attractive. However, a few extra kilos, which with each passing month it becomes more and more can not only lead to obesity, but also to a number of other diseases: for high blood pressure, abnormal liver function, "malfunction" with the heart. The causes of these troubles are different: it is a genetic predisposition and hormonal failure in the body, and increased craving for food as a result of suffering a stress or trauma. But the result is always the same - a steady weight gain.

Such changes in human health often lead to increased drowsiness, lethargy, often a decrease in mental abilities and some "confusion." To be in such a form, you can, of course, a very long time. Many people do not even notice as little as six months or a year the scales stopped on a mark of 10 kilograms more than before. In this situation, the main thing - time to think about what is it you will. Remember, there is no unsolvable problems. We will talk about weight loss techniques available today, and a closer look at such as fasting.

The benefits of fasting

Many of those who have problems with excess weight, rather than fight, prefer to "jam" difficulties. But this is a road to nowhere! Look in the mirror and compare themselves in the past with those whose reflection you see in the present, and just say, "Enough! ". The first step towards solving the difficulties - to recognize their existence. If the start has already been made, proceed to the next stage - a stage of direct treatment.

For weight loss, you can choose several options. Today, there are plenty of centers specializing in the fight against excess weight, there is a huge number of books and the techniques developed to solve these kinds of problems, from the variety of all kinds of diets dizzy. Another way that gives lasting results - fasting. What is the advantage of it, you ask?

Firstly, if you opt for a certain time to eat, weight loss is fast and safe for the body, sagging and laxity of the skin is observed. Secondly, due to the lack of acute food needs the process of weight loss comes easier and easier for people tolerate it. Besides, thanks to this technique, you will not only achieve weight loss and become much slimmer, but also to see the positive changes in the general well-being - will be the "second" breath, ease and lightness in movements disappear fatigue, symptoms of indigestion and a feeling of fullness, normalizes blood pressure and improve heart function.

Most people are mistaken thinking that fasting - it is irregular and complete rejection of food. Do not confuse concepts such as unloading therapy, diet and forced renunciation of food. Nature itself tells us what to do, if your health has given failure. So sick animal will never be there as long as it feels much better. Based on such observations, experts and developed this method of losing weight. Nutritionists believe that fasting is aimed at improving, is justified. However, everything should be approached intelligently. If you decide to lose weight in this way, be sure to consult your doctor. Otherwise, thoughtless self can lead to serious consequences, which are eliminated will be very difficult.

 Useful fasting for weight loss

How can starve: different methods

Some diet do not eat after six, there are those who prefer to completely abandon the food. But why and for what purpose? - That's the main issue. Choosing fasting, consult with a specialist, read the literature, in general, get the knowledge to do it right and not to cause yourself more damage.

Everyone in varying degrees, "intoxicated", which can lead to various diseases, sometimes quite heavy. In this case, purification through fasting - salvation. Going on this way, you first need to remove all the excess out of the intestines. Thus, freed from debris, the body will switch to backup power from its own reserves, ie, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proper weight loss regimen prescribed by a doctor after a complete examination and passing under its control, as well as the serial output from it - the key to your health and success! Fasting solely for slim figure should not be an end in itself. Remember that a strong reduction in weight can lead to irreversible consequences. There are different methods and types of medical weight loss, which is written below.

Dry fasting

This method of treatment involves the complete renunciation of food and any liquid for a certain period. In addition, some sources even recommend some time to wash, do not take a shower and bath, refuse mouthwash and hand washing - just totally restrict contact with water. It is believed that the dry fasting will give the best results only if you comply fully with these principles. This course is generally designed for one to three days. Pass it better in specialized sanatoriums and health complexes, under the supervision of a specialist on the individual program. Firstly, it is psychologically easier, and secondly, in the case of health problems you will always be given the necessary help.

Water fasting

This is the most common method of weight loss and treatment of certain diseases. Such fasting involves a complete rejection of food and drinking only water, and in any quantity. In order to properly get out of this state, it is best to drink in the period from early morning until lunch a couple of glasses of fresh carrot juice. In addition, in order to enhance the effect of cleansing, people practicing this method, it is recommended to use only distilled water.

Threaded starvation mode

This method is sometimes called cyclic. His feature - eating and starve periods. For example, during one day there, and in the next 48 hours fully renounce food. Or use it in these intervals: two days after three. As a general rule, spend a dry cascade fasting, that is, during the non-food liquid is also excluded from the diet. In order to properly get out of this cycle, you need to drink lots of water, and after a while - a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Fasting on the herbal tea or juice

Tea starvation for lovers of green (herbal) drinks. In this case, only allowed to drink unsweetened tea and completely give up eating. With regard to the method of weight loss on the juice, you can only eat fruit and vegetables, fresh juices. This treatment program contributes to the overall cleansing the body of toxins, rich in vitamins, and, of course, weight loss.

The duration of the hunger strike

To combat obesity requires an integrated approach - a strong-willed, and limit foods and low-fat diet and regular exercise, as well as gymnastics and water procedures. In addition, you must understand that it will take a few months of constant effort so that your detrenirovat excessive appetite. Some believe that they are not so much eating, but need more to restrain myself, with eat food in small portions, very carefully chewing. In this case, the body "satisfied" with its smaller number, since there is a link between saturated and how much was made chewing movements. Also during the pulverization of food in the mouth several times increased motility in the gut, which in turn promotes healing and improvement of the gastrointestinal tract.

Methods fasting classified not only by the method of implementation, but also its duration. For example, a one-day or daily is a kind of fasting day once a week, which includes denial of food, but the use of water. The most common among the supporters of slimming period - three days. During this time, the best result is achieved, and at the same time, the negative consequences of refusing food are very low. Very long seven-day fasting is directed primarily at cleansing the entire body and getting rid of certain ailments, and a ten-month, or must be carried out strictly in specialized institutions.

How does weight loss

Since fasting for weight loss or treatment, you should understand that this process is quite complicated and difficult from a physical and psychological point of view. However, these techniques do work for weight loss, because with the first melt the fat stores of the body. In the early days of weight loss can be up to one or two kilograms per day, a reduction in future this figure - up to 300 grams. Here is an example diagram:

  1. At a one-day refusal to eat a person loses between one and three kilograms.
  2. In the next five to ten days, depending on your experience, "leaves" seven (plus or minus three).
  3. Fasting for the medium term (ten to fourteen days) weight loss of about ten to twelve kilograms. If you do not stop, further decline - approximately one kilo in three days.

However, this average. There are certain factors that affect it, how hard is reduced body weight. Let's consider them.

 Useful fasting for weight loss


Man, a regular practice fasting to improve health, losing weight is much less than a beginner. The more frequently such events are held, the faster the body goes to food internal reserves as a consequence - a slight decrease in body weight. For starters, a hypoglycemic crisis occurs later, the mechanisms of "switching" run longer and kilos "melt" quickly. Moreover, as purification, resulting in constant hunger and receiving further health food organism resources will be used more sparingly.

Engine Mode

It would seem that the more physical activities during the period of fasting, the more weight must be reduced. However, in reality the person leading an active lifestyle can lose less kilograms than sticking with bed rest. This is especially noticeable when a hypoglycemic crisis. This is because our body while in motion day begins strongly absorb nitrogen, carbon and oxygen, and their use in the biosynthesis. At night, the gas exchange is reduced, and we have a great effort to use internal resources. Therefore, moving between not eating, you also "feed" your body. In this case, the main rule - do not overwork!

Additional procedures. If you want a short time to get rid of extra kilos, the process of losing weight loyal aides - additional procedures. For example, swimming, sauna, massage and other - they help to improve the blood supply, resulting in metabolic processes in the body and consumption of fat is much faster.

Precedence dry fasting

Such fasting is best applied at the initial stage of the entrance of the ordinary. The best option - the first few days (two or three) without water, and then eat it, focusing on well-being. To conduct such a way to lose weight, as well as treatment, adhering to longer terms, without proper medical supervision experience and quite dangerous. Doctors do not recommend the use of "dry" days in the middle of fasting normal cycle, as during this period the body needs water for complete biosynthesis. In the first two or three days of complete renunciation of food when your body goes on internal power supply, due to the active lipolysis, sufficient own liquid. Also in the tissues of the body have a certain margin of excess water, therefore at this time dry starvation tolerated much easier and leads to a rapid weight loss.

There is a definite pattern: the better the condition of the person before the start of fasting, the easier the subsequent process proceeds, and the less he will lose kilograms. The fact is that a healthy body quickly moves to the internal power supply and economical consumption of necessary substances. Otherwise, if you have any illnesses, additional energy and resources spent on remediation.

The constitution and age

Hungry, young people lose weight faster than older, which is associated with increased activity of metabolic processes occurring in a young body. In addition, the fuller person, the more he loses kilograms in the early days, since there is to get rid of excess fluid that has accumulated in the tissues.

The practice of fasting

It is believed that the best results are obtained by starvation expectancy in conjunction with proper nutrition afterwards. The fact that the greatest weight loss occurs in the first two weeks of non-food. In addition, it allows you to start the mechanism of deep cleansing of the body that occur long after the end of the course. The best option - to spend some time (approximately two to three) starvation medium terms, while after him eat "healthy" foods for a month.

Another important factor - cleaning procedures, which necessarily must be done before the weight loss. It should begin with a one-day renunciation of food, and then increase the duration of fasting.

This will not only gradually reduce the weight, but also "program" myself to conduct a correct way of life, to give up overeating. If you do not learn to control their desires during the recovery period, it is hungry for two or three weeks, you will not get good results, and then get better again. In fact, after fasting the body begins to actively absorb the nutrients lost during this time, so if time itself is not limited to, the scales will return to its previous state. It may even occur excess of these figures a few kilograms.

Therefore, if your goal - just reduce weight, but not completely change the way food and related habits, then starvation will bring short-term results. Think, whether in such a case to force your body?

 Fasting for weight loss

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